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==TSG: Specific Descriptions==
==TSG: Specific Descriptions==
===Generic Units===
===Generic Units===
====Dismounted Commander: Lvl 1 (deprecated)====
====Dismounted Commander: Lvl 1 (unused)====
Deoran was still a dangerous commander, even without his horse.
Deoran was still a dangerous commander, even without his horse.

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This is a transcription of all dialogue from The South Guard. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Death Dialogue


Deoran: I have failed my kingdom and duty...


Etheliel: I have lost all helping the humans... Now they will surely perish!

Sir Gerrick

Sir Gerrick: I have given my all for my kingdom! Avenge me, Deoran!

Minister Hylas

Minister Hylas: Now I will never see Westin free again...


Jarek: Far from home I fall - but not in vain! Guard our people, Deoran!



Narrator: Thugs are the mainstay of the bandit armies. They do not have a ranged attack, and are vulnerable to your archers. Deoran's lance will also strike fear into their hearts! Like all of the bandit units, they are much more dangerous at night.


Narrator: Thieves are more subtle than thugs. They try to surround your units and stab them in the back. Make sure that thieves never have an opportunity to attack when they have an ally directly behind the unit they are attacking - they'll do double damage! Like thugs, thieves are vulnerable to the ranged attacks of your archers.


Narrator: Footpads are the scouts of the bandit armies. They are quick, and have both a melee attack and a ranged attack. Neither of their attacks is very strong, however, and your spearmen will make quick work of them during the day.


Narrator: Skeletons are the bones of fallen warriors raised by some dark magic. They are almost immune to piercing weapons like arrows and spears. Bladed attacks like swords will injure them, and Minister Hylas's arcane attack is deadly against them. Like the rest of the bandits, they are more dangerous at night!

Walking Corpses

Narrator: Walking corpses are the bodies of slain warriors, filled with some black magic. They are slow and weak - any of your units is more than a match for them. They are only dangerous in packs...

Scenario 1: Born to the Banner

Story Text

During the reign of Haldric VII, the land of Wesnoth was peaceful. Konrad I had driven off the orcs in the north. The eastern forts were quiet and almost deserted. The elves in the western forest kept to their own affairs. In the prosperous south men built new towns and farms.

For eight years the South Guard had defended the farms and homes surrounding the city of Westin, the capital of Wesnoth's frontier province of Kerlath in the furthermost south. The fiercest foe they had faced was the occasional bandit. The orcs were far to the north. In the Aethenwood to the west dreamed the elves, not foes of humankind but keeping aloof from men. Only scattered few outlaws lived in the wildlands south of Kerlath, a bastion of the ancient heart forest of the Great Continent so dense and gloomy that even elves forbore from dwelling there.

Then, in the spring of the ninth year the reports from the South Guard, under the command of Sir Loris, suddenly ceased. King Haldric decided to send someone to investigate.

King Haldric summoned a young, undistinguished but promising cavalry officer named Deoran. Deoran was the son of Haldiel, who had fought with distinction alongside Konrad I in the wars against the orcs. The King had a mission for Haldiel's son.

King Haldric knighted young Deoran, and when he rose tasked him to ride to Westin, to demand an accounting from Sir Loris, the commander of the South Guard...

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Deoran found himself put to the test early in his command. Loris, the previous commander, had squandered his time in games and diversions and bandits had overrun the land...

Moreth: You'll never take this village! I've seen your kind kill too many townsmen, and I'll defend them to the death!

Deoran: My kind? I am a soldier of Wesnoth, a messenger of King Haldric, and the new commander of the South Guard! What do you mean, 'my kind'?

Moreth: Sorry, sir! I thought you were one of the bandits who have been ransacking the towns and killing the villagers. What are you doing here? Sir Gerrick and I were the last of the South Guard...

Deoran: I have been sent to take command of the South Guard and set things right. We must arm the villagers and drive off the bandits before they can do any more harm!

Moreth:You should head to the river fort! Sir Gerrick will want to know that reinforcements have arrived!

Narrator: Whenever you see a target that looks like this, you should move your leader (or whatever unit the dialogue just suggested) onto the hex that contains it.

Urza Mathin: Ha! This new commander is a mere boy. He will soon share the fate of that swine Loris!

Deoran First Attacks

Deoran: Taste cold steel!

Find Sir Gerrick

Sir Gerrick: My lord, it is good that King Haldric has sent you to our lands! Bandits have overrun the whole countryside, and are killing and pillaging without pity. You must raise the South Guard again and drive off the bandits!

Deoran: No doubt I am needed here. Unfortunately I have seen only farm tools to arm our men with. They are valorous, but cannot fight bandits with pitchforks!

Sir Gerrick: I will open the citadel's armory. We have a supply of spears and bows, and lacked only a leader to bring us to battle with them!

Narrator: Sir Gerrick is an infantry commander. He is a strong warrior in his own right, but when he is near less experienced troops, he makes their attack better too!

Units that have a hero marker are vital to your campaign. If any of them die, you will lose the scenario, so guard them carefully!

Head back to the encampment where you started and recruit some troops!

Go Back to the Camp (on Easy)

Narrator: While you're in your camp, you can recruit more troops. Build up a small force to use against the bandits that Urza Mathin recruits.

Bowmen have a strong ranged attack, and are very effective against units that lack a ranged attack, like Thieves and Thugs. They also carry a sword and can defend themselves against melee attacks.

Spearmen have a strong melee attack, and are effective against most units. They also have a weak ranged attack. They form the backbone of the South Guard.

The best army will have a mix of units to deal with the different enemies that you will encounter. For now, concentrate on creating a small corps of experienced Bowmen.

First Dusk (on Easy)

Sir Gerrick: Sir, bandits are most dangerous at night. Let us hold the north bank of the river until dawn and press our attack in the morning!

Narrator: All of your units are 'lawful'. This means that they receive a combat bonus during the day, and a penalty at night. Urza Mathin's units are all 'chaotic', which means that they receive a bonus at night and a penalty during the day. You will be much more effective fighting during the day.

First Dawn (on Easy)

Sir Gerrick: My lord! The dawn is breaking - now is the time for us to attack and drive these bandits from our lands. To me men of the South Guard!

