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*''Wesnoth Tutorial''
**''''Rudimentum Vesnotei''''
*''Left click on Konrad''
**''''Laeve tangere Conradum''''
*''Left click on Li'sar''
**''''Laeve tangere Lisarem''''
**''''Forma Militis''''
*''Left click on an Elvish Fighter''
**''''Laeve tangere Pugnatorem Dryadalum''''
*''Patch of forest''
**''''Pars silvae''''
*''Defeat the Orc Leader''
**''''Ducem orcum Vincere''''
*''Death of Konrad''
**''''Mors Conradi''''
*''Time runs out''
**''''Tempus exit''''
*''Death of Li'sar''
**''''Mors Lisaris''''
*''What should I do?''
**''''Quid faciam''''
*''Elvish Fighter''
**''''Pugnator Dryadalum''''
*''So, should I end my turn now?''
**''''Sic, debeone nunc vicem finire?''''
*''Move Konrad to capture a village''
**''''Conradum viculum captum movere'''' (using a supine, not a ppp)
*''Move Li'sar to capture a village''
**''''Lisarem viculum captum movere''''
*''End your turn''
**''''Vicem finire''''
*''Move Konrad to another (unowned) village''
**''''Conradum ad viculum aliud (non proprium) movere''''
*''Defend here''
**''''Hic defende''''
**''''flagellum ferreum''''
==Heres Solii==
==Heres Solii==

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Vide quoque: Latin Translation, Vocabula Vesnotei et Versus Vesnotei

Pre Blabber

This is Deusite's dumping ground for my HTTT translation. The main purpose for this is as a backup for my poedit file, which doesn't seem to handle saves very well, so t's probably corrupt. It's also here for translators to nitpick and/or bask in it's glory. Just for the record, the tutorial will go here as well since they're related, and Elensefar is feminine. ;)


  • Wesnoth Tutorial
    • 'Rudimentum Vesnotei'
  • Konrad
    • 'Conradus'
  • Delfador
    • 'Delfador'
  • Left click on Konrad
    • 'Laeve tangere Conradum'
  • Left click on Li'sar
    • 'Laeve tangere Lisarem'
  • Quintain
    • 'Forma Militis'
  • Village
    • 'Viculus'
  • Keep
    • 'Arx'
  • Left click on an Elvish Fighter
    • 'Laeve tangere Pugnatorem Dryadalum'
  • Patch of forest
    • 'Pars silvae'
  • Defeat the Orc Leader
    • 'Ducem orcum Vincere'
  • Death of Konrad
    • 'Mors Conradi'
  • Time runs out
    • 'Tempus exit'
  • Death of Li'sar
    • 'Mors Lisaris'
  • What should I do?
    • 'Quid faciam'
  • Elvish Fighter
    • 'Pugnator Dryadalum'
  • So, should I end my turn now?
    • 'Sic, debeone nunc vicem finire?'
  • Move Konrad to capture a village
    • 'Conradum viculum captum movere' (using a supine, not a ppp)
  • Move Li'sar to capture a village
    • 'Lisarem viculum captum movere'
  • End your turn
    • 'Vicem finire'
  • Move Konrad to another (unowned) village
    • 'Conradum ad viculum aliud (non proprium) movere'
  • Defend here
    • 'Hic defende'
  • Fighter
    • 'Pugnator'
  • sword
    • 'gladius'
  • female^Fighter
    • 'Pugnatrix'
  • flail
    • 'flagellum ferreum'

Heres Solii

  • (Beginner)
    • '(Tiro)'
  • (Normal)
    • '(Mediocris)'
  • (Challenging)
    • '(Provocatio)'
  • (Novice level, 25 scenarios.)
    • '(Ordo novicius, scaenarii XXV.)'
  • Campaign Design
    • 'Creatio Militiae'
  • Campaign Maintenance
    • 'Conservatio Militiae'
  • Artwork and Graphics Design
    • 'Creatores Imaginum'
  • Miscellaneous
    • 'Alia'
  • Rebels
    • 'Rebelles'
  • Orcs
    • 'Orces'
  • Ugh!
    • 'Heu!'
  • Undead
    • 'Inmorti'
  • holy sword
    • 'gladius sacer'
  • Evil
    • 'Malus'
  • Whoa
    • 'Hui!!'
  • Mounted Dwarf
    • 'Nanus Equester'
  • Humans
    • 'Homines'
  • Drakes
    • 'Draculi'
  • The Cliffs of Thoria
    • 'Rupes Toriae'
  • Allies
    • 'Socii'
  • A dragon! A big one!
    • 'Draconem! Magnum!'
  • A talking dragon
    • 'Dracone dicens?'
  • Oh my! A monster!
    • 'Ei! Belluam!'
  • Injured Sergeant
    • 'Optio Vulneratus'
  • I am Delfador the Great and TODAY YOU MEET YOUR ATONEMENT!
    • 'Ego sum Delfador Magnus et EXPIATIONEM TUAM HODIE INVENIES!'
  • I say that...
    • 'Id dico...'
  • You drive me from the field, but you have not vanquished me, impostor!
    • 'Agro exturbas, sed me non edomuisti, impostorem!'
  • Yes, my lady
    • 'Ita, mea domina!'
  • Do not spend your life here, Chantal. Someone must warn the Northern Elves that the war we so long feared has begun.
    • 'Noli agere vitam hic, Chantalis. Dryadales borei monendus est aliquis, bellum diu nobis timuisse inceptum est.'
  • I do not know. Come now, the show is over.
