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Replays are recordings of games after one is finished. Multiplayer replays of particular importance are archived for people to observe later on. In order to observe a replay, one must have the version the game was recorded on or a compatible version. To access the archives, click on the icon of the faction you want to see winning replays of.

Default Era

Drakes Rebels Loyalists
Northerners Undead Knalgan Alliance

How to Watch a Replay

After you download a replay you need to place it in your saves folder.

On Mac OS X:
~/Library/Application Support/Wesnoth<version>/Saves

On Windows:
C:/Program Files/Wesnoth/userdata/saves

On Windows 7 and later:
C:/Users/<user>/appData/Local/Battle for Wesnoth <version>/userdata/saves OR
C:/Users/<user>/Documents/My Games/Wesnoth<version>/saves

On GNU/Linux:

To watch the replay:

  1. Open Wesnoth
  2. Press load
  3. Select the right replay
  4. Check Watch Replay
  5. Press OK
  6. Enjoy

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