Narrator: During the day your units will deal more damage, and Urza Mathin's less. The more of his troops you can defeat during the day, the better!

Find the Mermen

Myssh: Your people have been allies of our lord, King Typhon. We will help you drive these bandits from your land if you allow us to live here in peace.

Deoran: We welcome your aid in the fight against these criminals! The rivers of this land are yours if you will aid us in our battles.

Narrator: You may now recruit Merman Hunters. Mermen are aquatic creatures. Keep them in rivers and swamps and they will fight well! Put them on dry land and they're in trouble!

Find Someone in a Village

On Easy

Moved Unt: Who goes there! Come out of the house now!

Aleron: Stay! It's me, Aleron! The villagers hid me from the bandits when the town was overrun. They have kept me safe, though I was gravely wounded...

Sir Gerrick: I am glad to find you alive Aleron, we feared the worst when you did not return after the battle!

Aleron: Let us punish these bandits for their crimes and murders! My wounds are healed and I am ready for battle!

Narrator: Aleron is a longbowman, stronger and better trained than regular bowmen. His arrows are deadly to enemies without a ranged attack.

On Normal

Aleron: Not more bandits... We have nothing left. Begone!

Moved Unit: We are no bandits. The banner of the South Guard flies again! Help us drive these criminals from your land.

Aleron: However I can, I will help you!

Sir Gerrick: Garrison the villages behind our lines and keep the enemy from slipping around us at night.

On Hard

Glasar: This village is ours to plunder! Begone or I will kill you all!

Moved Unit: Do you not see the banners flying in the wind? The South Guard fights again. Flee while you can, or you will meet swift death on our spears!

Job Reminders (on Easy)

Sir Gerrick

Narrator: Remember, Moreth told you that you should go meet Sir Gerrick at the river fort. Move Deoran there and find out what Sir Gerrick has to say!

Urza Mathin

Narrator: Remember, your job is to defeat Urza Mathin. He should be your main target. Archers will be especially effective against him, because he has no ranged attack. Surround him, and kill him!

Victory Dialogue

Urza Mathin: My days of pillage and plunder are over! My brothers will avenge me...

Sir Gerrick: He is dead! Congratulations, commander. We thought we would never see reinforcements - Did Sir Loris send you from Westin?

Deoran: No. I have been sent by King Haldric to take command of the South Guard. The King has heard no news in weeks. How long have you and your men been shut up in the citadel?

Sir Gerrick: Almost two months. Sir Loris took one of our patrols along the Westin road and never returned; and the next night, bandits struck and killed eight of my men. We held the citadel, and held out vain hope for reinforcement from Westin. We never thought we would see men sent from the King!

Deoran: This is worse than even my darkest fears. We must ride to Westin at once, and hope that Sir Loris is there and well! Come men! Ride for Westin!

Scenario 2: Proven by the Sword

Story Text

Having defeated Urza Mathin, Deoran immediately sent scouts out into the whole countryside. His men reported bandits roaming freely over the border, terrorizing the peasants and villagers. Nowhere did they find soldiers of the South Guard.

Deoran decided to take action and wipe out the bandits. He gathered the men of Sir Gerrick's command and whatever peasants were of strong body and fighting age. With this small force he rode in haste to Westin, capital of the province.

Deoran and his men approached the old city, and they saw that their fears were well founded...

Introductory Dialogue

Deoran: Look! There is smoke coming from Westin. That can only mean that bandits have overrun the garrison and are sacking the city!

Sir Gerrick: If too much time passes and they are unchecked, they will leave the city in ruins and make a great slaughter of all who live therein. We must act quickly.

Urza Nalmath: What!? If there are soldiers of Wesnoth coming from the northern forts, then my brother Mathin is surely dead... They will pay for his death, just as Sir Loris paid for his pride!

Reach the Citadel

Moved Unit: But what about this entrance? The elves can come through it just as easily as the main gate, and it cannot be closed!


Deoran: More bandits?! They'll feel the deadly bite of my lance!

Minister Hylas: Peace! For I am no enemy. I am Minister Hylas, advisor to Sir Loris! You came just in time! We couldn't have held them off another day...

Deoran: Indeed, our arrival was timely. But where is Sir Loris? Where is the garrison of the city? I was sent by Haldric to relieve him and take command of the South Guard, for the King has heard no news from Westin in two months.

Minister Hylas: Alas, Sir Loris will find no relief now. He is buried northwest of the city where he fell. For weeks we warned him of the new power of these bandits. And yet he would never lead his men against them until their strength had waxed and ours waned.

Deoran: It grieves me to learn of his death, foolish though he may have been! Now, though, there are more pressing matters. Rise, men of Wesnoth! We must drive these bandits from our city!

Ufes: We will do our best to hold the city - you lead your men across the river and kill the bandit leader!

Not Deoran

Moved Unit: At last the citadel is secured.

Sir Gerrick: Now, Deoran, take your post of command at the Citadel of Westin.

Don't Reach the Citadel by Turn 9

Sir Gerrick: They are almost to the great hall! Hurry, Deoran! You must reach the citadel or all will be lost!

Narrator: You must move Deoran here by the end of the next turn, or Westin will fall and you will be defeated!

Too Late

Sir Gerrick: We're too late! They're burning the city...

Deoran: Westin has fallen! This is a problem too great for me to handle - I must return to Haldric and tell him of our loss...

Undead Attack

Urza Nalmath: Now the Guard will feel the wrath of my new friends! It is time for the dead to wage war! Rise, warriors!

Sir Gerrick: What devilry is this?! Those are no living men that fight for him!

Minister Hylas: He has made some pact with the undead. How could a mere brigand have gained such great powers?

Deoran: However he has done this fell thing, we must defeat him!

Narrator: Not only will Minister Hylas's arcane attack melt undead bones, but he can also heal wounded units near him.

Pillaging Westin

Urza Nalmath: Leave nothing standing! Burn their villages down and kill them all!

Moved Unit: We will avenge your brother's death!

Sir Gerrick: They are burning our villages! We must stop them!

Victory Dialogue

Urza Nalmath: My brother has died unavenged! What have we done!?

Killed by Hylas

Deoran: How can a bandit have summoned undead?

Not Killed by Hylas

Killer: How can a bandit have summoned undead?

