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==Scenario 15: The Treaty==
==Scenario 15: The Treaty==
===Story Dialogue==
===Story Dialogue===
'''Harldric II:''' Friends, today we have won a great victory, though it lost us good men. Let this be the beginning of a new alliance between our people.
'''Harldric II:''' Friends, today we have won a great victory, though it lost us good men. Let this be the beginning of a new alliance between our people.

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This is a transcription of all dialogue from Legend of Wesmere. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Death Dialogue


Kalenz: I am defeated. Now the orcs will destroy us!


Not Drunk Potion

Kalenz: Nooo! We cannot continue without Landar!

Drunk Potion

Landar: It is finished! I can finally rest!

Farewell, Kalenz!

Kalenz: Nooo! We cannot continue without Landar!


Cleodil: I’m sorry I failed you, Kalenz... my beloved...

Kalenz: Nooo! Cleodil! Without you I cannot go on!


Olurf: I go to join my sires in the Halls of Death


Kalenz: Our cause is lost. With Uradredia gone, the North Elves will no longer fight!


Kalenz: I cannot fight the orcs alone! It’s all over!

Loyal Unit

Unit: I grieve that I have failed you, my lord Kalenz...

Kalenz: Farewell $unit.name. Your loyal service won’t be forgotten.

Time Over

Unit: Oh, no! We are too late...

Scenario 1: The Uprooting


The Legend of Wesmere, Chapter One Flight and fight

The great elvish hero Kalenz was born in a quiet green wood in Lintanir on the fringes of the Great Northern Forest. Though not of noble birth, he showed early promise in the arts of his people. His quick intelligence gained him more than usual respect among elders normally inclined to pay little heed to anyone younger than a century old.

Perhaps the elders sensed that changing times would require more flexible minds; these were the years when humans from the Green Isle were establishing themselves south of the Great River, and the known world was changing more rapidly than it had for a thousand years before.

Some changes were good. The Elves, awakened as from a long dream, began to increase in population. But some were very bad, and the worst of those was the coming of the orcs, the wreckers, the tree-killers. The years of Kalenz’s long childhood were a golden age, and the last time of untroubled peace.

The elves had never been a martial people, and they were not prepared for the inevitable war with the orcs. Kalenz came of age in the very year that Erlornas of Wesmere fought the first orcish raiders. Within the next decade orcish raids greatly increased, and their shadow loomed ever greater over the elves.

This is the story of Kalenz, and of the Elves in the days of the humans in Wesnoth.

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: Orcs are pressing on us from all directions! To arms!

Velon: Hold, Kalenz. The Ka’lian council should discuss our response. Maybe we can reach an agreement with them!

Qumseh: Surrender or die, tree-shaggers!

Velon: They are too many. We have no choice but to submit!

Kalenz: Elves must never surrender to these foul beasts! Who will fight them beside me?

Landar: We will follow you, Kalenz — but where can we go?

Kalenz: We must reach the elvish council in Ka’lian and enlist their help to recapture our home.

Landar: We are surrounded!

Kalenz: Then we must storm one of the orcs’ outposts to break the encirclement before more enemies arrive!

Anduilas: Very well, Kalenz — lead us!

Kalenz Kills Someone

Kalenz: You trifled with the wrong elf!

Velon's Side Attacked

Velon: We surrender!

Graur-Tan: Did I mention that we take no prisoners? Die!

Velon: Kalenz was right and I was wrong. Go; join Kalenz while yet you can. I and the remaining elders will cover your retreat as best we may.

Velon Dies

Velon: Flee, Kalenz... Our hopes ride with you...

Victory Dialogue

Velon Dead

Kalenz: Velon, I swear on the life of Irdya that I will not let you be forgotten while elves yet draw breath to sing.

Velon has fallen. He counseled weakness, but did not deserved such an ugly death. We shall return with swords to avenge him!

Orc Leader: You won’t get very far! After them!

Velon Alive

Velon: Flee, Kalenz... find vengeance for us!

Kalenz: Velon, I swear on the life of Irdya that I will not let you be forgotten while elves yet draw breath to sing.

Velon: Swords will aid us more than songs, Kalenz; you saw that before I.

Kalenz: Swordsmen you shall have, as swiftly as I can find them and return.

Orc Leader: You won’t get very far! After them!

An Orc Leader Dies

Orc Leader: Curse you, tree-shaggers! We will feed your young to our wolves!

Killer: What is this? The orc held plunder!

Scenario 2: Hostile Mountains


Kalenz and his band broke out of the orcish encirclement, only to discover that the country on the direct route to the Ka’lian was already swarming with orcs. The raid on Kalenz’s home, it seemed, had been but one small part of a great migration south. There was no choice but to make a detour through territory the elves would rather have avoided...

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: I had hoped to avoid these paths... The eastern way is through dwarvish territory and is shorter. I pray the dwarves will grant us safe passage, since the other path is through troll territory...

Olurf: Not even in yer dreams, elf. These are dwarvish lands, and troubles we want no part of nip at yer heels. Get out and stay out!

Landar: Our troubles will be yours, too, whether either of us will it or not. The orcs have come down from the north like a flood; if we squabble among ourselves they will feast on our discord.

Olurf: Bah. More smooth words and trickery, by my beard. We know yer kind... and who needs yer help anyway, weaklings? Leave now, or feel my axe! That same kiss of steel will greet all intruders. Anyone who sets foot on the eastern bank o’ this river will rue the day he was born!

Landar: I cannot see how trolls could be any less friendly.

Kalenz: Hmm... Perhaps the dwarves’ intransigence can serve our purpose. Onwards, and no matter what you do, do not step on the eastern bank of the river!

Trolls Step on Olurf's Land

Olurf: Those stinking trolls ha’ stepped on our land!

Elves Step on Olurf's Land

Olurf: Those lying elves have stepped on our land!

Kalenz: Spare as many dwarves as you can and don't kill their leader. We can't risk to get the dwarves as an additional enemy.

Elves Attack Trolls

Olurf: It should be rare sport to watch this... Just be sure not to trespass on our land.

Dwarf Kills Elf

Olurf: Up axes, and death to elves!

Dwarf Kills Troll

Olurf: Up axes, and death to trolls!

Dwarf Kills Elf and Trolls

Olurf: Up axes, and kill all the interlopers!

Dwarves Invaded

Olurf: Defend our bounds! Slay all who trespass them!

Grugl Killed

By a Dwarf

Grugl: Urgh! Grugl tried to eat dwarves, but choked on their sharp nasty axes.

By an Elf

Grugl: Urgh! Grugl wanted tasty elf-meat, but choked on their nasty pointy spears!

Victory Dialogue

Elf: We made it. Onwards to Wesmere!

Elves Killed 4+ Trolls

Olurf: Crazy elves! But at least they felled a few trolls before they left.


Olurf: Crazy elves!

Scenario 3: Ka’lian under Attack

Story Text

Events at the Ka’lian took an ominous turn before Kalenz and his band could arrive there...

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: For days, Kalenz and his small host of followers traveled, moving nearer and yet nearer to the Ka’lian. Thanks to the dense fog and elvish woodscraft, the band was able to evade the orcish hunters. Then, as they were almost arrived at their destination, the north wind blew, and the fog lifted to reveal a grim sight...

Kalenz: Great hosts of orcs converge on the Ka’lian! But if we fall upon them from behind as they are fully engaged with the defenders, we and they together might yet defeat them.

Galtrid: Are you our army’s vanguard? Hurry, for we are sorely pressed here.

Kalenz: No, we are fleeing an attack on our home in the Lintanir. Time enough for talk later; we must defeat these orcs together, or at least hold them off long enough for the humans to come to our aid.