    • 'Nescio. Heia, nam fabella exivit.'
  • Delfador is right. We must go on!
    • 'Delfador recte dicis. Proditi sumus!'
  • No gold carried over to the next scenario.
    • 'Aura nulla ad scaenarium secundum transferemur.'
  • Elensefar
    • 'Ellensephar'
  • We should try to help the injured soldier
    • 'Militem vulneratum succurrere conemur'
  • I wonder why the drakes haven't finished him by now? It is strange that there are not any drakes or undead in that area.
    • 'Cur draculos eum iam non consumant cogito. Mirus est draculos inmortosque nullos illic esse.'
  • Our leader is dead, but it matters not! Time enough to appoint a new leader after the battle is won! Fight on to the last, comrades!
    • 'Dux noster mortus est, sed id non refert! Tempus satis ducem novem praeponendum post proelium victum erit! Pugnate ad mortem, comites!'
  • Well... that answers the question.
    • 'O... illam decernit'
  • We hear and obey, My Lord.
    • 'Audimus et paremus, Ere mi.'
  • Fair enough!
    • 'Bene est!'
  • ''Fair enough.
    • 'Bene est.'
  • Fair enough...
    • 'Bene est...'
  • Gryphon Tender
    • 'Conservator Grypum'
  • Hello? Who is here?
    • 'Salve? Quis hic est'
  • Note: your encampment will be dismantled after the first turn.\n
    • 'Nota bene: castra tolluntur post vicem primam'
  • Underground Channels
    • 'Canales Subterranei'
  • Return to Wesnoth
    • 'Reditus ad Vesnotem'
  • The Battle for Wesnoth
    • 'Proelium pro Vesnote'
  • No
    • 'Non est'
  • Sea Orc
    • 'Orcs Maris'
  • Indeed
    • 'Quidem'
  • Haralamdum
    • 'Haralamdum'
  • Hurrah! We've killed their leader
    • 'Euge! Ducem suum occisi sumus.'
  • Monsters
    • 'Belluae'
  • We are traveling east? Down the river? Konrad, I hope you know what you are committing us to.
    • 'Adne ortum contendimus? Deorsumne fluminem? Conrade, spero quod nos commitis scire.'
  • Delfador, you cannot allow this to happen! We march to our death!
    • 'Delfador, illa accidere permittendus est! Ad mortem nostrem contendemus!'
  • I will rescue you. Hold onto my shoulders, sir dwarf.
    • 'Te subveniam. Adhaere humeros, nane domine.'
  • Why are you down here? Are those... troll carcasses?
    • 'Cur hic deorsum est? Illane... cadavera troglodytarum sunt?'
  • How long have you been here?
    • 'Quotiens hic fuisti?'
  • We are soon going to find out
    • 'Mox cognescemus.'
  • Prince Konrad, are you sure you want to do this?
    • 'Conrade regule, verene id pro certo habes?'
  • Reach the cave
    • 'Advenire cavernam'
  • If you defy my warning - prepare for battle.
    • 'Si monitam detractabis, proelium parabis.'
  • You will regret challenging us. Drakes, to arms!
    • 'Plorabis nostros provocare. Draculi, ad arma!'
  • I do not like this, old friend. There are legends of things dwelling on this river that even I dare not speak of...
    • 'Ea nolo, mi fidelis. Fama est, me etiam non audeo loquor, monstra hoc in flumenis vivant... '
  • Oh no! They are destroying our home!
    • 'Heu! Domus nostras devastamus!'
  • Die, villain, die!
    • 'Morere, furcifer, morere!'
  • Victory! The thieves of Elensefar will be in your service, my lord.
    • 'Victoriam! Fures Ellensepharis tibi aderimus, ere mi.'
  • A hidden whirlpool sucks you down into a subterranean current!
    • 'Gurges absconditus te ad amnem subaqueanum absorbet!'
  • Here? But, drakes have never been seen in Wesnoth before... Are you certain of this?
    • 'Hic? At, numquam draculi adhuc aspiciuntur in Vesnote... scisne certum?'
  • Bona-Melodia
    • 'Bona Melodia'
  • Water Serpent
    • 'Serpens Aquae'
  • sabre
    • 'gladius tenuis'
  • The Elves Besieged
    • 'Dryadales Obsessi'
  • Move Konrad to the signpost in the northwest
    • 'Conradum ad signum cori movere'
  • Death of Konrad
    • 'Mors Conradi'
  • Death of Delfador
    • 'Mors Delfadoris'
  • Time runs out
    • 'Tempus exit'
  • Konrad
    • 'Conradus'
  • Delfador
    • 'Delfador'
  • Urug-Telfar
    • 'Urug Telfar'
  • Knafa-Tan
    • 'Knafa Tan'
  • Maga-Knafa
    • 'Maga Knafa'
  • Galdrad
    • 'Galdradis'
  • Chantal
    • 'Chantalis'
  • Master Delfador! Look, there are orcs coming from all directions! What shall we do?
    • 'Delfador domine! Ecce, orces undique adveniunt! Quid faciemus?
  • There are too many to fight, far too many. We must escape!
    • 'Tot multi sunt ut non pugnemus, valde nimis. Debemus effugere!'
  • But to where? This is the only home we have! What about the elves?
    • 'Sed quo? Haec est domus unica qua habitamus! Quid de Dryadalibus?'
  • We will fight them, but you must escape, Konrad. It is imperative that you escape!
    • 'Illos pugnabimus, sed opus est tibi effugere, Conrade. Necessarius est tibi effugere!'