Dialogue Continues

Minister Hylas: Just before the bandit raids began, an ambassador came to Sir Loris from the elves of the Aethenwood west of here. He asked that a knight be sent to discuss a new threat to Wesnoth.

Deoran: And did Sir Loris go to the elves?

Minister Hylas: No. He suspected the elves of some trickery and made no reply to them. Perhaps they know the origin of these dead warriors we now face.

Deoran: My men have been trained to fight the living. I do not know that we can protect the city from foes so dark as these. I shall go meet the elves and see if they can be of any aid!

Minister Hylas: I will accompany you, my lord. I have studied the arts of holy magic and my skill may be of some use against the dark ones.

Narrator: Deoran sent a rider to request mounted reinforcements and set out at once towards the Aethenwood...

Scenario 3: A Desperate Errand

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Deoran and his men came to the eastern border of the Aethenwood...

Deoran: Look, men! There is the forest of the Elves to the northwest. Let us hasten across the river and the hills.

Minister Hylas: Be careful, Deoran. No man has set foot in the elvish woods for many a year. We do not know how they will receive us. Sir Loris thought that it was some trick of theirs trying to bring him into the woods...

Deoran: But if we do not discover the source of these undead warriors, the whole province shall surely be swallowed up by them, and then their bandit masters will fare no better. We cannot allow it!

Urza Fastik: I have lost two brothers to Deoran - I shall not allow him to reach the accursed elves! Deoran will die before he reaches the western forest!

Narrator: You must move Deoran to the center of the elvish citadel. Be sure to recruit a force strong enough to drive off the bandits before moving Deoran from his encampment!

Deoran Whines

Deoran: There is so much ground to cover. If only our riders would arrive!

Riders Arrive

Jarek: Commander, I received your request for reinforcements, and I have brought my riders with me!

Narrator: You may now recruit Cavalrymen. They are fast and deadly on grassland, but weak in forests and hills. They can keep up with Deoran, so use them to guard him!

Urza Fastik Dies

Urza Fastik: What have we done?! Even our undead allies cannot stand against this commander!

Some Loyalist: I hope that's the last of the bandits! How many more of these foul undead must we fight?

Deoran: If we are to check the advance of the dead, I must reach the home of the elves!

Deoran Reaches the Citadel

Linderion: Halt! Who has entered our citadel without leave?

Deoran: De...

Linderion: Speak carefully, for the penalty for trespass on our lands is death, and your life is thus forfeit.

Deoran: Deora...

Etheliel: Stay a moment. This man wears the colors of Wesnoth, and Kalenz told us not all the folk of Wesnoth are foes of the elves. Tell us, then, what brings you to the hallowed citadel of Elrath?

Deoran: My lady, we have come to the elves to seek guidance. Bandits and criminals in our land have summoned the dead to help them plunder our farms and villages. They are coming across the river from the great forest to the south of our lands, where no man has yet traveled.

Etheliel: The elves know of the great southern forest, and have walked its paths many times. What would you do, Deoran?

Deoran: I would lead my men south of the river to find the source of these beings of darkness that we might destroy it. For surely, ere that be done, we cannot stand against them for long.

Etheliel: Indeed you are brave to face such foes. But I fear that alone you will fail and fall. One elf now lives who remembers the secrets of the undead that we learned when Haldric I came to our land. His name is Mebrin, and he lives, secluded in the hills, near here. I will take you to him.

Deoran: My thanks, lady.

Scenario 4: Vale of Tears

Introductory Dialogue

Deoran: We have followed you away from our homes and left them unguarded. Now, where can we find this sage who knows the southern forest well?

Etheliel: This is the Vale of Blossoming Trees. Our great sages come here to live when they feel that it is time for them to allow others to lead our people. The sage you speak of lives in a secluded village between the two lakes.

Sir Gerrick: Why, my lady, are there humans camped to the south of us? Are they friends of the elves? I had thought that no humans had set foot in this valley.

Etheliel: What!? Those are no friends of the elves! They are brigands, and they must be destroyed!

Deoran: Perhaps they are allied with the bandits who have been sacking our towns! They have grown bold to attack the elves!

Etheliel: Destroy these intruders, and I will ask him to help you. He is ancient, and he remembers well Haldric's betrayal of the elves, so if a human sets foot in his village first, he almost certainly will have nothing to do with us!

Sir Gerrick: Sounds like a charming fellow...

Deoran: Yet, as she says, he is our best hope to rid our lands of this new menace. We do that which we must. Ethiliel, you make for Mebrin's village. We will handle the intruders.

Mal A'kai: Ha! You're too late. We've taken what we want from this valley.

Jera Ilras: Now your blood and tears will join that of the elves!

Attack a Skeleton

Attacking Unit: Our weapons are useless against these skeletons! They have nothing for our shafts to pierce but air!

Deoran: We must clear out these undead if you are to reach Mebrin's village! What should we do?

Etheliel: For now, I can slow them down. Where are the elves who used to live in this valley? They should come to our aid!

Deoran: You said this valley would be safe, and we find it filled with skeletal foes! Cannot some of your elf friends help us in our struggle?

A Soldier Dies

Dying Unit: I shall not join these accursed undead! Bury me deeply my friends...

Etheliel: You shall not die in vain! My bodyguard will avenge you!

Sir Gerrick: You have a bodyguard?!

Deoran: You have a bodyguard?!!

Elvish Bodyguard: We stand ready, my lady, to protect you! We shall lead these men of Wesnoth into the fray!

Elvish Bodyguard Dies

Elvish Bodyguard: For my lady I fall...

Mal A'kai Dies

Mal A'kai: Finally, release! Thank you, my friends...

Jera llras Dies

Jera Ilras: You're too late! You'll never find our stronghold, and even if you did, what can you do against the dead?

Killing Unit: You, at least, will trouble us no more!

Etheliel Finds Mebrin's Village

Etheliel: Mebrin! Are you there? We have come to seek your aid!


Etheliel: Mebrin! Where are you?!


Etheliel: His home is empty... There are footprints leading away to the south... What can have happened here?

Sir Gerrick: Maybe whoever summoned these undead knows where he is?

Etheliel: here is no blood here, yet no Mebrin. Someone must have kidnapped him. But the undead would have slain him and made him one of them. Who then can have taken him?