Galtrid: Then you have not heard the ill tidings. King Haldric has broken the treaty. The humans will not come to our aid!

Landar: How can they dare to break the treaty!

(Urudin the assassin faffs around the Ka'lian)

Guard: Hist! Someone is sneaking about in the mist.

Urudin: Ho, elves! Hand over the stone and we might not destroy your cute little playhouse, and we might spare you. Or, at the very least, we promise you a quick and painless death.

Galtrid: What ‚Äòstone’, foul and clumsy orc? Your lips are not fit even to name the citadel of the Ka’lian, for it has stood since before your kind crawled into sunlight and will endure long after you are forgotten!

(Urudin destroys a village)

Urudin: We will cram those arrogant words back down your throat before we kill you, wose-spawned worm of an elf!

(Assassins appear)

Galtrid: To arms, elven-kin! They are many, but our army is returning and surely close at hand. We have but to hold until it arrives!

Narrator: You will have a different recall list and amount of starting gold than you may be expecting at the beginning of this scenario, as you will not start with Kalenz’s army.

Urudin Dies

Unit: Chief, the cursed tree-shaggers are defeating us!

Orcish Slayer Returns

Mutaf-uru: Good, you are returned. What news is there?

Urudin: The elvish scum refused to surrender, Warlord. We have begun the attack, as planned.

Mutaf-uru: Were you able to breach their citadel?

Urudin: Yes. We slaughtered them in great numbers.

Urudin: No, our attack was repulsed.

Urudin: They resisted us fiercely; the battle is not yet done.

Mutaf-uru: Go, report this news to the warlord Grubr.

Urudin: I obey.

Orcs Go after Elves

Mutaf-uru: These elves are weak, mere meat for my wolves! Get them!

Orcs Retreat

Mutaf-uru: Cursed tree-shaggers and their filthy bows! We shall await the main army.

Time Runs Out

Kalenz: We have failed to relieve the defenders, and more orcish war-bands are arriving. All is lost!

Victory Dialogue

Kalenz: We won! The Ka’lian is safe!

(Huraldur appears)

Huraldur: The elvish treasury is under attack! They need help desperately!

Kalenz: Galtrid, your men are weary from long combat. Mine are fresher; I’ll go.

Huraldur: Hurry! We were near overwhelmed as I left.

Galtrid: Yes, go, Kalenz, I’ll guard the Ka’lian till our army returns from the front.

Scenario 4: The Elvish Treasury

Story Text

Chapter Two: The Treasury

Kalenz and his forces raced to relieve the siege of the Elvish Treasury...

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: It seems that we are too late. The Treasury has fallen to the Saurians...

Huraldur: And I see the remains of the garrison has been taken prisoner.

(Scroll to prisoners)

Kalenz: We must free them and make these saurians pay. Attack and leave no one alive!


Liberator: I will do as you say, sneak in and free them. Wish me good fortune and no discovery!

Kalenz: Go swiftly and silently.


Shurm: More elves are coming! Too late, we’ve taken all your gold and we’ll get more gold from the orcs for helping them out!

Kalenz: You will not live to enjoy it!

Free Prisoners

Cleodil: We are free! My lord Kalenz, from this day forward I and my men are your sworn followers. And there is that which you should know about the treasure the orcs seek...

Kalenz: I accept your service gratefully, for I will need every sword and bow and spell with which to defeat these invaders. There will be time for talk later; now, we must fight.


Narrator: From now on the elves will be able to recruit shamans.

Shurm Dies

Shurm: I am ashamed to die at the hands of tree-shaggers!

Killer: When you meet your kin in the dry hells, tell them you perished at the hands of Kalenz’s elves!

Victory Dialogue

Prisoners Not Free

Kalenz: Without their leaders, the saurians flee in panic. Let us free the treasury’s garrison before they can find it in them to rally and return.

Cleodil: We are free! My lord Kalenz, from this day forward I and my men are your sworn followers. And there is that which you should know about the treasure the orcs seek...

Kalenz: I accept your service gratefully, for I will need every sword and bow and spell with which to defeat these invaders. There will be time for talk later; now, we must fight.


Kalenz: We have defeated the saurians and freed the garrison, and that is no small thing... but our gold is gone.

Cleodil: The saurians happily carried away the treasury gold, but they had come here looking for something more specific... some individual object they called ‚Äòdastone’. I am sorry, my lord Kalenz, I could not understand their distorted speech very well.

Elf: The war with the Orcs goes poorly. The Ka’lian will need that gold back to buy arms and food, to hire artisans, to support its armies.

Kalenz: We will hunt down those saurians and retrieve our gold. More, we must teach them that it is lethal folly to raid us, else they will plague us like rats.

Scenario 5: The Saurian Treasury

Story Text

Elvish scouts found the trail of the Saurian war party without difficulty. The way back to the saurians’ treasury was clear...

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: There they are. They have dumped our gold in their own treasury. We must strike quickly and leave with the gold before they can summon their full host.

Cleodil: Moving so much gold is no light matter. We will need horses to bear it back home.

Hraurg: The elves have followed ussss! We must hold the gold until reinforcements arrive.

Move to Treasury

Unit: We have reached the treasury. Guard me while I bring the pillage home.

Move to Treasure Chest

Narrator: The bearer of this chest is slowed in movement and attack by the same effect as the slow weapon special. Slow halves the damage caused by attacks and the movement cost for a slowed unit is doubled. A unit that is slowed will feature a snail icon in its sidebar information when it is selected.

Spahr Dies

Spahr: Aargh! I shall never see the bright moon’s face again!

Victory Dialogue

Kalenz: We have recovered our gold; it is well.

Huraldur/Gold Carrier: We have recovered much more than our own treasure. These saurians would seem to have taken up robbery as a vocation!

Spahr: They took all our treasure! Quickly, place ambushers on all trails from here to Wesmere. I will give 500 gold to whoever kills their leader. They must not escape.

Kalenz: Turnabout is fair play. Now that we’ve retrieved the gold, let us fare swiftly back to Wesmere and bring the gold back as Cleodil wishes. The Saurians will likely be infesting the direct route, so we will detour to the north.

Landar: But Kalenz, this is a boon unlooked for! With the surplus gold we could take the war immediately to the Orcs. We could come down upon them like thunder while they believe us still reeling from their invasion!

Cleodil: But the Ka’lian’s gold is the Ka’lian’s. Would you have us divide our forces, some to return it to them while others attempt your thunder-stroke?

Kalenz: Cleodil’s doubt is wise. Only a foolish commander divides his forces in the presence of superior numbers; to do so is to invite defeat in detail.

Cleodil: Landar, thoughts that brew in hot blood are seldom well-found.

Landar: It... is so. Again you speak wisdom. Very well; to the Ka’lian!

Scenario 6: Acquiantance in Need

Story Text

To evade the saurians blocking the eastern approaches to Wesmere, Kalenz and his war-band moved to enter Wesmere Forest from a different direction...

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: What’s this? It appears the orcs have surrounded a dwarvish enclave. And by the sound of the bellowing I hear, I think our old friend, Olurf, is here.

Olurf: You again? Maybe ye were not completely wrong when ye predicted the orcs would attack us. We ha’ been forced from our home and are now surrounded.

Cleodil: Let us give them aid — it’s clear they need it!

Landar: Help them? They would not even let us pass through their land to avoid the trolls. You remember, Kalenz?

Kalenz: Our enemy is the orcs, not the dwarves. Besides, the orcs are in our way. Olurf, we cannot let you have all the fun here!

Olurf: For an elf, you think like a dwarf! I think I like you! WHISPER: —For an elf...

