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Wiki Syntax

This page is an example of how these wikis should be formatted:

Description of the page

  • [tag] description of [tag]
    • key description of key.

"key" can refer either to the key key or the value of key

  • key2 description of key2
    • 'value' what happens when the attribute key2=value is set




For WML features not present in the 1.0 branch, please precede the reference text with the template {{DevFeature}}. Doing this will use the standardized "development version only WML" flag.

Please do not delete WML reference text that is valid for version 1.0 if a new feature obsoletes, deprecates, or replaces it. Just put the new reference text beneath it and mark it with {{DevFeature}}.

The {{DevFeature}} code turns into this: Template:DevFeature (dynamically updated from the template page Template:DevFeature)

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