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This is a transcription of all dialogue from Heir to the Throne. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Death Dialogue


Konrad: We are vanquished, for I have been defeated!


Li’sar: I can’t believe it should end like this!


Kalenz: Argh! I am finished!


Delfador: No! This is the end! We have been defeated!


Warven: At least I die an honorable death.

Scenario 1: The Elves Besieged

Story Text

In the twenty-eighth year of the reign of Garard II, king of Wesnoth, the kingdom was plunged into a bitter war with the Orcs of the North.

The Northern host encamped at Galcadar, by the ford of Abez, and the king led his forces to meet them. Splitting his army in two, he led one half while his son, the crown prince Eldred, led the other.

Eldred was a brave and courageous warrior, able to lead his soldiers well. Unfortunately for Garard, his son was also ambitious... and treacherous. In the heat of battle, Eldred’s men turned on the king. And so, Garard was slain in battle that day, along with his brother and all his sons but Eldred.

Garard’s queen, Asheviere, looked on with glee, having come to watch the battle from a nearby hill. The rule of her son would surely satisfy her lust for power far better than her husband’s had.

In exchange for tribute, the warlord of the North happily made peace with Eldred, who proclaimed himself king and led his army south towards Weldyn.

But Garard’s arch-mage, Delfador, had escaped the battle and, riding with haste, reached Weldyn first. He mustered a force of loyalists to fight Eldred and avenge the king’s death. The loyalist army marched north to meet Eldred.

Eldred made war upon Delfador and his forces with his mother’s advice ringing in his ears: “Fight no one great or small except the old mage, whose head should be severed from his shoulders.”

And Eldred did indeed meet Delfador face-to-face in battle, in the hinterlands near Tath. Sword clashed against staff, as the wise old mage fought the brash young warrior.

In the end Delfador’s men were defeated and routed, but Asheviere found her son’s lifeless body, fixed to the ground by the great mage’s staff.

Asheviere herself then took command of the army and led it back to Weldyn. Knowing that the king’s young nephews were next in line to the throne, she ordered them all killed, and declared herself Queen of Wesnoth.

Soon after news of Asheviere’s orders reached Delfador, he secretly entered the palace and stole away Konrad, the youngest of Garard’s nephews, thereby saving him from death.

Fleeing to the Aethenwood beyond the south-western border of Wesnoth, Delfador raised the child Konrad under the protection of the Elves, watching sadly as Asheviere’s reign of terror over the land began...

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Sixteen years into her rule, Asheviere turned her attention to the wood elves living in the great forest southwest of Wesnoth, whom she despised. Orcish mercenaries were hired and dispatched to bring about their ruin.

Konrad: Master Delfador! Look, there are orcs coming from all directions! What shall we do?

Delfador: There are too many to fight, far too many. We must escape!

Konrad: But to where? This is the only home we have! What about the elves?

Galdrad: We will fight them, but you must escape, Konrad. It is imperative that you escape!

Delfador: We will go north. Perhaps we can reach the Isle of Alduin. If we can make it there, surely we will be safe. Konrad, we must recruit some elves to help us, and then you must make it to the sign post in the north-west. I will protect you!

Konrad: Very well, let us hurry!

Urug-Telfar: Attack the elves, my grunts, and take their villages. Let us claim this land for the Queen!

Knafa-Tan: Remember, it is rumored that the filthy mage and one that he protects are in these parts. They are the ones we want!

Knafa-Tan: Ha ha! We will rip the filthy elves to pieces!

Galdrad: Let them come. We will fight them with all we have!

Chantal: Be careful, Konrad! Guard him well, Delfador!

Delfador: And so it has begun!

Konrad Kills

Konrad: Die, villain, die!

Delfador Kills

Delfador: Only the foolish oppose me!

Galdrad Attacked

Galdrad: I am Galdrad. You will have to fight me to get any further!

Delfador Attacked

Delfador: Only a fool would dare to attack me!

Delfador Attacks

Delfador: I am Delfador the Great. Prepare to die!

Konrad Attacks

Konrad: Let me through, you rogue!

Goblin Burns a Village

Konrad: Oh no! They are destroying our home!

Delfador: There can be no looking back. We must go quickly!

Victory Dialogue

Konrad: Very well, we have made it this far! But where do we go next?

Delfador: We must travel north, and try to make it to the Isle of Alduin. Hopefully we will find refuge there.

Konrad: Of course you are right, Delfador. But what will become of the elves here?

Delfador: The elves will fight. They may even prevail. But I fear things do not bode well for them. Let us not speak of it now. Onward!

Chantal: Good luck, Konrad! Don't worry about us, we will fight as best we can!

Time Runs Out

Delfador: Oh, no! We have run out of time, they have arrived with reinforcements...

Konrad Dies

Konrad: I... I don't think I can make it anymore.

Delfador: Prince... you must keep fighting! Nooooooo!

Konrad: It is over. I am doomed...

Delfador: I have... have failed in my duty to protect the prince! I am defeated.

Delfador Dies

Konrad: Don't die, Delfador! Please, you have to stay alive!

Scenario 2: Blackwater Port

Introductory Dialogue

Delfador: We should be able to board a ship at Blackwater Port, but it seems the orcs are heading there too. Rebels who hate Asheviere and are loyal to the memory of the king desperately hold the port, as it is one of the only places where they can ship supplies and weapons.

Konrad: Delfador, some orcs are following us! We must make haste!

Sir Kaylan: Delfador, my old friend! We had heard of your coming, and of the attacks on the elves. It is good to see you again, although I would prefer it were not in such sad times.

Delfador: Konrad, this is Kaylan, one of the mightiest of the horse lords, and one of the few who is willing to oppose the Dark Crown. Rumor has it that his lance has slain fifty men and a hundred orcs.

Sir Kaylan: It seems the orcs have come here too, to try to wrest this port from our hands. Our defenses are still weak, but reinforcements will arrive soon!

Konrad: We will help you fight them off until the reinforcements arrive.

Sir Kaylan: With your help, we have hope we can fend them off. But you must not tarry here long, for your survival is even more important to our cause than the strength of the port. A ship is due here in two days, surely it will be able to take you to safety.

Konrad: And the ship will take us to Alduin?

Delfador: Yes, we will sail to the Isle of Alduin, my home Konrad, and the home of many magi.

Sir Kaylan: I will send one of my horsemen to serve under you. I offer you my support, Konrad, and the support of my men - from now on you will be able to recruit horsemen.

Konrad: Thank you, sir. But how shall I best use these horsemen? How do they differ from elves?

Sir Kaylan: Elves are a powerful race, Konrad, more powerful than my own people usually acknowledge. But horsemen are powerful in a different way. They have no long range attack, but can charge into combat, inflicting double normal damage, though taking double damage in return. They are also lawful, meaning they fight better by day, and worse at night. Horsemen are unmatched on open land, though elves will serve you better in forests or rugged terrain." or "Elves may be the lords of the forest, but horsemen are powerful as well. On the plains under the midday sun they can fell the toughest foes with sharp spears and under heavy hoofs!

Delfador: Recruit troops wisely, Konrad, and remember that you can recall experienced units from past battles to help you fight again.

'Haldeil: Greetings, young master. I pledge myself to your service.

Delfador: Konrad, note that Haldiel does not seek gold upkeep; as a loyal unit he fights for us solely out of loyalty to our cause. Such units are extremely valuable. Take care to use them cautiously in battle, lest they fall.


Sir Kaylan: Reinforcements have arrived! Forward, men! I expect each of you to bring me back the head of an orc!

Mokolo Qimur: So many foul humans riding on horses! There is no way we can defeat them. Quick, we must make our escape!

Mokolo Qimur Dies (On Hard)

Sir Kaylan: Reinforcements have arrived, but lo! Our allies have already destroyed the orcish army menacing our fair port. In honor, I must reward your valor.

You have risked your life to defend our city. In return, I place one of my city's finest defenders in your service. Simyr, step forward. I place your lance in the service of young prince Konrad here. May you help him restore order to the country.

Simyr: It is my pleasure and honor to serve, my liege.

Victory Dialogue

Sir Kaylan: Thank you for the help, friends. The ship should arrive soon, it will take you to Alduin.

Delfador: We should embark now.

Sir Kaylan: Safe voyage to you, friends. Rest assured that we will never surrender to the forces of the Dark Queen.

Sir Kaylan Dies

Sir Kaylan: I have failed in my duty to protect the Rightful Heir and the port.

Delfador: Without his help, we will be unable to use the ships. There is no hope...

Scenario 3: The Isle of Alduin

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: And so the party landed on the Isle of Alduin.

Konrad: So this is Alduin. It looks a little... desolate.

Delfador: I fear so, Konrad. It seems that the orcs have come even here. Here to the place where I was born, where I was trained.

Usadar Q’kai: Who is that? Oh, a party of elves has landed. We shall drive them back into the sea!

Delfador: I did not think the orcs would have come here. This island used to be so beautiful. We must recapture it! To arms!

Move to a Ship

Konrad: This is no time to return to our vessel! We must take control of the island!

Find the Mage

Unit: I found someone hiding in the village!

Elrian: My lords, I have been hiding in the village from the orcs, like many of the other magi here. I pledge myself to your service; let us move swiftly to recapture the island!

Delfador: Certainly, let us join together to fight the evil ones.

Narrator: You can now recruit magi!

Konrad: Surely no orc can stand against us with magi in our ranks! Their magical attacks almost always find their mark, even against well-defended troops.

Delfador: Caution, young prince. It is very difficult to train inexperienced magi in combat. When they fight on the front lines of battle, you must protect magi with stronger units else the enemy will make short work of them.

Victory Dialogue

Seimus: Delfador, my old master! You have saved the island from the orcs!

Delfador: My apprentice! How did the island fall to such as these?

Seimus: You have not heard, master Delfador? Asheviere is trying to control the entire western coast. She hired many orcs and sent them here. They were holding me until a ship could arrive to take me to Weldyn where I am to stand trial for treason for training magi!

Delfador: We have come from fighting her forces at Blackwater. Where else has she attacked?

Seimus: She has taken control of the Bay of Pearls, long held by the Mermen, and has turned them into slaves. There they dive for pearls by which she grows richer every day. There are even rumors that she may break the ancient treaty and attack Elensefar!

Konrad: Can’t we strike back at her? How many forces does she have at the Bay of Pearls? Can we take it back from her?

Delfador: We must indeed go there. Let us therefore rest here a little, and then set sail for the Bay. Hopefully we will defeat her forces there!

Narrator: You can now recruit magi!

Konrad: Surely no orc can stand against us with magi in our ranks! Their magical attacks almost always find their mark, even against well-defended troops.

Delfador: Caution, young prince. It is very difficult to train inexperienced magi in combat. When they fight on the front lines of battle, you must protect magi with stronger units else the enemy will make short work of them.

Scenario 4: The Bay of Pearls

Introductory Dialogue

Konrad: So this is the Bay of Pearls. It looks like they have those merfolk working hard!

Delfador: Indeed it does. It also looks like they have many, many troops. I should go around the bay and distract some of them. You and the rest rescue the merfolk!

Konrad: Very well. Be careful!

Turn 3

Bugg: But boss, why are we only using bats and nagas?

Dwaba-Kukai: Because we need to control the seas and the merfolk, and nagas and bats are best for doing that!

Bugg: But orcs are the most powerful race in all of…

Dwaba-Kukai: Shut up, worm! I’m the boss!

Turn 4

(Bugg turns into a Sea orc)

Bugg: Ha ha ha! Now orcs will rule over land and sea!

Dwaba-Kukai: (Sigh) Will someone kill this idiot for me, please?

Bugg Dies

Bugg: But... but... how can this be happening to me?

Killer: Who was that idiot?

Free Mermen


Gwaba: Free at last! Now, death to the orcs!


Mabooa: Now that we are free, together we can defeat our oppressors!


Kaba: Freedom! Now where are those orcs? Let me at ’em!


Gwimli: Thank you for rescuing us! Now we can help you fight the evil orcs! The main cage where they keep most of the mermen is in the northwest!


Heldaga: Death to the orcs! Come, my mer brethren, let us fight the orcs and drive them from our shores!

Victory Dialogue

Konrad: At last, we have freed the mermen. Go back to the ocean and live in peace.

Merman: My lord! You may need the help of some of us who have skill in the sea in future. We would like to come with you and offer you help.

Narrator: You may now recruit the noble merfolk!

Konrad: Now where is Delfador? I hope he’s safe!

Delfador: I am perfectly safe, friend!

Konrad: There you are! I am so glad you are all right! Now we may have a little rest.

Delfador: I am afraid there is no time for rest, Konrad. Asheviere has laid siege to Elensefar, breaking the century-old treaty between Wesnoth and the Elense city-state. If the city falls, there is no telling how many other lands she may swallow up!

Konrad: Oh no! What shall we do?

Delfador: You must lead our men to the city, and help defend it. Or recapture it if it falls before you arrive.

Konrad: I must do that? But what about you, Delfador? You’re coming with me, right?

