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This is a transcription of all dialogue from Liberty. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Death Dialogue


Baldras: Tell my wife... that I loved her!


Harper: Unngh... Now our people may never be free...


Relnan: I am finished... will we ever be free?

Lord Maddock

Lord Maddock: How can this be? We have lost.

Generic Defeat

Narrator:' They returned to their village to find it destroyed, with those who fought left dead and the few survivors born away to unguessable fates. It was a bitter doom, but as Asheviere's grip tightened they would live to see worse.


Holy Ankh

Description: You find a hefty pendant on a strange and ominous looking altar. It glows brightly when you pick it up!

Description: There is a strange altar here and a pendant on it. I don't want to touch it.

Scenario 1: The Raid

Story Text

In the Era of Turmoil, during the reign of King Garard II, the border towns of Delwyn and Dallben in the province of Annuvin grew increasingly dissatisfied with the King's rule. Being preoccupied with the great wars, the King was unable to send adequate forces to protect the frontier.

The hardy people of these marches learned self-reliance and survival skills against the raiding orc hordes and savage saurians. They established their own trading routes and pacts of mutual defense.

Although not permitted to train with proper military weapons, these woodsmen were at home in the forests and swamps of the Western Marches, and became very effective with their simple slings and clubs.

After the betrayal of the King by Queen Asheviere, the new regent of Wesnoth sought to consolidate her ill-gotten power. She sent her armies across Wesnoth to intimidate the provincial rulers and secure her continued reign.

The people of Annuvin were unwilling to relinquish their hard-earned self-rule, especially not to this pretender...

Introductory Dialogue

Fal Khag: I long to burn human cities, but until our great chieftains provide us with sufficient forces we must look to these villagers to feed our wolves and slake the thirst of our blades.

Ride, you worms, I want to finish our raid before the hunting party returns to the human village.

Red: Look, goblin riders approach! You were right, they were going to raid Dallben while we were gone.

Baldras: We must stop them before they reach the village. Damn the crown, they have long since forgotten about us out here.

Harper: That goblin leader is heading full-speed straight for Dallben. But we'll need to chase them all down if we're going to stop them.

Baldras: Do it. Try to hold them back until us old-timers can get there and finish them off.

And Harper... don't get yourself killed. I'm responsible for you now that your father is gone, and I won't dishonor his memory by breaking my promise to keep you safe.

Harper: ...I know... All right now, let's stop these goblins!


Harper: We are barely able to survive these orc raids. We lost two men last week, more today... yet Weldyn does nothing!

We are barely able to survive these orc raids. We lost two men last week, more could have died today... yet Weldyn does nothing!

Baldras: The King stopped sending patrols out here once the war started. Once that happened, the burden fell to us. We are citizens of Wesnoth, and as long as her banner flies we will resist the horde.

Harper: The banner will fly over a ghost town if help does not come soon.

Orcs near the Village

Harper: They're getting closer to our village! What about the town guards, can they help us?

Baldras: They'll come out when they see those riders, or us, approaching, but there aren't many of them... I wouldn't count on them being able to protect the village alone for long.

Units very near to the Village


Wolmas: What's happening here? Why are you running like mad, $|?

Unit: Goblin riders on the hunt. We must not let any of them to the village!


Wolmas: Look! Goblin riders are on the hunt - and heading right for Dallben!

Remald: Halt!

The Orcs Reach the Village

Baldras: The goblins reached the village! There will surely be nothing left when they are done pillaging it.


Narrator: None remarked on the passing of the tiny, isolated frontier town. It was but a harbinger of the evil to come under the tyranny of Asheviere.

Scenario 2: Civil Disobedience

Introductory Dialogue

Harper: Look, riders approach.

Baldras: Stand fast, nephew.

Tarwen: By order of the Queen, the magistrate of this town is ordered to travel with us to Elensefar for vetting.

Harper: Garard is the King of Wesnoth. We are ruled by no queen.

Tarwen: Insolent peasants, you will kneel before your betters! Asheviere is the queen of Wesnoth. The King fell three weeks ago at Abez. I shall not bandy words with you. Your magistrate will be coming with us, and we do not care if it is dead or alive.

Baldras: Harper, get out of here. This is no battle for you.

I am the magistrate of Dallben, and it is YOU who will be leaving Dallben, be it dead or alive.

