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Scenarios / Campaigns for Beginners

First, beginners should take a tour thru the tutorial (a mini-campaign with two scenarios), to see how wesnoth works.

After that, these campaigns are quite short:

An Orcish Incursion

By Josh Parsons. Vs. 1.0. Complete.

A 7 scenario mini-campaign with an emphasis on strategy, with hints for beginners. Defend the Elven forests from marauding orcs.

Two Brothers

By Circon. Currently maintained by Ivanovic and chrber. v0.8.6.

A campaign useful for beginners.

See: MiniCampaign

The South Guard

By aelius. v1.0.0.

This campaign tells the story of a relatively quiet part of the Wesnoth border.

A campaign useful for beginners.

See: SouthGuard