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{{Infobox Character
#REDIRECT [[List of supporting characters from The Rise of Wesnoth#Isorfilad]]
| name=Isorfilad
| image=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wesnoth/wesnoth/master/data/core/images/portraits/undead/spectre.png
| race=
* [[Elves|Elf]]
* [[Undead (race)|Undead]]
| types=[https://units.wesnoth.org/1.14/mainline/en_US/Spectre.html Spectre]
'''Isorfilad''' was an elf whose clan lived on the [[Isle of Tears]], before transforming into a spectre.
== Biography ==
{{Quote gap}}
|quote=A curse upon all of your kin that visit this isle.
|source=Isorfilad plants a curse upon [[Haldric I|Prince Haldric]]
Isorfilad lived on the [[Isle of Tears]] with other fellow clansmen. The clan fell under the influence of a dark curse, and the souls of the elves haunted the island. A long time thereafter, [[El'Isomithir|Lord El'Isomithir]] commissioned Haldric with ending the curse.<ref name="kalian">{{Cite|the ka'lian}}</ref> Haldric sailed to the island and managed to end the undead curse, killing Isorfilad.<ref name="cursed">{{Cite|cursed}}</ref>
== References ==

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