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'''Konrad II:''' Quite. Now do not interrupt while I am doing mine...kneel, Gweddry.
'''Konrad II:''' Quite. Now do not interrupt while I am doing mine...kneel, Gweddry.
"And arise, Gweddry, Earl of Estmark. The land for which you shed your blood shall be put under your hand to be made green again.
And arise, Gweddry, Earl of Estmark. The land for which you shed your blood shall be put under your hand to be made green again.
'''Narrator:''' With these words and acts began the Silver Age of Wesnoth, that time known to historians as the Reconstruction...
'''Narrator:''' With these words and acts began the Silver Age of Wesnoth, that time known to historians as the Reconstruction...

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This is a transcription of all dialogue from Descent into Darkness. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Death Dialogue


Gweddry: No! I... die...


Dacyn: We are doomed...


Owaec: I... must... argh.


Grug: Grarrgg....


Engineer: Wha'? Yah fail'd to give me protecshun...

Time Over

Early Defeat

Narrator: It was perhaps as well for the men of Gweddry's troop that they did not live to see the grim tide of undead sweeping westward into Wesnoth, laying waste to all in its path.

Foreign Defeat

Narrator: Wesnoth never learned the fate of Gweddry's band, but all too soon they would suffer the rage and malice of marauding orcs and undead in a war that would end only in misery and death.

Wesnoth Defeat

Narrator: Their home country proved to be no refuge for Gweddry's weary men, and no more would it for the inhabitants of Wesnoth as foes pressed them on all sides to a final defense of the doomed kingdom.

Late Defeat

Narrator: With the staunchest defenders of Wesnoth bested on their home ground, the once-great kingdom was plunged into final darkness under the vengeful hand of Mal-Ravanal.

Scenario 1: The Outpost

Story Text

(It is 625 YW. Konrad II is king, having reigned since 612)

It was the thirteenth year of Konrad II's reign, and there were strange occurrences in the Estmark Hills on the eastern border of Wesnoth.

Cattle and beasts of burden were found dead in the fields, and men went missing from their houses, with no clues but a thin stream of black blood. At first the settlers suspected raiders from the great desert, but when they sent scouts east they found nothing but a small mountain range and miles of swamp.

The disappearances did not stop, and every day the terror grew greater. Eventually, the people living in the eastern villages sent a messenger to the King, asking for help. The messenger rode hard for many days and nights, and finally reached the city of Weldyn.

When the King received news of the problem, his advisor Dacyn had much to say. Apparently, these attacks were connected to similar ones that occurred earlier on the far southern border, attacks by undead. Dacyn outlined a plan to combat these intrusions.

(The River Guard posts had been built in 470 YW. They were abandoned in 544 YW; the wave of colonization had begun around 530 YW)

In the days of the king Garard I, two strong-points had been built along the near bank of the Weldyn, south of Soradoc, to stop bandits and orcish raiders out of the Estmarks from entering Wesnoth. But in later years the River Guard posts had been abandoned, as colonists spread into the Estmarks and the orcs were driven in retreat north of the Great River.

With unknown enemies pressing Wesnoth from the East, Konrad II decided to re-build and re-man the River Guard outposts, and use them to keep the Crown's eye and hand firmly on the settled country to either side of the lower Weldyn. He sent two of the most promising young officers to them.

To the northern outpost he sent Owaec, a clan noble. To the southern outpost, he sent Gweddry, who would be accompanied by Dacyn the mage. It is with them this story is concerned.

All went well once the King's forces arrived. There were no attacks for several weeks, and Gweddry's men started to grow incautious. Then, at dawn one day, Gweddry and his men were roused by the startled cries of the night watchmen...

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: What? What is going on?

Dacyn: Look. To the east. Undead approach! But wait... I sense something... They must not see me...

Mal-Ravanal: Hm. I do not sense anything out of the ordinary here. My scouts must have deceived me. Very well; destroy them.

Mal-Sakkat: Very well, Dark Archon. They will die. And then?

Mal-Ravanal: On with the search. I trust you can defeat these men yourself? I have no time to waste here.

Gweddry: What?! Men, to arms! And where did Dacyn go?!

There are too many undead, I cannot defeat them... but my orders are to hold this outpost at all costs. It may be we will die this day.

But... somehow, I do not think Dacyn has abandoned us. He must have had a reason for leaving.

Dacyn Appears with a Trapdoor

Gweddry: Gweddry? Good! You are still alive. Quickly, we must leave this place!

Gweddry: Where did you go?! And where did you come from?

Dacyn: There is no time to explain. If you wish to survive, you will escape through this trapdoor.

Gweddry: "But what about the outpost?

Dacyn: It is pointless to try to defend it. Now, come on, we do not have much time to spare!

Urges to Hurry

Dacyn: Hurry! Before long enemy reinforcements will arrive, and we will all die! Go to the trapdoor!

Victory Dialogue

Gweddry: Follow me, men! Through the trapdoor!

Scenario 2: The Escape Tunnel

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: Where are we? I can't see where we are going.

Dacyn: I do not know. There are trolls in here, which may try to fight us. Now hurry, we have to move quickly with those liches still behind us.