  • We will go north. Perhaps we can reach the Isle of Alduin. If we can make it there, surely we will be safe. Konrad, we must recruit some elves to help us, and then you must make it to the sign post in the north-west. I will protect you!
    • 'Ibimus ad boream. Alduinis insulam attingere possimus. Si illuc adire faciamus, certe tuti erimus. Conrade, nonnullos Dryadales adlegere debemus qui nos adiuvent, et tum oportet tibi ad signum cori adire. Te defendam!'
  • Very well, let us hurry'
    • 'Fiat, festinemus!'
  • Attack the elves, my grunts, and take their villages. Let us claim this land for the Queen!
    • 'Dryadales oppugnate, armati meorum, et viculos suos capite. Vindicemus terram illam pro Regina!'
  • Remember, it is rumored that the filthy mage and one that he protects are in these parts. They are the ones we want!
    • 'Mementote, dicunt magum sordidum et quem defendat in partibus his esse. Hos volumus!'
  • Ha ha! We will rip the filthy elves to pieces!
    • 'Hahae! Dryadales sordidos laniabimus!'
  • Let them come. We will fight them with all we have!
    • 'Veniant. Contra eos pugnabimus cum omnibus quod habemus!'
  • Be careful, Konrad! Guard him well, Delfador!
    • 'Praecave, Conrade! Bene eum defende, Delfador!'
  • We must travel north, and try to make it to the Isle of Alduin. Hopefully we will find refuge there.
    • 'Iter boreae facere debemus et Alduinis insulam attingere, cum magna spe refugium ibi inveniemus.'
  • Of course you are right, Delfador. But what will become of the elves here?
    • 'Certo recte dicis, Delfador. Sed quid fiet Dryadalibus hic?'
  • The elves will fight. They may even prevail. But I fear things do not bode well for them. Let us not speak of it now. Onward!
    • 'Dryadales pugnabunt. Fortasse superabunt. Sed metuo ne res non bene eis portendant. Non loquamur eo nunc. Tende!'
  • Good luck, Konrad! Don't worry about us, we will fight as best we can!
    • 'Tibi feliciter, Conrade! Noli sollicitum esse, pugnabimus quam maxime!'
  • I... I don't think I can make it anymore.
    • 'Non...non puto me iam superesse.'
  • Prince... you must keep fighting! Nooooooo!
    • 'Regule...opus est certamine pergere! Hauuuu!'
  • It is over. I am doomed...
    • 'Finit, rui...'
  • I have... have failed in my duty to protect the prince! I am defeated.
    • 'Officio praesidii reguli defui! Victus sum.'
  • Don't die, Delfador! Please, you have to stay alive!
    • 'Noli mori, Delfador! Id liceat nam vivendus es!'
  • Oh, no! We have run out of time, they have arrived with reinforcements...
    • 'Vae nobis! Tempus exit et cum copiis novis rediti sunt...'
  • Only the foolish oppose me!
    • 'Stulti modo mihi adversantur!'
  • I am Galdrad. You will have to fight me to get any further!
    • 'Galdradis sum. Contra me pugnare debebis ut longius eas!'
  • Only a fool would dare to attack me!
    • 'Morio modo me petere audeat!'
  • I am Delfador the Great. Prepare to die!
    • 'Delfador Magnus sum. Para mortem!'
  • Let me through, you rogue!
    • 'Me permitte, scele!'
  • There can be no looking back. We must go quickly!
    • 'Non possumus retro aspicere. Oportet festinare!'
  • Blackwater Port
    • 'Portus Aquanigrae'
  • Resist until the end of the turns
    • 'Donec tempus exit resistere'
  • Death of Sir Kaylan
    • 'Mors Cailani Domini'
  • Sir Kaylan
    • 'Cailanus Dominus'
  • Mokolo Qimur
    • 'Mokolis Cimur'
  • 'Veocyn
    • 'Veocinus'
  • Yran
    • 'Iran'
  • Asheviere
    • 'Ascuera'
  • We should be able to board a ship at Blackwater Port, but it seems the orcs are heading there too. Rebels who hate Asheviere and are loyal to the memory of the king desperately hold the port, as it is one of the only places where they can ship supplies and weapons.
    • 'Navem possimus ad portu Aquanigrae conscendere, sed videntur orces quoque illuc intendere. Rebelles qui Ascueram oderunt et fideles memoria regis sunt portum desperate tenent, quod paene solus locus est, quo copias telaque transferre possunt.'
  • Delfador, some orcs are following us! We must make haste!
    • 'Delfador, nonnulli orces nos sequuntur! Acceleranti sumus!
  • Delfador, my old friend! We had heard of your coming, and of the attacks on the elves. It is good to see you again, although I would prefer it were not in such sad times.
    • 'Delfador, mi fidelis! Audivimus de adventu tuo et de impetibus contra Dryadales. Bonum est te revidere, etsi mallem non in talibus temporibus tristibus esse.'
  • It seems the orcs have come here too, to try to wrest this port from our hands. Our defenses are still weak, but reinforcements will arrive soon!
    • 'Videntur orces huc quoque venire, ut hunc portum a manibus nostris extorquere conentur. Arma nostra adhuc debilia sunt, sed novae copiae mox advenient!'
  • We will help you fight them off until the reinforcements arrive.
    • 'Vos adiuvabimus eos occurerre dum copiae novae veniant.'
  • And the ship will take us to Alduin?
    • 'Et navis nos Alduinem portabat?'
  • Yes, we will sail to the Isle of Alduin, my home Konrad, and the home of many magi.