Sir Gerrick: Maybe the bandits who have been summoning the undead took him?

Etheliel: We must follow these footprints into the woods! Whoever took our greatest sage must pay! Nothing will stop the vengeance of the elves!

Deoran: Well, vengeance or no, if you will lead us into the forest, we will follow you and battle the undead!

Scenario 5: Choice in the Fog

Story Text

Ethiliel led the men of the South Guard into the southern forest. Shadows soon covered their paths day and night, and a thick fog filled the air.

For many weeks they marched down nameless paths that no man had trod before. From time to time they saw ghostly images of elven villages and halls in the deep woods, but as they advanced, even those became scarce.

Finally Ethiliel told the men to halt and pitch camp - they had reached the Black River, beyond which no elf or man would willingly pass.

Introductory Dialogue

Deoran: The heat in this forest is oppressive, and this fog cannot be natural. I wonder what evil lurks nearby?

Minister Hylas: I fear the fog emanates from some powerful lord of the undead. We may be overmatched...

Sir Gerrick: This is quite a change from fighting bandits in the farmland near Westin!

Etheliel: I have brought many of my people along to aid us. My soldiers and shamans will now fight at your command.

Narrator: Elvish Fighters are at home in the thick forests. They have both a sword and a bow and are deadly with both. They are quick and can hold their own against just about anything.

Elvish Shamans are no match for most enemies in single combat. They do, however, heal units next to them every turn. Use them to bolster your weakening lines and heal wounded soldiers.

Deoran: Why did we stop and make camp here?

Etheliel: The Black River is before us. No elf, still living, has crossed it. If the undead come from across the river, then we must search for them carefully, for I know not the way.

Sir Gerrick: I fear no forests. Let us find this river and whatever enemies lie beyond.

Deoran: Very well. We will seek the river and probe its secrets.

Gruth Undies

Unkilled by a Hero

Sir Gerrick: The master of the undead is defeated!

Unkilled by a Soldier

Killing Unit: The master of the undead is defeated!

Dialogue Continues

Minister Hylas: No... I fear there is still much evil present.

Deoran: Surely the undead infestation cannot be dispatched so easily. We have merely destroyed a servant of a far darker master.

Urza Afalas is Seen

Moved Unit: Surely the undead infestation cannot be dispatched so easily. We have merely destroyed a servant of a far darker master.

Urza Afalas: Thank heaven! You're alive!

Etheliel: Save your thanks! We are here to root out all the evil from these woods, and that means you!

Sir Gerrick: Draw your swords and say your prayers! You cannot stand against us! You will pay for your crimes!

Urza Afalas: But have you not seen the undead in these forests? I know you have seen them under the control of the many bandit leaders before...

Doeran: What of them?

Urza Afalas: A year ago we ventured into the land of the elves in secret, and we captured a great sage. We forced him to teach us the secrets of this forest and of the undead.

Etheliel: You imprisoned Mebrin!? For that you must surely pay. Speak swiftly so that we may end this parley and dispatch you quickly! We will have vengeance!

Urza Afalas: Hear me out! He taught us to summon the dead to fight for us. We were weak and foolish and soon summoned undead that we could not control. Mebrin too fell sway to the influence of the undead, and now he leads them. For a time he served us, but now he has gone mad and is attacking us as well!

Etheliel: Lies! Mebrin would never fight for the undead, much less lead them!

Deoran: But what do you want us to do about it? You are criminals!

Urza Afalas: Join us in the fight! Together we can drive off these cruel undead and restore peace to the land.

Sir Gerrick: My lord, they could be valuable allies, and the undead are a greater threat to our lands. Justice can wait until we are all safely in Westin.

Etheleil: But think of the destruction they wrought on your borders! You cannot ally yourselves with these evil men! Vengeance!

Doeran: Hmm...I have to consider this... If I ally with the elves, I must fight the bandits, but if I ally with the bandits I will make enemies of the elves...

Ally with Bandits

'Option: Very well. All men must unite against the undead.

Urza Afalas: We will now fight alongside you, come my thugs and footpads, rally to me!

Etheliel: You are no better than these criminals! We shall see if you can find your own way out of the forest! Come, my people, let us return to our lands. We were foolish to ever have any dealings with these humans. Do not set foot in our land ever again, Deoran, for you have brought us nothing but grief.

Sir Gerrick: The elves have abandoned us in this accursed forest! We are surely lost!

Urza Afalas: Do not fear, I can lead you out when the time is right.

Ally against Bandits

Option: Your crimes are too great. You will fall with the rest of the foul undead!

Urza Afalas: Then this parley is over! You may have sounded the doom of all of us!

Etheliel: You will pay for taking Mebrin from us! If he is harmed...

Urza Afalas Dies


Urza Afalas: Now I pay for my crimes. But how many others will also suffer for them?


Urza Afalas: Fools! That lich will be the death of us all! You have sealed our doom!

Find the Water Serpent

Beast of the Lake: Graar!

Fake Mal M'Brin Dies

Allied with Bandits

Sir Gerrick: Well! That was easier than I thought it'd be. Looks like the undead aren't so tough after all!

Deoran: Indeed. The dark king has fallen.

Urza Afalas: I'm afraid it is not so. This was not the real Mebrin we destroyed, but a mere phantom. He resides in catacombs deep underneath the castle, but they cannot be entered without magical means.

Deoran: We spared your life in order to defeat the source of these undead, and now you tell us we cannot even reach it?! Ethiliel could have dispelled these magical wards if we hadn't fallen for your lies!

Urza Afalas: If I had told you, you and the elves would have killed me! I didn't have a choice!

Sir Gerrick: Perhaps we should correct that error now.

Urza Afalas: Then you would surely be lost in these woods forever at the mercy of the undead. I can lead you and your men back to the lands of Wesnoth if you will grant me pardon.

Deoran: Now that the elves have abandoned us, that would seem to be our only choice. But what about Mebrin? The undead will keep attacking our homes unless we root them out at the source.

Urza Afalas: I do not know. But if we cannot storm his underground fastness we must either flee or wait here and certainly perish fighting him on his own terms. I know that he will march to ravage your city of Westin with all his might soon, and that the city cannot hold out against such a force unprepared.