Victory Dialogue

Olurf: The orcs ha’ been defeated. My lord, we are in your debt.

Kalenz: We must put aside our differences and ally against the orcish menace. Olurf, join us!

Olurf: Dwarves, ally with elves? I owe ye a debt, but my kin willna’ be happy at the thought.

Kalenz: There will be a big fight with the orcs in Wesmere very soon. If you can cover our flank to the north, I will pay you 400 gold.

Olurf: A proper contract for good money? That’s a different matter; I’m sure I can find some o’ my people willing to fight on those terms!

Landar: What? Kalenz, are you out of your mind? Surely you will not throw away 400 gold on this scheming mercenary!

Olurf: Where there’s a contract, our honor is involved. We will be there to cover your northern flank or else I will return your gold!

Cleodil: I sense no falsity behind his speech, my lord.

Kalenz: I, too, believe him. Dwarves may be... rough... by our standards, but they are not liars. I think he knows that if he does not honor his contract, next time we will not be there to come to his aid.

Scenario 7: Elves’ Last Stand

Story Text

The journey back to Wesmere was surprisingly uneventful, the orcs having apparently withdrawn to regroup after their defeats. Kalenz and his band returned just in time...

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: The orcs have pushed us back to the Ka’lian. There is no way out. We must win here!

Galtrid: This is our final stand. If they take the Ka’lian, all is lost!

Landar: Galtrid, speak not of defeat. Elvenkind shall rise! Our enemies shall perish in blood and fire!

Cleodil: It is a dark day indeed when elves must steel themselves with dreams of slaughter.

Grubr: We’ll crush those weak elves and I’ll get da stone!

Kalenz: These are hardened orc and troll veterans. Men, prepare for a long, difficult fight...

Narrator: In this scenario, you may change the behavior of an allied side’s AI using a context menu brought up by clicking on the allied side’s leader.

Olurf Arrives

Olurf: Did ye think we’d let you have all the fun wi’ the orcs by yerselves?

Landar: It’s not much of an army he is bringing with him, though.

Olurf: Not much of an army? These are dwarves with mighty axes, each worth three of you and your silly plinking bows!

Kalenz: Olurf, is that all the dwarves you could find? Was the gold not enough?

Olurf: They are no’ fighting for gold, they’re here for the fun. I’d ha’ brought a lot more if my men ha’ all kept quiet about helping elves! But the rest o’ my clan should join us in a few days.

Landar: In a few days? That’s too late! We want our gold back!

Olurf: Sure, minus expenses.

Landar: What expenses?

Olurf: It’s an ancient dwarvish custom to buy the warriors a few drinks before the battle... So minus expenses that’s about even.

Landar: That explains why they are so reckless in battle...

Kalenz: ... Enough, gentlemen, we have a battle to fight!

Turn 12

Kalenz: It’s Olurf! He made it!

Narrator: Where do you want Olurf to deploy?

In the forested hills on the west bank of the river Telfar?

Or on the east bank of the river in the Karmarth Hills?

Choose the deployment of Olurf and his forces!

Forested hills on the west bank of the river Telfar

The Karmarth Hills

Ask Galtrid

Galtrid: Kalenz, though very young you have been most tested in battle of any of us. Will you take the command of all our troops?

Kalenz: You do me great honor. I will strive to be worthy of it.

Kalenz: You do me great honor, but I am not yet ready for this.

Enemies Flee

Orc/Troll: Flee! They have broken us!

Landar: Hunt them down and kill every single one of them!

Cleodil: It's not wise to bring a wounded dear in a desperate situation. Let them flee so they can tell about their defeat.

Galtrid: She is right. Don't let them lure you away from the Ka’lian, preparations for when more of them arrive return must be done.

Victory Dialogue

Galtrid: At last! The orcs are defeated.

(Pirror appears)

Pirror: The elves have beaten us and they did not use da stone. Maybe they don’t have it? Great Chief will not like bad news!

(Pirror runs away)

Galtrid: Kalenz, we are again in your debt. You returned just in time.

Kalenz: And we have what’s left of the elvish treasury with us!

Landar: Perhaps the gold will our word weight with the council.

Narrator: Kalenz/Landar has left the recovered gold into the elvish treasury. You will start the next scenario with a preset amount.

Time Runs Out

Kalenz: The orcs are not defeated, and our troops and supplies are exhausted. This is the end!

Truugl Dies

Truugl: Aargh! I should have stayed in the mountains instead of joining the orcs!

Mordrum Dies

Mordrum: Orcs, death is all you will find in this forest!

Grubr Dies

Grubr: I die without getting da stone?

Eradion Dies

Killer: Be grateful, tree-shagger, for I have spared you the pain of seeing your precious citadel burned and razed.

Eradion: Galtrid, my friend. Do not let my death be in vain. Destroy these foul orcs, and sing for me in the green woods when we have won.

Galtrid: We shall avenge you tenfold!

Killer: Dead he is. Too quick. His screams were sweet.

Elf: Let us pursue the orc who murdered $unit.name|!

Galtrid: No, don’t leave your formation. An elf was slain by beast. What does it matter which beast it was? We must kill them all.

Scenario 8: Council of Hard Choices

Story Dialogue

Lady Dionli: Kalenz, you have won a great victory! Wesmere is safe. But... for what cause have you invited a dwarf to the elvish council? This is most unusual!

Kalenz: My lords, this is Olurf. He and his dwarves have fought by our side and have well earned a place in this meeting. The war that comes upon us must be met by all in Wesnoth; Elves, Dwarves and Humans.

El’Isomithir: Leave the Humans out of this. King Haldric has broken the treaty we signed with him eleven years ago, and has sent back all our emissaries. When he arrived on our shore he was very humble, but now his arrogance knows no bounds. He believes the Orcs will not dare to fight him.

Kalenz: My lords, the Orcs have been pushed out of Wesmere, but they are far from defeated. We must take the fight to them, recover our lost lands and smash their great horde beyond possibility that it will threaten us again.

Legmir: too many elves have died already. To take the war to the Orcs, we would have to risk all our remaining fighters on one throw. And we are not as skilled in fighting outside our forests. We have already shown the Orcs that attacking us is folly; the prudent course would be to rebuild our strength.

Landar: Those of us who follow Kalenz have shown it can be done. We have been fighting ever since we were forced out of our home country, in all kinds of lands. And, we are willing to die in order to defeat foul orcs!

Lady Dionli: Our answer is still no. Prepare our defenses as best you can, but do not renew offensive war. This is the council’s decision.


After leaving the council, our friends talked in private...

Kalenz: Perhaps you were wiser than I, Landar. Had we divided our forces, we would not be bound to inaction now.

Landar: And our home? How do we free Lintanir without bringing war to orcs?

Cleodil: I too am troubled by the council’s passivity. But it was not our decision to make.

Kalenz: This is madness! The Orcs will but regain their strength and attack again, if we give them the time! We must have some other sort of help. Olurf, can we perhaps make a war-pact with the Dwarves?

Olurf: I dinna’ think it can be, Kalenz. My people are too suspicious of you Elves. But it may be there is something else we can do. I ha’ heard tale of a powerful mage in the mountains who helped our people before. Maybe he will aid us again.

Kalenz: And where do we find this mage, if he exists?

Olurf: It willna’ be easy. He lives in the mountains of Thoria and he never helps anyone for free. Thoria is very dangerous, especially for elves. Even dwarves and trolls dinna’ go there lightly.

Kalenz: I think the Orcs will be in no position to attack us for some time. Maybe we should go see this mage. Olurf, can you take us there?

Olurf: I think I can. But dangerous this will be!