    • 'Ita est, navigabimus Alduinem, domum meam, Conrade, et domum multorum magorum.'
  • Thank you, sir. But how shall I best use these horsemen? How do they differ from elves?
    • 'Gratias ago tibi, domine. Sed quomodo optime equitibus his utar? Quomodo dissimiles a Dryadalibus sunt?'
  • Elves may be the lords of the forest, but horsemen are powerful as well. On the plains under the midday sun they can fell the toughest foes with sharp spears and under heavy hoofs!
    • 'Dryadales silvis multum possunt, sed equites quoque in campis faciunt. Sub sole meridiei adversarios fortissimos cum hastis acutis et sub ungulis gravibus interficere possunt!'
  • Recruit troops wisely, Konrad, and remember that you can recall experienced units from past battles to help you fight again.
    • 'Milites sapienter adlegere, Conrade, et recordare ut actores doctos ex proeliis praeteritis revocare possis qui pugnis usui fore.'
  • Haldiel
    • 'Haldiel'
  • Greetings, young master. I pledge myself to your service.
    • 'Ave, domine iuvenis, me voluntati tuo spondeo.'
  • Konrad, note that Haldiel does not seek gold upkeep; as a loyal unit he fights for us solely out of loyalty to our cause. Such units are extremely valuable. Take care to use them cautiously in battle, lest they fall.
    • 'Conrade, nota Haldielem non merces auri quaerere, sed ut actor fida pro nobis ex fidelitate ad causam nostram solus pugnat. Tales actores valde pretiosi sunt. Cura ut eis caute in proelio utare ne cadant.'
  • Yredd
    • 'Irredus'
  • Tarcyn
    • 'Tarcinus'
  • Syryn
    • 'Sirinus'
  • Cicyn
    • 'Cicinus'
  • Ginvan
    • 'Ginvanus'
  • Simyr
    • 'Simrius'
  • So many foul humans riding on horses! There is no way we can defeat them. Quick, we must make our escape!
    • 'Tot homines equitantes foedos! Impossibile est eos vincere. Cito, debemus effugere!'
  • You have risked your life to defend our city. In return, I place one of my city's finest defenders in your service. Simyr, step forward. I place your lance in the service of young prince Konrad here. May you help him restore order to the country.
    • 'Vitam ausus est ut urbem nostram defendas. Unum, pro eo, pono ex defensoribus melioribus urbis in voluntatem tuam. Simire, prodi. Contum tuum pono in voluntatem reguli iuvenis Conradis. Eum adiuves pacem in patria restituere.'
  • It is my pleasure and honor to serve, my liege.
    • 'Libet et honos est mihi servire, ere mi.'
  • Thank you for the help, friends. The ship should arrive soon, it will take you to Alduin.
    • 'Gratias habeo pro auxiliis, amici. Navis mox adveniat et vos Alduinem portabit.'
  • We should embark now
    • 'Conscendamus'
  • Safe voyage to you, friends. Rest assured that we will never surrender to the forces of the Dark Queen.
    • 'Navigationem tutam vobis, amici. Certum sci ut numquam greges Reginae Obscurae dedamus.'
  • I have failed in my duty to protect the Rightful Heir and the port.
    • 'Officio defui meo Heredem Legitimum portumque defendere.'
  • Without his help, we will be unable to use the ships. There is no hope...
    • 'Sine auxilio illius, non potebimus navibus uti. Spes abest...'
  • The Isle of Anduin
    • 'Insula Alduinis'
  • Defeat the enemy leader
    • 'Ducem hostis vincere'
  • Usadar Q'kai
    • 'Usadar K'kai'
  • This is no time to return to our vessel! We must take control of the island!
    • 'Non ad navem redeundum est! Insula capienda est!'
  • And so the party landed on the Isle of Alduin.
    • 'Igitur manus Alduinis adplicaverunt.'
  • So this is Alduin. It looks a little... desolate.
    • 'Sicine Alduins est? Videtur paulum...deserta.'
  • I fear so, Konrad. It seems that the orcs have come even here. Here to the place where I was born, where I was trained.
    • 'Vereor ut ita, Conrade. Videntur orces etiam huc advenerunt. Huc ad locum quo natus educatusque sum.'
  • Who is that? Oh, a party of elves has landed. We shall drive them back into the sea!
    • 'Quis est? O, manus Dryadalum adplicaverunt. Eos in mare rursus cogemus!'
  • I did not think the orcs would have come here. This island used to be so beautiful. We must recapture it! To arms!
    • 'Non putavi orcos hic venturus esse. Insula erat olim tam pulchra. Opus est ea recipere! Ad arma!'
  • Elrian
    • 'Elrian'
  • I found someone hiding in the village!
    • 'Aliquem latentem in viculo inveni!'
  • Certainly, let us join together to fight the evil ones.
    • 'Certe, nos committamus ad malos pugnandum.'
  • You can now recruit magi!
    • 'Nunc magos adlegere potes!'
  • Surely no orc can stand against us with magi in our ranks! Their magical attacks almost always find their mark, even against well-defended troops.
    • 'Certe nullus orcs contra nos consistere potest cum magos aciebus! Tela mystica sua quasi semper feriunt, etiam contra milites bene defensos.'
  • Caution, young prince. It is very difficult to train inexperienced magi in combat. When they fight on the front lines of battle, you must protect magi with stronger units else the enemy will make short work of them.
    • 'Cave, regule iuvenis. Difficillimus est magos inexpertos in proelio exercere. Cum in aciebus prioribus pugnent, oportet magos actoribus fortioribus protegere ne hostes eos facillime occidant.'