Attack Tarwen

Tarwen: Get back, you cur!

Tarwen Dies

Killer: Get out of my village!

Baldras: Our lives were hard enough when we were beneath the attention of the Crown. But now I fear things will be worse.

Harper: We must tell the people of Delwyn about this.

Advisor: That is true. We have always flown to their aid, and they to ours. This is something we should face together.

Baldras: Very well. We will go to Delwyn and share counsel with them. I never thought Wesnoth would fall into darkness. Now, not only do the orcs threaten our lands, but some sinister thing is happening with the ascent of the Queen to the throne.

Today we may no longer be citizens of Wesnoth. I wish it could be otherwise, but we are now outlaws.

Time Runs Out

Baldras: Oh, no! We have run out of time, they have arrived with reinforcements...


Narrator: They would be remembered only traitors rightly put down by the Queen's lances. And in the dark years to come, woe betide any who questioned it.

Scenario 3: A Strategy of Hope

Introductory Dialogue

Baldras: Relnan, thank you for welcoming our messenger and agreeing to meet with us. In your many years as Delwyn's magistrate I have never known your judgment to err.

Relnan: It has been a long time, old friend. Your news worries us. Yet, there is no problem we have not worked out here at our secret meeting place.

Baldras: You do not understand. We attacked a Wesnoth army patrol. Not only that, the leader was no man I had ever seen in Annuvin province before. Never has one been sent out here as a patrol captain who was so ruthless and cruel.

Harper: Had they taken my uncle, they would have surely shown up in Delwyn today with the same ultimatum. As it is, several riders escaped.

Relnan: Well, it won't be long until they report back to the local garrison with the details of your encounter.

Advisor: Then they'll be back in force.

Baldras: An offense to decency, this is! Since when has Wesnoth been ruled by fear and treachery? We should consult with Lord Maddock of Elensefar. We have known him for years to be noble in deed as well as in name.

Relnan: I agree. But, Baldras, what will you tell him? We know something has been going badly wrong in Wesnoth of late, that more than ordinary corruption and incompetence is afoot. But when the effects fall on mere peasants, the wrong of it may not seem so obvious from a noble's chair.

Baldras: We need evidence. Hard evidence...but wait, are those orcish war drums I hear?

Relnan: I think they are, old friend. And that rank smell on the wind tells another tale; saurians approach. To arms!

Urk Delek: By the sound of the wolves, the scent trail of Fal Khag's killers ends here.

Thhsthss: Fal Khag is nothing to usss, orc. You promissed uss gold. Bright gold.

Urk Delek: You will get gold. And our wolves will get meat.


Baldras: Something is very wrong here. Those orcs were carrying weapons with Army forge-markings.

Relnan: Aye. And the gold in their pouches looked new from the mint.

Baldras: Can the darkest rumors be true, then? Does the Kingdom...does Queen Asheviere...send orcs against her own people?

Relnan: I think your mission to Lord Maddock just became more urgent than we knew, Baldras. I must remain here to see to the defense of Delwyn and Dallben, but you should fly to Elensefar with all speed.

Time Runs Out

Baldras: We have tarried here for far too long... there is no way we can reach Elensefar and return with help before the Wesnoth army destroys our homes. Retreat!!


Narrator: Baldras and Relnan returned to their villages to find them destroyed, with those who fought left dead and the few survivors born away to unguessable fates. It was a bitter doom, and as Wesnoth descended into darkness they would live to see worse.

Scenario 4: Valley of Trolls

Introductory Dialogue

Lord Maddock: Baldras, your trip here was not wise. The Queen's patrols have been visiting the local villages and bringing the elders here. Those that swear allegiance to the Queen are allowed to return home. Those that do not...

Baldras: ...are dispatched on the spot. I know the price of dissent. But what of you?

Lord Maddock: Well, they do not come within the walls of my city. They are actually camped nearby, and the main garrison is further south at Halstead. I know my time will soon come to swear allegiance, but they do not press me. They are afraid I will refuse.

Baldras: Will you?

Lord Maddock: Yes. The Queen ascended to the throne through the vilest of treachery. However, while most of my forces were sent with the King to fight the orcs, we have a strong enough contingent here to make the Queen's forces think twice about attacking Elensefar outright.