Deoran: Then we shall retreat towards Westin and prepare for the oncoming battle. I pray our only chance at victory was not lost today.

Allied with Elves

Sir Gerrick: We have beaten them both, criminals and undead!

Deoran: We should make haste to return to Wesnoth before the harvest. Fall arrived some time ago.

Etheliel: Do not be so hasty; great mages are no mere tricksters to be easily defeated. I fear that there are tunnels and catacombs buried beneath his fortress and that we have merely defeated a specter. If we wish to cleanse the land of his evil, we must enter the darkness and root him out from within.

There are strong magical wards placed here that would prevent you from entering, but I am capable of opening them to let us all pass.

Deoran: My men are not dwarves! How are we to fight in catacombs and tunnels?

Sir Gerrick: Someone must take news back to Wesnoth of this new evil that lurks near our borders. Who knows how many more of these undead are hiding in the forest?

Deoran: Go, Sir Gerrick, and take with you an escort of elves, if Ethiliel will permit it.

Etheliel: Indeed I will. My kinsfolk will protect you and your message!

Sir Gerrick: Fare well, Deoran! I will be there to greet you when you return to Kerlath Province.

Scenario 6a: Tidings Good and Ill

Introductory Dialogue

Eliomir: Sir Gerrick, you must make it back to Kerlath Province and warn your people of the danger from the south. We will lead you through the forest and clear any foes from your path. You may choose some of our veterans to go with you as well, and any ones you leave behind will still have time to catch up with Ethiliel and Deoran.

Sir Gerrick: With the bandits and undead vanquished behind us, what foes can there be ahead? Let us hope this is a speedy journey, for the specter of winter looms.

Queen Xeila Is Seen

Have Mermen

Queen Xeila: Hss... Here are the humans who have made a pact with the cursed mermen! Hss...

Eliomir: We have stumbled into a den of nagas!

Queen Xeila: Hss... We will kill them all, my brood. Hss...

Sir Gerrick: We must clear this road for Deoran and Ethiliel! We must destroy the naga lair!

Don't Have Mermen

Queen Xeila: Hss... elves! Are they friends or enemies? Hss...

Sir Gerrick: We are weary travelers, seeking our homes. If you but let us pass...

Queen Xeila: Hss... And humans! Humans drained our swamps and made them fields for farms, and now they have found my winter nest. The Land-Walkers must die! Hss...

Sir Gerrick: She won't listen. If we leave these nagas here, they will ambush Deoran and Ethiliel! We must destroy them!

See a Different Naga

Moved Unit: There are a group of naga occupying this area... they don't look very friendly.

Sir Gerrick: if they are hostile to us, they could endanger Deoran and Ethiliel as well. Perhaps their leader can be reasoned with.

Queen Xeila Dies

Queen Xeila: Hss... Who will watch over my brood now? Hss...

Ogre Is Seen

Kramak: Ho! Me see elves. Elves tasty? Me take elves to eat.

Elf: Err, Mr. Ogre, we are not very tasty.

Kramak: Oh. Me only want tasty food. Go away.


Wait! Me not believe you. Me eat you!

Kramak Dies

Kramak: Bad food! It hurt me. Arrrrggghhhh!!

Dark Adept Is Seen

Abdur: Travelers in this desolate land! I seek that dark Sage who is rumored to dwell in these lands. Surely you have come from him?

Sir Gerrick: Indeed! I just left my comrades, who were preparing to kill the vile Necromancer.

Abdur: Unworthy fools! I'll kill you for this sacrilege!

Reach the End of the Road

Queen Xeila Is Alive

Sir Gerrick: I will hasten back to Kerlath Province now and seek the advice of the Council of Westin...

Eliomir: We too will return to our councils. We have much to tell them... Much indeed.

Narrator: While the council debated the best course of action, Deoran and Ethiliel prepared to enter the caves under Mebrin's fortress...

Queen Xeila Is Dead

Sir Gerrick: True. I suspect these elves will try to besiege us here.

Scenario 6b: The Long March

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Deoran and Urza Afalas led their men quickly from Mebrin's fortress...

Deoran: Will this forest ever end? How can we know what path to take?!

Urza Afalas: You have to follow me! I have often traveled these woods avoiding the elves with my comrades, and I know a secret path through it.

Sir Gerrick: Can we trust him? His people are murderers and thieves!

Minister Hylas: Do we have any choice? Our food is running out, and it will be winter soon...

Beware! I sense that there are many undead creatures chasing us. We should move quickly.

Urza Afalas: Let us go quickly, then. I will show you the way.

Remember that these woods are crawling with elves, and I don't think they'll receive us too kindly. Stay on the path and perhaps we can avoid at least most of them.

Urza Afalas Reveals a Path

Urza Afalas: Keep moving!


Urza Afalas: Come on! Hurry!

And Again

Urza Afalas: We're almost there!

And Again

Urza Afalas: Just a little further!

Find the End of the Path

Urza Afalas: From here you can see the banks of the river! Across it we will find the sun again, and an end to these cursed trees!

Elf Ambush

Ambusher: You humans have kidnapped Mebrin the Sage. You will pay for your crimes.

Deoran: Your sage Mebrin is the criminal. He practices necromancy and now commands an army of undead. By the laws of Wesnoth, the punishment for his crimes is death!

Ambusher: It is you who is a criminal and who is in a company of criminals. We will not let you kill Mebrin!

Another Ambush

Ambusher: We cannot allow you bandits and criminals to pass through our lands!

Urza Afalas: We wish only to return to our homes!

Ambusher: Nevertheless, we will have vengeance for Mebrin!!

Yet Another Ambush

Ambusher: Get them!

Urza Afalas Dies

Urza Afalas: Now I pay for my crimes. But how many others will also suffer for them?

Deoran Leaves the Forest

Deoran: Thank heaven we have escaped that awful forest!

Sir Gerrick: Indeed, Afalas, you've earned my trust today.

Urza Afalas: I can only hope for mercy when I return to Westin.

Narrator: But there was a dark cloud looming behind Deoran and his men...

Scenario 7a: Into the Depths

Introductory Dialogue


Deoran: My mount will not help me in these rocky paths - I will leave him here at the entrance and proceed on foot.

Etheliel: That is wise. Speed is less valuable in caves than toughness.