Delfador: I am afraid not, Konrad. I have come across some important documents, and must make haste with them to the Elven Council. It seems that the time to stop Asheviere is shorter than I had thought.

Konrad: But Delfador! I can’t do it on my own!

Supporter: On your own? My lord! We, your loyal soldiers, will support you!

Delfador: You will prevail. I have faith in you. Head north. Elensefar is but three days’ travel if you make haste.

Konrad: Very well. But how do I get there?

Delfador: It is north-west of here, a few leagues inland. There are two ways to go, by ship or on foot. Each has its own dangers. You must choose between them.

=By Foot

Konrad: Ships? Ugh! I have been seasick for the last time. We shall walk!

Delfador: Safe journey to you, Konrad. Until we meet again!

By Ship

Konrad: Going by ship we may at least get a little rest for ourselves. By sea it is!

Time Over

Enemies Alive

Delfador: Have you not been able to defeat our foes in all these days? They have summoned reinforcements. Surely now our doom is upon us!

At Least One Leader Dead

Delfador: Konrad! We cannot spend any more time here. Though it would be good to defeat the orcs and free more of their prisoners, more urgent business calls us!

Konrad: Delfador, thank goodness you have survived! This has been a tough battle, but why can we not finish it? Why must we leave?

Delfador: I bear ill tidings. Asheviere has laid siege to Elensefar, breaking the century-old treaty between Wesnoth and the Elense city-state. If the city falls, there is no telling how many other lands she may swallow up!

Konrad: I must do this? But you are coming with me, aren’t you, Delfador?

Delfador: I am afraid not, Konrad. I have found some important documents that need seeing to. I must ride at once to make council with the elves. I will meet you in Elensefar, after you have secured it.

Konrad: I fear I will struggle to do this on my own... but what must be must be. How do I get to Elensefar?

Killed Sea Orc

Delfador: Since you have broken the orcs’ hegemony over the seas, going by ship would be safest. Sail along the coast, and you can land mere miles from Elensefar. Make haste!

Merman: My lord! You may need the help of some of us who have skill in the sea in future. We would like to come with you and offer you help.

Narrator: You may now recruit the noble merfolk!

Killed Land Orc

Delfador: With the orcs controlling the seas, going by ship would not be safe. Travel by land, Elensefar is only six days’ march up the coast. Make haste!

Merman: My lord! You may need the help of some of us who have skill in the sea in future. We would like to come with you and offer you help.

Narrator: You may now recruit the noble merfolk!

Scenario 5a: Muff Malal’s Peninsula

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: But the road to Elensefar was a treacherous one. Konrad and his men were set upon by a strong band of undead.

Muff Malal: Ahh, a party of elves approaches. Soon we shall have elven zombies serving us!

Advisor: My lord! On yonder peninsula there seems to be some movement!

Konrad: It looks like an undead outpost! If we could defeat them, the locals would probably be grateful. But I do not know if we have the strength to defeat such a foe, or the time to spare.

Advisor: Cleansing this land of undead does not appear overly difficult. It could be good training for those yet untested in battle.

Konrad: I see. If we are to break the siege of Elensefar, we will need every veteran soldier we can get.

Advisor: The decision is yours, sir. If we are to leave, I advise we hurry past before they are upon us. If we are to fight, then... to arms!

Reach Signpost


Konrad: We do not have time to tarry here! On to Elensefar!


Konrad: Shirk not your duty! I will decide when it is time to leave for Elensefar.

Defeat Muff Malal

Konrad: Victory is ours! Let us hope that this delay will not hamper our quest to save Elensefar, but at least we have freed these good people. We must move onward with haste!

Scenario 5b: Isle of the Damned

Story Text

But the voyage did not go as smoothly as had been hoped. A storm blew up and bore down on the ship. Though all hands were on deck working desperately, a sudden gust of wind flung Konrad overboard as he attempted to secure the sails...

The mermen finally saved Konrad from the sea, but were unable to get him back to the ship. By dint of great effort they reached a nearby island...

Introductory Dialogue

Konrad: Whew, I survived. But now where am I? Is this island inhabited?

Kalba: We have heard only the worst things about this place, my lord. It is said that the legions of the undead have come here in great numbers and devastated the island into an ugly wasteland.

Konrad: Let’s hope these rumors are not true! I have none of my men or gold with me! How could I defend myself?

Kalba: There are still some bands of humans hiding on the island, my lord. If you recruit some of them to help, we might have some hope of holding off the undead hordes!

(Delurin appears)

Delurin: Maybe we can make a deal! Help us defeat those evil creatures! You may use our gold reserves to lead us!

Narrator: You receive 100 pieces of gold!

Turn 2

Konrad: There are some ancient temples to the southwest; I wonder what might be inside them!

Investigate Temples


Unit: The temple seems to be empty.


Unit: Looks like there is somebody hidden in the temple.

Moremirmu: I was hiding in this holy place, planning how to defeat the evil undead. Now with your help, I can destroy them.

Konrad: Join us, wise one. We welcome your aid!

Moremirmu: If we eradicate the undead blight on these islands, I will surely go with you. Otherwise, I plan to finish my task here before moving on.


Unit: Looks like there is somebody hidden in the temple.

Xakae: Surprise! Searching for magi, and all I get is these foul humans!

Moremirmu Dies

Moremirmu: Fight on against the undead without me, friends!

Defeat Enemies

Konrad: We have wrested control of the island from the evil undead! Now all we have to do is wait for the ship to arrive, so we can make our way to Elensefar!

Moremirmu: Together we have vanquished the foul undead! Come, I will join you on your noble quest.

Narrator: You regain your lost troops and $isle_damned_starting_gold gold!

Time Over

Elvish Fighter: Thank goodness we have found you, sir! Come aboard quickly, we shall take you away from this horrible island!

Konrad: It’s a shame complete victory could not be ours, but thank goodness I am rescued! On to Elensefar!

Moremirmu: Thank you for your assistance here brothers. I will stay to continue resisting the foul undead. May fate be with you in your noble quest, and may we meet again some day!

Narrator: You regain your lost troops and $isle_damned_starting_gold gold!

Scenario 6: The Siege of Elensefar

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: The party arrived at Elensefar at last, but found that the city had already fallen to the savage orcs.

Advisor: My lord! It seems the city has already fallen!

Konrad: This is terrible news! We must retake the city!

Advisor: There are so many of them. This will not be easy! And look to the north! It seems that the undead are allied with the orcs!

Muff Jaanal: Here come the elves! Our newly forged alliance with the orcs will give us the power to crush them with ease!

Konrad: We must take the city, and destroy the evil undead before reinforcements arrive!

Turn 4

Narrator: As night began to fall, three dark figures crept out of the forest.

Konrad: Halt! Who goes there, friend or foe?

Reglok: Greetings, friend. We are from the Elensefar Thieves’ Guild. We would like to help you against the orcs!

Advisor: Thieves, hmmm? Who says we can trust such as you?

Gamlel: We would understand if you didn’t trust us, of course, but it is in our mutual interest to rid the city of the orcs!

Konrad: Very well. You may join us.

Reglok: We will serve you well, for we respect the help you are providing to our city. You shall find that there is honor, even among thieves.

Konrad: Yes, but where is your fighting force? How can you help us?

Gelgar: We survive by stealth. We can help you sneak into the city and surround the orcs. Alternatively, we can lay in wait until you give us a signal then ambush the orcs’ rear.

Konrad: Hmm... I have to consider this...

Konrad: Help us infiltrate the city. We can do the rest.

Reglok: Excellent. Two hours past midnight meet us on the west bank of the river, across from Elensefar’s docks.

Konrad: I want you to reinforce us once we break through their line.

Reglok: Very well. When you raise your red banner over any building in the city proper, we will see the sign and attack from the city’s northern gate.

Konrad: Agreed. But, will you be able to see our flag if it’s dark?

Reglok: Yes, we will see it. In fact, we prefer to fight at night. I pray you do not lead us into slaughter.

Komrad: Do not fear, friends. There will be a slaughter here, but it will be orcish blood staining the streets.

Thieves Ambush Orcs

Narrator: As the banner was raised, sounds of fighting could be heard from across the city.

Reglok: Let’s expel these invaders! Today, the city is ours again!

Turn 6: Thieves on River

Narrator: On the banks of Elensefar’s port district, three shadowy figures appeared.

To Konrad’s surprise, they quickly made their way across the river’s mouth. The turbulent waters hid a nearly invisible ford, wide enough for two soldiers to march shoulder-to-shoulder.

Reglok: Very few people know that the river can be forded here. The orcs have yet to discover this place. Bring your forces into the city, quickly now, and you can flank them.

Reach Muff Jaanal’s Citadel

Muff Jaanal: So you endeavor to fight me in my home. Foolish.

Victory Dialogue

Konrad: Finally, we have retaken the city! Let us rest here, friends.

Thief: Victory! The thieves of Elensefar will be in your service, my lord.

Narrator: The party rested for three days, after which an old friend returned.

Delfador: Greetings, friends. I see that you have rescued the city! I knew that you could do it.

Konrad: Delfador! So good to see you! Where have you been?

Delfador: I have been meeting with the Ka’lian, the Great Council of the Elves. This is Kalenz, a great lord of the Northern Elves who came to the Council to offer us the support of his people.

(Authorial Comment: See Legend of Wesmere; Kalenz is the former High Lord of the elves. At this time in 517 YW, he is probably a leader or legate of the elves of the Forest of Lintanir. None of this backstory existed when HttT was first written.)

Kalenz: Greetings, friend.

Konrad: Delfador, we have captured this city, but surely Asheviere’s men will come and attack us! What should we do?

Delfador: The Ka’lian has met and decided: we must capture the Sceptre of Fire.

Konrad: The Sceptre of Fire? What’s that?

Delfador: The Sceptre of Fire is the most ancient artifact of the realm of Wesnoth. It was forged by the dwarves of Knalga at the request of King Haldric II. It took their finest smiths years to make it, but soon after it was completed, the makers were chased underground, attacked by the elves. None know exactly what occurred, but the Sceptre was lost somewhere in the great caverns. Years have passed, and the fortunes of the dwarves have waxed and waned, but the Sceptre has never been found.

Konrad: But what has this to do with me?

Delfador: When Garard II, your uncle, was deciding upon a successor, he issued an edict that whichever member of the royal family could retrieve the Sceptre of Fire would rule the land.

Konrad: Oh, and you want me to get this scepter?

Kalenz: We will help you retrieve it, my lord.

Delfador: Time is short. We think that Asheviere is also searching for the Sceptre, to help seal her place as ruler. But if you find the Sceptre first, the people will support you as the king.

Konrad: Me? King?

Delfador: Yes, Konrad. I believe you will be king one day. Now let us make haste!

We cannot go to Wesmere, for Asheviere’s orcs have the approaches ringed about with steel; Kalenz and I barely escaped, and Chantal cannot get out. Until we are stronger, we must go where the orcs are not.

Scenario 7: Crossroads

Story Text

Konrad, Delfador, and Kalenz swiftly rode east through the wilderlands of Wesnoth.

The queen’s agents were still scouring the coastal regions, for news of Elensefar’s rescue had not yet reached her.

Small as it was, Konrad’s army avoided the notice of hostile eyes in the sparsely populated western countryside for a time. However, their luck did not hold.

Introductory Dialogue

Delfador: Here we come to the great cross-roads. We should go northeast.

Kalenz: Beware! These hills are not safe! The roads are important to Asheviere’s strategy, and she has hired orcs to guard them. We shall have to fight to travel through.

Konrad: Then fight we shall. Fortunately, now that we have liberated Elensefar, they are providing what gold they can spare to help us swell our ranks with new recruits. Let it begin!

Move to 12,11

Niodien: Stay on the path! The hills here are not safe!

Move to 3,15

Loflar: Beware the hills! There are many orcs in hiding, preparing to ambush you!


Narrator: NE — Dan’Tonk SE — Fort Tahn

Konrad: Dan’Tonk, we are so close to Weldyn.

Delfador: We dare not confront Asheviere yet. We must retrieve the Sceptre of Fire and gather more allies in the north.

Victory Dialogue

Konrad: Victory is ours, men. Let us proceed northeast!

Scenario 9: The Princess of Wesnoth

Story Text

...but one of the orcs survived long enough to send the news to the queen...

...and she sent her most able commander.

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: On the road to Knalga, the party was opposed by the forces of Asheviere.

Li’sar: The Queen has sent me to stop you, impostor!

Advisor: That’s the princess, Li’sar. The daughter of the Queen, and her successor!

Konrad: I’m no impostor. It seems that your mother has lied to you.

Li’sar: This is treason! Your lies will perish with you!

Delfador: There is no use in reasoning. She will understand only one thing. To arms!

Turn 5

Li’sar: This is taking too much time, I had best call some reinforcements!

Turn 10

Li’sar: Maybe I was not using enough forces...

Get too Close

Li’sar: I see that your forces draw near, impostor! I’ll not be defeated in my own backyard so easily... Come forth and attack, my loyal duelist!

