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Mainline Campaigns

Mainline Campaigns are included with the game, they are available via the Campaign button at the Battle for Wesnoth main menu.

Name Description Author
A Tale Of Two Brothers An evil mage is threatening the local village and its inhabitants. When their leader Bjarn sends for aid from his brother Arne, he is victorious, but Bjarn himself is kidnapped. Can you rescue him? Circon
An Orcish Incursion Defend the forest of the elves against the first orcs to reach the Great Continent, learning valuable tactics as you do so. Josh Parsons
The South Guard A young Knight, Deoran, is dispatched to take command of the South Guard.. Note; This campaign is designed as an introduction to Wesnoth. The 'Civilian' difficulty level is aimed at first-time players. aelius
Heir to the Throne Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir. Dave
Liberty As the shadow of civil war lengthens across Wesnoth, a band of hardy marchlanders revolts against the tyranny of Queen Asheviere. To win their way to freedom, they must defeat not just the trained blades of Wesnothian troops but darker foes including orcs and undead. scott
The Rise of Wesnoth Lead Prince Haldric through the destruction of the Green Isle and across the Ocean to establish the very kingdom of Wesnoth itself. The confrontation with Lich-Lord Jevyan awaits... Shade
The Eastern Invasion There are rumors of undead attacks on the eastern border of Wesnoth. You, an officer in the Royal Army, have been sent to the eastern front to protect the villagers and find out waht is happening. Turin
The Hammer of Thursagan In the first years of the Northern Alliance, an expedition from Knalga seeks out their kin at Kal kartha and to learn the fate of the legendary Hammer of Thursagan. The perils of their journey through the wild Northern Lands, through great, pale beside the evil they will face at its end. ESR
Descent Into Darkness Learn the dark arts of necromancy in order to save your people from an orcish incursion. esci
The Sceptre of Fire The land of Wesnoth's banner bold. Comes not from its own land; It comes from Dwarfdom, grim and old. Made by a runesmith's hand. So now I tell from whence it came - The Fire-sceptre great - And of the makers of the same, Their tale I now relate... Turin
Son of the Black-Eye Your father Karun Black-Eye was the greatest orcish leader that ever lived. Now, as his son, it's up to you to thwart the selfish designs of the humans who have broken the old agreement with the orcs and are bent upon taking your lands. Unite the warrings orcish tribes, bring together the Orcish Council and call up the Great Horde to send the human-worms and their tree-shagger allies to the land of the dead! Benj and Taurus
Northern Rebirth For the people of Dwarven Doors the choice was stark: either drudge as downtrodden salves for the orcs until the end of their brief and miserable lives, or risk all for freedom and rise up against their cruel overlords. Little did they suspect that their struggle would be the hinge of great events that might restore the Northlands to the glory they had once known. Taurus
Under the Burning Suns In the distant future a small band of elves struggles to survive amidst the ruins of fallen empires. Lead your people out of the desert on an epic journey to find a new home. quartex

User Campaigns

User Campaigns can be downloaded via the Battle for Wesnoth addon server. After they are automatically installed they are playable via the Campaign menu.

