Saving Elensefar

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Saving Elensefar

The tale of Meneldur's great Sea Voyage

another campaign by turin


Meneldur, the Elven Mariner, has docked in the city of Elensefar to discuss matters with the Admiral. Years ago he removed himself from the Elven lands and assembled a motley crew of elven archers, spearman and fencers to roam the seas, defending Elensefar which he has pledged his allegiance to. During the night when his ship The Explorer was in the harbor, the sound of harsh yells could be heard, and the air smelled of burning pitch. Elensefar was conquered, but Meneldur vowed to return some day and retake his adopted homeland...


This campaign has a semilinear plot design hopping from one island to another. On the mainmap, you control where you move, and land on islands to reprovision your ship. There are ships of the enemy navy trying to attack you, and when they do you fight them in a sea battle.

Your eventual objective is to go to an island in 5 months (30 turns) where Black the Red disclaims existing an army to get aid in saving Elensefar, until them you cannot return to Elensefar.


Currently there are 22 battle scenarios:
  • 4 of these are are mandatory (2 at the beginning and 2 at the end)
  • 18 are islands, all of which are optional, most of them provide something special
  • 1 is "The High Seas", which functions like the mainmap of most campaigns
  • 1 is where you go to when enemy ships attack you
  • 4 are scripting scenarios (like the "Elven Council" scenario in HttT)

It is expected that around a third of the islands will be visited and battled 2-5 enemy ships, depending of difficulty and route taken.


Keep your recall list small, no leader needs more than a dozen of units, since all require upkeep (even when idling on the recall list). Always have an eye on the gold resources looting any single coin you can and spending wisely those you have, if you run out of gold the campaign is lost.

Check the available recruits with every leader, in this campaign they change their recruits more often than their underwear.


Current version as is 1.5.2 (released 9-12-12) downloadable from the official stable campaign server.

The campaign is scenario-complete. Plotwise, it was finished as of version 0.7.6 (3-10-05). In version 1.5.0 an experimental branch was introduced with new features like multiple leaders and innovative upkeep.

If anyone has balancing suggestions, typo fixes, or bug reports, post them in the (forum thread ) or send a PM or e-mail to the maintainer (trewe [1]).

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