We have an uneasy peace until they are done with the smaller villages and finally come around to obtaining my oath. The treaty between Elensefar and Wesnoth is ancient, but I am not so naive as to place my full trust in it. Not in these wicked times.

Harper: What can we do then? We have brought with us many from Annuvin province who are willing to fight, but our families are still at home. They will not last long if the Queen's patrols return.

Lord Maddock: I am unwilling to start a civil war. I believe the Queen will remain preoccupied with order throughout the kingdom and, more importantly, with quelling the Northerner threat. We are a matter she will choose to deal with later rather than sooner, if she can.

Kestrel: A foolish miscalculation, Lord Maddock. These men with which you consort are outlaws and fugitives. They are a well-organized gang of criminals and murderers. We will kill them and then expect your oath of allegiance to Queen Asheviere.

Lord Maddock: Men, to arms! The defense of Elensefar has begun!

Enemies Become Undead at Night

Narrator: As the sun set, a horrific change began to take place to the human adversaries of Baldras and his allies...

Humans' Response

Harper: I cannot believe what my eyes are seeing! The flesh runs from their bones... these are not human warriors we fight. They are evil spirits masquerading as human!

Dawn Approaches

Lord Maddock: Their human aspect is returning! This is an evil manner of sorcery we face, but one that we may yet overcome. CHARGE!

Kestrel Undies

Unkiller: Who are you? What are you?

Kestrel: We are accursed. We were once under the command of Prince Eldred, the King's son and betrayer. The price for our treason is this hellish existence. We know not who or what inflicted this curse upon us, but our mortal deaths may be only the beginning of the penance we are doomed to pay.

Baldras: Lord Maddock, now that we are victorious, will you help us?

Lord Maddock: I will not. Unless you want me to round up the city's thieves to fight for you, I do not have the troops to spare. However, I am not the only one who commands men in this corner of Wesnoth.

Baldras: I don't understand. There are no other noble lords in this area.

Lord Maddock: Southeast of here there is a town, and there you may find assistance of the type I cannot give.

Baldras: Wish us well. If we are to resist the Wesnoth army a second time, we're going to need more than clubs and slings against steel.

Time Runs Out

Baldrass: Look, more riders come from the southeast. We cannot survive another assault. We are finished!


Narrator: Indeed, Asheviere's armies had mustered and struck before the nascent rebellion could even be planned. Her power and ruthlessness - and their toll of death - would only grow greater with time.

Scenario 5: Hide and Seek

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Relentlessly pursued by riders patrolling the road to Elensefar, Baldras and his men traveled unseen along the swampy banks of the Great River to the city of Carcyn.

They hid until nightfall, then crept out to find the help Lord Maddock hinted was here.

Baldras: I'm not sure where we're supposed to go now. If we go into town we can start asking around for information.

Who are you?

Link: I have come to find you. You must make it through the city without being seen. The soldiers are normally out hunting for my kind, but a company of heavy infantry arrived three days ago and took over the patrols.

Harper: They're looking for us.

Link: Well, good thing I found you first. Now hurry, you must make it past the city into the Grey Woods. There is a small path in the southeast that leads into the forest; look for the signpost. My brother Hans is waiting for you there and will take you to our master. Try to avoid the soldiers if you can.

See the Town Guards

Unit: Looks like these guards hold stationary posts, so if we're careful enough we should be able to slip our way around them unnoticed.

Baldras: Harper, you younger and faster folks need to be our eyes now. Scout ahead and try to find a way for us to get past the guards, but make sure to not stay where they can see you or we're all in big trouble...

Town Guards Start Chasing

Harper: They've seen us, RUN!

Town Guards Attack

Baldras: Fall back, quickly! Maybe we can yet lose them!

Baldras Finds Hans

Hans: Gentlemen, please come this way and follow the path into the forest. Our leader is anxious to meet you.

Unit: As soon as we escape the Wesnoth death squad, we will be happy to oblige.

Baldras: I haven't run this much in years. If you were to ask me to infiltrate a heavily guarded city relying on nothing but the cover of darkness and my wits, I would say you were crazy.

As it turns out, I'm the crazy one. Let's finish this folly.

Someone Else Finds Hans

Hans: You can come if you wish, but the leader is only interested in speaking to Baldras.


Hans: Fly, and we may yet evade them in the Grey Woods.

