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[edit]Compiling Wesnoth


Compiling Wesnoth

This page covers compilation on a Unix-like system. See also:

Forcemstr has cross compiled for Windows using the free mingw32 tools, running under Linux.

Here's documentation of another cross compilation attempt: CompilingWesnoth/CrossCompiling

For detailed instructions and full prerequisites, please consult the current INSTALL file in the source code.


You need to have the development packages of these libraries to build Wesnoth. You will also need the runtime packages to actually run Wesnoth.

The various SDL libraries can be found at

You can also get them from Freshmeat at -> Dependencies -> Download links


You can get it here:


First untar the package:

$ tar xfzv wesnoth-1.x.tar.gz


$ cd wesnoth-1.x

If you have an older install, first uninstall that by typing:

$ make uninstall

(It's possible that you'll need root privileges to uninstall. To do this, check the Installing section.)

If you have downloaded from svn run

$ ./

Once you have unpacked the source and uninstalled the old version,

$ ./configure

(you might want extra arguments to configure, for instance to build the map editor or to install with prefix). Finally, compile with

$ make

Note: Users compiling SVN sources should 'make clean' before 'make' after any tree update.

- You can pass certain options to configure by the way, see the following example:

$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/games/wesnoth-1.1.4 --enable-editor


Become superuser, so that you have permission to install.

$ su
  Password: /*doesn't show*/

Now that you have permission, install it.

# make install

or for smaller binaries,

# make install-strip

See also