Ronry: I’ll seize their keep, my Lady!

Find Ronry

Unit: It sounds like there is something in the mine shaft.

Li’sar: You’ve discovered my ploy! It doesn’t matter, I’ll still rout you!

Ronry: The trap is foiled, but I’ll still flush this rabble from their keep!

Li’sar Dies

Li’sar: I surrender! Don’t hurt me, impostor.

Konrad: I said before I’m not an impostor, but if you yield, I will spare your life.

Li’sar: Let me go!

Konrad: Think about the story of the old king. Ask somebody who knew of him.

Li’sar: The old king? I have heard about that, but I know it is not true. My mother told me.

Delfador: Your mother has lied to you, child. Now I suggest you reconsider, and either join us, or flee as an exile. There will be a great battle soon, and if you are on the wrong side of it, we may not have the opportunity to spare your life a second time.

Li’sar: I am not a child, and I do not want to talk about it! You said you would spare me, so be on your way. The northern road should be safe for you.

Konrad: Good day then, Princess. Come, men, to the northern road!

Li’sar: (Ha ha, little do they know just how many undead have wandered the northern road of late. Surely they are doomed!)

Scenario 9: The Valley of Death

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: My lord! This road does not seem as safe as we had hoped. Look around us at the hills — there are undead about!

Selda-Mana: Who are these who approach? Let us kill them all!

Delfador: To arms, men! The undead hordes approach!

Moremirmu: There can be no surrender to these foul beasts of the pit! We fight until victory, or until every one of us is slain!

Turn 3

Konrad: There are just so many! What shall we do?

kalenz: My people douse our weapons with holy water when fighting undead. It usually lasts until the end of the battle, and they shrink in utter fear of our blades... if that is possible for an undead minion.

Delfador: Let us hold them off as long as we can!

Turn 7

Moremirmu: I have come once again to aid you, friends!

Delfador: White magi? Come to help us? But what are they doing here?

Konrad: That is Moremirmu! He helped us fight the undead in the Isles of the Damned, let us hope he can help us once more!

Time Over

Delfador: The sun rises in the east. Surely the undead do not have the power to continue their onslaught through another day!

Kalenz: Indeed not! I feel we have survived this battle.

Konrad: Whew! That was a difficult battle, but they are retreating at last!

Victory Dialogue

Delfador: Yes! We have fought them off!

Moremirmu Alive

Konrad: Thank you for returning to help us, Moremirmu.

Moremirmu: It is both my duty and pleasure, my lord! We were dining with some royal guards of the princess, taking a rest from our pilgrimage, when they spoke of how you were tricked into traveling these dangerous lands. We could do nothing but help you!

Konrad: So, she tricked us into coming this way! Where may we go now? Which way will be safe for us?

Moremirmu: You must escape the clutches of that vile Queen, my lord. If you take a course bearing north-east, on past the mountain of gryphons, you will be able to ford the Great River at Abez. Make haste though, for you will not be able to ford the river in winter!

Konrad: Thank you for your counsel, good friend! May our paths meet again in happier times!

Moremirmu Dead

Konrad: It greatly saddens me that Moremirmu was slain on the field, after he helped us.

White Mage: May he rest peacefully!

Kalenz: He died fighting for you, Prince, just as any of us would be willing to die for you.

Dialogue Continues

Konrad: This place makes me feel uneasy, even with the undead retreating. Where may we go now?

Kalenz: The land of Wesnoth is not safe for us. The Queen’s forces reach every corner. We must make haste to the north lands, across the Great River. Let us go quickly!

Delfador: Indeed! Let us go from here!

Scenario 10: Gryphon Mountain

Introductory Dialogue

Konrad: What is this place? That is one big mountain!

Delfador: That is the fabled Gryphon Mountain.

Konrad: Gryphon Mountain! Maybe we could steal some eggs from the gryphons and train the young to be flying mounts. Would that work, Delfador?

Delfador: We can try to do that, but we must be careful. To disturb the gryphons could prove dangerous... and yet such mounts could help us greatly later. Whatever we do, we must pass by this place.

Konrad: Well, let’s start climbing the mountain!

Turn 2

Delfador: It appears that we are not the only ones interested in this mountain. Once again the Queen opposes us!

Konrad: Quickly, men! Onward!

Enemy Kills Mother Gryphon

Killer: Ha ha! We have killed this foul beast of the air, and can deny the rebels its eggs!

Kill Mother Gryphon

Killer: Here are the mother Gryphon’s eggs!

Konrad: Excellent! We should be able to breed Gryphons for our own uses now!

Victory Dialogue

Konrad: We have defeated them! Now what do we do?

Delfador: We must continue north. It is too late to return to the safety of Elensefar or Alduin before winter falls. We must therefore cross the great river and continue toward the land of the dwarves. Hurry, let us go!

Have Eggs

Konrad: With these gryphon eggs we should be able to breed gryphons that will serve us. When they are large enough to carry mounts, we can hire gryphon riders!

Delfador: Let us continue onward!

Don’t Have Eggs, Gryphons Alive

Konrad: It is a shame we could not get those gryphon eggs. I am glad we did not slaughter any gryphons. They are magnificent animals (looks back at the mountain). Still...


Narrator: Indeed, the majestic beasts were now circling the mountain’s peak. Several glared in Konrad’s direction, their eagle eyes fixed on him at an incredible distance.

Delfador: Amazing! I have never before heard of such behavior in gryphons.

Konrad: What does it mean?

Delfador: I do not know. Come now, the show is over.

Let us continue onward!

Don’Have Eggs, Gryphons Dead

Konrad: It is a shame we could not get those gryphon eggs — they would surely have given us an advantage sometime. Still, we must continue.

Delfador: Let us continue onward!

Scenario 11: The Ford of Abez

Introductory Dialogue

Delfador: This is the Ford of Abez. When we ford this river, we will be leaving Wesnoth, and entering the lands of the North. The dwarves once ruled these lands, but they are now filled only with chaos. This is where your father and uncle were betrayed, almost seventeen years ago now, Konrad.

Konrad: Really? So what happened, Delfador?

Delfador: The forces of the king were encamped here, and the forces of the north were on the north side of the river. For three days and three nights the armies faced each other, neither willing to ford the river. On the fourth day, the northern armies crossed and attacked us.

Konrad: And then... we were defeated?

Delfador: We were winning the battle. We were repelling them...

Kalenz: And then the king’s son, in the heat of battle, turned upon the king!

Konrad: But you avenged the murder. You killed the prince. Right, Delfador?

Delfador: When I saw the king betrayed and his banner fallen, I fled the battle. I know not now whether it was wisdom or cowardice, but I did flee, seeing no further hope on that day.

Konrad: Oh, but the elves always told me that you killed the prince, Delfador, even though you never talked about it.

Delfador: That foolish boy killed himself.

Konrad: What do you mean?

Delfador: I mustered men to fight against the traitor-king, and of course Asheviere too, for she was behind it all. We met them; not here, but on the road from Weldyn, at Tath. We were outnumbered, perhaps four to one. In the heat of battle, that boy, fool that he was, came charging at me, slashing wildly. I had little choice but to end his life.

Konrad: So it is true, you did kill him?

Delfador: He did die in battle at my hand. It is sad that your brothers did not have the opportunity to experience such an honorable death, Konrad.

Kalenz: With all respect, my lords, we must make haste. We have to ford the river immediately. And, look! It seems that the guard-towers on the river banks are manned!

Gaga-Breuk: Look! Some of the southerners, men of Wesnoth, are trying to cross into our lands! We will slaughter them by the river’s edge!

Konrad: Isn’t there somewhere else we can cross? Maybe upstream?

Delfador: Winter quickly bears down upon us. We have only a few days to make the crossing, and the nearest bridge is far upstream. To be trapped south of the river when winter arrives would be suicide. Asheviere would have us trapped like rats! Look to the west! Asheviere has a border fort, and it seems to be full of soldiers! We must cross here, and quickly!

Li’sar: There they are! So it is true, they foiled the undead. Now they are trying to leave Wesnoth. We can’t let them cross the river. After them, men!

Konrad: Not her again! We must hurry! Do not forget to bring the gryphon eggs. They must be allowed more time to hatch. Quickly!

Konrad: Not her again! Quickly! We must hurry!


Unit: Stop! You shall not pass! Quick, reinforcements, protect the Princess!

Attack Escort

Unit: Stop! You shall not pass! Quick, reinforcements, protect the Princess!

Kill Li’sar

Li’sar: You drive me from the field, but you have not vanquished me, impostor!

Turn 5

Water Serpent: Ruaarrrrrrrr!

Konrad: What is that?

Kalenz: Creatures of the deep are upon us! This may be very dangerous. Be quick! We must get to the other side with all haste!

Cross the Ford

Konrad: We made it across the river safely! Where to now?

Delfador: If we are to have any hope of penetrating into Knalga, we must continue north to seek help from the Dwarves of the Heart Mountains in the north.

Li’sar: I cannot believe it. They have made it away! We must make chase. After them, men! Let us cross the river too! We will meet again, foul impostor.

Konrad: Do you think she’s really going to chase us, Delfador?

Delfador: It surely looks like she will try. But many more creatures than we have fought lurk in this river; that will make it difficult for her. We must continue onward. If she makes it across before winter, then so be it!

Scenario 12: Northern Winter

Story Text

Across the river were lands few humans had ever visited. The occasional distant thutter of orcish signal drums made the abundant pine forests nestled in rolling foothills both breathtaking and ominous.

Swirling, snow-laden winds tore at Konrad’s army, signaling the final exit of autumn and the onset of what would be a harsh winter.

Introductory Dialogue

Konrad: This winter is bitterly cold! Perhaps we should stop here and rest a while.

Kalenz: Stop and rest? My lord, we must go hard after the Sceptre of Fire, lest it fall into the hands of our enemies!

Konrad: We have had a hard march ever since we were besieged by the undead in that foul valley. Now winter bears down upon us, and we have spent most of our money. This land looks fertile enough. Surely we can settle here for the winter!

Human Advisor: Yes, let us rest a while! I am sure there are many challenges ahead, and I do not think I could endure another like the fording of the river for many days.

Kalenz: We are pursued by the forces of your arch-enemy, chasing the Sceptre of Fire, the fate of the realm in our hands, and you humans want to stop and rest? Onward, I say!

Delfador: They are right, Kalenz. I had wanted to acquire the Sceptre within a moon, but it is not to be. Our soldiers will begin to desert if they do not rest soon. But in these wild north lands, we must fight even for the right to rest. Look to the north! Those foul orcs will not allow us any peace!

Konrad: Then we shall wrest control of the land from them. To arms men!

Turn 2

Konrad: More snow is falling. We must finish this battle quickly. Onward men!

Turn 10

Konrad: We must make haste before the snow overwhelms us!

Victory Dialogue

Delfador: Victory is ours! We have secured the land from the orcs. Now we can rest here while the cold winter passes.

Kalenz: Let us not rest for too long though, friends. We must still reach the ancient dwarven lands before our foes do.

Have Gryphon Eggs

Narrator: A camp was pitched in a secluded valley that protected its occupants from the worst of the winter weather and roving orc patrols. During this time, the valley walls echoed with the squeaks of gryphon hatchlings, who happily frolicked across the camp.

Konrad set his shamans to the task of corralling the animals. The elvish shamans had a natural rapport with the gryphlets, whose wings were still too small to carry a mount.

Konrad finally decided he could not wait until the gryphons grew to maturity — Delfador’s insistence that the scepter must be recovered was too compelling. And so after many days of rest, the party set out once again for the dwarven kingdom...

Don’t Have Eggs

Narrator: A camp was pitched in a secluded valley that protected its occupants from the worst of the winter weather and roving orc patrols.

Eventually Delfador’s insistence that the scepter must be recovered proved too compelling, even when it meant dismantling the camp without the spring having yet fully arrived. And so after many days of rest, the party set out once again for the dwarven kingdom...

Scenario 13: The Dwarven Doors

Introductory Dialogue

Delfador: At last, this is the entrance to the dwarven tunnels.

Konrad: All I can see are ruins and poor villages.

Kalenz: The poor villagers that once lived here and traded with the dwarves are now held in slavery by the orcs.

Konrad: Slaves to the evil orcs? We must liberate them!

Delfador: That would not be a wise choice, for our mission is to retrieve the Sceptre of Fire. If we tarry in this place, hordes of orcs will surround us.

Kalenz: Konrad, heed the words of Delfador. We shall return to wrest the grip of the orcs from these lands. Look — orcs are already gathering. More are surely on their way.

Konrad: This does not please me, but I will listen to your advice.

Rider: Sir, I should like to scout out the path ahead. It would be disaster for us to find these doors sealed, leaving us as hunting fodder for the gathering horde.

Delfador: Excellent. We must find a way underground before we are overwhelmed.

Outlaw Advisor: My uncle used to smuggle... err... I mean... trade food for the dwarves. He could get grain carts in under the very noses of those ugly orcs.

He must be hiding in one of those villages.

