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This page has several unknown informations; they are represented by '???'. Feel free to replace them with actual data.

The [game_config] tag

This tag is a top level WML tag which can only be used once because it defines basic settings that are used everywhere in the game. In official versions of Wesnoth it is in game.cfg; values used there are labeled 'standard'.

The following keys are recognised

  • base_income (standard 2) how much your leader earns without any villages
  • heal_amount (standard 4) how much the 'heal' ability (see AbilitiesWML) heals per unit
  • healer_heals_per_turn (standard 8) how much a healer can heal per turn (total).

Healing is distributed clockwise, starting north of the healer, until healer_heals_per_turn hitpoints have been regenerated.

  • cure_amount (standard 8) how much the 'cure' ability heals per unit
  • curer_heals_per_turn (standard 18) how much a curer can heal per turn (total)
  • rest_heal_amount (standard 2) how much HP a unit gains each turn it rests
  • recall_cost (standard 20) how much it costs to recall a unit; this cost is independent of level.
  • kill_experience (standard 8)

killing a unit with level=X will give X//*//kill_experience experience to the killing unit. However, if a unit has level=0//, it will still give half of X experience.

  • icon (standard 'wesnoth-icon.png') the game icon file
  • title (standard 'misc/title.png') the title screen image
  • logo (standard 'misc/logo.png') the wesnoth logo which will be put over the title image
  • title_music (standard 'main_menu.ogg') the music to play at the title screen
  • logo_x (standard 525) the x position of the logo on the title screen
  • logo_y (standard 70) the y position of the logo on the title screen
  • buttons_x (standard 760) the x position of the buttons on the title screen
  • buttons_y (standard 330) the y position of the buttons on the title screen
  • buttons_padding (standard 20) space between buttons, and border in main menu
  • tip_x (standard 100) ???
  • tip_y (standard 500) ???
  • tip_width (standard 495) ???
  • tip_padding (standard 20) ???
  • map_image (standard 'maps/wesnoth.png') the background image for the "About" screen
  • sidebar_image (standard 'misc/rightside.png') border of window when displaying unit statistics
  • sidebar_image_bottom (standard 'misc/rightside-bottom.png') border of image when displaying unit statistics
  • moved_energy_image (standard 'misc/bar-energy-moved.png')

the diamond image to add on top of the hp bar for player's moved units; see 'Orbs', WesnothManual

  • unmoved_energy_image (standard 'misc/bar-energy-unmoved.png')

like moved_energy_image, but for player's unmoved units

  • partmoved_energy_image (standard 'misc/bar-energy-partmoved.png')

like moved_energy_image, but for player's partially moved units

  • enemy_energy_image (standard 'misc/bar-energy-enemy.png')

like moved_energy_image, but for enemy units

  • ally_energy_image (standard 'misc/bar-energy-ally.png')

like moved_energy_image, but for allied units

  • flag_image (standard 'terrain/flag-team%d-1.png:150,terrain/flag-team%d-2.png:150')

the image for a flag. The symbol '%d' is used as a shortcut for an integer which depends on the color of the flag; for example, a red flag is shown by the alternating images 'terrain/flag-team1-1.png' and 'terrain/flag-team1-2.png'. (What does ':150' do???)

  • cross_image (standard 'misc/cross.png') the cross image displayed on the map at start of scenarios; see IntroWML
  • dot_image (standard 'misc/dot.png') the dot image used to draw a path on the map before scenarios
  • footprint_left_nw//,//footprint_left_n//,//footprint_right_nw//,//footprint_right_n

images used to display the path that a unit would take to the tile the cursor is on. The first image of each key is used for tiles which would take only 1 movement point for the selected unit to move onto; the second for ones which would take more. The 'n' and 'nw' designations distinguish between tiles which are moved from orthogonally and diagonally in the same way as described in [missile_frame], AttackWML. The 'left' and 'right' designations are used alternately throughout the path; however, the standard values are the same for 'left' and 'right'.

  • missile_n_image (standard 'projectiles/missile-n.png') orthogonal missile image to use if none is specified;

see image, [missile_frame], AttackWML

  • missile_ne_image (standard 'projectiles/missile-ne.png') diagonal missile image to use if none is specified;

see image_diagonal, [missile_frame], AttackWML

  • terrain_mask_image (standard 'terrain/alphamask.png') ???
  • observer_image (standard 'misc/eye.png') the image to use for observer ???
  • download_campaign_image (standard no image) the icon for the "Download more Campaigns" campaign menu option.

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