Gweddry: Wait, before we go anywhere - who were those undead?

Dacyn: It doesn't matter. They are much too powerful for us; our only hope is to get away, far away. Perhaps we should go north, and meet with Owaec.



Dwarves are Seen

Sighted Unit: Who goes there?

Gweddry: We are soldiers of the king of Wesnoth. Will you help us escape these trolls?

Sighted Unit: Aye, we'll help ye, for we have nae love for the trolls. Anyone attacked by them deserves some help, I think.

Dacyn: Thank you. Now, I invite you to join us. Undead have followed us into these caves, and they will kill you if you stay behind.

Dacyn: Thank you. Now, I invite you to join us. Undead are in these lands, and they will find these caves.

Sighted Unit: My clan ha' lived in these caves for centuries. We'll no' be scattered now by a few undead.

Dacyn: Very well. The best of luck in your battle.

Holy Amulet

Message: Wearing this amulet will cause every blow you deal to inflict arcane damage!

Message: I am not suited to using this item! Let another take it.

Treasure Chest

Moved Unit: There is a great fortune in this chest of treasure! I can count two hundred pieces of gold.

Turn 6: Mal-Bakral Arrives

Mal-Bakral: We have found you, fleshbag! Prepare to die!

Dacyn: They follow us... we must get out of this tunnel. It looks like it is leading east. That is unfortunate, for it will take us further from Weldyn. But it is our only option.

Victory Dialogue

Gweddry: We have reached the end of the tunnel. I see daylight above us!

Scenario 3: An Unexpected Appearance

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: We have escaped from those dark tunnels! But where are we now?

Dacyn: We are in the middle of the eastern mountains, in a mountain pass leading east and west. We need to head north, to meet Owaec, but we cannot go through the mountains... we must go east, or west, and hope we can get around them.

Mal-Kallat: Hahaha! We have you surrounded!

Mal-Skraat: Why don't we see if the new recruit can handle them. After all, there are only two!

Mal-Tar: No!!! They'll kill me!

Mal-Kallat: That would be your problem, then.

Gwedry: These undead are toying with us! This adept is weak - we may be able to take his castle.

Dacyn: A good idea. Then, we must kill either of the dark sorcerers. I would prefer to attack the western one, so we can get closer to Wesnoth.

Mal-Skraat Dies

Mal-Kallat: No! You have defeated me, and can re-enter Wesnoth!

Mal-Kallat Dies

Mal-Skraat: You have defeated my brother, but I will follow you and kill you!

Scenario 4: An Elven Alliance

Story Text

But Gweddry and Dacyn were to find that re-entering Wesnoth would not be easy with the escape tunnel closed to them. They marched out of the foothills of the Estmarks in a direction few Wesnothians had traveled before, into unknown forest country just south of the Great River.

Introductory Dialogue

Volas: Greetings, travelers! Welcome to my realm.

Gweddry: Would it be possible for us to rest in your lands for a while? We have been pursued by fell undead, although they did not dare to enter the forest... yet.

Volas: Certainly.

Dacyn: Good. Now, you should be warned. This undead warlord is very powerful. If you choose to battle with him then, even if you are victorious, few will survive. I invite you to join us, and head north. We may be able to leave the area he wishes to conquer.

Volas: I thank you for your offer. But I will not leave my homeland. These undead cannot be as powerful as you say; I will fight them.

Dacyn: This is not a wise choice, but it is yours to make. If you will not join us, will you at least help us reach the northern outpost? We wish to warn our comrades there.

Volas: I will aid you. Although, I too, think that yours is the foolish choice. You should stay, and fight.

Dacyn: After we rest for a short while, we will leave. We have little time to spare.

Gruga-Har: Intruders!

Dacyn: What? Orcs! Where did they come from?

Volas: I know not. But they are right in the Northern Path. You will have to fight them to move on.

Gruga-Har: Bring forth the assassins, we may be able to poison them!

Nafga: Your Warlordship, I am the only assassin left! Do you want me to go poison their leader?

Gruga-Har: Perfect! Go, into the forest!

Gweddry: They have sent an assassin into the forest. We will have to be careful, and make sure he does not come out and attack us unexpectedly.

Turn 6: Nafga reappears

Nafga: Hahaha! Nafga will kill the elves!

Nafga Dies

Nafga: No! This is the first time I have failed a mission, and it is my last!

Gruga-Har: My assassin is dead! The elves must pay, not for his death, but for stopping him in his mission!

Volas Dies

Volas: You have failed me, man of Wesnoth...

Victory Dialogue

Volas: We have defeated the orcs! Now you can rest, and then leave.

Dacyn: We have not the time. This battle has wasted too much of it already. We must leave now.

Volas: Very well. I will send guides to lead you to your allies.

Scenario 4b: The Undead Border Patrol

Introductory Dialogue

Dacyn: We have gotten out of that mountain range now, and the path northwards is clear. Let us go north, now, and try to reach Owaec at the outpost.

