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* [[Tiles Tutorial]]
* [[Tiles Tutorial]]
* [[Tiles Status]]
* [[Tiles Status]] - a roadmap/plan of sorts for future work
=== Sprite Art ===
=== Sprite Art ===

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The following a list of art tutorials compiled by the creators of wesnoth content, as well as links to other tutorials on the web.

Graphic Editing Programs

The following is a list of different programs for the major computing platforms which may be useful in editing graphics. Some of these are free, OSS, some are not.

Terrain Graphics

Terrain artist "Frame" has provided a tutorial describing the process of making terrain tiles in wesnoth, and how they interact with adjacent tiles.

Sprite Art

The following are different tutorials about sprite work compiled by various wesnoth sprite artists. These will give you the most specific-to-wesnoth information about making sprites, and are well worth a read.

External Tutorials

The following page contains dozens of links to tutorials covering all manner of artwork, including sprite art. These were not made by wesnoth artists, but should prove very useful for general instruction.

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