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  • Recorder of the Flight of Kerath
  • Recorder of the Contention
Gender: Male


Reshan'lo was a drake designated the roles of Recorder of the Flight of Kerath and Recorder of the Contention, as well as a member of the Spiral Path. It was he who induced Galun into the Spiral Path, helping to initiate the first drake migration to the Great Continent.

After his flight left Morogor and unsuccessfully attempted to invade the Flight of Galun's eyrie in the Heart Mountains, he was the only male drake to have his life spared. He subsequently became an assistant to the Recorder of the Flight of Galun, documenting the lore surrounding the drakes' history and migration to the Great Continent.



That is all any of us have been able to do, buy time. You are Spiral Path now.
—Reshan'lo inducts Galun into the Spiral Path.

A drake from the Flight of Kerath, Reshan'lo became both the flight's recorder,[1] as well as the Recorder of the Contention. As was common amongst recorders, he was a member of the Spiral Path, aware of the secret history of the drakes' civilization. For instance, he understood that the shape of Irdya was round, and also that the drakes had originated in the west long before arriving at Morogor.[2]

The Contention taking place in the fourteenth breeding cycle of the fifth Vulcaniad saw Galun from the Flight of Verkon defeat Gribbel from his flight. As Recorder of the Contention, he was tasked with rewarding Galun with breeders and swarmlings from each of the different flights on Morogor. When they met in private to do so, Reshan'lo revealed that he was aware of Galun's fears of drake overpopulation. Galun assured him that he had learned of land in the east, namely the Great Continent, to which he intended to immigrate. Reshan'lo reminded him that this plan would likely fail, but Galun insisted that it was still a better option than remaining.[2]

Reshan'lo also probed Galun regarding rumours circulating amongst the drakes, that Irdya was not in fact flat. Galun confirmed that it was these rumours that had led him to focus on leaving Morogor. Content with Galun's answers, he imparted a handful of secrets. First, he told Galun of the Spiral Path. Second, he revealed the true origin of the drakes – the drakes had not always lived in Morogor, rather they had migrated from land to the west as refugees. He also confirmed the rumours which identified Irdya as round, and spoke of the looming crisis which they faced when the entire world was populated. At last, he concluded their meeting by giving Galun his new breeders and swarmlings.[2]

The Great Continent

The Flight of Kerath was one of the largest flights in Morogor. With it gone, the new flights created by the next few Contentions will likely take over Kerath's former territory. Then they will come, one flight of bold young swarmlings after the next, drawn by the promise of such a vast unclaimed land.
—Reshan'lo warns Galun of the dangers posed by further drake expansion.

One of Kerath's sky drakes accompanied the Flight of Galun to the Great Continent, but returned to Morogor during their period of hibernation.[3][4] Kerath then followed the sky drake who led his flight across the Great Ocean to the Heart Mountains, where Galun had established his new eyrie. During this journey, Reshan'lo spent time south of the Great River observing the different races.[1] Once they arrived, Kerath attempted to attack Galun's flight, but was unsuccessful,[4] resulting in the invading male drakes' execution. Reshan'lo alone was spared.[1]

Brought before Galun as a captive, Reshan'lo admitted he did not understand why he was being allowed to live. Galun told him that Reshan'lo's status as a recorder would be important in retaining the history of the drakes. Reshan'lo revealed his exploration of the region south of the Great River, noting that the drakes would be presently ill-equipped to defend against the full brunt of the other races' forces. He also warned Galun that, in time, more drakes would likely immigrate from Morogor, potentially posing a threat to Galun.[1]

Reshan'lo pledged his alliegance to Galun, and became an assistant to the Recorder of the Flight of Galun.[1] As he grew older, he wrote a record of the events leading up to Galun's migration, as well as the treachery of Kerath.[5]


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