Gweddry: Wait. I am not sure that is the best option. If we go east now, we may be able to find the lich Mal-Ravanal who attacked us, and destroy him before he can attack Wesnoth again. After we escaped, I suspect he went back east to find us.

Mal-Skraat: They run from me! Still, it will not help them, the border patrol will destroy them. I may even be promoted!

Mal-Skraat Dies

Mal-Skraat: Now I will never get promoted!

Dacyn: Come, let us return to Wesnoth and aid the Northern Outpost.

Mal-Telnarad Dies

Dacyn: We have defeated this patrol, but we can still turn back! Do we want to go further east now, or do we want to try to turn back and defeat this dark sorcerer?

Gweddry: Hmm...

Go East

Option: I wish to destroy the evil before it can spread. East we go!

Dacyn: I cannot say if this is a good decision, but I will follow you.

Mal-Skraat: Noo!!! I can't be promoted if they run away!

Go Back

Option: You are right. It is foolish to go onward - we must defeat Mal-Skraat and turn back, going to the Northern Outpost.

Mal-Skraat: Good! If I defeat them, I can become a lich!

Time Over

Enemy Leaders Alive

Dacyn: We failed to defeat either enemy! Now more liches will come, and we will be overwhelmed!


Gweddry: We cannot spend any more time attempting to defeat Mal-Skraat. Like it or not, we must go further into these undead lands.

Mal-Skraat: Noo!!! He will reach Mal-Ravanal's capital, and I shall be punished for letting him escape!

Scenario 4c: Mal-Ravanal's Capital

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: The Bitter Swamp's ill reputation is, it seems, well merited. Mal-Ravanal's capital lies before us!

Dacyn: Yes, but look! The undead forces are closing in behind us. As I said before, we cannot kill Mal-Ravanal. It was foolish to come this far, we must turn back!

Gweddry: Perhaps. To retreat, we must kill one of these dark sorcerers that follow us. But, perhaps we can kill this Mal-Ravanal still. I might wish to try.

Mal-Ravanal: These humans have dared foolishly to come this far into my land. Crush them!

First Prisoner Released

Freed Prisoner: Thank you for destroying that skeleton warrior! Every time you kill one of the Revenants, one of us knights is let free!

Gweddry: Why? Are you the undead's prisoners?

Freed Prisoner: Yes. My allies and I were questing when we were ambushed by undead. The guard is playing a sick game - whenever one of their warriors dies, one of us is let free, but whenever you lose a fighter, they kill one of us.

Dacyn: This sounds dangerous. We will try to free as many of you as possible before we escape from here.

Freed Prisoner: There are five of us still locked up in the jail. All of us will join you if you can get us free.

Attack Mal-Ravanal

Mal-Ravanal: You dare to attack me!? Go back to your master!

Gweddry: This is not good; we are unable to attack Mal-Ravanal at all, for his magic is too strong! We must turn back, it was foolish to press the attack.

Victory Dialogue

Narrator: Gweddry's men retreated swiftly from the Bitter Swamp, fleeing north and west as if their heels were winged. Finding a low pass through the northern Estmarks, they were greatly relieved to see the valley of the Weldyn open before them on the other side.

Scenario 5: Northern Outpost

Introductory Dialogue

Owaec: Hail, Gweddry!

Gweddry: Greetings, Owaec! We have been forced from our positions by undead invaders. They follow us even now.

Dacyn: Indeed, they do. And do not think you will be able to defeat them. They are too powerful. We are heading for the Northlands, where we may be able to outrun them. Will you join us?

Owaec: I am not sure. There are bandits in this country, and I have been told that it is my duty to defeat them, and protect the local villages. However, I cannot find a way to defeat them. The outlaws hide in the villages when we are close, and come out when we are far away.

Dacyn: Hoping to protect these villages is foolish; all who stay here will die. However, if we can drive these bandits out, we will be able to have all the villagers follow us into the northlands. There they may survive. But Wesnoth is no longer safe.

Owaec: Well, you appear to know what you're talking about... but, I have no way to remove these bandits.

Dacyn: I think I may be able to help you. I am a mage; I believe I will be able to cast a spell that will reveal them if you enter the villages. However, I won't be able to help you in battle.

Gweddry: That sounds good; it is time to drive out some bandits. Dacyn, go cast your spell!

Owaec: I believe there is a leader behind these outlaws; kill him, and we will have defeated these bandits.

Lanar-Skal: Go, go far from here! But me and my kind will chase you, and kill you!

Dacyn: It seems the undead have caught up with us! We will have to kill them, too, if we want these villages to be safe. Well, I will see you when you defeat the outlaws and undead!

Bandits in a Village

Moved Unit: They're here!

No Bandits in a Village

Moved Unit: No outlaws in this village.

Bandit Leader is Found

Shodrano: So, you have found my hiding place. Very well, I guess I will have to kill you!

Owaec: That's the bandit leader! Kill him, and we will have fulfilled our duty!

Bandit Leader Dies

Shodrano: You have defeated me! I can terrorize the villagers no more...

Undead Are Alive

Owaec: We still need to defeat these undead for the villagers to be safe.

Undead Are Dead (um...)

