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A list of music tracks written for the Battle for Wesnoth.

Core Music

These tracks are included in the official Battle for Wesnoth distribution, and are automatically available to any user-made scenario or campaign. To listen to them, find the data/core/music subfolder of your Wesnoth folder, and open the files with a player capable of decoding Ogg Vorbis files. For information on where to find your Wesnoth directory, see EditingWesnoth. For information on how to play .ogg files, visit http://www.vorbis.com/. The Wesnoth repository at GitHub also contains the latest version of these files.

Title Length Author File
Battle Epic 1:14 Doug Kaufman battle-epic.ogg
Battle Music 5:18 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson battle.ogg
Breaking the Chains 3:35 Mattias Westlund breaking_the_chains.ogg
Casualties of War 5:25 Tyler Johnson casualties_of_war
Defeat 0:08 Timothy Pinkham defeat.ogg
Defeat 0:14 Ryan Reilly defeat2.ogg
Elf Land 0:26 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson elf-land.ogg
Elvish Theme 3:25 Doug Kaufman elvish-theme.ogg
Frantic 2:42 Stephen Rozanc frantic.ogg
Frantic Old 1:24 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson frantic-old.ogg
Heroes' Rite 3:39 Doug Kaufman heroes_rite.ogg
Into the Shadows 3:25 Tyler Johnson into-the-shaodws.ogg
Journey's End 3:44 Mattias Westlund journeys_end.ogg
Knalgan Theme 9:17 Ryan Reilly knalgan_theme.ogg
The Knolls of Doldesh 6:49 Timothy Pinkham knolls.ogg
Legends of the North 2:43 Mattias Westlund legends_of_the_north.ogg
Love Theme 1:35 Ryan Reilly love_theme.ogg
Loyalists 2:59 Joseph G. Toscano (Zhaytee) loyalists.ogg
Main Theme 0:51 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson main_menu.ogg
Northerners 3:27 Stephen Rozanc northerners.ogg
Nunc Dimittis 3:50 Jeremy Nicoll nunc_dimittis.ogg
Over the Northern Mountains 3:33 Mattias Westlund northern_mountains.ogg
Revelation 1:17 Joseph G. Toscano (Zhaytee) revelation.ogg
Sad 0:28 Tyler Johnson sad.ogg
Siege of Laurelmor 4:22 Doug Kaufman siege_of_laurelmor.ogg
Still Another Wanderer 4:22 Timothy Pinkham wanderer.ogg
Suspense 5:20 Ryan Reilly suspense.ogg
The City Falls 4:06 Doug Kaufman the_city_falls.ogg
The Dangerous Symphony 5:26 Gianmarco Leone the_dangerous_symphony.ogg
The Deep Path 3:37 Gianmarco Leone the_deep_path.ogg
The King is Dead 3:41 Mattias Westlund the_king_is_dead.ogg
The Knolls of Doldesh 6:49 Timothy Pinkham knolls.ogg
Transience 0:48 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson transience.ogg
Traveling Minstrels 3:35 Mattias Westlund traveling_minstrels.ogg
Underground 1:52 Aleksi Aubry-Carlson underground.ogg
Vengeful Pursuit 6:00 Jeremy Nicoll vengeful.ogg
Victory 0:05 Timothy Pinkham victory.ogg
Victory 0:21 Ryan Reilly victory2.ogg

Available Music for Campaign Authors

These tracks have not been accepted for mainline inclusion, but campaign authors are free to include them in their campaigns. As they are not part of the official Battle for Wesnoth distribution, campaign authors will need to include the .ogg files in their campaign package.

"Burin the Lost Theme" by [PA]NotUncleDave (forum thread) 0'32"
http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/lzce/Burin-the-Lost (mirror | ogg)
"Reminisce" by Jeremy Nicoll (forum thread) 3'45"
http://gnexp.com/songs/reminisce.ogg (mirror)
(Untitled) by Doug Kaufman (forum thread) 1'14"
http://www.box.net/shared/yopoe1hvh2 (mirror | ogg)
"War Song" by hiro hito (forum thread) 6'27"
http://download.tuxfamily.org/hirosound/tribal_war_song.mp3 (mirror | ogg)
jeanbrut (forum thread)
http://o.militon.free.fr/Morceaux/DragonVert1.mp3 4'01" (mirror | ogg)
http://o.militon.free.fr/Morceaux/DragonVert2.mp3 2'57" (mirror | ogg)
"Battle Cry" by ancestral (forum thread) 4'28"
http://www.mproud.com/music/battlecry.m4a (source | ogg)

There are also several music packs on the add-on server of other music you can use in your UMC content.

Other Potential Contributions

These were indicated by the author to be potential contributions to the Battle for Wesnoth, but their use has not been explicitly allowed and they have not yet been released under the GPL. The authors of these pieces may agree to release them under the GPL if someone has a use for them. In this case, try to contact the author directly.

barisium (forum thread)
bluerc (forum thread)
Tlogner (forum thread)

Works in Progress

These pieces are still being worked on, or have not been declared as finished. The author may welcome constructive criticism and would most likely welcome encouragement or praise. If you intend to use these in a campaign, it would be polite to let the author know of your intention, as they might not wish for their work to be used until it is complete.

This list is unlikely to be regularly updated. The best place to check out the music that is currently being developed for Wesnoth is the Music development forum

Joseph G. Toscano (Zhaytee) (forum thread)
"Tragedy" by Ryan Reilly (Rain) (forum thread)
"Flight of the Drakes" by [PA]NotUncleDave (forum thread)
"Sing" by Marcus Rasseli (forum thread)
"Snowfall" by Jeremy Nicoll (forum thread)
"Orc Theme" by Aleksi Aubry-Carlson (forum thread)