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ninja_super_grade_187.gif kiba-level2_153.gif kenpo_623.gif kiba_151.gif red_samurai_192.png redsamurai_172_282.png samurai_test_701.gif general_606.gif monk-attack2_228.png monk-attack_596.png monk_179.png small_drone_144.jpg kengo_157.gif hime_761.gif asigaru_111.gif kikori_436.gif kiba_799.gif kenpo_950.gif ninja-m_198.gif ninja-f_609.gif komuso_807.gif tepou_159.gif onmyou_287.gif noumin_205.gif taihou_309.gif samurai-b_194.gif samurai-a_748.gif yoroi-b_848.gif yoroi-a_181.gif tn_samurai-naginata_gif_142.gif

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