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==Two Brothers==
==Two Brothers==
''Main article: [[CampaignDialogue:TB]]
353 YW.
''Main article: [[CampaignDialogue:TB1.9]]
''Main article: [[CampaignDialogue:TB1.9]]

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This page is the hub for the transcription of campaign dialogue into the wiki as a resource for writers. As such, it consists entirely of spoilers.

The campaigns are ordered chronologically. Each has a relevant year (generally beginning) listed.

The Rise Of Wesnoth

Main article: CampaignDialogue:TROW

5 BW - 1 YW.

An Orcish Incursion

Main Article: CampaignDialogue:AOI

8-9 YW.

Legend of Wesmere

Main Article: CampaignDialogue:LOW

12-93 YW.

Sceptre of Fire

Main article: CampaignDialogue:SOF

25-40 YW.

Two Brothers

Main article: CampaignDialogue:TB1.9

363 YW.

Descent into Darkness

Main article: CampaignDialogue:DID

389 YW.

Delfador's Memoirs

Main article: CampaignDialogue:DM

468-470 YW.


Main Article: CampaignDialogue:L

501 YW.

Heir to the Throne

Main Article: CampaignDialogue:HttT

517-518 YW.

Northern Rebirth

Main Article: CampaignDialogue:NR

534-535 YW.

The Hammer of Thursagan

Main Article: CampaignDialogue:THOT

550-551 YW.

The South Guard

Main Article: CampaignDialogue:TSG

607-608 YW.

Eastern Invasion

Main Article: CampaignDialogue:EI

625-627 YW.

Dead Water

Main Article: CampaignDialogue:DW

626 YW.

Son of the Black Eye

Main Article: CampaignDialogue:SOTBE

742-758 YW.

Under the Burning Suns

Main article: CampaignDialogue:UTBS

??? YW.