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the [campaign] tag

This tag describes a campaign, and is used for the "Campaign" menu in the title screen.

The [campaign] tag has the following attibutes:

  • icon the image displayed in the campaign selection menu
  • name (translatable) name displayed in the campaign selection menu
  • image the image shown in the information pane when this campaign is selected in the campaign selection menu
  • description (translatable) text shown in the information pane when this campaign is selected in the campaign selection menu
  • define=CAMPAIGN_SYMBOL when this campaign is started, the preprocessor symbol CAMPAIGN_SYMBOL will be defined. See #ifdef in PreprocessorRef for how this can be used to isolate parts of the campaign file from other campaigns. Only the tags [campaign] and [binary_path] (see BinaryPathWML) should go outside of #ifdef CAMPAIGN_SYMBOL.
  • difficulties a comma(,) separated list of preprocessor symbols, exactly one of which will be stored depending on the difficulty setting chosen when the campaign is started. The symbols EASY, NORMAL, and HARD are usually used, and there are several macros in utils.cfg (see UtilWML) which check for these values to set WML keys to different values depending on difficulty. If you use different difficulty symbols, you may need to define your own versions of these macros.
  • difficulty_descriptions the menu of difficulties; this is a list of descriptions (see DescriptionWML) that correspond to different difficulty levels. Since each description is a menu option for a difficulty level, this must provide the same number of descriptions as there are levels in the difficulties list.
  • first_scenario the ID of the first scenario in the campaign; see id in ScenarioWML
  • rank a number that determines the order of campaigns in the campaign selection menu. Lower rank campaigns appear earlier, with unranked campaigns at the end. Currently the mainline campaigns use multiples of 10 from 10 to 50; if you specify this, it should not be less than 51.

The following keys of [campaign] are obsolete and have no effect:

  • id the internationalization key for the campaign

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