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Title(s): Lich-Lord
Gender: Male
Unit type(s): Lich

Caror (also known as Lich-Lord Caror) was one of the Wesfolk leaders who became a Lich-Lord. He obtained and studied the Ruby of Fire, and wrote the Book of Fire and Darkness regarding its properties. During the Wesfolk War, he was petrified in stone not far from Southbay. Prince Haldric undid the spell long enough to kill Caror and steal the Book of Fire and Darkness.


Free, I’m free, and I feel the Ruby of Fire! It will be mine.
—The Lich-Lord Caror is released from his spell of petrification.

Before transforming into a lich, Lenvan was one of the Wesfolk. He, among others of the Wesfolk, pursued the art of necromancy as a means to live forever. He helped the Wesfolk escape from the Old Continent to the Green Isle, but becoming undead made him fall into darkness,[1] He obtained the Ruby of Fire, a valuable artifact from the Old Continent, and became covetous of it. He authored the Book of Fire and Darkness, a study of the Ruby of Fire written in the Old Wesfolk tongue.[2][3] He lost the Ruby of Fire, however, to his arch-rival, the Lich-Lord Lenvan.[4] During the Wesfolk War, he was petrified just outside of Southbay by the first magi of Prince Haldric's people, the book petrified along with him.[2] The spell could only be undone by a noble in the line of Kings. The location was named Fallen Lich Point.[3]

When Haldric killed Lenvan, he sailed to Fallen Lich Point in the winter to obtain the Book of Fire and Darkness. The spell of petrification was broken, releasing Caror, who immediately sensed the Ruby of Fire, coveting it once more. He was slain by Haldric's forces.[3]


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