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Command Mode

You can access command mode by typing ' : ' in a single player or multiplayer scenario. (Prior to version 1.1.1, you need to type shift - semicolon( ; ). However this isn't possible on all keyboards; if your keyboard doesn't have ':' above ';' you can change the hotkey in the Preferences, or you could edit game.cfg by hand.')

Several vi-like commands are available in command mode. They are defined in playturn.cpp in the turn_info::do_command() function:

:q or :q!
quit the scenario (without prompting)
save the game (without prompting)
save the game and quit the scenario (without prompting)
redraw the screen
:droid side
toggle player on side between human and AI player. The player/client who controls that side needs to issue this command. If you don't provide side, '1' is assumed.
toggles muting/silencing of all observers on/off
:mute username
mute a specific observer. If no username is supplied the muted usernames are displayed.
:kick username
kick a user in multiplayer. They will be able to rejoin the game. Generally a friendly way to remove someone who is having connection or other difficulties.
:ban username
kick and ban a user in multiplayer, and the IP address used by that username.
:control side username
change the controller for side (write here the number of the side, the side must be controlled by you) to username (write here the nick of the player or observer)
clear chat messages
switch debug mode on (does not work in multiplayer). Debug mode is turned off by quitting the game.
bring up theme selection menu

Extra Debugging Commands

DebugMode enables additional commands in command mode:

skip to next scenario by triggering a win event
:gold amount
add amount gold to the current player's side
:create unit_type
create a unit of type specified at last selected hex
:unit attribute=value
when a unit is selected, this will set the unit's attribute to value. See SingleUnitWML for possible values.

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