Owaec: I have fulfilled my duty to the villages. Now I suppose I can join you in your quest.

Dacyn: Good job! Now, we should move onward, north. Tell the villagers to pack their belongings and follow us.

Lanar-Skal Dies

Shodrano Is Alive

Owaec: There are still these outlaws to take care of - we must continue fighting here.

Shodrano Is Dead

Owaec: Well, both the outlaws and undead are defeated. We have some time to spare now before more undead arrive.

Dacyn: Good work! Now, we should move onward, north. Tell the villagers to pack their belongings and follow us.

Scenario 6: Two Paths

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: Look! The road splits here. Which way shall we go?

Owaec: We're in the land of the Clans now; I know it well. The road north leads directly to the Great River; across it lies the orcs' home country in the Northlands. The westward road will keep us inside the realm of Wesnoth, for a time, before we reach another crossing point north of Glyn's Forest. If we travel along that path, we will not have to fight orcs immediately.

Dacyn: We should probably go north to the orcish lands immediately. I suspect that the undead have already bypassed us, and cut off any crossing to the west of here.

Owaec: The orcs are more powerful than you suspect. I doubt the undead have had time to get past us in large enough numbers to make them more dangerous than the orcs.

Gweddry: Either way we will have to fight. Look, the orcs and undead are in a conflict, and block our path!

Mal-Arnai: Well, orc, we can either continue this fight, or we can crush the humans and battle later. How shall it be?

Wak-Rano: Hmm... I know. We will make a pact to destroy these men, and continue our fight later. " + {ASIDE "Perhaps he will die, and I will win our battle without fighting. (aside) Perhaps he will die, and I will win our battle without fighting.

Mal-Arnai: Very well, we are allies, for now. (aside) This foolish orc will surely perish.

Wak-Rano Dies

Wak-Rano: Arrgh! I have failed to defend the northern homeland!

Mal-Arnai Dies

Mal-Arnai: I was supposed to kill you all! I have failed.

Scenario 7a: The Crossing

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: We have come to the Great River. What should we do? Should we attempt to cross it?

Dacyn: We must cross this river. The undead are chasing us, and their hordes are much too great for us to defeat. Reinforcements for the undead will arrive soon. We must be across the river before that happens.

Owaec: Across this river lies the Northlands. If we can get there, we may be able to get some ogres to help us - but the orcs will definitely attack us before that happens.

Grug: Grug say we no help you! We finish must battle orc with!

Draku-Kura: Was that comprehensible to anyone? Silence, foolish ogre. I will deal with you later. Right now there are men trying to cross this river.

Grug: Orc foolish! Die you now!

Dacyn: If we show ourselves as enemies of the orcs, they may aid us. But I think we should cross the river before trying to convince these ogres to help.

Turn 8 :Undead Reinforcements

Dacyn: The undead reinforcements have arrived! We must cross the river immediately!

Unit Gets to the Other Side

Moved Unit: Hurry up. We must get across before these undead slaughter us!

Leaders Cross the River

Dacyn: Good! We have crossed. Now let's see if we can get the ogres to join us. They have been convinced to work for the Crown in the past; maybe it can be done again."

Grug Is Alive

Grug: Grug say join you will he.

Narrator: You may now recruit ogres!

Scenario 7b: Undead Crossing

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: These fens look impassable. I don't think we will be able to continue on this road; it is time to turn northwards, away from these undead.

Dacyn: We must cross this river, then. We must make haste, already we have wasted too much time. Undead have positioned themselves in the middle of the ford.

Owaec: Across this river lies the Northland. Ogres live there, as do orcs. We should proceed with caution. The undead are dangerous, but the orcs may be more dangerous still.

Mal-un-Karad: I will leave your bodies to rot in the river, then I will raise you up to serve in my Master's undead hordes!

Turn 10: Cuttlefish Attack

Mal-un-Karad: I summon from the depths of the river beasts to destroy you!

Dacyn: It seems as if in addition to summoning undead this foul sorcerer has learned to call up monsters from the deep!

Scenario 9: Training the Ogres

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: Look, we have found a pack of ogres. We should try to capture some to train.

Dacyn: All right, we have to keep at least two of these ogres on the grass where they can't escape until our troops get here to capture them. Then they will have to lead us to their tribe.

Owaec: We should try to surround them. Gweddry, you stay where you are. Dacyn, you go north-east. I'll go north-west.

Ogre Escapes

Gweddry: We have let one escape. Let's hope they don't all!

Time Over

Ogres Recruitable

Dacyn: Our troops have caught up! Now, we will be able to recruit ogres, since these will be able to convince their tribe to join us.

Ogres not Recruitable

Gweddry: We didn't capture enough of the ogres here. We will have to go on without them.

Scenario 10: Xenophobia

Introductory Dialogue

Dacyn: Hail, dwarves! Will you help us get by these foul orcs? We need to get further along this path.

Prok-Bak: You human! Call us foul, will you!?

Pelathsil: Why should we help you? You're not a dwarf!

Gweddry: Your people helped us in the past, in the tunnels in the south. Will you not help us now?

Pelathsil: Impossible! I canna' believe any of my kin would ha' helped a human!

