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Command Mode

You can access command mode by typing ':' in a single or multi player scenario. More accurately, you need to type shift - semicolon( ; ). However this isn't possible on all keyboards; if your keyboard doesn't have ':' above ';' you can change the hotkey in the Preferences, or you could edit game.cfg by hand.'

Several vi-like commands are available in command mode. They are defined in playturn.cpp in the turn_info::do_command() function:

  • :q|| or ||:q! quit the scenario (without prompting)
  • :w save the game (without prompting)
  • :wq save the game and quit the scenario (without prompting)
  • :refresh redraw the screen
  • :droid X toggle player X between human and AI players
  • :kick kick a user in multiplayer. They will be able to rejoin the game.

Generally a friendly way to remove someone who is having connection or other difficulties.

  • :ban kick and ban a user in multiplayer, and the IP address used by that username
  • :control side player// change the controller for side to player
  • :clear clear chat messages
  • :debug switch debug mode on
  • :debug off switch debug mode off
  • :theme bring up theme selection menu

DebugMode enables additional commands in command mode:

  • :n skip to next scenario by triggering a win event
  • :gold amount// add amount gold to the current player's side
  • :create unit_type create a unit of type specified at last selected hex
  • :unit attribute//=//value when a unit is selected, this will set

the unit's attribute to value. See SingleUnitWML for possible values.

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