Real Dialogue

Etheliel: Proceed slowly, who knows what evils inhabited these parts before Mebrin was turned! We cannot be too careful.

Narrator: Cavalrymen and Dragoons will be less useful in the caves than soldiers who fight on foot.

Also, soldiers with the -quick- trait will be useful in the dark.

Eyestalk Is Seen

Minister Hylas: What horrid creature may that be? I've seen many wicked things in my life, but never one such as that.

Etheliel: It must be a guardian of some kind set here by Mebrin. We elves have heard stories of these creatures but I wouldn't have expected to come across one... the least of all here. Let us proceed with caution.

Trolls Are Seen

Grek: Ha! Humans and elves! What are you doing in our caves, and why shouldn't we grind your bones and gnaw on your flesh?

Deoran: We mean no trespass. We are hunting the undead.

Grek: Undead! Ha! We kill undead all the time. You be friendly enough so we won't kill you, but why should we help you?

Deoran: What should we offer them for their help?


Option: We will give you $troll_help_cost gold pieces if you help us defeat the undead.

Not Too Poor

Grek: Gold is good. We can trade gold for weapons and fire. We will help you defeat the undead now.

Deoran: What aid can you offer us? We are not well suited to fighting in the caves.

Grek: We already planned to kill the undead ourselves... First we kill dwarves though! Now we have dwarvish thunder fire and many trolls ready for fighting. They come too and help you smash them undead.

Go here and light the thunder fire and it will blast a back door into the lich's lair!

Too Poor

Grek: Haha, you humans and elves poor, you have not enough gold! If you want troll help, you must come to me when you have the gold.


Option: We will offer you freedom and a place in our lands.

Grek: Ha! Who wants stupid human lands!

Minister Hylas: Then you will not aid us in our quest to destroy the undead menace?

Grek: Bah! We destroy the undead when we want. Maybe wait for a few years first. If you want troll help, you come see me and give proper payment!

Etheliel: These creatures are much too simpleminded to be of any help to us but at least they will not attack us outright. We will have to face Mebrin alone.

Approach Grek

Grek: Ha, you can afford troll help this time?

Not Too Poor

Option: Here's $troll_help_cost for your help against the undead.

Grek: Gold is good. We can trade gold for weapons and fire. We will help you defeat the undead now.

Deoran: What aid can you offer us? We are not well suited to fighting in the caves.

Grek: We already planned to kill the undead ourselves... First we kill dwarves though! Now we have dwarvish thunder fire and many trolls ready for fighting. They come too and help you smash them undead.

Go here and light the thunder fire and it will blast a back door into the lich's lair!

Too Poor

Option: No, sorry.

Set Off Bomb

Moved Unit: I'm lighting it!

I've broken through!

See Mal M'Brin

Etheliel: Mebrin! My teacher of old! Can that truly be you?

Mal M'Brin: Eth...Ethiliel? You are here?

Etheliel: How did you come to be here, you of all people, shut away from the trees and the light of the sun?

Mal M'Brin: I broke their chains. They bound me, the accursed humans. Bound me! Kidnapped me to raise undead for them. Menaced me with cold iron...ahh, the iron on my skin, it burned, it burned!

Deoran: What is this? Elves bear steel swords.

Etheliel: They are but warriors. All elves feel the shadow of iron, and to those who walk our higher paths it is a bane, interfering with our magic. But this touches on mysteries that are not for men to know, human. I bind you never to speak of it.

Mal M'Brin: Humans! Betrayers! Tree-killers! They are a blight on the world! I shall bring my new servants north to the lands we so foolishly granted to men in ages past, and destroy them all!

Etheliel: Your servants! Your servants are abominations worse than any human. They stink of the grave. This cannot be the sage Mebrin that I knew and revered speaking. He would never have allied himself with the dead against the living!

Mal M'Brin: I am called Mal M'Brin now, Ethiliel, best student of mine. It is time for a new lesson. I was such as you, full of doubt and weakness, but now I have passed over and become more than you know. There is infinity in death; I have touched the void at the heart of all things. You, too, can partake of its boundless power.

Join me! Stand by my side! We shall rise and sweep the humans from the green world. Their corpses will serve us; their bones will dance for our pleasure.

Etheliel: And when we were done, what would we have become? Unlife. Hungering shadows, devouring all we once cherished.

No. It shall not be. The sage Mebrin is dead. It is time to put him to rest.

Deoran: Even a mere human can see that you have become a mockery of all that you once believed in. I will destroy you and your works if it's the last thing I do!

Mal M'Brin: You, destroy me? Fool human. You will die, and the elves you have seduced with you. And you shall serve me beyond death, forever.

Mal M'Brin Undies

Mal M'Brin: Nooo! This cannot be. The elves I once led have destroyed me. After all I have sacrificed, I still die....

Scenario 7b: Pebbles in the Flood

Story Text

Snow fell as Deoran, Sir Gerrick and Urza Afalas emerged from the great southern forest. An oppressive silence hung over the land, and an ominous gloom followed close behind the men of the South Guard.

Finally they arrived at the southern border of Wesnoth and the forts that guarded it. The undead were close on their heels...

Introductory Dialogue

Deoran: We have escaped the great forest, but look! The undead are chasing us - we must not have rooted them all out of the wood.

Sir Gerrick: My lord, you must hasten back to Westin to prepare a defense against them. I will command the defense of the border forts.

Urza Afalas: I too will make my stand here - I owe you my life and must atone for my crimes. Together we will hold off the foul undead as long as we can.

Deoran: Minister Hylas, ride with me to Westin - you must summon the Council of Westin while I prepare the city's defenses. We shall return as soon as we can in force and relieve you.

Sir Gerrick: Make no promises you know you cannot keep. Organize the defense of Westin, and if you survive, remember those who fell here.

Deoran: Your name will be sounded in the roll of heroes, and you will be avenged. Thank you, my friend.

Lt. Illan: We are yours to command, Sir Gerrick. Our men are not the great warriors that you and Deoran are, but we will hold our lines staunchly, until the bitter end.

Narrator: There is no way to win this scenario, and no way to lose. Hold off the undead hordes as long as you can. Keep Sir Gerrick alive as long as you can. Every turn that passes strengthens the defenses of Westin.