Baldras: Lead the way...

Time Runs Out

Baldras: We have spent too much time here. Surely the Queen's forces have returned to Dallben. Our mission is unfinished, but we must return to fight a suicide battle.

Scenario 6: A Detour through the Swamp

Introductory Dialogue

Baldras: The leader, I presume.

Helicrom: I am Helicrom, and you should not be so glib. I control dangerous men. My henchmen can slip unseen through any city, rob a man while he sleeps, or attack a caravan head-on. It's not noble work, but our pursuits require plenty of gold.

Baldras: Your pursuits?

Helicrom: The former King's magic ministry kept a tight control on the training and employment of mages in Wesnoth. Those of us who dared to... depart from the curriculum, you might say, were dealt with harshly. We are outcasts because we seek to master shadow magic. Our secrecy and security are not cheap.

Baldras: I have heard of you. Necromancers. Barely-human scum, I say.

Helicrom: Wrong. Necromancers become slaves to their lich masters and eventually lose their humanity. We have proven that practicing the dark arts need not lead down that path to damnation. We remain human, and seek the mystical secret of balance between the ways of light and darkness. We dance between both ways, adhering to neither.

Baldras: I...see, I think. Why do you want to help us?

Helicrom: We don't. You have sought us out. But, I do know of your situation and am willing to help. Any weakening of the Throne of Wesnoth, whether it be occupied by King or Queen, aids us.

Carcyn is always foggy as of late because these woods have recently become home to a lich and two of its underling necromancers. Our experiments may have actually aroused it from sleep... we're not exactly sure.

Baldras: So now you need to defend your rear as well as your front... I see your predicament. My men will wipe this land clean if you can help us defend our homeland.

Sel-Mang Undies

An Enemy Remains

Helicrom: Finally that creature is dead, yet its foolish minions resist.

No More Enemies

Baldras: The lich is destroyed and its minions dead.

Victory Dialogue

Helicrom is Dead

Narrator: The defeat of the evil lich infesting the Grey Woods was a bittersweet victory. With Helicrom dead, the guild of shadow magic was thrown into disarray.

The remaining members were very grateful and offered Baldras a sizable sum of gold for his help. It was not the help he was hoping for, but he knew it would have to be enough for the coming conflict.

Helicrom is Alive

Helicrom: With the undead driven out, we may live here in relative peace and pursue our studies. For this, Baldras, I am grateful.

Baldras: Studies? Peace? You mean to continue feeding on the lawful citizens of Wesnoth. There will be no peace for them.

Helicrom: No one here is in a position to be dispensing moral judgments. Regardless, you have done great service to us today, and we owe you a debt. I will help you to the utmost of my ability.

I was planning on giving you gold. Any good army is well financed, and with the lich gone we can now spare it.

But, I think it would help you more if I lent you some of my men to join you on your adventures. The Queen has been sending mages out here, and my men are itching for some payback.

On the other hand, if I keep the full force of my organization here, we might be able to regroup and join you on the battlefield when the time comes.

I leave it to you to decide.


Option: I will take the gold. How does 500 sound?

Helicrom: Agreed. Good luck and farewell to you, Master Baldras.


Option: Send your men with us. They will be valuable help as we prepare for the assault from the Wesnoth army garrison.

Helicrom: Done. My finest mages and thieves are at your disposal. Use them well.

Join in Battle

Option: I wish you to join us in battle against the Queen's forces.

Helicrom: Alright. I need time to clean up this forest and recall my men from the countryside. We will be ready to march in 7 days. All now hinges on you! Until then...

Time Runs Out

Baldras: We have spent too much time here. Surely the Queen's forces have returned to Dallben. Our mission is unfinished, but we must return to fight a suicide battle.

Helicrom Dies

Helicrom: My men... have failed to protect me! I perish...

Scenario 7: The Hunters

Story Text

Baldras and his men quickly left the Grey Woods, not entirely convinced of their safety even after eradicating the lich.

As they marched, many men and women from the small hamlets peppering the area around Carcyn and the Grey Woods approached the group, asking to join them. The ascent of the Queen had cast an uneasy pall over the citizens of Wesnoth, and some of them were willing to resist it.

Knowing they too would be labeled criminals, he reluctantly accepted their help. (Baldras is now able to recruit outlaws.)

