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Gender: Male


Unit type(s): Drake Burner

Galun was a Dominant responsible for establishing a drake presence on the Great Continent. Concerned with Morogor's overpopulation, he learned of land in the east from a group of orcs. Selected for the Contention, he defeated another drake to become a Dominant, then set his sights on taking his new flight over the Great Ocean to settle in the land there.

After a long flight, he first arrived with his flight at the Three Sisters, but chose to progress further east to the mainland. He made enemies of the humans and elves, even sacking the new settlement of Elensefar. He was, however, able to establish an alliance with the saurians. He settled his flight in a region of the Heart Mountains controlled by Thurdakor of Knalga, preying upon the gryphons and trolls there. Some months after settling, he was attacked by the Flight of Kerath, who sought to claim the region for their own. Nonetheless, Galun defeated the invasion and set in place the Ways of Morogor.