Book of Fire and Darkness

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Book of Fire and Darkness

The Book of Fire and Darkness was a tome written by the Lich-Lord Caror, documenting his knowledge of the Ruby of Fire.


He coveted the ruby, and was studying it. The only copy of his study, the Book of Fire and Darkness, was petrified along with him.
Lady Jessene describes the Lich-Lord Caror's authorship of the Book of Fire and Darkness.

The Book of Fire and Darkness was originally written by Caror in the Old Wesfolk tongue.[1] It contained Caror's study of the Ruby of Fire, a powerful Lich-Lord artifact. Misfortune befell Caror, however, as the Lich-Lord Lenvan took the ruby, and during the First Wesfolk War, Prince Haldric's people managed to petrify Caror along with the book at Fallen Lich Point.[2] After Haldric managed to obtain the ruby,[3] Jessene persuaded him to seek out the book in order to be able to use its powers.[2] They sailed to Fallen Lich Point and undid the spell binding both Caror and the book in stone. They slew Caror and stole the book before fleeing to the Kingdom of Southbay through its sewers.[1]

At Southbay, Jessene translated the book in order for Haldric to study it himself.[4] Once her translation was complete, Haldric learned how to use the ruby to conjure balls of fire against his enemies.[5] Despite this, Haldric did not learn the true capabilities of the ruby, a fact the Lich-Lord Jevyan used to scold Haldric.[6]