Camped at the edge of the forest, they quietly observed substantial troop movements coming from the direction of Aldril, a nearby city, and marching to the northwest. Unsure what to make of it, they debated their next course of action...

Introductory Dialogue

Baldras: The words of Lord Maddock have weighed heavy on me these past few days. It has dawned on me that we can never win. We will never defeat the entire army of Wesnoth. Idiocy! If the noble lord of Elensefar is unwilling to resist the Queen, how should I ever expect to?

Harper: What's worse is that she appears to have taken notice. We have counted five platoons of heavy infantry marching towards the garrison in just the last 2 hours.

Baldras: The garrison. The towers of Halstead are more than a garrison, nephew, they are a fortress. They used to protect this area from the enemies of Wesnoth; I never imagined they would house its enemies.

Pitcher: (Baldras!)

Harper: Uncle, he wears the crest of the Elense. We should answer.

Baldras: Rider, hush before we are discovered! Come to us, but quietly!

Pitcher: Master Baldras, I bring news from the north. During the past week, several patrols have again ventured across the Great River into Annuvin. A man named Relnan opposed them with a small militia. He was victorious.

Majel: This is surely good news!

Pitcher: I am afraid it is not. The Queen is sending a branch of her main field army directly from Weldyn. As soon as they arrive, they will burn every village to the ground. No one will live.

Baldras: The troop movements all make sense now. We must stop this army from reaching the garrison. We cannot swallow them whole, but we can gnaw away at them. They mustn't take one step without us being there to harass and delay them. When they reach Halstead they must be exhausted or dying.

Harper: You just said we can't beat their entire army!

Baldras: Do you propose surrender? It's this or nothing. All we can do is see it through to the end.

Pitcher: May you prevail in peace and war. I must depart before I am seen so far from my Lord's borders.

Jingo: Another platoon approaches...

Baldras: When we are done, no one will fear the open roads and night sky more than the army of the usurper. Strike fast, strike silently... and leave no one alive.

Attack the Enemy

Linneus: It's an ambush! Hold your ground!

Outpost Detachment Returns

Narrator: The next morning, the local night patrol returned to the nearby outpost. They were surprised to see their fellow soldiers engaged in combat with the band of thugs of which they had heard so much.

Archarel: Troops, to arms! These peasant scum think they are above the law. We will show them the law!

Step into the Fire

Unit: Ow! Fire hot! No step in fire!


Baldras: What a bloody mess. We must attack Halstead next. If we wait, they will become invincible. If we can burn it to the ground before that happens, our people may have a chance. Rest well tonight, because tomorrow's battle will decide the fate of our homes, our families, and our freedom.

Helicrom is to Join the Battle

'Baldras: Send word to Helicrom that we are ready. It is time for him to repay his debt.

Time Runs Out

Baldras: We have spent too much time here. Surely the entire Wesnoth army marches on our position. We are done for!

Scenario 8: Glory

Story Text

In the Year of Wesnoth 161, 338 years before Asheviere's betrayal, the newly crowned king sought to make safe once and for all the wildlands that separated the human cities surrounding Weldyn and the coastal regions of Elensefar.

The grand army of Wesnoth, personally led by the High Council of Archmagi, scoured the plains of all manner of hostile creature, be it beast, orc, or elf. The city-state of Elensefar was formally united to the kingdom and settlements rapidly spread. The country of Wesnoth had been carved in deed as well as in name.

A monument to this achievement was erected in the very heart of the wildlands. In a twelve-year ritual, the High Council demonstrated the height to which human magic had grown over the years by drawing the monument directly from the earth's living rock.

Hundreds of feet tall, the mountain towered high above the plains, its sheer walls both inspiring and terrifying. Men from all over the countryside labored there, building the most formidable fortress ever conceived. It became the Stronghold of Halstead.

This sentinel of the western plains stood watch as Wesnoth prospered for many centuries under the protection it provided. No war has overcome it, and its walls have never been overrun. The blood of invaders stains its parapets and the bones of the defeated crumble at the base of Halstead's frozen waves of stone.

Introductory Dialogue

Baldras: There it is. The stronghold of Halstead.

Harper: Look at how tall it is! Those towers rise sheer out of the ground, as if called forth out of the earth.

