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In the beginning there was this one single-player campaign HtTT, now we have a beautifully shiny new multiplayer server that can host over 1000 players at a time. So yes the community has grown.

That's a good thing™

Although Wesnoth is an open-source game and the multiplayer server is free to use for everyone it doesn't mean we don't need rules. The following rules are here to give everyone a pleasant multiplayer experience.

What we expect you to do

  • Be polite, especially with people you don't know.
  • Listen to the other players, often they are smart and friendly persons who want to help.
  • Only join the games you intend to finish.
  • As an observer respect the players, use the observer team-chat to talk about the game.

What we expect you not to do

  • Don't try to insult people using swearwords or other tricks.
  • Don't leave a game without prior warning (we know that you sometimes need/want to leave, but please let the other player(s) know in advance).
  • Don't flood the lobby or gamechat with irrelevant messages.
  • Don't give away information to the players when you are an observer.
  • Don't cheat, this includes observing a game you are playing in without letting the other player(s) know.


There is one exception to the above: if you are absolutely sure that only people you know will encounter your behaviour and you know they will be ok with it, go ahead...


  • All players are free to put anyone on their ignore list.
  • All hosts are free to kick or ban players from their game.
  • All server administrators can ban you from the server until you have proven that you will not repeat the behavior again.

To get unbanned you need to contact the administrator that banned you in the first place and explain why s/he should unban you, but please make sure that s/he has a reason to do so, either by apology or by showing that you wont repeat your actions

Useful commands

The wesnoth multiplayer server supports a few commands that can be helpful when dealing with the games and people that you meet. The most useful are:

Command Description
To be typed in a message box, either directly in lobby or by pressing 'm' in a game
/me text write 'text' as a description of you
/msg nick text write a private message to 'nick' with the 'text'
/list addfriend nick add 'nick' to your friendslist (so that 'nick' will be listed at the top of the lobby)
/list addignore nick add 'nick' to your ignorelist (so that 'nick' will be listed at the bottom of the lobby and you don't see messages written by 'nick')
To be typed in a command box, by pressing ':' in a game
control side nick give control to 'nick' to the side number 'side'
nosaves turn of the autosaves function, can be helpful in speading up things in large scenarios
kick nick kick 'nick' out of the game temporarily
ban nick kick and ban 'nick' out of the game

For more information see: CommandMode and (non-found link to the /-commands, like /help, /msg, /me, /list)

Where to look for help

IRC: The #wesnoth-mp channel on is good place to ask for help related to the multiplayer server.

There you can ask for general help or ask one of the server administrators to take action.

For an introduction to IRC check out's tutorial and remember that the server-network to connect to is freenode and the relevant channels are #wesnoth-mp and #wesnoth

List of current server administrators

  • Blueblaze
  • Dragonking
  • jb
  • Noy
  • Pikel
  • ping
  • Soliton
  • Truper
  • Weeksy

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