  • Seimus
    • 'Seimus'
  • Delfador, my old master! You have saved the island from the orcs!
    • 'Delfador, domine mi vetus! Insulam ab orcibus servavisti!'
  • My apprentice! How did the island fall to such as these?
    • 'Discipule mi! Quomodo insula qualibus capta est?'
  • You have not heard, master Delfador? Asheviere is trying to control the entire western coast. She hired many orcs and sent them here. They were holding me until a ship could arrive to take me to Weldyn where I am to stand trial for treason for training magi!
    • 'Non audivi, domine Delfador? Ascuera oram occientalem totam regnare conatur. Orces multos adlegunt et huc misit. Me tenebant donec navis adventura esset, quae me ad Veldinam transportet, quo causam perduellionis agetur quod magos educavi.'
  • We have come from fighting her forces at Blackwater. Where else has she attacked?
    • 'Venivimus a proelio militibus eius Aquanigrae. Oppugnavitne alibi?'
  • She has taken control of the Bay of Pearls, long held by the Mermen, and has turned them into slaves. There they dive for pearls by which she grows richer every day. There are even rumors that she may break the ancient treaty and attack Elensefar!
    • 'Occupavit Sinum Concharum, qui diu Nereidibus tenebatur, et eos servos demutavit. Illic causa margaritarum urinemur quibus divitiae ea augetur cotidie. Fama est foedum antiquum etiam rupturum posse et Ellensepharem obsidere!'
  • Can't we strike back at her? How many forces does she have at the Bay of Pearls? Can we take it back from her?
    • 'Num possumus contra eam ferire? Quantas copias in Sinu Concharum habet? Possumusne eum ab illam iterum capere?'
  • We must indeed go there. Let us therefore rest here a little, and then set sail for the Bay. Hopefully we will defeat her forces there!
    • 'Debemus quidem illuc ire. Quiescamus sic hic paulisper et tunc ad Sinum vela demus. Greces illius cum magna spe illic vincemus!'
  • The Bay of Pearls
    • 'Sinus Concharum'
  • Defeat one enemy leader, and resist the other until time expires
    • 'Ducem unum hostium vincere, et cetera donec tempus exit resistere'
  • Dwaba-Kukai
    • 'Duaba Cucae'
  • Managa'Gwin
    • 'Managa Guinis'
  • Bugg
    • 'Bugis'
  • Xnamas
    • 'Xnamus'
  • Inalai
    • 'Inale'
  • Very well. Be careful!
    • 'Fiat. Cave!'
  • But boss, why are we only using bats and nagas?
    • 'Sed princeps, cur modo vespertiliones hydradesque utimur?'
  • But orcs are the most powerful race in all of...
    • 'Sed orces stirps potentissima in totis...'
  • Shut up, worm! I'm the boss!
    • 'Tace iam, vermis! Ego sum princeps!'
  • Ha ha ha! Now orcs will rule over land and sea!
    • 'Hahahae! Nunc orces terram et usque mare dominabuntur!'
  • (Sigh) Will someone kill this idiot for me, please?
    • '(Suspirans) Mihine aliquis hunc caudicem occidet, amabo?'
  • But... but... how can this be happening to me?
    • 'Sed...sed...quomodo hoc mihi accidere potest?'
  • Who was that idiot?
    • 'Quis iste caudex erat?'
  • Gwaba
    • 'Guaba'
  • Nepba
    • 'Nepba'
  • Tritam
    • 'Triram'
  • Miriam
    • 'Miriam'
  • Mabooa
    • 'Mabooa'
  • Earooa
    • 'Earooa'
  • Nethuns
    • 'Nethunus'
  • Gwoama
    • 'Guoama'
  • Now that we are free, together we can defeat our oppressors!
    • 'Nunc liberati sunt una tyrranos nostros vincere possumus!'
  • Kaba
    • 'Caba'
  • Kwaboo
    • 'Cuabaus'
  • Freedom! Now where are those orcs? Let me at 'em!
    • 'Libertas! Ubi nunc orces illos sunt? Sine me eos petere!'
  • Gwimli
    • 'Guimle'
  • Jarla
    • 'Iarla'
  • Gwarloa
    • 'Guarloa'
  • Thank you for rescuing us! Now we can help you fight the evil orcs! The main cage where they keep most of the mermen is in the northwest!
    • 'Gratias ago quia nos subvenisti! Nunc contra orces malos iuvare possumus! Cavea principalis, quo plurimi nereidum tenentur, ad corum est!'
  • Heldaga
    • 'Heldaga'
  • Apalala
    • 'Apalala'
  • Oceania
    • 'Oceania'
  • Elcmar
    • 'Elcmar'
  • Aigaion
    • 'Aigaionis'
  • Tini
    • 'Tinius'
  • Death to the orcs! Come, my mer brethren, let us fight the orcs and drive them from our shores!
    • 'Mors orcibus! Agite, pugnemus eos, nereidum fratres, et ripis nostris expellere!'
  • At last, we have freed the mermen. Go back to the ocean and live in peace.
    • 'Denique nereides liberavimus. Redite ad mare et vivite in pace.'
  • My lord! You may need the help of some of us who have skill in the sea in future. We would like to come with you and offer you help.
    • 'Domine mi! Necesse sit tibi auxilium partium nostrum in futuro qui peritia in mare habent. Volumus tecum venire et tibi auxilium offerre.'
  • You may now recruit the noble merfolk!
    • 'Nunc nereides nobiles adlegere potes!'