Urza Afalas Dies

Urza Afalas: Now I will never see my home again... Hold back the undead, Gerrick!

Sir Gerrick Dies

Sir Gerrick: I only hope we have bought Deoran enough time to secure Westin for the onslaught!

Mal M'Brin: We will crush Westin as we have crushed you! No one shall stand between us and our home.

Scenario 8a: Return to Kerlath

Story Text

After Mal M'Brin's defeat, Deoran's troops and their elvish allies turned north for home. As they re-crossed the Black River, fall was fading into winter.

Forage and game were scarce in the gloomy woods. The men's spirits were lifted by the thought of home, but their bodies became gaunt. The long weeks of trudging northward took its toll.

Introductory Dialogue

An Outlaw: Tharzo! That meddler who killed the Urza brothers approaches from the south. His men and horses look worn out.

Tharzo Kalain: The dark gods have put revenge in our laps. Destroy them all before they reach the border fort!

Reach the Wesnothian Border

Plynry: Halt! Who comes to the border of Wesnoth?

Deoran: It is I, Deoran, commander of the South Guard, and my men.

Plynry: Deoran? You had been thought lost long since. But I see by your men's gear and drill that they are of the South Guard indeed. Pass..

Deoran: We, and our elvish allies, have won a great battle against a lich.

Plynry: Elvish allies? I think you had best make haste to Westin. There are rumors of trouble with the elves of the Aethenwood.

Scenario 8b: The Tides of War

Introductory Dialogue

Deoran: Look! The undead army has broken through Sir Gerrick's lines! Alas, he is lost!

Moreth: Since I was a boy, Gerrick was my leader, and there was no one braver. Today we shall defend our homes, and avenge him!

Deoran: But in the narrow window his valiant stand gave us, we have roused some of the provincial guard and reinforced our defences!

Deoran: But in the narrow window his valiant stand gave us, we have roused the whole provincial guard and reinforced our defences!

Deoran: But in the narrow window his valiant stand gave us, we have roused the whole provincial guard and fully embattled the city!

Lt. Nilaf: Indeed, Lord, we are ready to defend our homes!

Some of the Council Summoned

Minister Hylas: I have summoned the great Council of Westin!

Minister Mefel: Hylas, I have made all possible haste, but my Council brethren are not as swift as I. It will take more time for them to arrive.

All of the Council Summoned

Minister Hylas: And I have summoned the great Council of Westin! They will battle with all their might!

Minister Mefel: We have heard your summons, and we shall send these dark foes back to the abyss that spawned them!

Deoran: Council of Westin, we are cheered by your presence. Your aid will be most welcome.

Dialogue Continues

Deoran: We have rallied all the forces that we will be able to! Let us not make Sir Gerrick's sacrifice a vain one. For Wesnoth!

Rest of Council Arrives

Minister Romand: We have heard your summons, and we shall send these dark foes back to the abyss that spawned them!

Deoran: Council of Westin, we are cheered by your presence. Your aid will be most welcome.

Scenario 9a: Vengeance

Introductory Dialogue

Sir Gerrick: Commander! I took your message to the council, and your deeds have pleased them. Are the undead finally gone from our lands?

Deoran: The undead are gone! Perhaps now there will be peace for a time in Westin. You have our thanks Lady Ethiliel.

Etheliel: Though the undead are vanquished, they have brought us much sorrow. Deoran, your people have restored their honor. Let us part in peace.

Deoran: Indeed. Neither the bandits nor the undead will trouble us for some time. We will tend our wounds and you yours.

Narrator: Help!


Ithelden: You must pay for killing Mebrin!

Poor Farmer: I am just a farmer! What did I do?!

Ithelden: What did you do?! Your people kidnapped and murdered our greatest leader! And now you will pay!

Sir Gerrick: He just killed that innocent farmer! We must stop him!

Etheliel: Stop, Ithelden! I have traveled with these humans, and they are not the ones who harmed Mebrin. They are our allies!

Ithelden: You too, Ethiliel? All these humans are the same! They fell trees to till the earth; now they have felled our leader! We cannot brook such deeds! You will die with them!

Etheliel: We won't be able to hold them off for long. I should go reason with them!

Deoran: Are you sure that the elves will greet you any more kindly than they have met us? After all, you did lead us into the forests...

Etheliel: Perhaps not, but it is your only hope. I must reach Ithelden!

A Disciple Dies

Disciple of Mebrin: For every one of us you strike down, more will rise!

Etheliel Dies

Minister Hylas: Ithelden's elves have killed Ethiliel! Now we have no chance to come to an agreement with them. A war with the Elves is imminent.

Deoran: We are far away from Weldyn. We'll surely all be killed long before any reinforcements arrive.

Scenario 9b: Bandit Epilogue

Story Text

With bitter spears and grim expression, the men of Wesnoth launched the last assault on the undead. As they cut through lifeless flesh and shattered chill bones a ray of sunlight pierced the clouds. The winds died and the men were filled with new life. A great cry they let out as they stormed the encampment of Mal M'Brin himself, and threw down the mighty wizard.

Exhausted, Deoran dropped his lance to the ground. The men around him slowly lifted their helmets from their brows. The moans of the wounded overshadowed the rustling of the north wind in the distance. The undead were gone.

For days the healers of Westin worked feverishly to save as many of the valiant soldiers as they were able. Many mounds, though, were raised as homes for the fallen in the fields north of the city, and to the roll of fallen heroes many names were added.

The loftiest mound belonged to Sir Gerrick. After the battle, Deoran led an expedition to the southern border posts, and there he found Sir Gerrick's sword and shield. Those he placed atop Gerrick's mound, and they were a symbol of loyalty and valor to all the people of Westin.

Gerrick's name was added at the top of the roll of fallen heroes, and read aloud at the beginning of every great council. The memory of his desperate last stand at the border posts passed into song, and was not forgotten for many generations.

Deoran spent his days visiting the wounded and directing the men as they rebuilt the shattered walls and ramparts of the city. Finally, as the snow melted and the roads bore their burdens again, a messenger came from King Haldric.

Sir Deoran, Knight of Wesnoth, was summoned to Weldyn for a council with King Haldric himself. Storm clouds were brewing throughout the realm, and every commander would be needed to weather the onslaught...

