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Legend of Wesmere

General Note: Throughout this campaign, if your elves need to make a stand and you have a choice of options, choose the one that will put most of them in the woods. Not only will this give you the best chance of survival, it will ensure that the AI playing your allies will do useful things. This matters a lot, because many of the scenarios in this campaign involve allies you cannot control whose death results in your defeat.

The Uprooting

Like the first scenario in Heir to the Throne, this scenario begins with the hero in a forest with enemies preparing to close in on all sides. You can't beat the enemy leaders (you have too little gold and only first level units) and you're not expected to try. Recruit just enough units to screen Kalenz and Landar (about a keep or a keep and a half's worth) and run everybody to the signpost at the southwestern corner of the map. Try to send at least one rider to grab villages, including one to the north of your ally's keep—if the orcs attack him before the scenario ends, you will inherit the ally's units (and you'll keep them for future recall if you run them south to join the rest of your army).

Hostile Mountains

Because your units will be mostly first level, you need as many of them as you can afford to survive this scenario. Archers will be the most useful to recall/recruit because the trolls do not have a ranged attack. Do not, under any circumstances, cross the river—if you do, Olurf will attack you, and the trolls will cut both you and the dwarves to pieces. (You can have units stand in the river if necessary to reach a particular unit, but since your enemies are more powerful than your units avoid doing so if you are likely to be counterattacked.) Instead, send a rider or two out to grab the villages in the far northern reaches of the board while you move your troops onto the wooded island in the middle of the river, directly south of your keep. From here, you can help the dwarves whittle down the trolls while you slowly wend your way southwest toward the troll keep. The scenario will end if you succeed in killing the troll leader. Note: Olurf's death counts as a defeat.

Kal'ian Under Attack

Take careful note of this map; you'll be fighting on it again later. Make your stand in the woods just to the southeast of your keep and to the immediate north of the Kal'ian. Use Elvish Shamans to slow powerful units, and recruit lots of archers. Send some riders to grab villages—it should be relatively low-risk and the gold will be useful for the next scenario. Although it looks tempting to try to form up your lines at the edge of the river, you're not close enough to get there before the orcs come over in numbers. If you manage your troops correctly, you can level a number of them which is a very good idea to get through the next few scenarios.

The Elvish Treasury

Send your army en masse to the keep in the northeast first; that's where the Shyde and the gold are. Then turn west to take out the other saurian. When fighting the saurians, there are three things to remember: 1) Don't send out isolated units, because they'll be swarmed and killed; 2) Try not to position any units where a saurian can attack them from swampy ground; and 3) watch the day/night cycle (it doesn't affect your elves, but the saurians are significantly weaker by day and you can turn that fact to great advantage).

The Saurian Treasury

This scenario is much trickier than the last one because here you have to fight the saurians on terrain that's hostile to your elves (desert and swamp). Do NOT send a lone unit north to try to grab the treasury; it will just get swarmed and killed. Instead, send your troops west en masse to take out the leader in the blue keep. If you need to leave Kalenz behind to recruit, make sure he has at least a couple of units to help screen/defend him. Once you've killed the blue saurian leader, move north, en masse, to take the treasury and dispose of the other saurian leader. Note: You should have a boatload of gold after you win this scenario.

Acquaintance in Need

Start with the green enemy, who's the closest one to you—the dwarves, which are your allies for this scenario, should provide substantial help in doing so. Then move north, tackling the other two enemy keeps as you reach them. Keep your eye on the turn clock, since a lot of the board consists of mountains and will be tough going for your elven troops.

Elves' Last Stand

[NOTE: This scenario gives you the option of choosing to give orders to the AI that controls your allies. Because of bug issues, I ended up playing the scenario through without using this option. The advice that follows is for playing the scenario with the AI making automatic choices.--cathyr19355]

This is the same map as in Kal'ian Under Attack, but with many more enemies. Don't do the obvious thing here—i.e., attacking the trolls first, because they're the nearest enemy—that will just get Galtrid, your ally holding the Kal'ian, killed, causing defeat. Instead, make your stand in the woods just north of the Kal'ian, taking care to assume a position that will let you defend both against the trolls and against the brown and orange orc troops that will be coming west from the other side of the river. (If you have enough troops, this time it will be useful to move some of them to the river bank to attack the orcs while they're still in the water.) If you're careful, you can use the heavy fighting to level units. As you kill off the trolls and the brown and orange orcs, move the main body of your army south through the Kal'ian to the turquoise keep, then east and north again to kill the remaining enemies. Meanwhile, recruit/recall a bunch of riders and other fast-moving units, send them directly south of your keep to grab the villages on the western side of the board; if they make it far enough south, you can aim them at the turquoise orc's keep to take some of the pressure off the Kal'ian. Even though you have a lot of gold and can recruit a lot of units, your enemies are numerous, and Olurf and his dwarves won't show up until the third day, so don't get sloppy about formation and protecting the wounded.

Council of Hard Choices

Story only.

