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Wesnoth and Surrounding Lands

Here's a link to a big (2.3 MB) black and white version of the map.


  • International land features:
    • The Ocean: Nameless and unlabeled, it lies to the west of the continent and all rivers flow eventually to it
    • The Bay of Pearls: The Elensefar Peninsula in the North and the Isle of Anduin in the southwest separate this from the Great Sea
    • The Great River: Most rivers in the land eventually flow to it. The islands in its delta are home to the citizens of Elensefar
    • The Barren Swamp: Basically lifeless and hard to traverse, it formed a natural boundary between the Elvish and Human lands


The Kingdom of Wesnoth lies in the center of the land. Most of the campaigns revolve around it. Its borders are the Great River to the north, the Lower Hills in the east and south, the Green Swamp to the southwest, and the Ocean to the west.

  • Notable cities:
    • Weldyn: The capital of Wesnoth
    • Aldril: City lying on the Bay of Pearls
    • Blackwater Port: City lying south of the Bay of Pearls
    • Carcyn: City on the Wesnoth-Elensefar border, shared with Elensefar
    • Dan'Tonk: Wesnoth's largest city located in the center of the country, just west of Weldyn
    • Miluz: The easternmost border outpost
    • Soradoc: The northernmost border outpost
    • Fort Tahn: The southernmost border outpost
    • Tath: A wilderness city north of Dan'Tonk that serves the military patrols traveling to Abez
  • Notable land features:
    • Gryphon Mountain: Home of the fabled Gryphons
    • Ford of Abez: Shallow part of the Great River, it is usually controlled by Wesnothian forces
    • Weldyn River: It branches from the Great River and goes south
    • Great Central Plain: Area bounded by Weldyn, Dan'Tonk, and Fort Tahn, this plain is Wesnoth's bread basket and home to most of its population
    • Dulatus Hills: These rolling hills bordering the Great Central Plain provide much of Wesnoth's livestock and agriculture
    • Brown Hills: Wasteland surrounding Gryphon Mountain that is not well-populated and occasionally very dangerous
    • Glyn's Forest: Sometimes known as the Royal Forest, named for one of Haldric II's sons
    • Gray Woods: Large forest in the heart of the wilds of Wesnoth, located between Carcyn and Aldril and generally considered to be haunted
    • Green Swamp: Large swamp in the heart of the wilds of Wesnoth, south of Aldril. It receives drainage from the Brown Hills and feeds into the Great River.

Southwest Elven Lands

The Wood Elves are separate from those of the north, and have a frigid relationship with them and most other countries. Its borders are the Green Swamp to the northeast, the desert (not shown) to the south, and the Ocean to the west.

  • Notable cities
    • none known
  • Notable land features:
    • Aethen Forest: The largest southern forest, it extends far to the southwest - much farther than is charted - and is home to elves
    • Weldyn River: By this point it is very large and provides good trade


Elensefar is at times a province of Wesnoth, at times an independent country, and at times in a loosely defined treaty with Wesnoth. Its borders are the Great River to the north, a loosely defined line with Wesnoth to the east, the Bay of Pearls to the south, and the ocean to the west.

  • Notable cities:
    • Elensefar: The capital, located on an island in the Great River delta
    • Carcyn: City on the Wesnoth-Elensefar border, shared with Wesnoth
  • Notable land features:
    • Great River: It is very wide at this point, and only ships can cross it


There is no government of the Northlands. Various groups of orcs, dwarves, barbarian men and even elves populate the region. The northern and eastern borders are not defined, the southern border is the Great River, and the western border is the Ocean.

  • Notable cities:
    • Glamdrol: An Orcish tribal capital
    • Romyr: Another Orcish tribal capital
    • North Elven Capital: Of unknown location deep in the Northeast Forest
    • Wesmere: The location of the Ka'lian - the Elvish Council
    • Caverns of Knalga: Various dwarven cities exist under here
    • Dallben and Delwyn: Human villages originally built by settlers who crossed the Great River during Wesnoth's Golden Age expansion. Now abandoned. The forested area northeast of Elensefar, where these villages were located, was named the Annuvin province by men but was known by the elves as Wesmere.
  • Notable land features:
    • Northern Mountains: A virtually unpassable barrier
    • Devon Lake: A mountain lake whose river carves the only pathway through the Northern Mountains
    • River Glaaq: The river than comes out of Devon Lake
    • Northern Forest: A gigantic forest whose eastern boundary only the elves know
    • Great River: The origin of this river is somewhere in the east of the northern lands
    • Suquets Forest: A forest on the Great River near Elensefar, in early times called Wesmere

Far North


Cold, harsh, and inaccessible, the Far North is the ancestral home of the Orcish Clannate. It lies north of the Northern Mountains, which the Orcs call the Haggid-Dargor and claim (without merit) as their own. To the east lie the Unaligned Tribes of the Wild Steppe, who fell out of the control of the Clannate, instead roaming with wild human barbarians and clashing with the High Elves of the North Plains (known as North Elves in human lands). The High Elves themselves reside further east, where it is rumored they rule a vast kingdom.

  • Notable cities:
    • Barag Gor, a city home to the Orcish Council
    • Bitok
    • Borstep
    • Castelfrang
    • Farzi
    • Festog
    • Grisbi
    • Lmarig
    • Melmog
    • Prestim
    • Tirigaz
  • Notable land features:
    • Swamp of Desolation
    • Mountains of Dorth
    • Mountains of Haag
    • Green Forest
    • Silent Forest
    • Forest of Thelien
    • River Oumph
    • River Bork
    • Wild Steppe

The Green Isle


Wesfolk Land

This is where the Wesfolk live, with their Lich overlords. The boundary between it and the Islefolk land is the hilly area running south-west to north-east. The Wesfolk land is in the north-west. Little is known about what happened to the island after Haldric left.

  • Notable cities:
    • Jevyan: The capital of the Wesfolk, where Jevyan reigned; presumably where the gates to orcland were opened
  • Notable land features
    • None. (its not a very detailed map, is it? :) )

Islefolk Land

This is where the Islefolk (Haldric's folk) live. The boundary is the same as that of the Wesfolk; the islefolk land is to the southeast.

  • Notable cities:
    • Blackmore: {??}
    • Clearwater Port: {??}
    • Southbay: {??}
  • Notable land features:
    • None. (see Wesfolk land)

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