Elandil: Indeed. Why should any of us help those not of our people?

Owaec: Will you but let us pass, so that we may fight the orcs on our own?

Elandin: I am afraid that is... impossible.

Prok-Bak: Orcs, kill'em all! Humans, elves or dwarves, it don't matter!

Elandin: These orcs will die. But so will you, human. You have trespassed on elvish land.

Pelathsil: Oh, elvish land is it now? Die, ye elf-dog! And you too, human!

Dacyn: These people won't listen to reason, they are all blinded by their beliefs in their own supposed superiority. We probably will have to fight them, although we may be able to bypass them.

Gweddry: True. As much as I dislike killing anything but orcs and undead, it seems we will have to kill these elves, and these dwarves, before they do the same to us.


Pelathsil: Argh! I'm dead! Well, dwarves are still the best!

Pelathsil: It seems yon humans are mightier than I kenned... (die to humans)

Pelathsil: Foul orcs! Perhaps we should ha' allied wi' the humans... (die to orcs)

Pelathsil: Cursed elves! Perhaps we should have allied wi' the humans...

Prok-Bak: I die? Orcs rule all!

Elandin: It seems these humans are more powerful than I thought. Ugh. (die to humans)

Elandin: Cursed dwarves! Perhaps we should have allied with the humans... (die to dwarves)

Elandin: Foul orcs! Perhaps we should have allied with the humans... (die to orcs)

Holy Amulet

Message: Wearing this amulet will cause every blow you deal to inflict arcane damage!

Message: I am not suited to using this item! Let another take it.

Scenario 11: Lake Vrug

(funnily enough the Gryphon can recruit Sky Drakes, hmmm...)

Introductory Dialogue

Dacyn: The trail stops soon. We have almost reached our destination, if we can call it that. There is a large lake in front of us, with a small island off the coast. If we burn down the bridge to it, no one will ever be able to reach us.

Owaec: But what if there are already people living on it? We will have to fight them! And besides, the undead can build boats.

Dacyn: There are other people. A tribe of trolls, and some gryphons. But it is safer than fighting the undead, and once we kill them, the island will be ours.

Gweddry: Very well, we will go on, take this island. It appears we have no choice. Onward!

Find a Castle

Gweddry: There is an abandoned castle here. It looks repairable - we should settle here.

Dacyn: Very well. Let us rally there, and then move to destroy these trolls and gryphons.

Gweddry Moves to Castle

Gweddry: We will base our attack from here. Now go, destroy the enemy!

Narrator: You find 100 gold in the fortress!

Victory Dialogue

Dacyn: We have done it! The island is ours. Our journey is complete.

Groog: Be not going too fast. You gonna come wid us.

Scenario 12: Captured

Story Text

After reaching what they believed was safety, Gweddry and his men had been captured by northern orcs.

Informed they were being taken to the orcish king, Dra-Nak, they attempted to escape before that happened...

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: I think Dacyn and Owaec have escaped already. Now I have to, also... these guards are not being very alert, I may be able to get past them...

Aha! There is a small crack in the cave wall here.

Dacyn: So, Gweddry, you escaped too? Good. I think they have the rest of our troops captive, along with the peasants following us. We should be able to rescue them.

Gweddry: Where are they? These caves are impossible to navigate!

Dacyn: Somewhere south of us. We are in a hidden passage in the north. Oh, and some others escaped too, along with Owaec.

King Dra-Nak: Well, where are the prisoners?

Orcish Warrior: Right here, boss.

King Dra-Nak: Well, where's their leader? I don't see him.

Orcish Warrior: Uh... (whispers).. I dunno. He escaped, I think.

King Dra-Nak: You fool! Well, find him. Bring him to me! Wait, no, just kill him on sight.

Humans See an Orc

Sighted Unit: Look, the escaped prisoners have returned!

King Dra-Nak: Kill them.

Prisoner: The guards are distracted! Now is the time to escape!

Orcish Slayer: Huh? Who's there, who said that?

Holy Amulet

Message: Wearing this amulet will cause every blow you deal to inflict arcane damage!

Message: I am not suited to using this item! Let another take it.

Try to Leave the Wrong Way

Gweddry: I see the exit to the tunnel! Onward!

Dacyn: Wait! We cannot go out that way. There are too many orcs. We must exit through the south-west gates.

Gweddry: Very well. We must go the other way.

Victory Dialogue

Gweddry: Good! We have escaped these accursed caves!

Scenario 13: Evacuation

Story Text

Gweddry had escaped from the orcish prisons. He found himself in the Northlands, farther south than before. Orcs were at his back. He and his men went south, until they reached the Great River.

Introductory Dialogue

Dacyn: All is lost! We have to get out of the Northlands as quickly as possible! Run for your - what the...!? Who are you?

Engineer: "I'm an enginea'. I s'pect you'll have a need of me services. I bet you're gonna want me to blow up that bridge ov'r theah.

Owaec: Why would we want to do that?!?

Engineer: Well, I see those orcs are chasin' you, and if I blow up the bridge, they can't get across. It'll help you to escape.