Baldras: That may not be too far from the truth. During the time of the Great Kings of Wesnoth, this land was tamed with powerful magic. Wizards of an ancient era forged the walls of Halstead from the rock below.

Harper: I don't see how we can bring it down. They are already invincible in there!

=Helicrom is Present

Helicrom: No, my young friend. Halstead indeed has a weakness. Among my many assets is access to a wealth of secrets few in Wesnoth are privy to.

You see, the mountain on which the fort was built is solid, but the castle on top has been built and rebuilt many times over the ages. It is not as indestructible as you might think.

Beneath the structure is a system of catacombs that connects all four towers to the central keep. Over time, after many wars, supports were required to hold up the middle.

Harper: So… we can knock out the supports and bring down the stronghold of Halstead. Would it really work?

Baldras: I believe it will. Each tower has a passage down to the catacombs. If we can reach the center of each tower, one of our men can escape down to the bowels of the mountain and destroy its support. I am sure we will need to demolish no less than all four supports to raze the fortress.


Baldras: No, young one. Halstead indeed has a weakness.

Harper: How do you know?

Baldras: When I was a boy, my father - your grandfather - brought your dad and me to live in Aldril after orcs massacred many in our village. We grew up around here, and we learned many things.

Beneath the structure is a system of catacombs that connects all four towers to the central keep. The catacombs growing over time, combined with centuries of war, made it necessary to install supports to hold up the middle.

Harper: So... we can knock out the supports and bring down the stronghold of Halstead. Would it really work?

Baldras: I believe it will. Each tower has a passage down to the catacombs. If we can reach the center of each tower, one of our men can escape down to the bowels of the mountain and destroy its support. I am sure we will need to demolish no less than all four supports to raze the fortress.

Dialogue Continues

Harper: I hope you're right. In a few hours, night will fall, and we will find out.

Baldras: We must be cautious. Look there, a substantial orc force is also advancing on Halstead. They must think Wesnoth's army is spread out right now.

Harper: Heh. They're in for a surprise. This may work to our advantage.

Cavalry Arrives to Help You

Farseer: Look in the distance... riders approach!

Baldras: Who is it?

Farseer: Help, I hope. Circumstances cannot afford to get much more dire.

Baldras: Riders approach from the northwest! Stand fast, men.

Lancer: Sound the advance!

Sir Gwydion: Knights of Elensefar, behold: the battle has already begun! Make camp here. Then, we CHARGE!

Baldras: Amazing. Lord Maddock sent his house guards... his finest troops! Elensefar must be defenseless now. More hinges on this battle than I thought.

Farseer: Baldras, Gwydion is Lord Maddock's son. This battle isn't just about Annuvin anymore.

Troops Comes to Help Enemy

Narrator: That afternoon, another advance element of the main Wesnoth army arrived...

Attack Halstead

Dommel: I think... I think they're trying to storm Halstead itself... the fools!

Enter Halstead

Dommel: They have breached the fortress gate! Repulse them!

Move a Unit to a Tower Centre

Unit: I'm inside the tower! I'm going down to the catacombs - cover me.

Narrator: After about an hour…

Unit: It's done.

Destroy All Four Supports

Baldras: I think it's working! Everybody get clear NOW!

Halstead Starts to Collapse

Narrator: The stronghold of Halstead began to shake...

Unit: We cannot stay here. The fortress has started to collapse!

Halstead Collapses

Narrator: With a thunderous earthquake and a vast billowing of dust, thousands of tons of stone and wood crashed in on itself. Some of it tumbled down the steep sides, while the remainder came to rest several hundred feet below ground, in the bowels of the hollowed-out mountain.

No one inside the fortress would make it out alive.

Time Runs Out

Narrator: After more than a week of fierce fighting, the main body of Asheviere's host arrived from Weldyn. The battle was soon finished. Every last man from the province of Annuvin was executed.

Baldras Dies

As Halstead Collpases

Baldras: Men, help me out of here! I am trapped under this rubble.

Narrator: No one was able to get to Baldras in time. He and many of his companions died that day beneath the stronghold of Halstead.

Baldras: I hope this sacrifice is not in vain... but we will never know.


Baldras: Our dream of freedom... gone... Unngh.

Dialogue Continues

Narrator: The rebellion had stakes its all on victory at Halstead, but win or lose, there would be no help for the villagers, ground beneath the wheels of Asheviere's wrath.

