Eastern History

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This page is to describe history that occurred in the Silver Lands, the region east of what is on the main map.

Best map as of 2011-10-23. Relevant part is everything to the south-east of Lin-Elens.


  • Elves inhabit Lin-Elens.
  • Minotaurs live on the plains around the minotaur lake.
  • Dwarves live in the mountains around Firecloud Peak. They are prohibited by treaty with the elves from claiming the hills south of the great river.
  • The Eltireans live in floating isles hidden above the eastern side of the Flamebreath Desert.

Arrival of humans

The period in which humans first entered the Silver Lands, and carved out their own nations.

23 YW

  • Human settlement of the Estmarks begins.

99-127 YW

  • Large increase in the use of magic in the Estmarks.

127 YW

  • An orcish invasion pushes the settlers south, out of the Estmarks, before the Grand Army of Wesnoth can arrive.
  • A large number of settlers, having reached the northern edge of the Sandy Wastes, head east, found a number of new settlements straddling the western and eastern edges of the Flamebreath Desert. The settlers acquire a distaste for magic, thinking its use brought on the orcish horde.
  • Contact between the settlers and the Kingdom of Wesnoth is tenuous at best.

171 YW

  • The settlers on the eastern side of the desert expand south, into the hills.

336 YW

  • A large group of magic-using settlers leaves the desert, heading north.

337-368 YW

  • The exiles settle in the area of a river near the Lin-Elens.
  • The exiles rapidly expand their territory.
  • Ideological conflict about types of magic starts fracturing the new nation.
  • The sides eventually consolidate around the cities of Noct and Diurna, on opposite sides of the river.

395-398 YW

  • The various tribes around the desert are unified as the Khalifate. Magic is outlawed

470 YW

  • The last contact between the Khalifate and Wesnoth is lost completely.


546-550 YW

  • Contact between the Khalifate and Wesnoth is reestablished, trade flourishes.

551 YW

  • Ravanal is banished from the Khalifate for the use of magic.

Under construction...

To be added to the above timeline: colonisation of triththa, arrival of drakes. It also needs to be expanded into the future.