Dacyn: I see... I think it is a good idea to hire him. How much?

Engineer: I aint charging gold - I wants protecshun! Everywhere I go, I see orcs, undead. 'T'aint safe 'round 'ere!

Gweddry: Very well, we'll protect you from the undead. But we can't help you until we get across this river. Now let's go!

Engineer: Deal. I c'n blow'er up once I get to that signpost ov'r dere. That's where my eq'pment is. But ev'ryone not ov'r theah on that side when it blows w'll be killed by the orcs fa' sure!

Blow Up the Bridge

Engineer: So, d'ya want me to blow up der bridge yet, Cap'n?

Gweddry: Hmm...


Message: Yes, blow it up.

Engineer: Alright! Blast'n time!

Narrator: BOOM!!!

Gweddry: Good, we have escaped from these orcs. But where will we go? There are undead in Wesnoth.

Dacyn: It is not safe here, but we cannot go back north. The orcs are a more immediate threat.


Message: No, wait until later.

Engineer: Neh? Alright then, we'll wait fa' later, eh?

Time Over

Dacyn: We have not thrown down the bridge in time! The orcs will kill us all!

Enemies Defeated

Gweddry: Well, we didn't have to blow up the bridge after all, but we still have to leave the northlands. More orcs will come. But where will we go? There are undead in Wesnoth.


Owaec: So what do you propose?

Dacyn: We cannot go north, for that is where orcs are... we cannot go east, for that is where the undead come from... we cannot go west, for the ocean lies in that direction, and we have no ships. We would survive for a time, but we would still be in Wesnoth, and the undead would still find us.

Gweddry: We could go south, and return to Wesnoth... but I do not know what that would accomplish.

Owaec: It would accomplish nothing! The undead will kill us all!

Gweddry: Have you not heard what Dacyn said? Either the orcs or undead will kill us no matter what we do. Our only hope was to isolate ourselves on the Isle of Vrug. We are too far away now to return that way, and we have aroused the orcs. We cannot try that again. So, if we have no hope...

Dacyn: There is still some hope left. If we return to Wesnoth, we may be able to aid the king in defeating these invaders. We saw them attack us. And, I have... advice. To give the king. I may know the undead's weakness.

Gweddry: ery well. If returning to Wesnoth has any chance of success, it is our best option. We will go south.

Owaec: I do not like this. But it appears we will die no matter our course of action.

Engineer: I'll be followin' yah from now on. Hope yah can get to Weld'n an' all so I c'n stop runnin'...

Scenario 14: The Drowned Plains

Introductory Dialogue

Owaec: Now, we have reached the Horse Plains, the fair homeland of my people. They may be able to help us in -

What?! Swamps?! Those undead have destroyed the grasslands of my House, and they shall pay for it!

Dacyn: The lich-lord must have flooded the valley. The undead like the swamp. It is death, decay, everything that they are themselves. I can sense them lurking in the swamps, waiting to ambush us.

Engineer: I s'ppose we'll hav' to wade across it anyway... ugh.

Krahkrahs: Findshhhh... slayhhhh... killhhhh...

Gweddry: What is that sound?!?

Dacyn: I do not know, but my guess is the dragon Khrakrahs. He was a powerful beast indeed, in the time of Haldric, living in the Northern Mountains. But he does not sound alive. I know not what happened, but we must surely destroy him.

Krahkrahs is Seen

Dacyn: Aha! I see what they have done. They have raised him as an undead dragon. But he does not appear to be weak to my arcane senses... this is strange magic indeed.

Scenario 15: Approaching Weldyn

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: We have finally reached Weldyn, but it seems the undead have surrounded it. We must break through to reach the king!

Dacyn: It would be best not to try to defeat these undead, there are too many of them. Go straight to the city.

Victory Dialogue

Dacyn: We have reached Weldyn. Now we must have a council to decide what to do next.

Konrad II: Come, into the castle.

Konrad II Dies

Konrad II: Weldyn has been captured, and Wesnoth is no more...

Scenario 16: The Council

Story Text

Dacyn: Before we begin our council, I must tell you all the history of this lich we face. He was at first a mage of light, like me, and his fall began during the reign of Haldric VII...

The greatest seer in the land, Galdren, foresaw that some day, some day soon, a great evil would spread over the land. The king, naturally, was worried. The seer told him that the only way to stop the evil was to appoint a mage, versed well in combat with the spirits of darkness, to be the king's advisor.

In all the land, there were two magi of light that clearly stood out from the rest. A mage from the east named Ravan, and myself. The King, wishing to choose a good advisor, sent us both before Galdren. Then he conversed with the seer privately. None know what was said, but when he came out he announced that the seer was dead, and he had chosen me as his new advisor.

Ravan took this quietly enough, we all thought, but now I think that this was when he began his fall. He went deep into conversation with the spirits of darkness, hoping to discover their weaknesses, but it was they who found his. In time, as all of the magi of death eventually do, he took his own life and reformed himself as a lich, one of the most powerful ones ever seen.