Kalenz: Very well. We shall leave our best troops and gold here in case the Orcs attack Wesmere again.

This is the end of Chapter Two.

Chapter Three can be started from the multiplayer lobby in order to continue the campaign. Your recall list is saved persistently and will be reloaded then.

Scenario 9: Bounty Hunters

Story Text

The Legend of Wesmere, Chapter two

This multiplayer campaign is best be played after finishing chapter one, since the recall lists of that scenario will be reloaded.

Chapter two, Part one: The book of Crelanu

Believing that Wesmere’s seeming safety might prove a costly illusion, Kalenz, Landar and Olurf left enough troops and resources to guard it strongly before starting off on the long and dangerous trip to the great mage of Thoria. They would soon find that peril was closer than they had reckoned.

Introductory Dialogue

Huurgh: Yess! It’s the elves who stole our gold! The bounty is mine!

Shhar: I saw them first, fool! The bounty is all mine.

Olurf: What are they talking about?

Landar: It would seem the Saurians put a bounty on our heads for having the effrontery to take our gold back after they stole it. Are you interested?

Olurf: No, but my axe is interested in some saurian heads! They ha’ been too friendly with the Orcs for my liking!

Kalenz: Remember, we are here on a mission. We will fight these saurians if we must, but our mission is to get to Thoria.

Landar: They are far too much to risk a confrontation, let's cross the river!

Olurf: We can outrun them in the woods and mountains beyond the north shore. But crossing the river without a bridge? We dwarves know water is a very dangerous thing!

Cleodil: Indeed, this river is, I believe, Arkan-Thoria. There are fell legends about it. May be they are but children’s tales... Still, be very careful when you cross it.

Kalenz: You speak my thought, Cleodil. Close in behind me; I’ll guard you from harm myself. Look to your weapons as we cross, all! And be wary.

Narrator: Before Kalenz left the Ka’lian he had ordered $left_behind_kalenz to stay and guard it.

Kalenz is able to recruit dwarves from now on.

Find the Monsters

Unit: The legends are true! Sea creatures are upon us!

(Cuttle Fish appears)

They are coming at us from all sides!

(On easy, another Water Serpent appears)

Watch for the serpent!

Victory Dialogue

Moved Unit: We made it. Onwards to Thoria!

Olurf: At last!

Landar: We’ll need to settle things with these saurians once and for all!

Cleodil: Hasn’t enough blood been shed? I think we can compose matters with them after the threat of the orcs has been met.

Scenario 10: Cliffs of Thoria

Story Text

Leaving Arkan-Thoria behind, Kalenz and his band ventured into the dangerous mountains of Thoria...

Introductory Dialogue

Landar: I can hardly see with all that mist around, but I can sense danger.

Olurf: Told ye it would be no picnic excursion, elf-boy. Are ye lily-livered to continue?

Kalenz: Gentlemen, don’t squabble. We cannot go back now. But be watchful; I don’t like the feel of this country one bit.

Cleodil: I, too, feel we are in great danger.

Kalenz: Cleodil, stay close to me. If there is anything real behind this aura of dread, likely your keen senses will find it first and I will want to know what you discover immediately.

Find Yetis

Kalenz: Watch out!

Moved Unit: It’s... it’s monstrous!

Cleodil: I sense no malice in it; we are the interlopers here. Spare it if you can.

Kalenz: Do as Cleodil says. We have enemies sufficient without provoking new ones.


Kalenz/Landar/Olurf: Onwards!

Olurf: Yer doing pretty well, elf-boy!

Victory Dialogue

Cleodil: There is some greasy-looking smoke rising ahead of us! Kalenz... my lord... I feel something terribly wrong is happening!

Olurf: Crelanu’s place should be close now, as I remember. Quickly, this way!

Scenario 11: Battle of the Book

Story Text

Quickening their pace, the elves and dwarves raced towards the smoke...

Introductory Dialogue

Landar: Looks like your mage friend is in trouble. There is a horde of drakes attacking him!

Kalenz: Indeed. Before he can aid us, we will have to aid him.

Aquagar: Fools! The book will be mine!

Cleodil: There... I sense magic emanating from that stone keep east of the lake. That is where we will find the mage.

Crelanu Is Seen

Crelanu: I sense a presence that is not one of Aquagar’s creatures. Who are you, and what is your purpose here?

Cleodil: That, I think, must be the mage of which Olurf spoke. But he is not the one I sensed as we approached this place...

Landar: I feel the shadow of destiny on my soul. There is something I am fated to do here, but I know not what.

Kalenz: If you are the mage Crelanu, we have come to seek your help.

Crelanu: I am Crelanu... but if you want my help you must begin by helping me, for I am besieged here and in no state to aid anyone else.

Landar: Ahhh. A fight! Perhaps this is my fate. Come, Kalenz, let us make a rescue.

Aquagar Dies

Aquagar: I die, but I will not go unavenged! Cursed will you be Kalenz! You will never find lasting peace in all your years. You will lose your dearest. And you, Crelanu, your book will bring woe on you and haunt all its future owners to their graves! This will be the price for slaying me, Aquagar, great drake wizard of Morogoth.

Olurf: Some scary fellow this Aquagar thinks he is! Come now, I think Crelanu owes us some drinks.

Crelanu Dies

Kalenz: There goes our last hope!

Scenario 12: Revelations

Story Dialogue

Crelanu: So you are the ones who defeated Aquagar and his drakes. Olurf, I know you; you were here before when we were both much younger. But Elves never come to Thoria. Yet these are no ordinary times for this land. I know all; I have foreseen this would happen.

Olurf: This is Kalenz, leader of the elves. I have brought him here to ask for your advice and your aid in dealing with the orcs.

Crelanu: Elves, you have fought valiantly and have won a great victory at the forest of Wesmere. Yet the forces ranged against you are not yet defeated. Indeed, they grow stronger every day. You contend against destiny. But for the moment you have diverted the orcs’ attention.

Kalenz: What do you mean, ‚Äòdiverted their attention’?

Crelanu: You cannot even imagine it. Why do you suppose orcs came all the way here to attack you?

Landar: Because they are orcs! Look old man, can you help us beat them or not?

Crelanu: You must be Landar. Very brave, but also very brash.

Kalenz: Landar is brash, but he does speak plainly why we came here. I do not understand what you are talking about, either. Olurf tells me you are very wise, but only help for a price. We will pay any price within our power; just name it.

Cleodil: Are you saying the orcs attacked us looking for something?

Crelanu: Yes, that is what I am saying.

Cleodil: It makes sense now. The Saurians were asking about a dastone, and also after we won in Wesmere there was an Orc mumbling something about a dastone...

Crelanu: It’s not a dastone, it’s the stone: They mean the Ruby of Fire...

Kalenz: What’s that, and what does it have to do with us?

Crelanu: It’s the source of your troubles. It is a very powerful magical artifact. The tyrant Haldric has it, but he has fooled the orcs into believing that the elves are hiding it. But now, they suspect they have been fooled. Haldric and his people will pay for his arrogance.

Kalenz: Hmm... You seem to love king Haldric even less than the elf-lords of the Ka’lian do... How do you know all this of him?

Crelanu: I once counted Haldric a friend, but he was the one who banished me from Wesnoth. He charged me with trying to steal the Ruby, seeking its power for myself... but the truth is that the Ruby is warping Haldric’s mind, making him ever more surly and suspicious of those he once counted allies. Anyone can wield the Ruby in battle when his anger merges with the fiery nature of the gem, but only a true master of magic, or one who is uncommonly pure in heart, can safely handle it outside of battle. Unshielded, its magical radiance changes Haldric a little every time he comes close to it.

