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  • dos2unix text-files
  • pngcrush .png-files to hopefully reduce size
  • Update Manual (from Wiki?)
  • Update version and 'default server' in, src/wesconfig.h and config.h.dummy
  • Update VC++ project files (Sirp?)
  • Commit changes
  • Make release tag in CVS
  • Do fresh checkout with tag and create release tarball ('make dist')
  • Build wesnoth from release tarball (--enable-server --enable-editor --enable-tools --enable-campaign-server)
  • Make md5sum of the release tarball
  • (I have signed md5sum with gpg, so tarball can be matched against md5sum and md5sum can be verified with gpg, just in

case there is even reason to check if tarball(s) have been tampered)