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This page is related to Summer of Code 2010
See the list of Summer of Code 2010 Ideas

Optional/Future Developments

  • Allow allies of player A to suggest moves to him while he's playing his turn. Overall idea is: player B moves one of A's units that he sees on screen, creating a planned moves. A then either immediately sees the suggested move (could be a pale line of the suggesting player's color, or something of the sort), or gets a prompt "suggested moves from player B are available", and he can then see a list of suggested moves, see what would their result on-screen be, and choose for each one to apply it (add them to his set of planned actions) or delete it.
  • Allow suggesting moves to an allied AI.
  • Add a way to show the attack choice and stats for already planned attacks, and to change the weapon used for that attack. Possibly show at the same time all attacks that are going to be executed on a single unit.
  • Add drag and drop of planned moves' unit ghosts, for quickly redefining the destination, attack location (another hex around the same target unit) or recruit location.
  • Might be useful (if not too hard to use), to allow to make assumptions about enemy units. e.g., "what will zoc look like if those three enemy units are dead ?"
    • visual is easy to find: mark them with a a large skull-and-bones similar to pirate flags :)
    • auto-assume that units, say, with >80% ctk will be dead ???
  • (Very Difficult) Find some way of displaying the dialogues the current player sees to his allies (for instance the item choice screens from Bob's RPG era), but in a non-interactive way, so they can counsel him and be a bit more active when it's not their turn.