Turn 2

Konrad: The defense of the dwarves must have been strong. Look at those ruined towers!

Delfador: The battle outside was fierce and lasted a full half-year. But, the battles inside the tunnels were worse.

Delfador Moves to Thunedain’s Pillars

Delfador: The pillars of Thunedain. He was a legendary dwarvish lord who made his last stand here. May we triumph where he fell.

Kalenz: I would settle for escape, though I know not which I dread more: foul orcs or fetid caves.

Haldiel Kills

Haldiel: Back to the abyss, spawn of filth!

Find the Bandit Uncle

Outlaw Advisor

Outlaw Advisor: Who... who’s here?

Uncle Somf: $outlaw_name|! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in years.


Unit: Who... who’s here?

Uncle Somf: Haw! Any friend of $outlaw_name is a friend of mine too.


Konrad: We need to make it into the caves of the dwarves.

Exit at 14.3

Uncle Somf: The mine entrances were all collapsed intentionally during the fighting. The doors, while heavily defended, remain accessible. The orcish hordes that assault them are repulsed, but you may be able to sneak in unnoticed.

At 25,2

Uncle Somf: The best way is through the mine tunnels. The orcs have never found all the mine entrances, and many still lead deep underground.

Move Outlaw next to Somf

Uncle Somf: How are we doing, $outlaw_name|?

Outlaw Advisor: The same as always, Uncle!

Uncle Somf: That bad, huh?

Find Cuttle Fish

Cuttle Fish: Ruarrrrr!!!

Unit: A monster was hiding in that lake!

Whiner: The legend was true! There are always tentacled creatures hiding in the lakes near the dwarven tunnels.

Find Entrances


True Entrance

Unit: The doors... they can be moved!

Delfador: Quickly, now, let us slip inside and hope the dwarves do not object...

Kalenz: ... and that the orcs do not follow.

False Entrance

Unit: The doors are closed and barred from the inside!

Konrad: We can’t get in! What should we do now?

Kalenz: It is said that the orcs used old mine tunnels to surprise the dwarves. There appears to be one nearby, to the north-east.

Konrad: Then we must make it to that tunnel!


True Entrance

Unit: This old mine seems to be connected to the main tunnels.

Kalenz: I am hesitant to enter. It will be so difficult in the darkness!

Delfador: There is no time for idle chatter or delay of any kind. Onward!

False Entrance

Unit: I have reached the mine entrance, but there is no tunnel here. Rock and rubble completely block the way.

Konrad: I hope we can make it through the main doors, then.

Delfador: It is our only choice now. Hurry!

Konrad Finds Entrance

Konrad: Pray that we live to see sunlight again.

Narrator: But Konrad’s party was not alone in entering the caves...

Li’sar: Whew! We make our way through the dangerous fog of the mountains, and now there is all this chaos before us! Come on, men! We must make it to the caves that lie ahead of us!

Defeat Orcs

Kalenz: We have defeated the foul orcs guarding this land, but we must continue without rest. More will surely come!

Entrance at 14,3

Delfador: Indeed we must not delay. Let us breach the great doors to the dwarven kingdom.

Narrator: But Konrad’s party was not alone in entering the caves...

Li’sar: Whew! We make our way through the dangerous fog of the mountains, and now there is all this chaos before us! Come on, men! We must make it to the caves that lie ahead of us!

At 25,2

Delfador: Indeed we must not delay. The mines in the northeast are the best way to enter.

Narrator: But Konrad’s party was not alone in entering the caves...

Li’sar: Whew! We make our way through the dangerous fog of the mountains, and now there is all this chaos before us! Come on, men! We must make it to the caves that lie ahead of us!

Scenario 14: Plunging into Darkness

Introductory Dialogue

Konrad: It’s so dark in here I can hardly see!

Delfador: It is dark indeed. We shall have to light torches and tread slowly and carefully. It may be there are still dwarves down here who can aid us!

Kalenz: Indeed. We elves do not fare well in these dark pits.

Secret Passage

Unit: Hmm... there seems to be a secret passage behind these rocks!

Find Treasure

Unit: There is a great fortune in this chest of treasure! I can count two hundred pieces of gold!

Find Dwarves

Relgorn: Who are these that approach? Surface-dwellers! On your guard, men!

Delfador: We come in peace, friends. We come in peace!

Relgorn: Oh, do you? I see that you are accompanied by elves. Can we dwarves not live in peace without the treacherous elves coming to bother us?

Kalenz: Why such harsh words, dwarf? Elves have never done you any harm.

Relgorn: ‘Never done us any harm?’ Why, I was there myself, when the elves refused to honor our alliance. Many dwarves were slaughtered, and you cowardly elves did nothing to help!

Kalenz: You go too far! I am Kalenz, a mighty elvish lord! How dare such as you, sniveling in his tunnel, call me a coward?

Delfador: Peace, friends! Peace! The evil orcs roam the lands above us, we must not fight among ourselves.

Relgorn: Very well! Explain your presence here then, human. Who are you? Why have you risked life and limb to come to Knalga, home of the dwarves?

Konrad: Well, we... we...

Delfador: We have come so that an heir may claim his inheritance, that a king may claim his throne. We seek the Sceptre of Fire.

Relgorn: The Sceptre of Fire? Are you out of your minds? Surely you speak in jest!

Delfador: We jest not, friend. We seek the Sceptre of Fire. We seek the help of the dwarves in finding it. But know that we will find it, whether you help us or not.

Relgorn: You speak foolishness. No one even knows if the Sceptre of Fire still exists. And who is this heir, this king that you speak of?

Konrad: I am, sir.

Relgorn: You? Ha ha! This boy that stands before me is the king of Wesnoth? Ha ha! I haven’t had such a laugh in a long time. And who are you, old man?

Delfador: I am Delfador, Delfador the Great, Arch Mage to King Garard, and Protector of his heir.

Relgorn: You... you are Delfador? I saw Delfador when I was but a young dwarf, and I will tell you, old man, you are not Delfador. Men! Take these liars out of my sight. Delfador perished many years ago.


Delfador: I am Delfador the Great! Tremble before my wrath!

Relgorn: You... you really are Delfador! But we had news that you were dead, years ago!

Delfador: They thought I was dead. They hoped I was dead. Yet still I live.

Relgorn: And you really think that you can find the Sceptre of Fire?

Delfador: Yes, I do. If you help us, friend, all the treasures of Knalga that we find are yours. We want only the Sceptre. It will be dangerous. Make no mistake about that: dwarves will be killed, perhaps many dwarves. But surely it is better than hiding from the orcs like worms.

Relgorn: You are right, friend. I will put my best men at your disposal. We know not where the Sceptre is though. Legend says it is hidden in the eastern tunnels.

Delfador: Then to the eastern tunnels we shall go!

Have Gyphons

Gryphon Tender: I am sorry, Prince Konrad. The young gryphons are breaking their ropes. They are simply getting too large and too restless to restrain anymore!

Relgorn: What’s this? Gryphons in my castle? Remove the beasts!

Konrad: Beasts? We were planning to use them as mounts.

Relgorn: Ha ha! Gryphons as mounts! Is there no end to your folly?

Konrad: (looks miffed)

Relgorn: Well, if you must go on with this mad scheme, I shall supply you with my own troops as riders! A frail human — or worse, an elf — would never be able to handle their violent instincts!

Kalenz: (looks miffed)

Delfador: Temper your anger. Relgorn’s manner may be rough, but surely there is nothing wrong with his suggestion?

Konrad: Well, I suppose...

Mounted Dwarf: Whoa there... No need to be surly, now. Easy...easy... now GO!

Narrator: You can now recruit fearsome Gryphon Riders!

Relgorn: Though they stink, gryphons are magnificent animals. They may not be able to navigate our twisted caverns very well, but if you ever see the surface again, they will dominate the skies. Best of luck, Allies-of-Knalga.

Scenario 15: The Lost General

Introductory Dialogue

Delfador: We are now in the main dwarvish caverns.

Underground roads once led to the different parts of the complex, but now everything lies in ruins.


Narrator: The sign says ‘Guest quarters’.

Move to 17,24

Burlin: My uncle’s family drowned after the orcs flooded that cavern...

Merman Goes down Whirlpool

Narrator: A hidden whirlpool sucks you down into a subterranean current!

Ulfdain: What’s this, more trolls? Aye, come to papa, little whelps.

Merman: Hello? Who is here?

Ulfdain: What in the world are you? Some sort o’ monster’s appendage set tae lure me down to be yer watery meal, eh?

Merman: I am of the merfolk, dweller of the vast oceans! Do not ask me what I am doing in a cave. My lord can be somewhat eccentric. We are fighting at the side of your fellow cave-dwellers to drive back the orcs and trolls.

Ulfdain: (sniffs) A mer-mahn. Never heard of it. I doubt yer as tasty as my friends here.

Merman: Why are you down here? Are those... troll carcasses?

Ulfdain: I was brawlin’ with these wee pups here defending my outpost. We got a little carried away, fell in the water, and were sucked down intae this grotto.

Merman: How long have you been here?

Ulfdain: Och, several days at least. The troll meat is starting to stink, and I’m a little ravenous, if ye catch my drift. Canna’ swim past that current, and no’ for lack o’ tryin’.

Merman: I will rescue you. Hold onto my shoulders, sir dwarf.

Ulfdain: Thanks. Nae need to wait around here. Let’s go.

Leave Whirlpool

Narrator: Better prepared this time to fight the current, you eventually manage to emerge from the whirlpool.

Ulfdain: Well, mer-mahn, we made it. I will fight for yer lord. He sounds like a brave fellow.

Approach Used Passage

Unit: These passages seem to have been used recently.

Find Big Cave

Narrator: You emerge into a vast natural cathedral, the walls arching higher than you can see in the darkness. Stretching across the gallery is a great chasm, around which the cave floor appears to have been completely worn smooth. This was once the center of a bustling dwarvish empire, the remnants of which have since been driven into the upper caves of Knalga by the forces of darkness.

Find Cave-in

Unit: There is a big cave-in south of here.


Unit: The rocks are moving!

Find Dwarves

Unit: Who goes there? Friend or foe?

Dwarf: We are desperately trying to rid these tunnels of orcs and trolls! Please help us in our quest.

Find Trolls

Unit: Vile creature! Let us rid these tunnels of its kind!

Find Undead

Unit: I did not know that the undead were in these pits!

Find Lionel

Unit: Who is this foul enemy that we fight?

Lionel: I am Lionel. I am the Lost General. I will avenge myself upon you all!

Konrad: Avenge? What have we done to you that you must avenge?

Delfador: Lionel? A General? I remember that name...

Lionel: Remember me, do you? Aye. I was the king’s finest general, sent down to these pits to retrieve the Sceptre. But the orcs trapped me and my men in this cavern, to starve to death. The dwarves were no help, leaving me to die. Now I will get revenge on you all!

Lionel Dies

Lionel: Argh! I am vanquished! But at least by worthy foes, instead of those disgusting orcs.

Delfador: Rest in peace, Lionel. The poor, lost general.

Lionel: I am destroyed, but my mission must be completed. Though you are foes, you are at least worthy ones, so I will tell you that the Sceptre is east from here, the way you have come from, deep in the caverns. I made the mistake of not asking for directions when I became lost. May you have better fortune in your quest than I did!

Turn 20

Narrator: The earth shakes.

Victory Dialogue

Geldar: Tall ones, I thank ye. Life has been nothing but a struggle recently. We are the last outpost o’ civilization in these caves.

Delfador: These caves are vast. If we are to find the Sceptre of Fire we must hurry. We are not alone, and now that our foes have smelled our blood it will be worse.

Geldar: The Sceptre? Ah, the Sceptre ye seek. You surface dwellers are ambitious. Beyond my citadel the spawn of the darkness hold complete sway. You’ll no’ survive without assistance.

Konrad: How will we make it?

Geldar: Northeast o’ my keep, young human, the tunnels converge towards the deepest reaches of the underground kingdom. The Sceptre can only be there. Please accept the service of my guardsmen. These elite warriors will protect you.

Have Geldar

Delfador: Your boon is most welcome, sir dwarf. Keeping the Sceptre out of the hands of evil beasts is a common goal for us, and we will prevail with your help.

Narrator: You may now recruit the legendary dwarvish guardsmen!


Delfador: I do not know, Konrad, but I can sense our path only leads us downward. We will continue to the northeast, to the deepest depths of these caverns.

Scenario 16: Hasty Alliance

Story Text

The last dwarvish settlement far behind them, the party descended into the deepest parts of the hewn caverns. Except for disturbances caused by the occasional goblin, the air in the lower passages was still and tomblike.

Stepping through a low corridor, Konrad and Delfador emerged from the maze-like catacombs into icy blackness. Darkness seemed to crush them. Lights flickered and went out. Even the staff of the elder mage struggled to produce enough light to see by.

A cavernous void stretched out ahead, across which no ceiling or walls were visible. Wind howled and whipped over narrow ledges bridging the depths, almost as if animated by powerful nearby magic... and newly awoken evil.