  • Now where is Delfador? I hope he's safe!
    • 'Ubi est iam Delfador? Spero ut incolumis sit!'
  • I am perfectly safe, friend!
    • 'Perfecte tutus sum, amice!'
  • There you are! I am so glad you are all right! Now we may have a little rest. (find the real meaning of em)
    • Em es! Gaudeo valde salvum esse! Habeamus nunc quietes parvae.'
  • Oh no! What shall we do?
    • 'Hei! Quid faciemus?'
  • You must lead our men to the city, and help defend it. Or recapture it if it falls before you arrive.
    • 'Nostri ad urbem tibi ducendi sunt et eam defendere adiuvas, aut capias si ante adventus cadit.'
  • I must do that? But what about you, Delfador? You're coming with me, right?
    • 'Opusne est mihi? Sed quid tibi, Delfador? Nonne mecum venies?'
  • I am afraid not, Konrad. I have come across some important documents, and must make haste with them to the Elven Council. It seems that the time to stop Asheviere is shorter than I had thought.
    • 'Timeo ut facies, Conrade. Litteras magni momenti inveni et mihi oportet ad Concilium Dryadalum eis festinare. Videtur tempore, quibus Ascuera impedienda est, brevius quam putabam est.'
  • But Delfador! I can't do it on my own!
    • 'Sed Delfador! Solum non possum!'
  • On your own? My lord! We, your loyal soldiers, will support you!
    • 'Solum? Ere mi! Nos, milites fideles, te sustinebunt!'
  • You will prevail. I have faith in you. Head north. Elensefar is but three days' travel if you make haste.
    • 'Valebis. Confido te. Tende boreas. Si festinas, Ellensephar modo iter tridui est.'
  • Very well. But how do I get there?
    • 'Fiat. Sed quomodo illuc advenio?'
  • It is north-west of here, a few leagues inland. There are two ways to go, by ship or on foot. Each has its own dangers. You must choose between them.
    • 'Corum hinc est, leugae paucae ab mari. Duae viae sunt, cum nave pedeve. Utraque pericula propria habet. Inter eas tibi eligendas sunt.'
  • Safe journey to you, Konrad. Until we meet again!
    • 'Iter tutum tibi, Conrade. Donec competamus!'
  • Going by ship we may at least get a little rest for ourselves. By sea it is!
    • 'Saltem quietum vela datantes nanciscemur. Per mare id est! '
  • Safe voyage to you then, Konrad. May the weather be fair.
    • 'Cursum tutum ergo tibi, Conrade, licet caelum bonum sit.'
  • Have you not been able to defeat our foes in all these days? They have summoned reinforcements. Surely now our doom is upon us!
    • 'Nonne poteras hostes nostros iam hodie vincere? Novas copias cirucumiverunt. Certe nunc ruemus!'
  • Konrad! We cannot spend any more here. Though it would be good to defeat the orcs and free more of their prisoners, more urgent business calls us!
    • 'Conrade! Possumus non iam hic manere. Etsi bonum sit orces vincere et plurimos captivos liberare, efflagitatu vocamur!'
  • Delfador, thank goodness you have survived! This has been a tough battle, but why can we not finish it? Why must we leave?
    • 'Delfador, benigno numine vivis! Proelium iste fuit difficilis, sed quin id perficeimus? Cur eundi sumus?'
  • I must do this? But you are coming with me, aren't you, Delfador?
    • 'Opusne est mihi? Nonne venis, Delfador, mecum?'
  • I am afraid not, Konrad. I have found some important documents that need seeing to. I must ride at once to make council with the elves. I will meet you in Elensefar, after you have secured it.
    • 'Timeo ut facies, Conrade. Litteras magni momenti inveni inquirendes sunt. Equitandus sum statim cum Concilium Dryadalum agere. In Ellensephare competes, post obsidione.'
  • I fear I will struggle to do this on my own... but what must be must be. How do I get to Elensefar?
    • 'Metuo ne solum claudeam... sed quid fiat fiat. Quomodo ad Ellensepharem adeo?'
  • Since you have broken the orcs' hegemony over the seas, going by ship would be safest. Sail along the coast, and you can land mere miles from Elensefar. Make haste!
    • 'Quoniam imperium orcum maribus franxisti, navigatio tutissima sit. Ite per oram et adplicare potest prope Ellensepharem. Festina!'
  • With the orcs controlling the seas, going by ship would not be safe. Travel by land, Elensefar is only six days' march up the coast. Make haste!
    • 'Hostis maris potente, navigatio tuta non sit. Ite per terram. Ellensephar modo iter sex dierum per oram abest. Festina!'
  • Muff Malal's Peninsula
    • 'Paeninsula Mufi Malalis'
  • Escape down the road to Elensefar
    • 'Per viam Ellensepharis effugere'
  • Muff Malal
    • 'Mufus Malalis'
  • Ahh, a party of elves approaches. Soon we shall have elven zombies serving us!
    • 'A, manus Dryadalum aggreditur. Mox anima carentes Dryadalum nobis servient!'
  • My lord! On yonder peninsula there seems to be some movement!
    • 'Domine mi! In paeninsula illuc motus nonnullos videtur!'
  • I see. If we are to break the siege of Elensefar, we will need every veteran soldier we can get.
    • 'Intellego. Quam diu obsidionem Ellensepharis frangendam, egebimus omnis militis veterani quem habere possumus.'
  • To Elensefar
    • 'Ad Ellensepharem'
  • We do not have time to tarry here! On to Elensefar!