One day, he disguised himself and came to the castle, where I was living. He demanded to see me, and the guards let him in, for then he was still a respected member of the court. When I came out, he revealed himself, named himself Mal-Ravanal, and challenged me to a duel.

The guards, surprised by this sudden revelation, advanced to attack him. However, as he was now skilled in the magical art of teleportation, he simply vanished. And has not been seen since.

Introductory Dialogue

Dacyn: Not been seen, that is, until the day when he attacked Gweddry and me in that outpost on the eastern border. This is the lich we are facing: Mal-Ravanal.

Konrad II: So what should we do now?

Kaldor: We must fight, obviously. Surely the might of Wesnoth can triumph over a mere lich!

Owaec: I can tell by your words that you have not seen the hordes for yourself. It is like all of the dead warriors from all the ages have come back to attack us. There is no end to the columns of marching skeletons, the wailing ghosts, the infernal bats, led by the foul necromancers who raised them.

Gweddry: At first we tried to escape them, for we knew they were too powerful; it is only by horrible luck that we are back in Wesnoth at all.

Kaldor: That simply makes you cowards. True warriors would have stayed and fought, to the death!

Dacyn: It doesn't matter anyway. The point is, we already know we cannot defeat the hordes of the enemy head-on in battle. So it seems that the only path to victory is to destroy the head of these necromancers, the lich Mal-Ravanal.

Kaldor: But as yet we have no idea how to do it!

Dacyn: Well, we do know that he is very arrogant, and can be easily tricked. That is how he fell in the first place.

Konrad II: So maybe we can trick him into exposing himself to us? Dacyn, does he know we know who he is?

Dacyn: No, I don't think so. I am the only person alive who would recognize the name Mal-Ravanal, and if he had known I was there when he attacked, he would have pursued us much more vigorously.

Guard: Sire, the undead armies are attacking!

Owaec: Well, that will have to be the end of our council. Let us fight!

Scenario 17: Weldyn Under Attack

Introductory Dialogue

Gweddry: We will fight soon, my lord. Look, night approaches; they will soon attack. I hope we can hold them off.

Konrad II: Very well. But this... Mal-Ravanal, that you spoke of, is he here?

Dacyn: I do not sense his magic, but he might be concealing his presence.

Owaec: In any case, the undead are attacking now. Let us hope we can last out the night.

Konrad II Dies

Konrad II: I have died, and with me gone the city shall fall.

Victory Dialogue

Messenger of Doom: I come bearing a message from my leader.

Dacyn: Very well, you may read it. It might tell us something useful.

Messenger of Doom: He says: 'Well done; you have defeated some of my less powerful captains, and a small fraction of my horde. Were I to bring the whole might of my Dread Legions to bear I could crush you like an insect. But I seek a victory that will reveal the true extent of my personal power. Unlike the Great General Gweddry I do not seek to hide behind the armored skirts of my soldiers! You, O commander Gweddry, are a coward! The bards may sing that you defeated my captains, but in reality you did nothing but cower far behind the lines in safety while others braver than you fought and died in your name.'

Gweddry: What is the point of this message? Does it consist of anything more than insults?

Messenger of Doom: The point is that you did not defeat my Lord's minions, it was others doing the work for you! The mighty Gweddry himself would last but a few moments in actual combat. And my master seeks to prove this. He challenges you, Gweddry, to a contest, a battle.

Gweddry: What are his terms? I won't accept anything obviously weighted towards his victory!

Messenger of Doom: That only proves you are a coward. Nevertheless, these are his terms: You pick your six best warriors and he will pick his six best. Then you will fight, to the death; until either you or he is destroyed!

Owaec: Gweddry, I don't think you should accept. He is bound to bring more than six undead to the battle; he will bring an army!

Dacyn: Well, I think you should accept. There is a small chance that it will be a fair fight, and otherwise we will definitely have to face his whole undead army.

Messenger of Doom: I will simplify your choice. Accept, coward, or face the onslaught of my lord's hordes at dawn tomorrow!

Gweddry: Hmm...


Option: I will accept this challenge. By your own master's terms, that proves I am no coward.


Option: I will not accept a fight in which he will obviously cheat! I refuse!

Time Over

Dacyn: Look, the sun has risen, and the undead are retreating.

Scenario 18a: The Duel

Introductory Dialogue

Mal-Ravanal: I have waited a long time for this day to come. Prepare to die, Gweddry of Wesnoth!

Narrator: The rules of the duel are these: You may recruit or recall up to 6 units. At the end of your first turn, your keep will disappear, and you must battle with whatever troops you have at that time. The first leader to fall loses the duel.


Gweddry: Wait - what just happened? He called more warriors out of the ground! That's not allowed!

Mal-Ravanal: Stop talking and fight! The rules do not stop me from bringing up warriors that were already here.

Mal-Ravanal Dies

Mal-Ravanal: I... lose?...

Scenario 18b: Weldyn Besieged

Introductory Dialogue

Mal-Drakanal: You people are fools! You rejected my master's offer to duel... very well, you will ALL die! And know this; my master is here to enjoy your demise. For he does not fear you at all, and knows that you will never be able to find him and kill him! There are seven of us, and only ONE of us is the real leader! Ha ha ha ha! To be fair about it, we will all tell you our names if you can reach us.

