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tactics=[[How to play Drakes]] |
tactics=[[How to play Drakes]] |
thread=N/A |
thread=N/A |
tree=[http://server.wesnoth.org/~wesnoth/1.2/tree_drakes-default.html Stable]; [http://server.wesnoth.org/~wesnoth/1.3.18/tree_drakes-default.html Development]
tree=[http://server.wesnoth.org/~wesnoth/1.2/tree_drakes-default.html 1.2]; [http://server.wesnoth.org/~wesnoth/1.3.18/tree_drakes-default.html 1.3.18]

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Era(s) Default
Race(s) Drakes, Saurians
Alignment(s) Lawful, Chaotic
Recruitable Units Drake Burner, Drake Clasher, Drake Glider, Drake Fighter, Saurian Skirmisher, Saurian Augur
Tactics How to play Drakes
Unit Tree 1.2; 1.3.18

The Drakes are a faction of dragon-like Drakes and their Saurian allies.


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