    • 'Tempus non est hic morari! Ad Ellensepharem!'
  • Shirk not your duty! I will decide when it is time to leave for Elensefar.
    • 'Noli vitare officium! Ego decernam ubi discedamus hinc Ellensepharem.'
  • Victory is ours! Let us hope that this delay will not hamper our quest to save Elensefar, but at least we have freed these good people. We must move onward with haste!
    • 'Victoria nobis est! Speremus hac moram expeditionem Ellensepharis servandi non impedituras esse, sed saltem hos homines bonos liberavimus. Debemus prorsum festinare!'
  • Isle of the Damned
    • 'Insula Damnatorum'
  • But the voyage did not go as smoothly as had been hoped. A storm blew up and bore down on the ship. Though all hands were on deck working desperately, a sudden gust of wind flung Konrad overboard as he attempted to secure the sails...
    • 'Navigatio tamen non tam liquida quam exspectata erat. Tempestas orta est et navem arietavit. Etsi, velis religabam, omnes manus in stega desperanter laboraverunt, flamen repentinum Conradum e nave iactavit...'
  • Haf-Mal
    • 'Mafis Malis'
  • Jarmal-Gorg
    • 'Iarmalis Gorgus'
  • Kalba
    • 'Calba'
  • Gnaba
    • 'Gnaba'
  • Whew, I survived. But now where am I? Is this island inhabited?
    • 'Eu, superfui. Sed ubi sum nunc? Habitatne aliquis in hac insula?'
  • There are still some bands of humans hiding on the island, my lord. If you recruit some of them to help, we might have some hope of holding off the undead hordes!
    • 'Manus hominum adhuc nonnullae in insula latent, ere mi. Si adlegas paucos ad adiuvandum, spem aliquam habeamus ut gregem inmortos retineamus!'
  • Delurin
    • 'Delurinus'
  • There are some ancient temples to the southwest; I wonder what might be inside them!
    • 'Templa antiqua ad Africus sunt; miror quid in eis sit!'
  • The temple seems to be empty.
    • 'Templum videtur vacare.'
  • Looks like there is somebody hidden in the temple.
    • 'Videtur aliquem in templo latere.'
  • Moremirmu
    • 'Moremirmus'
  • I was hiding in this holy place, planning how to defeat the evil undead. Now with your help, I can destroy them.
    • 'Cogitans quomodo inmortos malos vincar, in hoc loco sancto latebam. Cum auxilio vestro nunc eos delere possum.'
  • Join us, wise one. We welcome your aid!
    • 'Coniungas nobis, sapiens. Amplexemus auxilium tui!'
  • If we eradicate the undead blight on these islands, I will surely go with you. Otherwise, I plan to finish my task here before moving on.
    • 'Si pestem inmortum in his insulis ruemus, vobiscum certe ibo. Aliter cogito officium meum hic finire priusquam irem.'
  • Xacae
    • 'Xacae'
  • Surprise! Searching for magi, and all I get is these foul humans!
    • 'Attat! Quaerebam magos et modo hos homines foedos inveni!'
  • Fight on against the undead without me, friends!
    • 'Contra inmortos pergite sine me pugnare, amici!'
  • We have wrested control of the island from the evil undead! Now all we have to do is wait for the ship to arrive, so we can make our way to Elensefar!
    • 'Imperium insulae ab inmortis malis extorsimus! Nunc modo adventum navis expectare debemus, ut ad Ellensepharem eamus!'
  • Together we have vanquished the foul undead! Come, I will join you on your noble quest.
    • 'Immortuos foedos una edomuimus! Age, vobiscum expeditionem nobilis coniungam.'
  • Thank goodness we have found you, sir! Come aboard quickly, we shall take you away from this horrible island!
    • 'Benigno numine te invenimus, domine! Conscende rapide, te ab insula hac horribili auferemus!'
  • It's a shame complete victory could not be ours, but thank goodness I am rescued! On to Elensefar!
    • 'Pudet non habere victoriam absolutam, sed benigno umine, subventus sum! Ad Ellensefarem!'
  • 'Thank you for your assistance here brothers. I will stay to continue resisting the foul undead. May fate be with you in your noble quest, and may we meet again some day!
    • 'Vobis gratias ago pro auxiliis, fratres. Manebo ad immortuos foedos resistendos. Fortuna vobiscum expeditioni nobili sit, et obviemus iterum aliquo die!'
  • The Siege of Elensefar
    • 'Obsidio Ellensepharis'
  • Defeat all enemy leaders
    • 'Omnes duces hostium vincere'
  • Elensefar
    • 'Ellensephar'
  • Agadla
    • 'Agadla'
  • Evil
    • 'Mali'
  • Muff Jaanal
    • 'Mufus Ianalis'
  • The party arrived at Elensefar at last, but found that the city had already fallen to the savage orcs.
    • 'Postremum pervenit manus ad Ellensepharem, sed invenerunt urbem cum orcibus saevis iam captam est.'
  • My lord! It seems the city has already fallen!
    • 'Ere mi! Videtur urbem iam capta esse!'
  • This is terrible news! We must retake the city!
    • 'Nuntius horrendus est! Opus est nobis urbem reciperare!'
  • There are so many of them. This will not be easy! And look to the north! It seems that the undead are allied with the orcs!
    • 'Tot sunt. Non facilis erit! Et ecce ad boream! Videntur immortui sociare cum orcibus!'
  • We must take the city, and destroy the evil undead before reinforcements arrive!
    • 'Urbs captanda est inmortosque malos delere ne subsidia advenient!'