Kalenz: So the orcs will, seeking the Ruby, now attack the humans?

Crelanu: Yes. But after they win, your people will be next. And after you, the dwarves.

Landar: Don’t worry overmuch about us. It is clear you have troubles of your own.

Kalenz: We are grateful for this counsel. But can you help us directly? Is there a way to stop the orcs?

Crelanu: You cannot defeat them with the forces you can now muster. You can only gain time, in the hope that you can use it to grow strong again.

Kalenz: How? Don’t tell me we had to fight the saurians, cross Arkan-Thoria, contend against the river monsters, and fight trolls and yetis to come here for nothing!

Crelanu: You need to kill their Great Chief and make it look like he was murdered by orcs. That way the orcs will start a civil war for succession, for many yearn to take their Great Chief’s place. You will be safe until a new leader arises strong enough to unite them again.

Olurf: Kill an orcish Great Chieftain? But he’s guarded better than a troll hole!

Crelanu: Indeed, it will not be at all easy. But maybe I can help you...

Kalenz: But you want something in return...

Crelanu: It is as you say. These drakes were after my book. This book has all the magic and spells I know in it. They are very powerful, but the one enemy they cannot defeat is old age. The knowledge tempts me to prolong my life by evil and dark means... But this is the work of my life and I can no more destroy it than I could slay my own child. Aquagar is slain, but more will come. One of my allies has betrayed me, and now too many know of this book.

Kalenz: If you come with us, we will protect you...

Crelanu: No, my time is done... But the charge I lay on you, Kalenz, is to take my book and keep it from unworthy hands. Find someone to hold it who will not be corrupted by its power. And then find someone worthy not merely to hold it, but to use it!

Landar: If your book is as powerful as you say, why not use it against the orcs?

Crelanu: Because the book is like the Ruby of Fire. Any fool can use the magic in the book, but only a master can vanquish the lust for power that it will bring out in him. He who fails will turn into something like Haldric, or worse...

Kalenz: Cleodil is pure in heart. Perhaps she can guard your book without being corrupted by its secrets...

Cleodil: I am sure all these secrets are far beyond my art. My art is the healing kind and I...

Crelanu: There is no other option.

Kalenz: Very well, suppose Cleodil accepts the guardianship of your book. How will you then help us slay the orcish Great Chief?

Crelanu: There is a way, but it will be very dangerous. Two of you must enter the orcish camp by stealth and kill the Great Chief. There is a potion that will make you invisible for some time.

Kalenz: The elves have legends of such things. I suppose you have this potion, then?

Crelanu: Indeed I do, but it is perilous to use. It is made from the eyes of a powerful undead lich. It will make you invisible, but it is likely also to have undesirable effects, some temporary, some permanent!

Cleodil: No! This is too dark and dangerous! I fear for you, Kalenz! I... would not see you come to harm.

Kalenz: What undesirable effects?

Crelanu: Your physical strength will decrease, though in return you will be able to use magic more easily and powerfully. Cleodil will show you. But the real danger will be the touch of the lich’s evil nature stealing through your veins. You will need to fight and master this evil in yourself, else you might slowly turn into a lesser demilich yourself. This is why you must take only a small dose and finish the job quickly. Delay and you will fail in your mission; take too large a dose, and you will become as the lich was.

Kalenz: It is a dark and desperate course you set before me, but I see no other way; we must stop the orcs. As leader I cannot ask my men to run a risk I will not take myself, so I will be one of the two who will go to kill the Great Chief. But I will not compel anyone else to come with me, not at peril of being overwhelmed from within by evil magic. Does anyone volunteer?

Landar: I will come with you. We shall not fail!

Crelanu: This does not seem the wisest of choices.

Kalenz: Landar may be impetuous, but he is a great fighter and my trusted friend. We should be about our task now, I think. Crelanu, your book will be safe with us. Cleodil will guard it until we find a worthy keeper.

Crelanu: Come, I will give you and Landar the potion and show you a safe point to cross the river.

Scenario 13: News from the Front

Story Text

With Crelanu’s book in hand, Kalenz and his band began the long journey south to the Ka’lian...

Introductory Dialogue

Landar: Oh, no, I forgot my dose of Crelanu’s invisibility philter. I’ll go back and get it. I’ll catch up with you later!

Olurf: Maybe some of my dwarves can escort you...

Kalenz: Go, Landar, but be careful. We need you.

Narrator: Some weeks later, as Kalenz and his companions were working their way southwards from the high peaks of the Heart Mountains into its foothills...

(Hello scout)

Eonihar: At last I have found, you alive and well! We need you back at once! The orcs have attacked the humans.

Kalenz: This means we are safe for the time being, no?

Eonihar: What’s more, King Haldric is dead. His successor wants to renew the treaty of alliance and has asked for our help.

Landar: How convenient! Now they need our help, they come running!

Kalenz: Landar! You’re back! All is well?

Landar: Yes, I have the philter of invisibility.

Kalenz: We face a difficult choice. I know humans did not help us when the orcs attacked, but the orcs are everybody’s enemy. When humans fall, we’ll be next.

Eonihar: The orcish forces are encamped south of the Great River, and have surrounded the fortified human settlement at Tath. The humans are sending all their forces there. We need to decide whether we will help them or not.

Kalenz: Go tell the council and the human king that we will be there! Now, let’s hurry!

Scenario 14: Human Alliance

Story Text

Chapter two, Part two, The Alliance

With the human-elf alliance revived, our heroes hurried to the battlefield...

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: Tremble, orcs! The vengeance of the Elves is upon you!!

Aldar: So it is true! The elves have come to our aid!

Olurf: Hey! Do I look like an elf?

Landar: I can scarce believe I am fighting besides these betrayers.

Cleodil: We cannot be choosy about our allies when our need is dire.

Kalenz: Indeed not. Save your anger for our enemies, Landar.

Landar: I shall. But when our need is not so dire, there must be a reckoning...

Tan-Grub: An elven army to the north? And they have dwarves with them? We must defeat them in detail before they combine, which means attacking before our reinforcements arrive. Maybe we can beat the humans before the elves can intervene. Overrun city and castle!

Narrator: The brazen cry of a war-horn is heard in the distance.

(Hello scout)

Aldun: General Aldar has received your message. He asks that you engage the orcish reinforcements from the north, preventing them from joining with their fellows here. Those fresh troops must not be allowed to enter the battle! Our reinforcements should arrive in a few days.

Kalenz: Very well... But have you any word of the elvish troops marching to join us? We are too few to defeat the enemy without them.

Aldun: We have no news from the Ka’lian.

Orcish Reinforcements

Narrator: The brazen cry of a war-horn is heard in the distance.

Aldar: More of them arrive.

Orcish Warlord: Our wolves’ teeth will crack their bones! Attack!

Orcish Warlord II: Blood and steel! Hunt the worms down and crush them!

Orcish Reinforcements II

Narrator: The brazen cry of a war-horn is heard in the distance.

Orcish Warlord III: Har har har!

Elvish Reinforcments

Elf: Kalenz! We come to fight beside you!

Kalenz: Where is the rest of the elvish army? They were promised and should be here!

Elf: The Great Council has decided it was too risky to send troops here. But some of us dissented and have come to fight beside you.

Landar: That is well! If the Ka’lian is too fearful or blind to see what is needed, we must do it ourselves.

Cleodil: It is not well that we have become so divided as this.

Kalenz: No, it is not. But if we do not defeat these orcs here and now our divisions will all be moot. I will take every sword-arm I can get and be glad of them.

Time Over

Kulrad: I see foul orcs to be ridden down! Charge!

Orc Leader: More of the cursed horse-pokers!! Run, let’s get out of here!

