Bay of Pearls

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Bay of Pearls

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The Bay of Pearls on a map of the Great Continent.

The Bay of Pearls was a bay on the Western coast of the Great Continent.


A Green Isle ship enters the Bay of Pearls.
She has taken control of the Bay of Pearls, long held by the Mermen, and has turned them into slaves. There they dive for pearls by which she grows richer every day.
—Seimus warns Delfador of Queen Asheviere's capture of the Bay of Pearls.

The Bay of Pearls was a bay along the Western coast of the Great Continent. To the northeast lay the Grey Woods; to the far north, Halstead; to the northwest, the Three Sisters; to the west, the Great Ocean; to the southwest, the Isle of Alduin; and to the south, Blackwater Port. The bay itself was named after its supply of pearls,[1], and had nearby forestland.[2]

Before humans settled in the Great Continent, the shoreline around the Bay of Pearls belonged to the elves according to their treaty with the dwarves. After being forced to flee the Green Isle, various human refugees led by Prince Haldric sailed across the Great Ocean and landed at the Bay of Pearls in the year 1BW. At that same time, Dursil's dwarves had encroached on elvish land to chop wood near the bay, causing a confrontation with a group of elves, led by Glimir and Eowarar. When the dwarves and elves saw the humans land, they both believed they were being invaded, forming a temporary truce against the refugees. The ensuing battle was cut short by the arrival of Lady Dionli, who commanded the dwarves to leave, while summoning the humans to attend a meeting of the Ka'lian.[2]

The elves later gave the plains below the Great River, including the land surrounding the bay, to the humans.[3] The bay itself, on the other hand, was controlled by the merfolk.[1] The humans established the city of Aldril on the northeast edge of the bay.[4] Approximately 16 years after Queen Asheviere seized the throne of Wesnoth, she captured the Bay of Pearls and enslaved the merfolk, forcing them to dive for pearls in order to feed her treasury.[1] The orcish leaders Dwaba-Kukai and Managa'Gwin were left in charge of these operations.[5] Word reached Seimus of this, who in turn told Delfador.[1] Delfador traveled with Konrad to the Bay of Pearls where they came across a group of orcs, subservient to Asheviere, operating the merfolk slave trade. Delfador traveled around the bay as a distraction while Konrad rescued the enslaved merfolk.[5]

signpost.png Plot branch : Konrad defeated the orcish slave masters.
With the help of the freed merfolk, Konrad killed both Dwaba-Kukai and Managa'Gwin.[5]
signpost.png Plot branch : Konrad defeated one of the orcish slave masters.
With the help of those of the merfolk he managed to free, Konrad was able to kill one of the orcish leaders. He was not able to remain and liberate the remaining merfolk, however, as Delfador insisted they hasten to Elensefar.[5]

Before Konrad left, some of the merfolk in turn offered to help Konrad overthrow Asheviere.[5] Eventually, Asheviere was eventually slain, her daughter, Princess Li'sar, becoming Queen of Wesnoth instead.[6]


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