Introductory Dialogue

Konrad: Where are we? Which way now? I am tired of this darkness!

Delfador: I am not sure of the way. Let me think for a moment.

(Li’sar arrives)

Li’sar: En garde!

Konrad: What in the world are you doing here?

Li’sar: Tracking you down, of course! You have escaped me for the last time!

Delfador: Foolish girl! We are in the deepest of caverns, probably surrounded by all manner of creatures, and you still want to fight us? You will bring us all to ruin!

Li’sar: Don’t try to trick me! I know why you have come here! But I will put an end to you and your treason here. Then I will get the Sceptre, and return to the daylight again!

(Orcs arrive)

Goblin Knight: Surprise! Die, you sun-lovers!

kalenz: Now we are surrounded! Do you still want to fight us, Princess? Surely that would lead to doom for us all!

Li’sar: I see we have little choice but to help each other. Let us fight together until we return to the surface. Agreed?

Konrad: Very well, I promise that you will reach the surface again, or we shall all perish together, Princess.

Li’sar: But once we escape from this hole, I have a score to settle with you!

Victory Dialogue

Konrad: Well, we have helped each other survive so far, Princess. Now let’s continue together. What do you say?

Li’sar: Yes. We agreed to help each other get out of these pits alive, did we not? Let us continue to pool our resources. I pledge to you my gold.

Konrad: Thank you, Princess. Come, men. Let us find the Sceptre!

Li’sar Dies

Li’sar: I can’t believe it should end like this!

Scenario 17: The Sceptre of Fire

Story Text

Across the chasm, the air almost crackled with magical energy. It also became steadily warmer. The floor was smooth and glassy in places, and a faint glow provided a small reprieve from the thick blackness. Volcanic fumes drifted up from cracks in the floor.

Distant rumbles and earthquakes made it difficult to keep steady footing. The very earth had come alive, heaving, struggling to be relieved of its centuries-old burden...

Introductory Dialogue

Konrad: The Sceptre must be getting close now! Where shall we go?

Kalenz: We cannot explore this much area by ourselves, especially if we are beset by the denizens of these caves. We must ask our dwarven allies to help search the caves with us.

Delfador: Yes, I feel it is near here! We must search for it carefully.

Li’sar: An earthquake! We’ll be trapped!

Kalenz: No, not an earthquake, Princess. I feel it too. Something is... aware... of us.

Li’sar: Aware? Who? Delfador, what does he mean?

Delfador: The Sceptre... the earth... the molten lava... the fire... the air around us... everything. It calls out to the heir — I can barely hold it back in my mind. It was forged here, not far north of where we now stand. The sheer power of it!

Konrad: Where? Where is it?

Delfador: North. More than that, I cannot tell.

Li’sar: Konrad, as promised, here is my purse, full of gold.

Narrator: You receive 300 pieces of gold!

Konrad Gets Sceptre

Konrad: Here it is at last, I have the Sceptre!

Kalenz: So it is in our hands! Now let us leave this stinking pit.

Li’sar: I think that if we travel just a little north, we might be able to get out.

Li’sar Gets Sceptre

Li’sar: At last! I have the Sceptre!

Konrad: Indeed. You managed to reach it, Li’sar. I hope you shall use it wisely.

Li’sar: My first use for it is going to be to help us get out of this hole! I hope you consider that wise.

Delfador: The Sceptre makes its wielder powerful, but hardly immortal, child. Use it prudently. Now come, I believe there is an exit to the north!

Li’sar: I think I know what I’m doing. Come, let us go!

Scenario 18: A Choice Must Be Made

Story Text

The Sceptre, initially dulled from decades of dust and debris, began to glow from the ruby’s inner fire. Dwarvish runes on the golden handle lit up in pulsating blue. The heat and light were comforting in the pitch-black.

An early encounter with the Sceptre in the hands of its new owners left several trolls as smoking husks. Sensing the awakening of a powerful magic, the dwellers of the deep quickly scattered and remained out of sight.

Delfador led his young charges through lonely corridors and abandoned tunnels for four days. For the first time Konrad saw signs of fatigue in the old wizard’s normally inscrutable face. Finally, fresh air greeted the party...

Introductory Dialogue

Konrad Has Sceptre

Li’sar: I thank you for helping me get back to the surface, but now I must take what is mine!

Konrad: You still want to fight me, do you, Princess?

Li’sar: Did you think I was just playing around? I need to take my inheritance!"

Delfador: It is not so simple! We are back on the surface, but we are hardly safe. We barely know where we are. Look to the north... there are orcs about! Look to the south... there are the hordes of the undead!

Konrad: Indeed there are. We will have to fight our way out. Are you with us, Princess, or against us?

Li’sar: Perhaps it is in both our best interests for us to remain allies for a little longer... but I do want that Sceptre, and someday I will have it!

Kalenz: I can tell where we are. That is the river that is known as Longlier to men, called Arkan-thoria in my people’s ancient tongue. The home of my people lies to the east.

Konrad: Then perhaps we should head east along the river, and seek refuge and rest there for a time?

Kalenz: We should indeed seek refuge there, my lord, but not by going east along the river. Its name means ‘The River of Bones’. Great and evil creatures lurk along its banks, its waters are not fit to drink, and it runs over the Cliffs of Thoria. It has been many centuries since any man or elf has passed over the Cliffs and survived. No, Prince, we must choose another way.

Konrad: But which way, Kalenz?

Kalenz: We may take two paths which avoid the river. North, through the ancient home of my people, and then east to where they now live. Or we can go south, passing through the swamps, before turning east and then north. We would cross the river one time more if we chose that route, but I know a safe place for the crossing.

Konrad: And will you join us in seeking refuge with the North Elves, Princess?

Li’sar: If the elves will promise me refuge and safe passage, then I will go.

Kalenz: That we will, Princess. Even though you are the daughter of the Queen, our enemy, we shall not harm you on this encounter, for you have helped us.

Delfador: So, we must choose. To the north past the orcs, where lie the ancient snow plains of the elves, or to the south, beyond the armies of the Walking Dead where the dreaded swamps await.

Li’sar Has Sceptre

Li’sar: We have escaped.

Konrad: Yes, we have. Now I suppose you want to use the Sceptre against me, Princess?

Li’sar: No, I was thinking... I don’t really want to kill you. I have what I came to get. So if you promise never to come south of the Great River, I will spare your life.

Kalenz: With all due respect, Princess, it is once again we who will spare you, Sceptre or no Sceptre.

Li’sar: Such words in the presence of royalty! Do you want me to fry you, Elf?

Delfador: Friends, peace! Though we are out of the tunnels, we are hardly safe. We are somewhere in the arid and wild north lands, that is all we know. Behold! To the north, orcs, to the south, dark hordes. We must remain at peace with one another, or else all perish!

Li’sar: I suppose that helping each other for a while longer would be mutually beneficial. But what should we do? How should we defend ourselves?

Kalenz: I can tell where we are. That is the river that is known as Longlier to men, called Arkan-thoria in my people’s ancient tongue. The home of my people lies to the east.

Konrad: Then perhaps we should head east along the river, and seek refuge and rest there for a time?

Kalenz: We should indeed seek refuge there, my lord, but not by going east along the river. Its name means ‘The River of Bones’. Great and evil creatures lurk along its banks, its waters are not fit to drink, and it runs over the Cliffs of Thoria. It has been many centuries since any man or elf has passed over the Cliffs and survived. No, Prince, we must choose another way.

Konrad: But which way, Kalenz?

Kalenz: We may take two paths which avoid the river. North, through the ancient home of my people, and then east to where they now live. Or we can go south, passing through the swamps, before turning east and then north. We would cross the river one time more if we chose that route, but I know a safe place for the crossing.

Konrad: And will you join us in seeking refuge with the North Elves, Princess?

Li’sar: If the elves will promise me refuge and safe passage, then I will go.

Kalenz: That we will, Princess. Even though you are the daughter of the Queen, our enemy, we shall not harm you on this encounter, for you have helped us.

Delfador: So, we must choose. To the north past the orcs, where lie the ancient snow plains of the elves, or to the south, beyond the armies of the Walking Dead where the dreaded swamps await.

Choose Arkan-thoria

Merman: Prince Konrad, you and your friends keep talking about avoiding the Arkan-thoria. But we can lead you down this river. With the help of us merfolk, you could reach the home of the North Elves much sooner by the river road, rather than by taking either one of the land routes. I can not promise you that it will be a safe journey, because I do not know what lies ahead, but it is an option and you should consider it, my lord.

Konrad: Loyal merfolk, you have served far beyond what your debt of gratitude requires. I will trust your strength and loyalty through this tribulation even as you trusted us to lead you through the heart of a volcano.

Konad: Your people have already saved me once from a watery death, noble mer, fighting by my side as undead horrors threatened to devour us. I entrust our army to your strength and protection.

If you are confident you can navigate these waters and guide our forces to safety, then lead on.

Merman: I am, my liege. We press ahead. Stay close, noble masters.

Delfador: I suspected you would attempt to lead us down the banks of Longlier...

Kalenz: (shock) What!? Konrad, your folly is appalling! Do you flout my advice?

Li}sar: We are traveling east? Down the river? Konrad, I hope you know what you are committing us to.

Kalenz: Of course not, whelp, else he would have chosen a safer route.

Konrad: Hold your tongue, Kalenz. The princess is our ally and of royal blood. She deserves not your disrespect.

Kalenz: Delfador, you cannot allow this to happen! We march to our death!

Konrad: Lord elf, I am in command. I have held council with the Merfolk, and they believe they can find a path down the river and over the falls. We will take the most direct route to your homeland and escape the grasp of the Northerner armies that swarm the wilderness.

Delfador: (sigh) I have been spoiled by years of genteel living among your kind, Kalenz. An elf’s capacity for introspection and serenity is exceeded only by his ferocity and passion in battle.

It offends your pride and wisdom to suffer the indignity of accepting the will of humans, especially in such a harsh predicament. I urge you to remember how far we have come under Konrad’s leadership, and how close we are to bringing the hammer of destiny crashing down on Queen Asheviere’s ill-gotten throne. We will journey east.

Kalenz: I do not like this, old friend. There are legends of things dwelling on this river that even I dare not speak of...

Merman: Prince Konrad, are you sure you want to do this?

Konrad: I say that…

Konrad: Our need for speed outweighs the danger. With the Merfolk to help us, we will win through.

Konrad: On second thought, perhaps we should choose a safer way to go.

Merman: As you say, my lord.

Narrator: If you want to choose the river path later, move a merman to the right end of the river again.

Scenario 19a: Snow Plains

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: These fields of snow were once the home of my people. We left here centuries ago. Legends say a great sword of fire was left behind.

Konrad: This sword may prove useful on our journey ahead. I wonder where it could be hidden.

Delfador: Who would discard such a wondrous artifact?

Kalenz: I believe it belonged to Ila’alion, a mighty Marshal of the Wood. It was enchanted as a boon to him by your elvish friends in the south. He was visiting their home as an envoy from us North Elves and was called upon to vanquish some beast or other.

Konrad: Some boon! All for a beast?

Kalenz: It must have been an infestation. Regardless, after returning to his own people, the sword was nothing but an invitation to disaster.

His fellow marshals... well, one could say they were slow to come to Ila’alion’s aid as he held this very plain against an orcish incursion. They resented his arrogance as the bearer of the sword, and indignation is a powerful force amongst my people at times. The sword has been lost in orcish territory ever since.

Li’sar: He was just someone who couldn’t handle the power given to him.

Kalenz: You would do well to learn the lesson he did not.

Li’sar: Move along, elf, unless you enjoy making camp in this icy waste. I, for one, do not!

Kalenz: Indeed…

Li’sar: Listen, you whose eyes are fair but hide a vacuum, do you think I do not know what power can do to one’s soul? What evils a person is capable of when truth and righteousness are but scrolls that can be rewritten when a queen grows tired of them?

I spent my entire childhood listening to my mother give orders and commanding armies around. I hid in the throne room as a little girl as she met with her generals. I now know she was having people killed... entire towns of people killed!

I became my mother’s most trusted aide-de-camp. I was sent to quiet the worst of the rebellion. Of course they fought back. I never knew who these people were or why they fought my mother. Konrad, you are lucky. You do not know what Wesnoth has been like these past many years. There is no peace. I have never known peace.

Delfador: I do know the cup of bitterness poured out on Wesnoth by your mother, child. The land has been torn apart. The elves know this. The orcs know this. Undead can feel it. Large armies of men march across the plains hunting each other, and when no men remain, outsiders will claim Wesnoth as their home.

Konrad: Enough! I can listen to no more of this. Princess, you may want to end your mother’s rule, but I will end her life as she ended the life of my father and my brothers. Asheviere’s masterwork of treachery will end, and it will end by my blade!

Scenario 19b: Swamp of Dread

Introductory Dialogue

Delfador: This land is cursed. Liches have existed here for ages, luring adventurers and soldiers to their deaths and amassing great armies and fortunes.

