Eastern History

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This page is to describe history that occurred in the Silver Lands, the region east of what is on the main map.

Best map as of 2011-10-23. Relevant part is everything to the south-east of Lin-Elens.


  • Elves inhabit Lin-Elens.
  • Minotaurs live on the plains around the minotaur lake.
  • Dwarves live in the mountains around Firecloud Peak. They are prohibited by treaty with the elves from claiming the hills south of the great river.
  • The Eltireans live in floating isles hidden above the eastern side of the Flamebreath Desert.
  • Saurians live in the Ssyuriss Fenn.

20 BW - 200 YW: Drakes and Dwarves

20 BW

  • Dwarves from Firecloud Peak cross the Great River and colonize the hills of Triththa.

181 YW

  • The Silver Drakes attack Firecloud peak and the surrounding area, drafting most of the saurians from Ssyuriss Fenn into their ranks.
  • The dwarvish defenses crumble under the combined offensive. When it becomes clear that the war is lost, the survivors evacuate to Triththa.
  • The saurians suffer the brunt of the casualties in the war. The remainder are enslaved by the drakes.

182 YW

  • The saurians remaining in Ssyuriss Fenn are soundly defeated by a Triththan offensive. The remnants of their civilization are a number of disorganised tribes.

20-400YW: Arrival of humans

The period in which humans first entered the Silver Lands, and carved out their own nations.

23 YW

  • Human settlement of the Estmarks begins.

99-127 YW

  • Large increase in the use of magic in the Estmarks.

127 YW

  • An orcish invasion pushes the settlers south, out of the Estmarks, before the Grand Army of Wesnoth can arrive.
  • The settlers found a number of new settlements on the edge of the Kerlath hills an the Sandy Wastes.
  • The orcish horde is driven out by the numerically superior Grand Army of Wesnoth, but some tribes desert and settle the areas furthest from wesnoth.
  • Contact between the settlers and the Kingdom of Wesnoth is lost completely.
  • The settlers acquire a distaste for magic, thinking its use brought on the orcish horde.

171-300 YW

  • The settlers expand around the edge of the desert, eventually reaching the mountains south of Lake Aoir. (named Minotaur's Lake on the map)

336 YW

  • A large group of magic-using settlers leaves the desert, heading north.

337-368 YW

  • The exiles settle in the plains near the Lin-Elens.
  • The exiles rapidly expand their territory.
  • Ideological conflict about types of magic starts fracturing the new nation.
  • The sides eventually consolidate around the cities of Noct and Diurna, on opposite sides of the river.

395-398 YW

  • The various tribes around the desert are unified as the Khalifate. Magic is outlawed


546-550 YW

  • Contact between the Khalifate and Wesnoth is reestablished, trade flourishes.

551 YW

  • Ravanal is banished from the Khalifate for the use of magic.

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