Narrator: The not-at-all-brazen cry of a war-horn is heard in the distance.

Kalenz: We have thwarted the Orcs once again!

Cleodil: And we revived the alliance with the Humans, which is no small thing.

Kalenz: Indeed it is not. As always, Cleodil, you speak with the wisdom and care that befits a healer. That is a good reminder for those who must walk the path of steel and warfare, and touches my heart.

Olurf: A good fight against foul enemies. These orcs make a dwarf’s hackles rise; I might even fight them for free, next time.

Aldar: The King is here! Hail Haldric II, King of Wesnoth!

Enemeis Defeated

Aldar: This is only a pause in their onslaught. Reform, men, and bind your wounds as you may. They’ll be back.

Kalenz: We have thwarted the Orcs once again!

Cleodil: And we revived the alliance with the Humans, which is no small thing.

Kalenz: Indeed it is not. As always, Cleodil, you speak with the wisdom and care that befits a healer. That is a good reminder for those who must walk the path of steel and warfare, and touches my heart.

Olurf: A good fight against foul enemies. These orcs make a dwarf’s hackles rise; I might even fight them for free, next time.

Aldar: The King is here! Hail Haldric II, King of Wesnoth!

Aldar Dies

Aldar: Tath will fall! We have failed!

Grol Dies

Grol: I die? Great Chief never said anything about fighting elves and dwarves!

Scenario 15: The Treaty

Story Dialogue

Harldric II: Friends, today we have won a great victory, though it lost us good men. Let this be the beginning of a new alliance between our people.

kalenz: King Haldric II, I am very pleased to hear these words. We are facing dangerous adversaries. We intend to put an end to this threat and we will welcome any ally against it.

Landar: What? We cannot trust these humans! Where were they when we fought the orcs alone? This King is bound to betray us just as his father did!

Aldar: Silence! How dare you talk this way to the King!

Haldric II: Calm down, Aldar! The elf is right to reproach us. My father did not help when the orcs attacked you. But my father is dead. There are a lot of things my father did that I can not understand; he grew suspicious and strange in his last days. But I am the King of Wesnoth now, not my father! And it is my intention to renew our alliance by signing a new treaty here, with you.

Kalenz: The King speaks wisdom. We cannot undo the past. And we need each other to fight the orcs. I will sign the treaty on behalf of the Elves.

(Historical note: In Sceptre Of Fire, the beginning of which is dated 25YW, it is said that this conversation took place ten years ago. So this has to be 15YW. Beware of changing the chronology of this scenario without tweaking SoF as well.)

Cleodil: Your father had a certain stone, the Ruby of Fire. Do you still have it?

Haldric II: How is it that you know about the Ruby of Fire?

Cleodil: We have learned, oh King, that the energy suffusing the Ruby can have evil effects on its wielders. It may well be this was the reason your father grew closed in upon himself. For your own sake and that of your kingdom, we advise you to enclose it in a net or filigree of pure gold charged with the magic of light.

Haldric II: Yes... this would explain many things. It shall be as you say, and I am grateful for the warning.

Kalenz: Now that we have signed the Treaty, let us put it into action. We will take the fight to the orcs before winter falls; we need you to demonstrate against them, drawing them away from the roads north. Can we count on you?

Haldric II: I am not sure... My late father did not pay too much attention to military matters, and we have already lost very many men...

Landar: I knew it! I always told you we stand alone!

Scenario 16: The Chief Must Die

Story Dialogue

Chapter three Part one

With the battle of Tath over, Kalenz and Landar knew the time had come to carry out Crelanu’s dangerous but necessary plan. Meanwhile Cleodil had, reluctantly, been training Kalenz in a selected few of the secrets of Crelanu’s book...

Cleodil: I have taught you all that I dare. My lord... Kalenz... I pray you come back safely. My heart aches when I think of you going into such danger as this. It is peril not merely to your body, but to the essence of yourself.

Kalenz: Cleodil...

Cleodil: I do not think I could bear your death. Still less could I bear the corruption of your soul; the grief would ruin me.

Kalenz: My eyes are open. To the danger, and... to you. You glow like a star in the night, Cleodil. You will be my guide out of darkness.

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: Here we are at last. Landar, are you sure you want to go through with this?

Landar: Absolutely. Let’s do it!

Kalenz: We need to kill the Great Chief and get out before the effect of the philter ends. Time to drink it down now!

(Fancy effects)

Kalenz: This feels passing strange! Landar, remember to stay far from the wolves —they may be able to smell us.

Brurbar Dies

Kalenz: The orcish chieftain is dead! Now we must make appear he was slain by an orcish hand!

Turns Run Out

Kalenz: We are too late, the potion effects have worn off and we are visible!

With our ruse revealed, the orcs will attack our forests instead of fighting among themselves.

Kalenz Reaches Signpost

Kalenz: Done!

Victory Dialogue

Ozul: The Great Chief has been murdered! Whoever did it will only get da throne over my dead stinking body!

Tamitahan: I am the strongest warlord! I will be Chief!

Gyur: No way anyone will steal my throne!

Khrubar: This is my time and I will kill anyone who disputes it!

Landar: The plan is working! Now we will take back what’s ours!

Kalenz: Softly, Landar. We still have to get out of here...

Scenario 17: Breaking the Siege

Story Text

With the orcs embroiled in a civil war, Kalenz seized the chance to take back his beloved home. Reports had been arriving of an enclave of Northern Elves yet holding out against the orcish invaders. It was quickly decided to send a force to their aid. But harsh winter weather descended while it was en route...

Introductory Dialogue

Kior-Pur: I see troops coming from the south! It must be that our army has beaten these elves and humans and will now help us crush these remaining elves!

Uradredia: Our defenses are stretched thin. Men, prepare to face another orcish attack!

Kalenz: The North Elves still stand. Prepare for battle!

Orcish Reinforcements

Kior-Pur: The elves are attacking us! Reserves!

Kior-Pur Dies

Kalenz: Before you die, know that you lost in Wesmere, you lost at Tath, you will lose here and that your Great Chief is dead!

Victory Dialogue

Kalenz: The North Elves are now free!

Uradredia: Our thanks to you, Kalenz, son of Kliada. Our troops are at your command.

Scenario 18: Hour of Glory

Story Dialogue

Cleodil: Kalenz, your mission is complete. The orcish Great Chieftain is dead and you have recaptured your home. Yet I sense there is turmoil in your mind...

Kalenz: It is indeed as you say, Cleodil. It is that potion that gnaws at me. I cannot enjoy our victories, nor can I rest. I am fighting it every single moment.

Cleodil: Crelanu warned us this might occur...

Kalenz: There was no other choice. Even if we die, it was worth it.

Cleodil: You will not die. You must fight it. I have faith in you Kalenz... beloved... You will overcome and master it. It will be hard and painful, but you will beat the potion. It is Landar who truly concerns me...

Kalenz: He seems to handle it better than do I...

Cleodil: It does seem so, Kalenz. But I fear things may not be as they seem. Landar’s mind has become dark and clouded to my healing senses.

Kalenz: I understand too well what that may portend, beloved, but I do not wish to believe it. Landar is my friend, near as dear to me as you are.

Cleodil: Some dwarves have been found dead in our camp. Landar is extremely unfriendly towards them, and ill-feeling is growing. I think the dwarves will leave us soon.

Kalenz: I will try to mend matters between them...

Cleodil: I see I cannot convince you. Go, do as you must; but be careful Kalenz, for I fear for us all...

Scenario 19: Costly Revenge

Story Dialogue

But Kalenz failed to persuade the dwarves. The dwarves left, and Landar insisted the elves must march on the empire of the Saurians...