Konrad: Look there! The swamp is infested with all manner of skeletons, corpses, and worse. I hope I have made a wise choice in taking this path.

Delfador: These Death Knights appear to be minions enslaved by the Lich-Lord. This one must be particularly powerful, since Death Knights are usually strong-willed spirits on their own.

Kalenz: I believe we can destroy the master and release the minions. There is much fighting to be done before we can pass through these swamps in peace. May our bones not join these fallen warriors who now oppose us.

Kill Death Knight with Armour

Narrator: The Death Knight explodes into a cloud of dust as it is eradicated. Its armor, however, drops to the ground and remains intact. The heavy black steel is polished to a mirror shine.

Li’sar: Delfador... that breastplate... how did it end up here?

Delfador: Its owner was surely a famous warrior in life. I wonder who it was. That plate must have a powerful enchantment to have resisted centuries of decay. Choose wisely who will bear it.

Kill All Death Knights

Narrator: As the last of its generals falls, an ear-splitting screech escapes from the lich. It is clear that controlling such powerful spirits has drained it significantly, and it is seething in anger towards you.

Kill Lich

Narrator: A final blow destroys the lich, releasing a small shock wave of energy outwards. The last of his minions silently falls like a puppet with its strings cut. A cloud of dust billows outwards as the remnants of the lich’s once-mortal body disintegrate for the last time.

Narrator: A final blow destroys the lich, releasing a small shock wave of energy outwards. His minions fall like puppets with their strings cut. A cloud of dust billows out as the remnants of the lich’s once-mortal body disintegrate for the last time.

Narrator: A final blow destroys the lich, releasing a small shock wave of energy outwards. A giant cloud of dust billows out as the remnants of the lich’s once-mortal body disintegrate for the last time.

Delfador: Aimucasur’s lordship over this cursed ground is broken.

Konrad: Aimucasur? So you know of this Lich-Lord? Did you know him? He was a powerful mage?

Delfador: Yes, very powerful. I was not certain of his identity at first, but it is certain now. He lived centuries ago... he appears in our histories, a former headmaster on Alduin. He was reported to have disappeared, and now we know what happened to him.

Li’sar: He was just someone who couldn’t handle the power given to him.

Kalenz: You would do well to learn the lesson he did not.

Li’sar: Move along, Elf, unless you enjoy making camp in this slimy bog. I, for one, do not!

Kalenz: Indeed…

Li’sar: Listen, you whose eyes are fair but hide a vacuum, do you not think I know what power does to one’s soul? What evils a person is capable of when truth and righteousness are but scrolls that can be rewritten when a queen grows tired of them?

I spent my entire childhood listening to my mother give orders and commanding armies around. I hid in the throne room as a little girl as she met with her generals. I now know she was having people killed... entire towns of people killed!

I became my mother’s most trusted aide-de-camp. I was sent to quiet the worst of the rebellion. Of course they fought back. I never knew who these people were or why they fought my mother. Konrad, you are lucky. You do not know what Wesnoth has been like these past many years. There is no peace. I have never known peace.

Delfador: I do know the cup of bitterness poured out on Wesnoth by your mother, child. The land has been torn apart. The elves know this. The orcs know this. Undead can feel it. Large armies of men march across the plains hunting each other, and when no men remain, outsiders will claim Wesnoth as their home.

Konrad: Enough! I can listen to no more of this. Princess, you may want to end your mother’s rule, but I will end her life as she ended the life of my father and my brothers. Asheviere’s masterwork of treachery will end, and it will end by my blade!

Scenario 19c: Cliffs of Thoria

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: The party traveled down the river for days, sometimes walking through the shallow water, sometimes swimming, helped by the Merfolk.

One day they saw a gruesome sight — a fleet of boats and rafts sunk or shattered among the river islands. Konrad sent some of the mermen to investigate.

Merman Advisor: These are not proper ships, but shallow-draft boats built only recently; much of their timber is green. They were sunk in battle, not by a storm. Those that were not capsized have been burned. The battle must have taken place not long ago, perhaps only a few weeks past. We’ve found no survivors. One more thing...all flew the banner of the Crown of Wesnoth.

Delfador: Haven’t you found any enemy boats, ones the Wesnothians were fighting against?

Merman Advisor: No we have not. If there were any, they are long gone.

Li’sar: Perhaps the monsters Lord Kalenz alluded to sunk the boats.

Kalenz: That is possible. I would guess they were seeking a way east, just as we are.

Konrad: What do we do next? How much more of the river do we still have to travel?

Delfador: The mountains north of the river are impassable. Perhaps we should try moving south, to the swamps.

Kalenz: I don’t recommend it. Long ago, a lich who was at war with my people appointed some of his most powerful minions to guard the swamps. We must not go that way!

Li’sar: Then we have only two choices: to proceed down the river or to go back where we came from and fight our way through the orcs or the undead.

Delfador: We certainly have no time to go back! We must hurry to the home of the North Elves, to meet with our elven allies.

Konrad: Delfador is right. We must go on!

(Keh Ohn appears)

Konrad: Oh my! A monster!

Li’sar: A dragon! A big one!

Keh Ohn: I am Keh Ohn, leader of the drakes who have settled upon these cliffs. Who are you?

Konrad: A talking dragon?

Li’sar: I am beginning to understand why you were talking about monsters on our way here, Lord Kalenz.

Merman Advisor: With all due respect, Your Highnesses, you are both wrong. This is not a dragon. This is a drake.

Delfador: Here? But, drakes have never been seen in Wesnoth before... Are you certain of this?

Merman Advisor: I was born in the Bay of Pearls and spent my entire life on the Eastern Shore. But I have spoken with those who have traveled the Western Ocean and met drakes on their journeys. Therefore, I am certain beyond doubt that the creature flying in front of us is a drake, Delfador. Concerning the drakes having never been seen in Wesnoth, must I remind you that we are not in Wesnoth anymore? There are many unthinkable things and creatures which can be found outside of Wesnoth.

Keh Ohn: GRROAR!! Will you silly self-centered creatures show some manners and pay some attention to me?

Konrad: Eh... well of course, sir drake. Let me introduce myself — I am Prince Konrad, leader of the group and heir to the throne of Wesnoth.

Li’sar: And I am Princess Li’sar, the only daughter of the late King Garard II and Queen Asheviere. I too am an heir to the throne of Wesnoth!

Keh Ohn: (releasing a torrent of fire towards Konrad and Li’sar) Soooo... It is you who sent your subordinates to attack us. Now when we’ve destroyed them, you come to do the job yourselves.

Konrad: No...There is an ongoing civil war amongst us humans. The boats were sent by our enemies, not by us, even if they were Wesnothian boats.

Kalenz: The Prince speaks the truth.

Keh Ohn: I don’t know. Maybe you are telling the truth, maybe not. We drakes don’t trust you. Many of our warriors died in the battle and many more are still healing their wounds, but we still have claws. Go back now and leave us in peace. If you go further we’ll be forced to show them

Delfador: But we can not go back. We are on an important mission.

Keh Ohn: If you defy my warning — prepare for battle.

Konrad: So be it. We have to go down the river; we have no choice. We’ll fight our way through if necessary.

Keh Ohn: You will regret challenging us. Drakes, to arms!

Kill Undead

Killer: I slew the undead monster but somehow it has revived! Dark magic is stirring around us!

Kalenz: Those are some of the monsters I warned about. Such undead guardians are indestructible. We must find another way to go.

Find Gold

Unit: We’ve found $random gold in the drake nest.

Keh Ohn Dies


Killer: hurrah! We’ve killed their leader!

Drake: Our leader is dead, but it matters not! Time enough to appoint a new leader after the battle is won! Fight on to the last, comrades!

Konrad: Keep on going down the river. While we’re at it, let us force as many drakes as possible to pay with their lives. They have defied us, and now they will meet the same fate as their leader!

Elf/Merman: We hear and obey, My Lord.

See Injured Sergeant

Unit: I see someone at the top of the furthermost cliff!

It is a young human sergeant, barely more than a boy. He appears badly hurt but still alive.

I wonder why the drakes haven’t finished him by now? It is strange that there are not any drakes or undead in that area.

Water Serpent: Grrroar

Unit: Well... that answers the question.

Li’sar: We should try to help the injured soldier.

Kalenz: Must I remind you that he, like all the others who died, was sent to kill us!?

Li’sar: Perhaps he was sent after you, but not after me. I am sure that he is still loyal to his princess — the heiress to the throne of Wesnoth!

Delfador: Princess Li’sar, do I have to remind you again that it is Konrad, not you, who is the rightful heir?

Li’sar: Whatever.... I still think we should make an effort to rescue him from the unfortunate position he is in. If you help him, I’ll do my best to convince him that you are not his enemies but his friends...

Konrad: Our main goal remains to survive ourselves, but if we can spare the troops, we might try to rescue the sergeant stranded on the cliff. However, I make no promises.

Kalenz: Fair enough!

Li’sar: Fair enough.

Delfador: Fair enough…

Reach Sergeant

Warven: Who...who are you? A friend or a foe?

Unit: We are friends. Don’t worry about it and don’t try to fight us — you are in no condition to fight.

Li’sar: I am Princess Li’sar, and we are friends. Join us and wait for the healers to help you, young sergeant.

Warven; Princess Li’sar — here? Your Highness, I am yours to command!

Konrad: Follow us when you think you are capable and beware of monsters. We have fought many already, and there are sure to be more ahead.

Find Waterfall

Unit: There is a cataract ahead. By the thunder of the water and the height of the spume, it must drop several hundred feet at least. We must leave the river before we are swept into it, or we will surely perish!

Merman Advisor: Even we merfolk cannot swim that. The road east is blocked.

Konrad: Wait. What about the tributary which flows into the river from inside the mountain? There seems to be a cave...

Kalenz: Legend says that that little river comes from the land of the North Elves. It is said that it is an outflow of Everlore, which flows in the land of my home and that there is a cave system in that area with several cave entrances and springs which flow into the ground. I can say no more about it, except that it is swarming with undead and other creatures which find power in the darkness of the caves. We elves prefer not to venture into the caves; instead we put guards near the entrances to kill any foul creature foolish enough to wander outside. No elves have been inside for centuries and that area is unknown to us. Truly, I don’t recommend entering the cave if we have any other options.

Konrad: Unfortunately, we have no other options. Onward into the cave!

Victory Dialogue

Konrad: I’ve reached the cave entrance. There seems to be a system of channels running through the mountains. Follow me, and let us hope we somehow manage to get out alive.

Li’sar: That is so very encouraging....

Delfador: I wonder what kind of monsters await us inside.

Kalenz: We are soon going to find out.

Li’sar: Well, there is no point in delaying any further. Let us go and find out.

Warven: Yes, my lady!

Konrad: Everybody inside…

Scenario 20a: North Elves

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: At last, friends, we have almost reached the Lintanir Forest, the home of the North Elves. I was born not far east of here...more years ago than I care to remember.

Li’sar: After being in this wilderness for so long, it will be good to get some rest!

Konrad: But there is a great fog around us again! We don’t know what dangers may lie ahead!

Kalenz: So long as we move ahead with caution and prudence, I am sure we will reach the safety and hospitality of the elves.

Telerandor: My lords! I have found you at last.

Kalenz; Greetings, Telerandor, herald of Lintanir! Why have you been searching for us?

Telerandor: When my lord learned of your coming, he sent riders out looking for you! There is trouble afoot!

Konrad: Trouble? What kind of trouble?

Telerandor: We have sighted a great host to the south, a host of the men of Wesnoth. And we believe they are looking for you! There is not a moment to lose. You must make haste, east to Lintanir. Only there will you be safe!

Konrad: I only hope we can avoid them. We will have to bear north-east.

Telerandor: That is not all, my lord. The foul orcs have heard of the coming of these men, and are even now gathering a great host to oppose them to the north! It is now certain that there will be a great battle.

Li’sar: This sounds very dangerous. Perhaps we should retreat to the West, and hide until the battle is over?

Konrad: I think these wild lands are too dangerous for that! Anyhow... I expected you to be on the side of Wesnoth, Princess?

Li’sar: I am an honorable princess, not an impostor like you! I promised that I would be on your side until we made it out of these lands, and I will keep my promise!

Telerandor: Sir, madam, there is no time to lose! You must make it east, to the home of my people. Only there will you be safe!

Konrad: Rider, do not fool with us. You yourself say men and orcs wage war on this plain that lies ahead. Do you propose we fly to the great woods of the east?

Telerandor: My lord, you must rush across the field before the main host of each army makes it to the battle. It is the only way to avoid this great calamity.

Kalenz: I was afraid that’s what you were going to say.

Li’sar: Come then, Konrad, let us go. We will do what must be done.

Telerandor: My lord has begun assembling a party of elves to come and escort you into the forest. Beware, for we are all in great danger!

Delfador: Konrad, the encampment must be torn down. Any delay and these armies will crush us. Any evidence of our passage through here, and they will chase us.

Turn 3

Li’sar: So, Konrad, do you think we can simply trot across the battlefield?