Bounty Hunters

More saurians. However, this time, it's not your job to wipe them out (which is fortunate, because their keeps are located in high mountains where your elves are very slow). Your only task is to get Kalenz over to the other side of the river. The river is fordable throughout most of its length, but infested with enemy creatures. Fortunately, the creatures will attack the saurians too, and you can turn that fact to your advantage. Recruit a castle or two (at most) of primarily riders and fighters (dwarves aren't very useful on this terrain), run north as fast as you can, aiming for the island in the center of the river—used carefully, that will allow you to get Kalenz over the water without having to park him in the river for any longer than a turn.

Cliffs of Thoria

There are two tricky elements about this one. First, you have to climb to your destination (the signpost at the top northeast corner of the map) over high mountains, so the going will be very slow for your elves; watch the turn clock carefully. Second, the “fog of war” applies so you won't know much about your enemies until you actually bump into them. Split your forces, sending one group west. The other group, with Kalenz, goes directly north, deals with the nearest enemy, and continues to the signpost. This group should be large enough that you can peel off 4-6 units once you get most of the way north to take out the enemy in the far northwestern keep. Note: dwarves do well in the mountains, but don't recruit a lot of ulfserkers, not even the second-level ones—they tend to take out the unit they attack but then are very vulnerable to attacks by other units.

Battle of the Book

Your enemies here are drakes and trolls. This is in your favor because the scenario starts at night, when drakes are weakest. Be careful about using archers, since some of the drakes breathe fire and do more damage that way than your units can with their arrows. A good mix of impact and ranged fighters is essential. Split your forces. Send half of your troops east along the road first to Crelanu's keep (if you don't, he may get killed before you can kill off the drakes) to save him and kill the troll leader (whose keep is close by). Take the remaining troops west to kill the drake leader.


Story only.

Ancient Alliance

Your human ally is sufficiently strong that he can deal with the enemies on the south side of the river while you move north with your troops to take out the northwestern enemy first. Take your stands in such a fashion that the enemy must attack you from the water whenever possible. After you've killed the green (northwestern) leader, move directly east to the northeastern keep to take out that leader. At this point, be prepared to detach some units south to come to your ally's aid. When the northeast leader is gone, move the rest of your army south to help your ally mop up stray units and kill the remaining leaders.

The Treaty

Story only.

The Chief Must Die

You get no keep, and no chance to recruit, in this one. The only units you have are Kalenz and Landar, and their only task is to assassinate the Orc Sovereign and reach the signpost at the southwestern corner of the map. Your units will have special attributes for this scenario only that will make this fairly easy, particularly if you have managed to get Kalenz and Landar to level 3. Take the most direct route to the Orc (he's in the large keep in the center of the map), fight only the units that attack you, and get out as quickly as you can. If you can grab a few villages on the way in or out, all the better.

Breaking the Siege

Stick to recruiting units with lots of mobility, since the map is large and mostly snow-covered, hampering most of your unit types (don't even bother to recruit dwarves—they won't get to the scene of the action in time to strike any blows). Despite the fact that fog of war is turned on for this scenario, it's pretty simple to figure out from the geography which keep belongs to your ally. Send part of your forces straight north to deal with the orcs in the north central keep, while sending the rest of your army directly west, then north.

Hour of Glory

Story only.

Costly Revenge

This is the same map as The Saurian Treasury, but with most of the terrain snow-covered. Since you're fighting the saurians again, most of the advice from that scenario still applies. Mobility is not a great issue, even though one of the enemy keeps is near the top northwestern corner of the map, because by the time you can dispose of your southern enemy he will have already sent most of his troops south after you. Still, you will want to have a few fast troops in reserve to ensure that you can kill the northwestern leader before time runs out.

Council Ruling

Story only.

Elvish Assassins

This is another running game, on the same map as the first scenario; since Landar has betrayed Kalenz, most elves' hands have turned against our hero. The Landar and Olurf units gone, and so is most of your recall list. Recruit enough units to screen Kalenz and Cleodil and run for the signpost at the southwestern corner of the map. Because most of the units ranged against you will be second level or higher, this will take a bit of ingenuity unless you can recruit a lot of units for guard duty.

Northern Battle

This is the same map as Breaking the Siege, but since it's not winter, most of the board is grassland and woods, and much easier for your elves to fight on. Landar, now one of your enemies, will be in the far southwest, while another enemy elf has a keep in the far southeast. However, because of Landar's betrayal and the loss of most of your veterans, you will be working mostly with first level units. Consequently, don't try to take on either enemy on the naked grasslands where their keeps lie; recruit as much as you can, then head for your ally's keep in the north central region of the board, taking as many villages during the process as possible. If necessary, leave a few units at the river bank to slow the brown elf units that will pursue you; there is a village on a peninsula in the river near your keep that may be useful in this regard. If you need to, make a stand in and about your ally's keep, though depending upon how well you delay the brown enemy you may be able to pick off your enemy a few at a time in the forest long enough to survive until the end of the scenario.

End of War

This one is fought on the same map as Northern Battle. Chances are that you will have a lot of gold by this point. You won't have many veterans (whether you leveled any or not) but that doesn't matter because your opponent will be recruiting a lot of second level units and is likely to run out of gold before you can. Recruit heavily (you'll need to in order to defeat the enemy's more powerful units), send out riders to grab villages early, and form up your line of battle on the bank of the river to give yourself the best chance of killing the initial waves of units in the water. Then sweep down to the enemy keep at the southwestern corner of the map to deliver the coup de grace.


Story only.