Cleodil; Kalenz... the shydes and druids are not happy with this. The saurians are already beaten, and there is too much hate in Landar’s heart. Something is not right here.

Kalenz: I am not entirely easy with this myself, Cleodil. But there is something to what Landar says; the wide green world must know there is a price, a heavy price for raiding in the forest of Wesmere.

Cleodil: Then you who walk the earth path and carry steel can collect that price. Those on the faerie path will not be with you. Not this time.

Kalenz: We do as we must.

Introductory Dialogue

Elf: We have finally reached Saurgrath, their capitol. Remember whose side they have taken in the war against us.

Landar: Now is our chance to finish them off...

Kalenz: I fear this will be a bloodbath...

Landar: Destroy them, root and branch. Burn out their homes. Let none remain alive!

Narrator: Kalenz is not able to recruit or recall shamans or any of their advancements in this scenario.

Capture a Village

Elf: These are but eggs and hatchlings.

Landar: Do not spare them. They will only foul our forests anew when they get their growth.

Saurian: They even shatter our eggs!

Anduilas/Elf: But... to kill their young? Are we to go that far?

Kalenz: Stay. You need not have the blood of children on your hands, and I shall not.

Landar: Perhaps you are too tender-minded to do what must be done, but many of us are not.

Kalenz: I will not set elf against elf. But, Landar, I fear you are storing up a dreadful price for yourself.

Landar: Stand aside. I will do what is needful.

Saurian II: Their revenge is terrible! I fear for our kind.

Saurian Leader: Don’t flee. We cannot abandon our capitol.

Victory Dialogue

Kalenz: That was the last. A bitter day’s work, and no memory to be proud of.

Landar: WHISPER: A shame we missed the opportunity to rid the forests of dwarves, as well.

Scenario 20: Council Ruling

Story Dialogue

With the once mighty Saurian empire destroyed, saurians had been reduced to scattered bands lurking in waste places. But the Elves still had problems of their own...

Legmir: Kalenz, the council has called you here to demand that you apologize for your actions. You took the decision to help the humans at Tath, and hence risk further war with the Orcs; to strike at the orcs north; and last to attack the Saurians. These were decisions to be taken by the council, not by a field commander!

Kalenz: With all respect my lords, we were and still are in a war. We could not spare the time to consult with you, lest our opportunities slip from our grasp and make the war longer and more costly. Besides, all our actions have been beneficial to our cause: The Orcs are now in a civil war for succession, the North Elves are free and the Saurians are no longer a threat.

El’Isomithir: The council is not blind to these benefits. But, still, you cannot decide high matters of statecraft on behalf of the Elves. We cannot allow it.

Galtrid: If it weren’t for Kalenz and his men, none of us would be here to argue the point today.

Uradredia: I agree. What’s done is done. Let us concentrate on the future, not the past.

Lady Dionli: Kalenz, the council has decided that you are to be stripped of all military authority. You may now go.

Kalenz: I lay down my burden humbly and gladly. But we need to have a strong army, as the orcs will return!

Landar: Cowards and traitors!

Scenario 21: Elvish Assassins

Story Text

After the council’s decision, Kalenz and Cleodil retired in the North.

Free of the pressure of war, they took delight in each other. The heart-bond they had formed amidst peril and death grew closer, and all but vanquished the remnant evil Crelanu’s philter had left in Kalenz. The two began to think of having children.

But their peace was not to last. In the outer world, the blood tides were rising. And in the heart of Landar, who had once been their friend, evil was not vanquished, but festered and grew...

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Kalenz begins this scenario in retirement, and is not able to recall his veteran troops.

Galenor: My lord Kalenz, you are in great danger! You must leave here immediately.

Kalenz: What?!

Galenor: Landar has seized control of the army. He has eliminated the council and proclaimed himself High Warlord of the Elves. What is worse, there is word out that he has already ordered your assassination.

Crintil: Too late! All traitors will die!

Kalenz: Listen to me! We have fought and bled side by side. We must trust in each other and face the Orcs together!

Oblil: Do not listen to this traitor! You have all heard the order!

Galenor: You should try to reach Uradredia and the North Elves. He too, has refused to join Landar. Word is that some troops still loyal to you are heading there.

Betraying Side Attacks Enemy

Betrayer: Hold, $unit.name|! Now we fight for Landar!

Betrayer II: As you command, my lord.

Cleodil: You turn on us? I cannot believe it! How has elf come to strive against elf so bitterly?

Kalenz: Evil takes many forms, my love. Today we see another of its faces... and must defeat it again. Prepare to die, $betrayer|!

Betrayer: Only Landar has the will to do what must be done to save the Elves!

Crintil/Antaril Attacks Betrayers

Defender: Hold your hand, $unit.name|! $second_unit.name| is on our side!

Betrayer: I will not stand by as Kalenz betrays us to the Humans and Dwarves. We follow Landar now!

Betrayer II: As you command, my lord.

Cleodil: You turn on us? I cannot believe it! How has elf come to strive against elf so bitterly?

Kalenz: Evil takes many forms, my love. Today we see another of its faces... and must defeat it again. Prepare to die, $betrayer|!

Betrayer II: Only Landar has the will to do what must be done to save the Elves!

Move to Signpost

Kalenz: Now we must fare swiftly to the North Elves!

Scenario 22: Northern Battle

Story Text

It was clear to Kalenz and Cleodil that there would be no sanctuary for them while Landar lived. But during their years in seclusion the fame of their deeds had only grown. Many healers and sorceresses responded to Cleodil’s call, and Kalenz found that recruits came to him as readily as if he were still High Lord in name.

Kalenz’s veterans joined the host of the Northern Elves under Uradredia. Very soon, Landar’s army appeared...

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Kalenz can only recall shamans and their advancements from his former army; the rest of his men joined Uradredia before he arrived.

Kalenz: Landar, listen to me! It does not have to come to this. I know about the potion. Let us help!

Landar: Here is Kalenz. There can be no talk with traitors! Leave none of them alive!

Approach Landar

Landar: Things are not going well! Retreat! We will meet again, traitors!

Time Runs Out

Landar: We have yet to break their defenses! While we are getting weaker, the enemy is getting stronger! Retreat!

Kalenz: We won!

Scenario 23: End of War

Story Text

It is said that the battle with the North Elves was the beginning of the end for Landar’s revolt. But civil war smoldered on for many more years, neither side mustering enough strength to achieve a decisive victory. Until, eventually, Landar’s increasingly harsh and arrogant ways drove away many of his followers. After assembling all the troops he could, Kalenz marched against his old friend and now mortal enemy, Landar, in the forest of Gitamoth...

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: Landar, let us spill no more elvish blood. Give up. We can help you!

Landar: No! It all ends here!

Kalenz's Elf Kills Landar's Elf

Killer: Forgive me $unit.name|. I will sing your name in praise under the stars!

Killed: We must all pass, $second_unit.name|. Make your song beautiful...

Landar's Elf Kills Kalenz's Elf

Killer: Forgive me, $unit.name|, this victory brings me no joy.

Killed: Remember me to the trees, $second_unit.name|.

Landar Dies

Landar: I fall. Perhaps now I can rest!

Kalenz: I am deeply grieved that it came to this, Landar. You were my best friend. I was blind to what the potion was doing to you. I was fighting it myself!

Landar: I know. But you are not at fault, for I did not take just one bottle. I wanted to make sure we could kill the orcish Great Chief, so I went back for a second and drank that one, too. Now I have driven our dwarvish allies away and brought death and disaster to our own people. I have even tried to kill my own friend. I am a disgrace to elven-kind.

