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rune-blue_539.png flag-blue_126.gif dummy.png dummy2.png dummy_defend.png dummy3standing_821.png dummy3b_180.png dummy_attack_152.png dummy__attack_136.png dummy___attack_961.png dummy_attack_142.gif box_206.png box2_192.png box-rotting_113.png fire_102.png dummy-attack_920.gif dummy3_attackb_454.png rune-violet_967.png burial_547.png coffin_185.png ruins1_178.png abandoned-fire_168.png bonestack_192.png tree-weepingwillow_179.png tree-birch_163.png tree-rowan_114.png rock-cairn_857.png bones_201.png coffin_162.png burial2_170.png burial60_677.png coffin_161.png target_794.png spring_519.png altar_854.png oz_873.png target_257.png target2_113.png

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