Midnight Queen

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Midnight Queen
Gender: Female
Unit type(s):

The Midnight Queen was an elf who fell under a dark curse and transformed into a vampire, ruling over the undead on the Isle of Tears.


You will be made to serve... Come admire me. Feel my love.
—The Midnight Queen ensorcels Prince Haldric's men.

The Midnight Queen was originally a clanswoman who resided on the Isle of Tears. When she fell under the influence of a dark curse,[1] she was transformed into a vampire, feasting upon the blood of the living in order to maintain her youthly beauty.[2]

signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric finds the Midnight Queen
When Prince Haldric landed upon the island, one of his men inadvertently stumbled upon the temple in which the Midnight Queen was hiding. She emerged and attempted to seduce Haldric's men in order to enslave them, almost succeeding. Thanks to Lady Jessene, Haldric resisted her attempts at seduction and defeated her. As she dissipated, she laid a curse upon Haldric As a result, all the remaining undead on the island dissipated.[3]
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric does not find the Midnight Queen
Although Haldric landed on the island, he never found the Midnight Queen. Instead, he managed to destroy the two spectres on the island, Isorfilad and Tinoldor.[3]

Following the breaking of the Midnight Queen's control over the Three Sisters, she was reduced to a spectre, only able to control scorpions, while ogres came to dominate the Isle of Tears for a brief period of time. This ended when drakes from Morogor led by Galun arrived and slew her, despite her hopeless attempts to ensorcel the drakes.[4]


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