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New maintainer

Josh Parsons hasn't active for a long time, so I've been nominated (by myself) to be a new maintainer of the campaign. Currently I'm working on internationalized version, so, translators, you are welcome now.

Oto 'tapik' Buchta

Campaign overture

Due to changes in HTTT, the place of Delfador's school had to be moved to the Isle of Alduin. So it was necessary to define a reason why the Delfador went to the Methor's academy. So I've invented a Name Journey. It is the journey of each young mage from the School of Light, Isle of Alduin, bringing him/her his/her name.

Oto 'tapik' Buchta

Campaign developers are welcome

There are many things to do with this campaign. Overture could be transformed to the set of scenarios (with some scenarios from the Name Journey) and the Delfador should be returned back to the Westyn.

Translation of Delfador's Memoirs

This is a list of the people currently translating Delfador's Memoirs into different languages:

Afrikaans (af)?unknown
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)?unknown
British English (en_GB)?unknown
Bulgarian (bg)?unknown
Catalan (ca)Azazelowork in progress
Chinese (zh_CN)?unknown
Czech (cs)tapikcompleted
Danish (da)?unknown
Dutch (nl)?unknown
Estonian (et)?unknown
Finnish (fi)?unknown
French (fr)?unknown
German (de)madelgijsin progress
Greek (el_GR)?unknown
Hungarian (hu)Műhelybenunknown
Italian (it)RokStarcompleted
Japanese (ja)?unknown
Latin (la)?unknown
Norwegian (no)?unknown
Polish (pl)?unknown
Russian (ru)tiandreycompleted
Serbian (sr)?unknown
Slovak (sk)?unknown
Slovenian (sl)?unknown
Spanish (es)?unknown
Swedish (sv)Unassignedcompleted (inactive)
Turkish (tr)?unknown

Status Descriptions

  • unknown

It is not known if someone is actually translating this campaign.

  • work in progress

Someone is working on it, but it is not done, yet.

  • correction

Translation is already completed, but it is being corrected at the moment.

  • completed

It is already completed and updated when there are changes.

  • completed (not active)

It is already completed and but not updated when there are changes.

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