  • Reglok
    • 'Regloccus'
  • Gelgar
    • 'Gelgaris'
  • Gamlel
    • 'Gamlel'
  • As night began to fall, three dark figures crept out of the forest.
    • 'Prima nocte tres figurae obscurae ex silva repserunt.'
  • Halt! Who goes there, friend or foe?
    • 'Manete! Quis illic it, amicus hostisve?'
  • Greetings, friend. We are from the Elensefar Thieves' Guild. We would like to help you against the orcs!
    • 'Ave, amice. Ex Conlegio Furum Ellensepharis sumus. Vobis contra orces iuvare volumus!'
  • Thieves, hmmm? Who says we can trust such as you?
    • 'Furesne...? Quis dicit tales plebes confidere posse?'
  • We would understand if you didn't trust us, of course, but it is in our mutual interest to rid the city of the orcs!
    • 'Intellegamus si non nos confidunt, certo, sed inter nobis communis est urbem orcibus defungi!'
  • Very well. You may join us.
    • 'Fiat. Nobiscum committatis.'
  • We will serve you well, for we respect the help you are providing to our city. You shall find that there is honor, even among thieves.
    • 'Bene tibi serviemus, opem enim quod urbi nostrae praebetis honoramus. Invenietis honorem inter etiam fures esse.'
  • Yes, but where is your fighting force? How can you help us?
    • 'Ita, sed ubi milites vestri sunt? Quomodo nos adiuvare potestis?'
  • We survive by stealth. We can help you sneak into the city and surround the orcs. Alternatively, we can lay in wait until you give us a signal then ambush the orcs' rear.
    • 'Supersumus furtim. Vos adiuvemus in urbem obrepere et orces circumdare. Aut exspectantes signum possumus latere tuum, tum orces insidemus a tergo.'
  • Hmm... I have to consider this...
    • 'Mmm... Hanc cogitare debo...'
  • Help us infiltrate the city. We can do the rest.
    • 'Adiuvate nos urbem invadere. Cetera possumus.'
  • Excellent. Two hours past midnight meet us on the west bank of the river, across from Elensefar's docks.
    • 'Bene. Congredimini nobiscum vigilia quarta in ripa occidente, trans portum Ellensepharis.'
  • I want you to reinforce us once we break through their line.
    • 'Cum acies suae disperserunt, volo vos roborare.'
  • Very well. When you raise your red banner over any building in the city proper, we will see the sign and attack from the city's northern gate.
    • 'Fiat. Cum vexillum rubrum super aedificium in urbem tollas, signum videbimus et a porta borea urbis oppugnabimus.'
  • Agreed. But, will you be able to see our flag if it's dark?
    • 'Constat. Sedne poteritis vexillam nostram noctu videre?'
  • Yes, we will see it. In fact, we prefer to fight at night. I pray you do not lead us into slaughter.
    • 'Videbimus. Quidem malumus noctu pugnare. Precor ne nos in caedem ducas.'
  • Do not fear, friends. There will be a slaughter here, but it will be orcish blood staining the streets.
    • 'Nolite timere, amici. Caedis erit, sed sanguis orcum vias maculabit.'
  • As the banner was raised, sounds of fighting could be heard from across the city.
    • 'Sublata vexilla clamor pugnae trans urbem audiri potuit.'
  • Darglen
    • 'Darglenus'
  • Let's expel these invaders! Today, the city is ours again!
    • 'Vastatores expellamus! Hodie urbs rursus nobis est!'
  • On the banks of Elensefar's port district, three shadowy figures appeared.
    • 'In ripis regionis Ellensepharis portum, tres figurae tenebrosae adumbratim videntur.'
  • To Konrad's surprise, they quickly made their way across the river's mouth. The turbulent waters hid a nearly invisible ford, wide enough for two soldiers to march shoulder-to-shoulder.
    • 'Conrado mirante celeriter ostium fluminis transierunt. Aquae turbulentae celabant vadum quasi invisitatum, satis latum ut duo milites una transeant.'
  • Very few people know that the river can be forded here. The orcs have yet to discover this place. Bring your forces into the city, quickly now, and you can flank them.
    • 'Paucissimi sciunt flumen hic vado transire posse. Orces nondum locum hoc invenerunt. Fer milites in urbem, nunc celeriter, et potes eorum latus incurrere.'
  • Finally, we have retaken the city! Let us rest here, friends.
    • 'Tandem, urbem reciperavimus! Hic requiescamus, amici.'
  • Victory! The thieves of Elensefar will be in your service, my lord.
    • 'Victoriam! Fures Ellensepharis tibi aderimus, ere mi.'
  • The party rested for three days, after which an old friend returned.
    • 'Manus tres dies requiescivit, illud post fidelis regressus est.'
  • Kalenz
    • 'Calens'
  • Greetings, friends. I see that you have rescued the city! I knew that you could do it.
    • 'Salvete amici. Sentio urbem liberavistis! Scivi vos id facere posse.'
  • Delfador! So good to see you! Where have you been?
    • 'Delfador! Quam bonum te videre! Unde venis?'
  • Greetings, friend.
    • 'Salve, amice'
  • Delfador, we have captured this city, but surely Asheviere's men will come and attack us! What should we do? I get to use the supine here :)
    • 'Delfador, urbem cepimus, sed certe viri Ascuerae venient nos oppugnatum! Quid debemus facere?'
  • The Scepter of Fire? What's that?
    • 'Sceptrum Ignis? Quid illud est?'
  • But what has this to do with me?
    • 'Quid id mihi est?'