Name Description Author
Alfhelm the Wise This is the tale of Alfhelm, called by some the Wise, son of Alfric Conqueror. This is the tale of his victories over his enemies, and his rise to power in the clans of Marauderdom. This is the tale of his journey south and his destruction of the Lavinian Empire. And this is the tale of his demise in the dark forest far to the east of his homeland. Turin
Attack of the Undead Play as a mage to protect your city from the undead. wsultzbach
Autumn Kingdom Prologue All kingdoms fall. Join Captain Aldehar as he witnesses the rise of revolution, and the changing of an era. Incomplete: 9 scenarios of 14. Devrailis Coland
Bad Moon Rising The best of intentions often do not lead to the best results. The prince was a monster, but while overthrowing him, Officer Lorenzon unwittingly unleashes an even greater evil on the world. Requires Extended Era. There are 15 scenarios playable, they still need balancing if not debugging. doofus-01
Capturing Mar'Than Play the role of Denring III as he recaptures the mysterious land of Mar'Than from usurpers. Currently contains 10 scenarios, and one story scenario. sjl
Children of Dragons Once the most feared creatures in the land of the living, the dragons are all but extinct. But their descendants are just about to make their mark on the world... MarkP
Dead Water You are Kai Krellis, a merman king, but only a child. A necromancer has arrived and is turing your subjects into undead slaves. Lead your people on a mission to convince a powerful mermaid to help you repel the invasion. The oceans near the Northern Lands are perilous, so you will need cunning and bravery to be survive, but first you need to gain the respect of your troops! (Intermediate, 10 scenarios.) beetlenaut
Delfadors Memoirs Wesnoth seems to be slipping inexorably into chaos, as marauding orcs pour south across the river Abez, and mysterious and deadly creatures roam the night. Who is the shadowy Ihiah-Malal? Can you defeat him before he destroys all life in Wesnoth? (Novice level, 12 scenarios. Not yet complete.) Tapik, Josh Pars
Epic of Vaniyera The expansionist Lavinian Legion, led by the Imperator himself, has invaded the northern forest of the Sidhe. It is up to the young Vaniyera to push its armies back from the border... (Novice level, 6 scenarios.) Oreb, Turin
Fall of Silvium You are Caius Regilius, a Tribune, of the province Silvia, located in the northmost reaches of the Lavinian Empire. You reside in the city of Silvium, capital of the province, on the border with the northern barbarians. This is the height of the Lavinian Empire - but the Empire has overextended itself. The city of Silvia lies north of the mountains of Arendia, and is sandwiched between the Marauders and the Sidhe... war is inevitable, and the province of Silvia will almost certainly fall. Turin
Flight to Freedom Lead Malakar and his Drake tribe to freedom from the humans! MadMax
Invasion From The Unknown - Episode I: Seeking the Light Long after the Fall, the last forest elves are forced to abandon their safe valley, and find themselves resorting to the dark means of necromancy in order to survive the perils and challenges of this new harsh world. May they finally free the Great Continent from its chaos, or perish in the foolish attempt of restoring peace and life to the lands. (Expert level, 13 scenarios.)
Invasion From The Unknown - Episode II: Armageddon As the shadow of Chaos covers the entire continent, an assorted group of foolish heroes prepares a counter-attack to the Empire, with one unique goal in their minds: defeat the evil Emperor, whoever it is. Lead these courageous living and non-living warriors to the victory, and learn about the lost secrets of the history. (Expert level, 13 scenarios.) Shadow Master
Invasion of Eliador A peaceful island is about to be invaded by unknown foes travelling towards the eastern shore. It is up to a family of outlaws to warn the island's inhabitants before it's too late. Genosuke
Legend of Wesmere Follow the story of the Kalenz and the Elves in Wesnoth and their fight for survival from the second orcish invasion to the times of Konrad and Delfador. (Intermediate level, 32 scenarios.) Santi and WhiteW
Raajal An Arch Mage with the power of resurrection seeks a new apprentice. Genosuke
Return of the Legions Years after the defeat of Mal Ravanal, echoes of his dreadful reigh over Wesnoth can still be heard deep in the Northlands. Lead the elves of the Silent Forest to discover the rise of another legion of the undead. zookeeper
Saving Elensefar Meneldur, elvish mariner of Elensefar, is driven to sea by the same orcs who attacked the city. He must gather an army willing to fight for him to regain Elensefar, his adpoted homeland. Turin
Stories of Tarlyn Ensure the survival of your home town as a member of it's small militia. (6 out of 10 scenarios finished) AI
Story of Wose Somewhere on the Green Isle Joshua
Struggle for Freedom Follow the Eastern Elves in the time of Asheviere. Will they succeed in their struggle for freedom, or will a betrayal at their heart strike them at the brink of victory? WYRMY
The Dark Hordes Lead fugitive dark sorceres Gwiti Ha'atel to mastery of the undead hordes. Eight levels so far. Circon (author), anyone (maintainers)
The Forgotten Legacy The Saurians of the Salty Swamp have been enslaved for far too long from the cruel Blackblookd clan of the Orcs. In these bitter times S'Saskin, a bloodborn, rises to lead his people to their forgotten legacy and their destiny. Unfinished, five working scenarios. Db0
The Griffoon Lads Follow the adventures of the lost warrior Jaghuar Gorgone in the street wars of the Far North. Gotrek860
The Heist A plot to steal king's treasure goes awry. Genosuke
The Unstoppable Legion The legendary legions of Zharagorn, dormant for centuries, have risen again and city after city is falling in their presence. Only Viktor, a patrol guard, stand between them and domination of the known world. (Unfinished, 11 playable scenarios) Chris NS
Winds of Foerroen Lord Daelyn, leader of the elvish kingdom of Aesh Aelon, returns from a lengthy expedition to the far eastern lands, only to discover that his kingdom is under siege by an orcish war lord and his minions. (Three scenarios) SaintCredence

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