Konrad: Stop for a moment, princess. Look — you can barely see them in the distance there, but the advance scouts have found each other. The Queen’s troops are marching full speed for the orcs’ camp, and vice-versa. These armies are out for blood.

Li’sar: But they will not neglect to notice our presence in their midst! We are walking into slaughter!

Konrad: (hushed) Our soldiers will defend us as we rush across the field. Sorry to be blunt, princess, but you and I are the only ones who need to make it across alive.


Konrad: ...and Delfador, of course. And Kalenz... and..

Li’sar: Ach! I understand, Konrad. I am no stranger to the burden of command. Onward!

Turn 5

Glarilon: My lords! I have found you at last.

Thalindil: (exhausted) We have... (pant) finally found you!

Turn 7

Rholandir: Lord Kalenz, Lord Konrad, our forces are nigh! Do not lose hope!

See Orcs

Delfador: There are some orcs! We must let them fight the men of Wesnoth, and avoid engaging them at all costs!

See Humans

Loyalist: They they are! Charge!

See Elves

Elf: There you are! You must come quickly east to Lintanir!!

Enter Forest

Delfador: Konrad, you have made it to the domain of the North Elves. Continue moving east and let the elves guard your rear.

Move to Elvish Castle

El’rien: Greetings, Elf-friend! Welcome to Emetria, my hold in Lintanir. You must take shelter here until the battle passes. If you stay with me here for a little while, we will all be safe.

Konrad: Thank you, Lord El’rien. The hospitality of the North Elves is as generous as that of your kin in the south! My men will help you hold out against our enemies.

Victory Dialogue

El’rien: Elf-friends, you have made it to safety!

Kalenz: El’rien, we have the Sceptre of Fire with us! We must escort them to Elensiria!

El’rien: Indeed. We will escort you to our capital, where we will make Council.

Time Runs Out

Delfador: We have not yet reached the forest, and the battle still rages. We are caught between two vast armies and cannot escape to safety! We are defeated!

Scenario 20b: Underground Channels

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: The party enters the mysterious cave, ready to face the unknown...

Move to South-East

Bona-Melodia: Get that vile creature!

Scenario 21: Elven Council

Introductory Dialogue

Uradredia: Greetings, and welcome to our capital. You should feel honored. It has been half a century — a generation in the way your race counts time — since any man has been considered Elf-friend enough to stand here in Elensiria.

Konrad: We are indeed honored.

Li’sar: I might also say that it is you who are honored. It has been so long since you have been graced by the presence of a princess of Wesnoth.

Delfador: Silence, foolish girl! With such arrogance, is it any surprise that the royal family of Wesnoth long ago saw their ancient alliances fall to pieces?

Li’sar: Yes... you are right, sir. It is I who am honored to be here, and I apologize for my discourtesy.

Uradredia: Delfador the Great. As wise with his tongue in advice as he is strong with his staff in battle. A rare combination, especially among men.

Parandra: How quickly does the race of men mature! Only seventeen winters have passed since I last laid eyes on you, Konrad, yet you are now a grown man. A proven warrior stands before me!

Konrad: Forgive me, Elf, but I’m afraid I do not recall meeting you before.

Delfador: Konrad, this is Parandra. She helped me rescue you from the clutches of Asheviere.

Konrad: I had no idea! Thank you, my lady. It is a pleasure to meet you again.

Li’sar: Rescued him from my mother? But seventeen years ago Konrad would have been an infant! What is this you are talking about?

Delfador: Your mother has much blood upon her hands, child. She has had many killed unjustly. When Konrad was an infant, she ordered all the princes put to death, so she could seize control.

Li’sar: She had them murdered? There were others too, not just Konrad? Surely you do not speak the truth! Parandra, what do you say?

Parandra: Princess, when Delfador the Great speaks of the Queen Mother, Asheviere, ordering the princes of Wesnoth to be put to death, he speaks the truth.

Li’sar: And what say you, Elf-king?

Uradredia: I did not see it myself, Princess, but I have heard many reliable reports. Asheviere indeed has the blood of the princes on her hands. She has also allowed orcs to desecrate the lands, abandoning all respect for the peoples around her.

Konrad Has Sceptre

Li’sar: Well, that is why I must take the Sceptre. I will return, and people will accept me as Queen. I will rule justly and fairly. My mother is only Queen Mother. The throne is rightfully mine, and with the Sceptre I can prove it.

Delfador: Princess, there is some good in you, but the throne is not yours to claim. Konrad has the Sceptre. He will take the throne.

Li’sar Has Sceptre

Li’sar: Well, I have the Sceptre! I will return and the people will accept me as Queen! My mother is only Queen Mother. The Throne is rightfully mine, and I will rule from it with justice and fairness. I may even accept you as my adviser and counselor, Delfador.

Delfador: Though you have the Sceptre, Princess, it is rightfully Konrad’s. You have it now only because we helped you get it.

Li’sar: And if I refuse to give it to him?

Delfador: If it is necessary, princess, I will ask Konrad to fight you in a duel for it.

Konrad: Delfador! Li’sar has become our friend. I don’t want to fight her! As long as she rules well, what does it matter if she becomes queen?

Delfador: You are the rightful heir. You should be king, Konrad.

Dialogue Continues

Parandra: Delfador, you have raised Konrad to be skillful and wise, honorable and just. A warrior who has respect, and appreciates peace. Yet the throne is not the place for him. You know of what I speak, Delfador.

Li’sar: But I do not! What is your meaning, Parandra?

Parandra: In time, things will be revealed, fair Princess. For the moment, go forth and claim the throne of Wesnoth.

Delfador: Parandra, what you say may seem right to some, but as long as you and I speak to no-one of what we know, I see no reason why Konrad would not best have the throne.

Parandra: In so many things you are right, Delfador, and your wisdom is unmatched in the world of men. But in this, you are mistaken. Li’sar is the heir. She should take the throne. Now that I have met her for myself, I am sure of it.

Konrad: She will claim the throne, and not me? What should I do?

Parandra: Li’sar should be Queen, but you will go with her. Indeed, I suspect we could not convince you otherwise. I have seen the way you look at her, Konrad. I think that now you would follow her even to the ends of the earth.

Konrad: With all due respect, my lady, she is my cousin! There is nothing between us!

Parandra: Then if it is as you say, Konrad, perhaps you should stay here with us. It would surely be safer for you. The elves could show you things that would amaze you, things that no man has seen before.

Konrad: That is a generous offer, my lady, but you are indeed right, I would rather go with Li’sar.

Delfador: And what say you, Uradredia?

Uradredia: Tell me, Li’sar, are you willing to fight your own mother for the throne?

Li’sar: It is for the good of the country. If it is necessary, I will fight her, Elf-king.

Uradredia: I feel that this lady speaks the truth. Delfador, although I know that you do not concur, the words of Parandra, daughter of Elandria are wise. Rest here for a time, and then go forth with them.

Delfador: And you have been with us for a time, Kalenz son of Kliada, what say you?

Kalenz: Wisdom has been spoken here today, Delfador. We have been with Li’sar in the most trying of times, and risked life and limb with her. Yet we still have both our lives and our limbs. She lacks experience, and has too much of the brashness of youth, but she will make a good Queen in time.

Delfador: So, the Elven Council has spoken. But which path should we take on our journey? The Ford of Abez will not be passable, for surely it will be watched and guarded by many men.

Uradredia: There is another way by which you can return to Wesnoth: past the mountains of the dragons and through the dark valley. To the land of the East, from there you can return to Wesnoth and surprise the Dark Queen, catching her off guard.

Konrad: Mountains of the dragons? That sounds very dangerous! I didn’t even think there were such things as dragons!

Delfador: No dragon has been sighted in those mountains for many years, but they retain their name of old. Still, that path will be dangerous for us. Is there not another route we might take?

Uradredia: All routes are dangerous, though there is some hope along this path. Rest, and then go forth, friends. Fortune has smiled upon you so far, despite great dangers. Perhaps she will continue to do so.

Parandra: Yes, rest. Your soldiers will be tended to and refreshed. We have made sure you will leave our protection with the resources to finish your journey.

Scenario 22: Return to Wesnoth

Story Text

After many days enjoying the strange food and fine linen of his hosts, restlessness overtook Konrad. The urgency nagged at him as he donned a new tunic and fastened newly-oiled leather straps.

He strode the halls of the elven citadel, visiting and encouraging his soldiers. Many were elves about to leave behind the comfort and peace of their capital to make war on a vast human army — his war. The weight of that thought bore on him.

Konrad stood on the rampart staring out towards the horizon as his men bustled below. He suddenly realized why he was uneasy: he had been staring at thin streams of black smoke, merging into the clouds far in the distance. He shouted orders to depart and was ardently obeyed.

Kalenz’s champion courtiers escorted Konrad and Delfador through their forest, a near-invincible vanguard. War had spread to the Northlands, but by taking long-deserted trails through the rugged eastern hills, it failed to find the band of rebels. The high craggy peaks of the mountains of the Dragons looked down on them in deserted desolation.

Konrad’s small band of elves had grown to a massive army. The occasional hermit mage knew better than to interfere with its progress, and soon the plains of Northeastern Wesnoth lay before them.

After spending the greater part of a year in remote, dangerous wastes, Konrad’s heart leapt at the thought this journey was almost over. Though the greatest danger lay ahead, he knew he was finally returning home.

Introductory Dialogue

Malatus: Halt! Who goes there?

Dwar-Ni: Look! It is the traitor Li’sar, with the old mage and the filthy elven lord. Quickly, capture them! The Queen wishes to make them her prisoners.

Li’sar: What? Me, a traitor? It is the Queen who is a traitor, for not obeying the wishes of King Garard II. We have the Sceptre of Fire, so let us in!

Malatus: You leave us no choice but to kill you.

Josephus Dies

Malatus: These intruders are stronger than we expected. Call in the reinforcements!

Dacayan: he Queen has sent us to aid you in capturing these rebels.

Malatus: We have changed the plan. Now we are killing them.

Turn 18

Delfador: We must make haste! Far greater challenges lie before us, by tarrying here we’re diminishing our resources.

Scenario 23: Test of the Clans

Introductory Dialogue

Konrad: Greetings, men of the plains.

Sir Daryn: What do these intruders want? We did not invite them here, that is certain.

Delfador: We come in peace! We wish for you to aid us in our struggle against Asheviere, the evil Queen.

Sir Alric: We will not join you. You who are led by these youths and this old man.

Delfador: You are for us or against us. If you do not join us to overthrow the evil Queen, we will strip you of your power, once the throne is rightfully reclaimed.

Lord Bayar: Hah! You think you can seize the throne? Defeat us in battle and we will join you, or leave now and never return!

Kalenz: Very well. We will fight you.

Lord Bayar: Fools! We will run you down like dogs!

Sir Alric: There is no turning back for you now. This is a fight to the death!

Turn 3

Konrad: Delfador, this is sheer madness. We cannot afford to play games when we should be marching against the Queen.

Lord Bayar, halt this folly! I challenge you to a personal combat.

Lord Bayar: Ho! You have amused me, young heir. Ho, ho, challenge indeed.

Konrad: Young heir? Then you assent to my claim?

Lord Bayar: Impudence. Bah! Do you see orcs on our plains? Did we not grant you a test of your strength?

Konrad: I fail to see the purpose of this exercise. It only weakens us.

Lord Bayar: No, whelp. You may be weakened, but the horse clans are eternal. I will promise you this, however. If you can defeat me personally, I myself will join your siege of Weldyn.

Sir Rugg: Aye.

Sir Daryn: Aye.

Sir Alric: Aye.

Lord Bayar Dies

Lord Bayar: I cannot believe this! You have defeated me! You are now my liege, and I leave the battlefield in shame. But the Clan shall fight on!

Delfador: Their leader has fallen but still they fight!

Sir Daryn Dies

Sir Daryn: You can defeat me, but the Clan will never fall. Our numbers are endless!

Sir Rugg Dies

Sir Rugg: Even as I pledge my lance to your service, my Clan fights on!

Sir Alric Dies

Sir Alric: A humiliating defeat, yet you are no match for the might of the Clan!

Defeat All Leaders

Clan Boss: Stop! I cannot believe this! You have defeated us! Indeed, you are worthy, worthy even to claim the throne. The clans will help you. We will fight with you against the Queen.

Konrad: So you admit defeat! You will serve me in fighting the evil queen?

Clan Boss: We will serve you, my lord. You will make a worthy king.

Narrator: The mighty riders of the eastern plains, the Knights of the Clans, are now yours to command!

Li’sar: I think you are mistaken! You will help me be queen.

Clan Boss: Who then is your leader? Who do we serve?

Delfador: You will serve us. You will protect our flanks while we make way straight for the queen. With you on either flank, we can surely overcome her.

Calens: Delfador, don’t you think it is time we settled this?

Delfador: Yes, it is time. It is time for the truth to be told. I had hoped to take this secret to my grave, but it isn’t to be. You elves live too long, and though I have tried hard to understand, your wisdom is foreign to me.

