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This translation was begun in February 2005 and first appeared in wesnoth-0.8.11. All strings in this release were translated.

The translation was updated for the release of Wesnoth 1.6. An effort has also been made to translate user-made campaigns as part of the WesCamp project, but the work is far from complete. Assistance with these extra translations would be very welcome.

Current Translation Team


  • Steven Panek (Espreon) [1]


  • Thomas Hockings (Deusite) [2]

Inactive Translators

  • András Salamon (ott)
  • Eric S. Raymond (esr) [3]
  • pjr [4]


As of 1.9.4+svn, we have begun to use Oxford’s spellings, thus we use -ize instead of -ise where applicable. Just follow the originals when translating.

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