Dacyn: Remember, we have to kill Mal-Ravanal. He's here somewhere...

Lich Revealed

Dacyn: (whispered) There he is!

Dacyn: (whispered) That isn't him...

Lich: You dare to attack me? Now you will pay!

Mal-Ravanal Dies

Mal-Ravanal: How did you know...?

Enemy Reaches the Weldyn Keep

Moved Unit: Kill the king!

Gweddry: They killed Konrad... now, even if we save Weldyn, Wesnoth has fallen.

Scenario 19: Epilog

Story Text

When Mal-Ravanal fell, the living creatures under his banner broke and fled; the undead simply collapsed like puppets with their strings cut. As the lich's death-scream echoed in the air, a vast and louring column of shadow arose from his corpse like smoke from an unclean fire; then it divided fivefold at its height, reaching for the heavens like a clutching hand.

Men let weapons fall from nerveless fingers and horses reared in terror as that great dark pall obscured the sun...

...and then it thinned, and paled, and a breeze from the west dissolved it in tatters, and the light of day shone once again undiminished on Weldyn.

Introductory Dialogue

Konrad II: It is a great victory we have won here, destroying he who was the main author of Wesnoth's troubles.

Gweddry: So many months of fighting...I feel as though I am awakening from a long nightmare.

Dacyn: Nor is our work yet complete. Mal-Ravanal's main host has been broken, but its outriders ravage the countryside in all directions.

Konrad II: We will be years...perhaps decades...recovering from the ill he has wrought.

Owaec: Even now we should be sending our cavalry to harry and slay as many of the fleeing orcs as we can. (Gweddry says this if Owaec is dead)

Konrad II: It shall be so. But it is also to be thought that you three have served Us, and Our Kingdom, full well. We are minded to reward you.

Dacyn Is Alive

Konrad II: Dacyn. You will remain by Our side, here; as you counseled these two in war, you shall counsel Us in peace and the rebuilding of the Kingdom.

Gweddry: Sire, we but did our duty.

Owaec Is Alive

Konrad II: Quite. Now do not interrupt while I am doing mine...kneel, Owaec.

Arise, Owaec, Knight Commander of the King's Horse. And take as Our first command to you your own wish; go from here, harry and destroy the enemy in their flight until the fields of Weldyn become a byword for fear at which the orcs will tremble for generations.

Konrad II: Kneel, Gweddry.


Konrad II: Quite. Now do not interrupt while I am doing mine...kneel, Gweddry.

And arise, Gweddry, Earl of Estmark. The land for which you shed your blood shall be put under your hand to be made green again.

Narrator: With these words and acts began the Silver Age of Wesnoth, that time known to historians as the Reconstruction...

EI-Specific Descriptions

Generic Unit

Horse Lord: Lvl 3

The greatest of the men of the plains, Horse Lords are heads of their houses and are respected by all, friend or foe. Their sword can kill most ordinary enemies, and their morning star crushes those who are left.

Mounted Fighter: Lvl 1

The nobles of the men of the plains are trained with the rest of the horsemen to become great warriors. However, they are also trained in commanding their comrades, and they are the ones that become captains of the armies of the Clans.

Mounted Warrior: Lvl 2

Leaders of the plains, Mounted Warriors are skilled with the use of the sword and the morning star. Riding horses, they are able to move around the battlefield with great speed, and can provide much needed assistance to different fronts.

EI: Specified Unit Names


  • Gweddry
  • Dacyn
  • Owaec
  • Shodrano
  • Engineer
  • Konrad II
  • Kaldor
  • Haldrad
  • Haldric
  • Halrod


  • Kabak
  • Darg
  • Groog
  • Unhk


  • Knutan
  • Pelathsil


  • Volas
  • Elandin


  • Gruga-Har
  • Wak-Rano
  • Dracu-Kura
  • Prok-Bak
  • King Dra-Nak
  • Varrak-Klar
  • Ran-Lar


  • Nafga


  • Grug
  • Gork
  • Drog


  • Kraagak



  • Mal-Sakkat
  • Mal-Bakral
  • Mal-Skraat
  • Mal-Tar
  • Mal-Kallat
  • Mal-Marak
  • Mal-Galkar
  • Mal-Arnai
  • Mal-un-Karad (Necromancer)
  • Mal-un-Darak (Necromancer)
  • Mal-un-Zanrad (necromancer)
  • Mal-un-Xadrux (Necromancer)


  • Mal-Ravanal
  • Mal-Telnarad
  • Mal-Hakralan
  • Mal-Grekulak
  • Mal-Xacralan
  • Mal-Uknalu
  • Mal-Drakanal
  • Mal-Hadanak
  • Mal-Katglagad
  • Mal-Xaskanat
  • Mal-Akranbral
  • Mal-Larakan


  • Lanar-Skal
  • Garnad

Skeletal Dragons

  • Krahkrahs


  • Messenger of Doom

King Dra-Nak's City (labels)

  • Prison
  • Torture Chamber
  • Throne Room
  • The City
  • Exit