Kalenz: It was not all your fault. Maybe the curse of Aquagar struck true, or maybe yours was the blood-price fate required of us for victory. Rest well, my friend. Rest well Landar, Hero of the Elves!

Scenario 24: Epilogue

Story Text

Kalenz buried Landar with full honors and made him a monument worthy of a true elvish hero.

Landar’s remaining followers’ lives were spared, but they were banished to Gitamoth forest, henceforth known as Silent Forest.

As Landar had wiped out the Elvish Council, Kalenz was unanimously chosen as High Lord of the Elves. North and South Elves swore allegiance to him.

Kalenz reorganized the Elves so they could mobilize for war more readily. He knew that the orcish threat was not over; that the elves, through hesitation, had lost a golden opportunity to end the threat and that trouble would someday return.

When Kalenz felt his work to have been done as well as it might be, he retired with Cleodil to their home in the Forest of Lintanir.

Cleodil bore Kalenz children who were tall, and beautiful, and inherited in full measure both their mother’s healing gifts and their father’s talented and searching mind. In the fullness of time, after a long life full of accomplishment and love and laughter, Cleodil died after the manner of Elves, aging swiftly to a peaceful end.

But Kalenz’s story was not yet over. Aquagar’s curse was fulfilled; prolonged in life by Crelanu’s philter, he outlived not only his beloved but their children. Sundered from his kin by their mortality, fleeing the reflections in their eyes of his lost beloved, he left his home and wandered for many a year across the Great Continent. Oft did he arrive unexpected at times and places when his people were in dire straits, and succor them with wisdom or magic or his bright keen blade.

To learn of Kalenz’s last and perhaps greatest deeds, and those in which he was most alone, seek ye the tale of Delfador the Great and the fall of the usurping Queen Asheviere.

LOW's Specified Unit Names


  • Kalenz (Elvish Fighter/Elvish Lord)
  • Landar (Elvish Archer)
  • Anduilas (Elvish Fighter)
  • Velon (Elvish Captain)
  • Galtrid (Elvish Captain)
  • El’Isomithir (Elvish Hero)
  • Eradion (Elvish Marshal)
  • Huraldur (Elvish Scout)
  • Cleodil (Elvish Shyde)
  • Arkildur (Elvish Fighter)
  • Tameril-Isimeril (Elvish Archer)
  • Laril (Elvish Archer)
  • Lady Dionli (Elvish Lady)
  • Legmir
  • Eonihar (Elvish Scout)
  • Uradredia (Elvish Marshal)
  • Antaril (Elvish Ranger)
  • Crintil (Elvish Marshal)
  • Oblil (Elvish Captain)
  • Galenor (Elvish Scout)


  • T’baran (Orcish Warrior)
  • Wrulf (Orcish Warrior)
  • Qumseh (Orcish Warrior)
  • Graur-Tan (Orcish Warrior)
  • Urudin (Orcish Slayer)
  • Murudin (Orcish Warlord)
  • Mutaf-uru (Orcish Warlord)
  • Urug-Tar (Orcish Warlord)
  • Graur-Tan (Orcish Warlord)
  • Mordrum (Orcish Warlord)
  • Urug-Pir (Orcish Warlord)
  • Grubr (Orcish Warlord)
  • Pirror (Orcish Warlord)
  • Tan-Grub (Orcish Warlord)
  • Khafa-Ura (Orcish Warlord)
  • Odrun (Goblin Pillager)
  • Gragul (Goblin Pillager)
  • Kardur (Goblin Pillager)
  • Muhtr (Goblin Knight)
  • Kartrog (Goblin Pillager)
  • Griul (Wolf Rider)
  • Sdrul (Goblin Knight)
  • Etruw (Wolf Rider)
  • Utrub (Direwolf Rider)
  • Bihlas (Goblin Pillager)
  • Uhmit (Goblin Knight)
  • Mrat (Direwolf Rider)
  • Grut (Orcish Grunt)
  • Krolru (Orcish Grunt)
  • Kryl (Orcish Warrior)
  • Erdug (Orcish Crossbowman)
  • Urdol (Orcish Warrior)
  • Tan-Drur (Orcish Warrior)
  • Brim (Orcish Crossbowman)
  • Krud (Orcish Grunt)
  • Krulr (Orcish Warrior)
  • Draglar (Orcish Warrior)
  • Qmrun (Orcish Warrior)
  • Erdog (Goblin Impaler)
  • Sbrak (Goblin Spearman)
  • Urdum (Goblin Spearman)
  • Ozdul (Goblin Impaler)
  • Zuzerd (Goblin Impaler)
  • Egrok (Orcish Archer)
  • Urbus (Orcish Assassin)
  • Erbru (Orcish Slayer)
  • Muhmr (Orcish Warrior)
  • Cfrul (Orcish Crossbowman)
  • Irkrul (Orcish Crossbowman)
  • Cebrun (Orcish Grunt)
  • Krundrum (Orcish Grunt)
  • Arrkud (Orcish Grunt)
  • Gulmod (Orcish Grunt)
  • Great Chief Brurbar (Orcish Sovereign)
  • Tamitahan (Orcish Warlord)
  • Khrubar (Orcish Warlord)
  • Gyur (Orcish Warlord)
  • Ozul (Orcish Warlord)
  • Kior-Pur (Orcish Warlord)
  • Mbiran (Orcish Warlord)
  • Tan-Durr (Orcish Warlord)
  • Zhuk (Direwolf Rider)
  • Dran (Direwolf Rider)
  • Hrugt (Direwolf Rider)
  • Orhtib (Direwolf Rider)


  • Olurf (Dwarvish Steelclad)
  • Bulrod (Dwarvish Steelclad)
  • Simclon (Dwarvish Thunderer)
  • Harald (Dwarvish Berserker)
  • Budrin (Dwarvish Berserker)
  • Dudan (Dwarvish Fighter)
  • Korbun (Dwarvish Fighter)
  • Merhun (Dwarvish Berserker)


  • Grugl (Troll Hero/Great Troll)
  • Traur (Troll Warrior)
  • Truugl (Great Troll)
  • Tarfrul (Troll Warrior)
  • Trigrul (Troll Warrior)
  • Grol (Great Troll)


  • Shurm (Saurian Ambusher)
  • Triar (Saurian Ambusher)
  • Hraurg (Saurian Ambusher)
  • Spahr (Saurian Ambusher)
  • Huurgh (Saurian Flanker)
  • Shhar (Saurian Oracle)
  • Spahr (Saurian Flanker)
  • Hayr (Saurian Flanker)


  • Sealurr (Water Serpent)
  • Kallub (Cuttle Fish)
  • Scardeep (Water Serpent)
  • Kalimar (Cuttle Fish)
  • Alkamar (Cuttle Fish)
  • Gryphon Leader (Gryphon)
  • Krula (Yeti)
  • Tralg (Yeti)
  • Drolg (Yeti)


  • Aquagar (Arch Mage)
  • Crelanu (Elder Mage)
  • Aldar (General)
  • Aldun (Horseman)
  • Kulrad (Paladin)


  • Saurian Treasury
  • River Telfar
  • Northern Shallows
  • Ford of Alyas
  • Ford of Tifranur
  • North Tower
  • West Tower
  • East Tower
  • South Bastion
  • Telfar Green
  • Dancer’s Green
  • Karmarth Hills
  • North Bridge
  • Brightleaf Wood
  • Westwind Wood
  • Southwind Wood
  • Telionath
  • Arthen
  • Arryn
  • Illissa
  • Viricon
  • Tireas
  • Essarn
  • Valcathra
  • Aelion
  • Elendor
  • Erethean