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This is a short explanation of how to submit builds to coverity.

You will need the cov-analysis package that can be downloaded from the coverity scan website. You will also need the project token that can be viewed by admins.

Automating the actual build-and-submit process can be done with the coverity-submit tool, which can be downloaded from ESR's site, but the tool has some issues when combining large projects, large uploads and internet connections that aren't perfectly stable.

For that reason, you may instead want to use this modified version of coverity-submit 1.12. The main difference is that it will not delete the analysis data your machine spent hours compiling after failing to upload it.

Configuration file .config/coverity-submit:

name: Alexander van Gessel
userid: ai0867
tools: /home/ai/Downloads/cov-analysis-linux64-6.6.1/bin

name: Wesnoth
prebuild: scons -c
build: scons --option-cache=/tmp/nothing jobs=4 default_targets=campaignd,wesnoth,wesnothd

Global variables (ALL):

  • name: User-visible name
  • userid: Coverity username
  • email: The email address you will be notified on
  • tools: Location of cov-analysis executables

Per-project variables (in this case, project wesnoth-master)

  • name: Coverity project name
  • token: Coverity-generated project token
  • prebuild: Stuff to execute before running cov-analysis
  • build: The command cov-analysis should use to build the project
  • postbuild: Stuff to execute after cov-analysis has run

With a configuration like this, you may run

coverity-submit wesnoth-master

or, if the current directory is named wesnoth-master, just

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