Scenario 10a: Elf Epilogue

Story Text

Finally the sun broke the horizon and its rays breathed new life into the weary defenders of Westin. A great cry echoed through the valley as the men of the South Guard pressed their elven foes back from the walls. Suddenly the field was covered in a great fog...

When the fog broke, Ethiliel stood alone, facing the wall of spears. Bathed in light, she spoke to the men of Wesnoth, saying, 'Stop! Enough blood has been spilled before the walls of this city! The injury you humans have done to the elves is great, but your service also was worthy.'

These are the terms of the peace between us: any man found in the forest or hills that belong to the elves will taste death. No more will the elves send ambassadors or councilors to Westin, and no more will men wander the green woods.

Thus an uneasy peace was consummated between man and elf. For many weeks the South Guard patrolled the borders of the elven woods and watched over the growing farms and villages. Finally, as the snow melted and the roads bore their burdens again, a messenger came from King Haldric.

Sir Deoran, Knight of Wesnoth, was summoned to Weldyn for a council with King Haldric himself. Storm clouds were brewing throughout the realm, and every commander would be needed to weather the storm...

TSG: Specific Descriptions

Generic Units

Dismounted Commander: Lvl 1 (unused)

Deoran was still a dangerous commander, even without his horse.

Eyestalk: Lvl 3

Named 'Eyestalks' for obvious reasons, these plant-like creatures can focus their gaze onto an unsuspecting victim to draw life energy straight out of them to replenish their own. While almost defenseless against melee attacks, its deadly gaze from afar is not to be underestimated.

Horseman Commander: Lvl 2

Leaders of the border guards, mounted commanders are trained not only to ride and fight, but to lead. They command the garrisons that keep peace in the provinces of Wesnoth.

Infantry Commander: Lvl 3

Veteran commanders have faced battle many times and led their men with steady hands and calm determination.

Infantry Lieutenant: Lvl 2

Commanders of the infantry of Wesnoth are responsible for the garrison and defense of the border towns and villages. They are drawn from the ranks of veteran soldiers, not nobility, and all have shown leadership and courage in battle.

Junior Commander: Lvl1

Scarcely 17 or 18 years old, the sons of knights and lords were given mounts and swords and told to become leaders of men. Those whose mettle was strong enough for the task became the commanders of the armies of Wesnoth.

Mounted General: Lvl 3

Being the most able leaders of the border guards, Mounted Generals are trained not only to ride and fight, but to lead. They command the garrisons that keep peace in the provinces of Wesnoth.

TSG: Specified Unit Names


  • Linderion (Elvish Ranger)
  • Mithalwe (Elvish Marksman)
  • Sidaurios (Elvish Ranger)
  • Eltenmir (Elvish Avenger)
  • Vardanos (Elvish Hero)
  • Talchar (Elvish Outrider)
  • Etheliel (Elvish Druid, Elvish Shyde)
  • Mebrin (He's old)
  • Elvish Bodyguard (Elvish Ranger)
  • Eliomir (Elvish Ranger)
  • Ithelden (Elvish Marshal)
  • Disciple of Mebrin (Elvish Fighter, Elvish Druid, Elvish Ranger, Elvish Hero, Elvish Rider)



  • Urza Mathin (Bandit)
  • Glasar (Footpad)
  • Urza Nalmath (Outlaw)
  • Criminal (Thief, Footpad, Poacher)
  • Urza Fastik (Rogue)
  • Jera Ilras (Outlaw)
  • Urza Afalas (Outlaw)
  • Tharzo Kalain (Outlaw)


  • Sir Loris (Commander?)
  • Deoran (Junior Commander, Horseman Commander)
  • Moreth (Pikeman, Spearman, Peasant)
  • Sir Gerrick (Infantry Lieutenant)
  • Aleron (Longbowman, Peasant)
  • Minister Hylas (White Mage)
  • Ufes (Peasant)
  • Joran (Peasant)
  • Makees (Peasant)
  • Tyborg (Peasant)
  • Jarek (Cavalier, Dragoon, Cavalryman)
  • Sgt, Finde (Sergeant)
  • Maelvas (Spearman)
  • Orome (Spearman)
  • Mitche (Peasant)
  • Lt. Illan (Lieutenant)
  • Rheban (Heavy Infantryman)
  • Jul (Horseman)
  • Lt. Meris (Lieutenant)
  • Findlas (Peasant)
  • Chumet (Bowman)
  • Neras (Heavy Infantryman)
  • Eera (Bowman)
  • Plynry (Lieutenant)
  • Border Guard (Bowman, Spearman)
  • Provincial Guard (Heavy Infantryman, Spearman, Bowman)
  • Lt. Nilaf (Lieutenant)
  • Minister Mefel (Silver Mage)
  • Minister Romand (Arch Mage)
  • Minister Alanafel (Red Mage)
  • Westin Guard (Javelineer, Heavy Infantryman, Spearman)
  • Poor Farmer (Peasant)


  • Myssh (Merman Fighter, Merman Warrior)
  • Ylla (Merman Spearman, Merman Hunter)


  • Beast of the Lake (Water Serpent)
  • Scorpion (Giant Scorpion)
  • Kramak (Ogre)
  • Eye Guardian (Eyestalk)


  • Issorai (Naga Fighter)
  • Zarr (Naga Fighter)
  • Queen Xeila (Naga Fighter, Naga Warrior, Naga Myrmidon)
  • Lesssh (Naga Fighter, Naga Warrior)
  • Fssth (Naga Warrior)
  • Wizzi (Naga Fighter, Naga Warrior)


  • Ssesseth (Saurian Skirmisher)
  • Zasz (Saurian Skirmisher)
  • Zerix (Saurian Skirmisher)
  • Ssanur (Saurian Skirmisher, Saurian Ambusher))


  • Grek (Troll Hero)


  • Mal A'kai (Dark Adept, Dark Sorcerer, Necromancer)
  • Gruth (Soulless)
  • Mal M'Brin (Lich, Ancient Lich)
  • Abdur (Dark Adept)
  • Kallen (Dark Adept)
  • Groth (Soulless)
  • Mal Tera (Lich)
  • Death Guard (Draug)


  • The River Fort (Border to Kerlath)
  • Westin