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Scenarios / Campaigns for Beginners

First, beginners should take a tour through the tutorial (a mini-campaign with two scenarios), to see how Wesnoth works.

After that, these campaigns are quite short:

An Orcish Incursion

By Josh Parsons. This campaign is in mainline.

A 7 scenario mini-campaign with an emphasis on strategy, with hints for beginners. You play Erlornas, an Elvish noble living on the border of the great Forest of Wesmere who is the first of his people to directly encounter orcs after their arrival on the Great Continent.

Each of the scenarios has a unique and definite winning strategy. On EASY or MEDIUM difficulty, this campaign is a good way to learn Wesnoth tactics. On HARD it can be quite a challenge.

See: AnOrcishIncursion

Two Brothers

By Circon, with contributions by Ivanovic and chrber. This campaign is in mainline.

A campaign useful for beginners.

See: ATaleOfTwoBrothers

The South Guard

By aelius. This campaign is in mainline.

This campaign tells the story of a relatively quiet part of the Wesnoth border.

A campaign useful for beginners.

See: TheSouthGuard