Harper Dies

Harper: Uncle!

Baldras: NO!

I promised your father I would watch after you... and I failed.

But we are so close to the end. We must finish this. I am sorry you will not be able to enjoy our freedom. Goodbye, Harper.

Helicrom Dies

Helicrom: Carry on, my friends. Fighting by your side is the most honorable thing I have done...

Dommel Dies

Killer: Your reign of terror is over, General.

Dommel: You will never successfully oppose Asheviere. Her power is too great... This small victory today is but a reprieve from the unimaginable pain you will suffer when the full force of her wrath descends upon you.

Supports Destroyed

Baldras: This was no small victory. You underestimate the power of love for freedom.

Dommel: You... underestimate the... cruelty and ambition of your Queen... unngh..


Baldras: Small victory? Bah! Now we will raze this fortress and bury it in the earth from whence it came.

Scenario 9: Liberty - Epilogue

The rest of the battle was a blur. The shock of what had happened stunned everybody.

Baldras and his men fled the plains of western Wesnoth under the cover of night. The spectacle of Halstead's destruction stunned them into a daze that only slowly wore off as they made their way north to and past Elensefar.

The Elense riders routed the orcish army, small as it was, and sent them back across the Great River. They then scattered to the countryside and were not heard from again. Baldras thought this odd behavior when he heard about it.

As the main body of Asheviere's army neared the ruins of Halstead, strange things began to happen. Every night, men would disappear. Others were found hacked to bloody pieces. Unexplained misfortune plagued the marching columns. Soldiers dropped dead where they stood, slain by unseen assassins. Fear of an undead menace spread through the ranks.

When the army of Wesnoth found the ruins of the mighty fortress Halstead, it was too much. Their shock that such a thing could happen combined with the invisible terror stalking them convinced Asheviere's second in command the entire countryside was cursed. He quickly retreated to the traditional border and set up strong defenses against the west.

Baldras had just crossed the Great River when rumors of night-stalkers filtered through his ranks. With bitter humor he realized that Lord Maddock's men were successfully using tactics Baldras had mastered and used during his resistance.

The peasants-turned-outlaws finally reached Dallben. It was burnt to the ground. In a panic, they raced through the forest to Delwyn. It was likewise devastated. However, they did find one clue as to what happened...

...a grimy note nailed to a charred post that read, 'Baldras, You would have been proud. We gave 'em hell. But in the end, it wasn't enough.'

'We fled like criminals in the night, but we made sure that no one would harass us anymore.'

'If you wish to find us, head southwest. When you reach the land's end, just keep going. See you in the Three Sisters, old friend. - Relnan'

L: Specified Unit Names


  • Baldras (Village Elder)
  • Jalak (Peasant Youth)
  • Delurin (Peasant Youth)
  • Red (Peasant Youth)
  • Ordo (Village Elder)
  • Novus (Village Elder)
  • Teneor (Villager)
  • Kembe (Peasant Hunter)
  • Treagh (Peasant Hunter)
  • Harper (Peasant Youth)
  • Remald (Villager)
  • Womas (Villager)
  • Jasken (Villager)
  • Tarwen (Cavalier)
  • Relnan (Senior Village Elder)
  • Lord Maddock (General)
  • Kestrel (General)
  • Rothel (Lieutenant)
  • Quentin (Master Bowman)
  • Hans (Rogue)
  • Link (Thief)
  • Helicrom (Shadow Lord)
  • Archarel (Royal Guard)
  • Linneus (Iron Mauler)
  • Jingo (Outlaw)
  • Majel (Outlaw)
  • Pitcher (Dragoon)
  • Dommel (General)
  • Sir Gwydion (Paladin)


  • Fal Khag (Goblin Pillager)
  • Gatrakh (Goblin Pillager)
  • Thurg (Goblin Pillager)
  • Krung (Wolf Rider, Goblin Pillager)
  • Gorokh (Wolf Rider, Goblin Pillager)
  • Urk Delek (Orcish Warrior)
  • Vashna (Orcish Warlord)


  • Thhsthss (Saurian Oracle)


  • Mal-Jarrof (Necromancer)
  • Mal-Jerod (Necromancer)
  • Lich (Sel-Mang)


  • Dallben
  • Elensefar
  • Port of Elensefar