Haldric I

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Haldric I
Title(s): Prince of Stormvale
King of Wesnoth
Gender: Male


Unit type(s):
  • Noble Youth (level 0)
  • Noble Fighter (level 1)
  • Noble Commander (level 2)
  • Noble Lord (level 3)
  • Queen Jessene (wife)
  • King Eldaric IV (father)
  • King Haldric II (son)

Haldric I was the founder and first monarch of Wesnoth. Having been born on the Green Isle to Kind Eldaric IV, ruler of Stormvale, he was forced to flee with his people when Lich-Lords built a portal between the Western Continent and the Green Isle, allowing orcs to invade. During their exodus south, Haldric was told of the Ruby of Fire, which he subsequently retrieved from within the catacombs beneath a temple. With the aid of Lady Jessene's translation, he was able to utilize the power of the Ruby of Fire a few months after reaching Southbay. Before Haldric managed to depart, however, he attracted the attention of the Lich-Lord Jevyan, who desired the Ruby of Fire for himself. Eventually, he set sail with his men to the east.

Upon landing at the Great Continent, he encountered the dwarves and elves who were initially hostile. After negotiating with the Council of Lords and completing four dangerous tasks, Haldric and his refugees were permitted to settle in the plains to the north of the Great River, and the plains and hills to the south thereof. The elves also established a `Pact of Mutual Aid', but upon realizing that the orcs had followed Haldric to the Great Continent, they secretly agreed with each other to break the pact should the humans attract more foes. Haldric hastened west to repel the orcs, meanwhile asking Jessene to hide the Ruby of Fire in the hopes of tricking Jevyan into believing he had traded it with the elves. Commander Aethyr agreed to plant a fake treaty on his body, stating as such. In a final confrontation, Aethyr was killed by Jevyan, according to plan, before Haldric's forces finally destroyed Jevyan, who managed to plant a curse upon Haldric and his people before dying.

Haldric founded the nation of Wesnoth as its king, and decided to marry Jessene, who resultantly becomes Wesnoth's queen. Despite having learned of the elvish plot to potentially betray their pact, he initially aided the elves in fighting off the remnants of the first orcish wave. Haldric had many children and was eventually succeeded by his son, Haldric II.


Prince of Stormvale

Look, a little princeling and his merry men! We’ll teach you a lesson for what your kind did to us!
—Lady Jessene taunts a young Prince Haldric.

Haldric was the firstborn son of King Eldaric IV, who ruled over the Kingdom of Stormvale. During a summer after Haldric's coming of age, Stormvale's Northern Keep was seized by a group of Wesfolk, led by a woman later revealed as Lady Jessene. Haldric requested the right to lead his men into battle against the Wesfolk, which was encouraged by his father, although Eldaric remained with Haldric to monitor the melee, suspecting something unusual about the attack. Haldric's men fought the Wesfolk, managing to secure victory before the summer harvest by capturing the Wesfolk leader. Upon interrogating her, she revealed that the Wesfolk were in fact fleeing because their Lich-Lord masters had summoned orcs into the world. Initially, King Eldaric expressed disbelief at the existence of orcs, but let the Wesfolk leader leave in peace while King Eldaric set out to fortify their frontier.

Haldric remained at Stormvale until his father returned in the fall to reveal that one force of orcs had seized the Northern Keep, while another approached from the Broken Mountains to the northeast, leaving them with no choice but to retreat to the south. Complicating matters, the same Wesfolk as before had resettled in the southern pass, preventing an easy retreat. Once again, they captured the Wesfolk leader, and she once again plead for her life, offering her services.

signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to spare the Wesfolk leader's life
Haldric decided to spare her life once more, provided that she would help their forces in the days ahead. She continued to conceal her identity, however, assuming the pseudonym `Lady Outlaw'.
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to execute the Wesfolk leader
Deciding that the Wesfolk had been too great a source of trouble, Haldric attempted to execute her, but she managed to escape by the means of a spell or trick, although in her haste, she left behind some gold.

King Eldaric ordered Haldric to lead his people through the southern pass, staying behind to cover their retreat, despite Haldric's objections. This was the last Haldric ever saw of his father and Stormvale.

Retreat south

During his flight through the southern pass, Haldric was cut off from the east by two orcish Warlords, Tan-Schmog and Tan-NauVong, entrenching themselves in their fortifications. In the ensuing battle, Haldric's men discovered a nearby house where Burin the Lost, a dwarf, resided. Excited by the prospect of fighting orcs, Burin agreed to accompany Haldric south. Haldric's forces managed to fight to kill both of the orcish warlords before the first snowfall. Haldric resolved to continue southwards, either to reach the Kingdom of Southbay, or failing that, Clearater Port.

signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to to travel southeast
Faced with a choice between travelling southwest through the Midlands or southeast through the Swamp of Esten, Haldric chose the latter option, hoping thus to avoid the orcs, who would be unlikely to venture therein. After following the river road, Haldric's men arrived at the swamp, where a thick fog impaired their vision. In a nearby temple, they discovered Minister Eldren, a mage holding out against the undead. With his help, they proceeded to clear the swamp of the three cultists there and the summoned undead forces before winter's arrival. Before they could proceed further south, they were intercepted by Sir Ruddry from Clearwater Port, who informed them that the road ahead was blocked by orcs. As a result, Haldric was forced to take a detour through the Oldwood forest.
signpost.png Plot branch : Haldric chose to travel southwest
Faced with a choice between travelling southwest through the Midlands or southeast through the Swamp of Esten, Haldric chose the former option, despite being concerned at what its current state would be. Upon arrival, they saw that the Midlands had been sacked by an orcish horde led by three orcish warlords. Furious, Haldric and his men charged into battle, slaying each of the orcs' leaders before winter's arrival. Before they could proceed south towards Southbay, however, they were intercepted by Sir Ladoc, who informed them that the orcs now blocked the road towards Southbay, and that they would have to pass through the Oldwood forest instead towards Clearwater Port.