Konrad: Secret? What secret Delfador? What are you talking about?

Delfador: We should not speak of it now. Instead come with me, Konrad and Li’sar, to the top of mount Elnar. To look at Weldyn. To make plans for the battle, and to talk.

Defeat the Clans

Delfador: We are routing their forces! Let’s see if the Clan has had enough. Their help in guarding our flanks will be invaluable.

Scenario 24: The Battle for Wesnoth

Story Text

Here we overlook the city of Weldyn. The great city. The ancient city. The city of evil. The city of good. The city of men.

I have not looked upon this city for seventeen years. Seventeen years ago, when I should have been at the height of my power. But my strength failed me. I failed, and I cannot atone for it.

The battle had been long and hard. We had been defeated. Eldred was slain, but I knew that Asheviere’s wrath would be great. That many innocents would be slain. I had to save the monarchy. I had to save the princes. I made haste to Weldyn, before the guards of Asheviere could get there, to carry out their evil orders.

But I failed. I was too late. I entered the chambers of the youngest prince, prince Konrad, just as one of the evil ones ran him through. All was lost. The heirs were slain. Only Asheviere and her daughter had any claim to the throne.

Of course, you are surprised by this, but it is the truth. In haste, I vanquished the evil ones who had committed this foul deed. Then I took the little prince’s broken body, and away I rode. Far away, to the land of the elves.

By strange and mysterious fortune, the Elf Lady Parandra had come across a human child. She knew not where he had come from, only that the orcs would have eaten him if it weren’t for her intervention. The elves felt that great fortune smiled upon this man-child. Perhaps that is why this most truthful of peoples agreed to my plan.

After burying the little prince, we agreed never to speak of him again. Instead, this orphan child we would call Konrad, and he would be brought up to be king. I would say that I had slain the guards before they had carried out their evil deed, instead of after. No one would ever have to know. And no one did know for certain, until now.

I had thought that we could one day make you king, Konrad. But now I see that fate has made a different choice. That despite all of Asheviere’s evil, this Li’sar is fit for the throne. She is the rightful queen. From a long line of kings, stretching all the way back to the seafarers of old from the west.

Now, let us not tarry here any longer! The dawn breaks! The time has come for the heir to the throne to claim it!

Introductory Dialogue

Asheviere: So, these rebels come at last to face me, while most of my army is off fighting the fickle clans.

Clan Boss: Wretched wench. Your army is tasting death as we speak. The clans have arrived to unseat you, pretender!

Li’sar: Surrender, mother. The land’s blood is spent. I have come to take my rightful place.

Asheviere: Ahh. My own daughter, a turncoat. So it is true. Such treason my reign must endure! But endure it will.

Delfador: How long must the people endure your rule? Give the throne to your daughter. She is the rightful heir. We even hold the scepter to prove it!

Asheviere: Delfador! My old tormentor! Treason! Men! Seize them! Kill them! Kill them all!

Attack Asheviere

Attacker: Take this, witch!

Asheviere’s Last Breath

By Li’sar

Li’sar: Mother, I swore to end your reign of evil, and now I shall.

Asheviere: Daughter, I built this kingdom for you. It has all been for you!

Li’sar: Even now, can you not tell the truth? Your greed has corrupted your soul. You are a monster! A murderess! It pains me to kill you, mother, but you have chosen your own fate. For Wesnoth!

Narrator: Li’sar strikes a killing blow!

By Konrad

Konrad: You have hunted me across the countryside, indeed across the years. Here I am, Dark Queen.

Adheviere: I was sure I had killed you, yet you haunt me still. Be gone, demon! I banish you, ghost!

Konrad: Oh, wretched lady, I am very real. The land has suffered from your greed and ambition. You will now be held to account for your misdeeds. For the young prince Konrad! For WESNOTH!

Narrator: Konrad strikes a killing blow!

By Delfador

Delfador: As I destroyed your son, I now destroy you.

Asheviere: You were always defiant, wizard, and no one has thwarted my plans as determinedly as you.

Delfador: I have always been a humble servant of the Crown, and remain such even now.

Asheviere: Delfador! You utterly disgust me, you sniveling worm. How dare you confront me, your queen?

Delfador: How dare I? I High Provost of the Council of Archmagi...

... bearer of the staff of An-Usrukhar, guardian of the book of Crelanu ...

... Mage Protector of The Kingdom Of The Peoples Of The West-North, Chief Advisor to the Crown

... and personal counselor to my King and my friend, Garard the Second, who you most foully betrayed...

I am Delfador the Great and TODAY YOU MEET YOUR ATONEMENT!

Narrator: In a horrific inferno of magical rage, Asheviere is completely annihilated!

Asheviere Dies

Adheviere: Treason! The evil ones have slain me!

Delfador: And so passes Asheviere, the dark queen of Wesnoth.

Konrad: We have won at last! Li’sar! You will be queen!

Li’sar: Yes, but I won’t ever forget what you have done for me, Konrad, Delfador, and Kalenz.

Kalenz: So much blood. So much death. For what? A title?

Li’sar: For justice, Elf Lord. We fight because if we do not, evil would prevail. But, I implore you to let the dead have their rest. We have taken victory. Tomorrow is a new day, friends... let us build this kingdom anew.

Scenario 25: Epilogue

Story Text

And so the Dark Queen’s reign was ended. Li’sar, daughter of Garard II and Heir to the Throne of Wesnoth, was crowned Queen and Bearer of the Sceptre of Fire, which she would pass on to all her successors.

Her reign was long, and she undid the evil deeds of her mother.

Delfador became Li’sar’s High Counselor, advising her in the most important matters of state. He lived until a ripe old age and was granted a royal funeral, after which he was buried in the Royal Crypt in Weldyn.

Kalenz returned to his home in the North and never again returned to the lands of men.

Konrad became a noble in Li’sar’s court. He married Li’sar, and together they had two sons and a daughter.

The bones of the young prince Konrad were retrieved from the elves and buried in the Royal Crypt in Weldyn, which Konrad visited to pay homage every week.

HTTT Specific Descriptions


Princess: Lvl 2

A noble by birth, the Princess has learnt swordplay with the greatest generals and battle tactics with the greatest sages, making her both a great combatant and leader. The units of lower level around the Princess will fight better due to her presence. The Princess is also nimble and dextrous, having skills like that of a thief.

Battle Princess: Lvl 3

A noble by birth, the Princess has learnt swordplay with the greatest generals, and battle tactics with the greatest sages, making her both a great combatant and leader. Now battle-hardened and strong of will, she can now aid those around her in the art of combat.

Fighter: Lvl 1

Young and brash, Fighters attack with a sword, and are vulnerable to more seasoned enemies. However they have the potential to become great warriors one day.

Commander: Lvl 2

The rank of Commander is held by those who lead battle groups into combat. Possessing leadership skills, they give lower-level units in adjacent hexes improved performance in combat. Commanders are best skilled with the sword, although they also carry a bow to use when necessary. If the Commander is lost, so is the battle.

Lord: Lvl 3

The noble leaders of many troops, Lords are especially strong in melee combat, and also possess skill with the bow. Like Commanders, Lords possess leadership skills, and improve the fighting ability of all adjacent lower-level units.

Sea Orc: Lvl 1

While often viewed as inferior to their land-loving counterparts, Sea Orcs represent a great leap for all goblins as they have adapted to aquatic environments. With their curved swords they are competent fighters, although their lack of a ranged attack and poor defense on land do represent strategic weaknesses.

Dark Queen: Lvl 3

The evil queen mother Asheviere has terrorized Wesnoth for many years. Her knowledge of magic makes her a worthy foe in combat, although her power is mostly derived from those she commands.


Flaming Sword

This massive blade was created centuries ago by long-forgotten elvish forgemasters, who imbued the bluish steel with an inner magical fire. Tongues of flame dance on the surface, giving the metal a flawless mirrored finish.

Only the leader of an army can wield this sword!

Narrator: As you place your hand around the glittering leather hilt, the sword roars to life! Strangely, you feel no heat once you pick it up, yet the grass at your feet bursts into flame as you test the heft of this mighty weapon.

Void Armor

A beautiful chest plate crafted from shimmering black steel, the Void Armor is virtually impenetrable to physical weapons!

Only a powerful warrior may don this armor!

Narrator: You struggle to lift and don the heavy plate. Once worn, however, it is amazingly comfortable. You have increased resistance to all physical damage!

Sceptre of Fire

This ancient Sceptre was forged by the great Dwarves of the Heart Mountains. A symbol of the kingship of Wesnoth, the Sceptre has the power to shoot fireballs at enemies of the bearer!

This is the Sceptre of Fire. Only a true successor to the throne can possibly dare to take this!

HttT's Specified Unit Names



  • Urug-Telfar (Orcish Warlord)
  • Knafa-Tan (Orcish Warlord)
  • Maga-Knafa (Orcish-Knafa)
  • Mokolo Qimur (Orcish Warrior)
  • Usadar Q’kai (Orcish Warror)
  • Dwaba-Kukai (Orcish Warrior)
  • Managa’Gwin (Orcish Warrior)
  • Bugg (Orcish Archer)
  • Agadla (Orcish Warlord)
  • Kojun Herolm (Orcish Warlord)
  • Mokho Kimer (Orcish Warrior)
  • Gaga-Breuk (Orcish Warlord)
  • Halgar Du’nar (Orcish Warrior)
  • Gorlak (Orcish Warrior)
  • Knafa-Telfar (Orcish Slurbow)
  • Urug-Tan (Orcish Warlord)
  • Shuugg-Mool (Orcish Sovereign)
  • Urag-Tifer (Orcish Warlord)
  • Kior-Dal (Orcish Warlord)
  • Dwar-Ni (Orcish Warlord)
  • Haliel-Maga (Orcish Warlord)


  • Galdrad (Elvish Champion)
  • Chantal (Elvish Shyde)
  • Kalenz (Elvish Lord)
  • Niodien (Elvish Archer)
  • Loflar (Elvish Fighter)
  • Gryphon Tender (Elvish Shaman)
  • Ila’alion (Elvish Marshal)
  • El’rien (Elvish Marshal)
  • Telerandor (Elvidh Rider)
  • Glarilon (Elvish Rider)
  • Thalindil (Elvish Rider)
  • Rholandir (Elvish Rider)
  • Bona-Melodia (Elvish Sylph)
  • Uradredia (Elvish Council)
  • Parandra (Elvish Lady)
  • Bellrok (Elvish Champion)
  • Tindolean (Elvish Avenger)
  • Everlore (Elvish Enchantress)


  • Xnamas (Naga Fighter/Warrior)
  • Inalai (Naga Fighter/Warrior)


  • Gwaba (Merman Fighter)
  • Nepba (Merman Fighter)
  • Tiriam (Merman Fighter)
  • Miriam (Merman Fighter)
  • Mabooa (Merman Fighter)
  • Earooa (Merman Fighter)
  • Nethuns (Merman Fighter)
  • Gwoama (Merman Fighter)
  • Kaba (Merman Fighter)
  • Kwaboo (Merman Fighter)
  • Gwimli (Merman Fighter)
  • Jarla (Merman Fighter)
  • Gwarloa (Merman Fighter)
  • Heldaga (Merman Fighter)
  • Apalala (Merman Hunter)
  • Oceania (Mermaid Initiate)
  • Elcmar (Merman Fighter)
  • Aigaion (Merman Fighter)
  • Tini (Merman Fighter)
  • Kalba (Merman Fighter)
  • Gnaba (Merman Fighter)


  • Haf-Mal (Lich)
  • Jarmal-Gorg (Lich)
  • Xakae (Revenant)
  • Muff Jaanal (Dark Sorcerer)
  • Galga (Lich)
  • Na-alga (Lich)
  • Selda-Mana (Lich)
  • Lionel (Death Knight)
  • Unan-Ka’tall (Death Knight)
  • Clarustus (Death Knight)
  • Merlunius (Death Knight)
  • Aimucasur (Lich)
  • Secadius (Death Knight)
  • Defeis (Death Knight)
  • Muff Argulak (Ancient Lich)


  • Mother Gryphon (Gryphon)
  • Rampant Graak (Sleeping Gryphon)
  • Rampant Grook (Sleeping Gryphon)
  • Rampant Gruak (Sleeping Gryphon)
  • Graik (Gryphom)
  • Griak (Gryphon)
  • Water Serpent (Water Serpent)
  • Cuttle Fish (Cuttle Fish)
  • Hywyn (Giant Spider)


  • Relgorn (Dwarvish Lord)
  • Mounted Dwarf (Gryphon Rider)
  • Geldar (Dwarvish Lord)
  • Burlin (Dwarvish Fighter)
  • Ulfdain (Dwarvish Ulfserker)


  • Brugg (Troll Warrior)
  • Haaf-Garga (Troll Warrior)



  • Szerkz (Saurian Oracle)


  • Haralamdum (Ancient Wose)


  • Elmar’s Crossing
  • Elbridge
  • Pillars of Thunedain
  • The Great Doors