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General Guide

Latin Specific Issues

Technical Words

Whenever a command such as "Exit" or "Save Game" appears, we translate it as a simple present infinitive, following other languages and Wikipedia in Latin. The idea is that the infinitive is used as a verbal noun, much like a gerund, but since the gerund has no nominative form, the present infinitive is used in its place, as it is in Classical Latin.


The poetry has recently all been translated by Deusite, as they stand in Sceptrum Ignis, and in the multiplayer map Sulla's Ruins. Should anything else turn up, he is most likely the best person to translate them. They have been translated according to the rules of Classical poetry, that is they are scanned according to syllable length, elide, and use various metres. The metre for each poem is noted on GitHub, being Dactylic Hexameter, Hendecasyllables and an Alcaic Stanza. If there are any mistakes, do tell.

Scansion of coined words:

  • Drācŭlus
  • Vesnŏtĭensis
  • Tÿpărius