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This page describes the LuaWML functions and helpers for handling sides and villages.


Returns the team with given number.

local team = wesnoth.get_side(1) = + 50

Teams are proxy tables with the following fields:

  • gold, village_gold, base_income: integers (read/write)
  • total_income: integer (read only)
  • objectives, user_team_name: translatable strings (read/write)
  • objectives_changed: boolean (read/write)
  • team_name: string (read/write)
  • __cfg: WML table (dump)

The metatable of these proxy tables appears as "side".


Returns the side that owns the village at the given location.

local owned_by_side_1 = wesnoth.get_village_owner(12, 15) == 1


Gives ownership of the village at the given location to the given side (or remove ownership if none).

wesnoth.set_village_owner(12, 15, 1)


Returns an iterator over teams that can be used in a for-in loop.

for team in helper.all_teams() do = 200 end