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This page is here to document easy to do coding tasks. It is not here to double the feature request database, and should only be filled by people that know the code well enough to judge the difficulty of a given task.

If you are such a person, you should feel free to edit this page.

If you're not, you should post a feature request and discuss your idea on the forum or IRC. A coder with better knowledge of the code might give you the green light to add your feature here.

Anybody should feel free to add "clues" to any tasks, that is entry points, traps to avoid, person to contact to discuss and so on.

If you plan to work on a feature, write your name at the bottom of the feature, with the date. Note that if you are too long at working on a feature I'll "free" it back (that is if you're not working on it. If you have problems implementing it, just tell us....)

--Boucman 20:48, 3 October 2006 (CEST)

Since bugs are sometimes a good opportunity to get a first idea of the code, i will add some here that are easy to fix as soon as i stumble upon them (the one i had in mind is fixed already ;-).

--Yogi Bear, 28 February 2008

MP related features

Add possibility to give reason for "ignore"

As per FR #16001 [1]

WML related features

Make map-related FormulaAI functions accessible to WML

As described in this forum post [2], some of the FormulaAI functions should be made available as core functions instead of AI only functions, e.g. distance_between(). Full list of FormulaAI functions is available here: [3]

WML configurable village income / upkeep

Preferably as a [scenario], [side] or [campaign] keys. As per FR #6301 [4].

--Gabba 19 March 2012 : This is currently assigned to me, but as I lack time and interest to finish integrating this, students are welcome to take up the current patch and finish the job: https://gna.org/patch/?1381

Add support of [if] for [scenario]

As per FR #4539 [5]

Side-specific results

Giving result=defeat or result=victory for specific sides. (FR #4960) -- dlr365 -- patch submitted [6]

--Boucman 08:58, 28 February 2010 (UTC) Patch seems abandonned, but can be used for further work feel free to take over the FR

Support for leaderless multiplayergames

Add support for the WML key victory_when_enemies_defeated= in the scenario tag during multiplayergames. (FR #8106) --endercoaster 30, March 2010. I'm gonna give this one a try.

Support for standalone multiplayer scenarios

There used to be support for standalone scenarios in the userdata tree, in reorganising the trees this feature got lost and an add-on is now required to add a scenario. Re-add this feature. It is probably a good idea to mirror the mainline multiplayer tree.

Support variable recall cost in wml

see https://gna.org/bugs/?16538

the syntax needs to be discussed and refined, but the overall idea is good

make sure to update whiteboard to handle this correctly

Ask Boucman

Other Ideas

See FutureWML; some ideas there are easier than others.

Improvements to AI

Fix some todos, add new formula functions, or do minor improvements to the formula language. Make it easier to debug the formula language, add more ai components.

Please discuss these with Crab, Dragonking, Sirp or Boucman

AI Batch testing

Finish patch #1169 [7]

Add more ai actions

Add an ai action (and add formula_ai function to do that) to set a goto on a unit

Add an ai action (and add formula_ai function to do that) to send a chat message to a player

Add an ai action to set formula ai variable (convert existing code from formula_ai)

Add an ai action to set formula ai unit variable (convert existing code from formula_ai)

Add an ai action (and add formula_ai function to do that) to fire a WML event

write a (fai or c++ or lua) candidate action for leader control

write a (fai or c++ or lua) candidate action for using leadership/illuminate

special handling of units with leadership to have them support units. Only do it if it actually is useful (less hits needed to kill the unit) and ability to help multiple units in a single turn (assuming enough MP)

write a (fai or c++ or lua) candidate action for healer control

Handle units with healing power, moving them at places where they can provide the most healing

berserker improvement

The default AI's strategy of attacking as much as possible is very bad with berserker... A simple AI that would prevent the berserker from attacking (and keeping him close to fight without being exposed) and attack when the chance to kill is high enough would be an interesting addition

power projection improvement

AI sometimes wants to calculate 'how much firepower can enemy bring on location X'. in doing so, it considers enemy possible moves, time of day, attacks, enemy defense, etc. There is specific problem with 'time_of_day' used in that calculation -sometimes, it's really needed to check 'time of day for NEXT turn', not time of day for THIS turn.(since the time of day might change next turn).

power_projection must be fixed to account for the possibility of time_of_day being different.

Note that some enemies might go after us (so, still on THIS turn), and some - before us (so, their next turn will be on NEXT turn).

-- let's do it. éjlst 20:02, 8 March 2012 (UTC)

GUI related features

Note at the moment Mordante is working on a new GUI system, these changes will probably affect the way these items need to be implemented. Contact Mordante on IRC before starting to work on these.

--SkeletonCrew 14:04, 9 March 2008 (EDT)

Theme Changes

  • allow custom themes to display values of WML variables (FR #6209)
  • hide the hourglass item from the statusbar when there is no timer

Widget Changes

  • show side number, name and team association information in the status table
  • make games sortable in the lobby (open slots, total number of players, era, XP modifier, gold per village, fog/shroud)
  • input history (chat, commands, ..) - note: rujasu is working on this feature

Story Screen improvements

see http://www.wesnoth.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=439346#p439346 for the suggestion and https://gna.org/patch/?1587 for a patch that already touched that area heavily

GUI2 related features

GUI2 is the new gui engine Mordante/SkeletonCrew is working on.

Some tasks need the --new-widgets since the code is only shown in the experimental mode. Tasks which need this switch have the * in the title.

At the moment there are no easy tasks available.


More powerful village naming

Adding mountain names and other features to village names, having a second random name in village names

Currently the village naming engine has a very good structure that could allow more powerfull names to be generated. Understanding how it works should be quite easy, and a few usefull improvements could be added.

  • Currently villages can use lake names and river names, this should be extended to other features like bridges, swamps, mountains etc...
  • It would be nice to have a separate list of "first sylabus" and "last sylabus" for naming. That's not really needed in english, but some translations could use it
  • Again, it is common to have villages with more than one "random" word in them. having a $name2 variable would be nice

Euschn 24/03/2009

Debug Mode

  • New debug command functionality (setting additional status.variables, possibly terrain)

Option to disable terrain animations globally

see https://gna.org/bugs/?15976

please think a little about use cases (editor, game etc...)

ask boucman for details

Add a cycle parameter to the unit animation WML

Animations have a "cycle" internal parameter that decides if the animation loops when it finishes.

Right now that parameter is decided purely by the engine depending on the circumstances, but it would make sense to move it to a frame paramter.

This task is mainly to add a new boolean parameter in the particle class and using/exposing it to WML in a way similar to a unit_frame

ask boucman for details


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