A Tale Of Two Brothers Story

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Maghre was a sleepy, remote village in the western reaches of the Kingdom of Wesnoth. The wars and intrigue that plagued the Kingdom passed Maghre by with little impact. This sleepy existence was shattered when a dark mage moved into the area and began preying on the populace to satisfy the needs of his black magic.

Bjarn was a local mage whom the people looked up to. He organized the villagers' defense but knew that old swords and pitchforks would not be enough. Using a magical amulet he contacted his brother Arne for help. Arne was the leader of a small troop of horsemen earning a living as caravan guards.

Arne heeded his brother's call and he and his company rushed to Bjarn's assistance.

Rooting Out a Mage

Bjarn and Arne set off to eliminate Mordak the Dark Mage. The plan is for Arne's forces to distract Mordak's while Bjarn surprises the mage with a magical attack. All is going according to plan until Bjarn is captured and taken away to the north.

The Chase

Arne's chase of Bjarn's kidnappers leads him to an elf-occupied forest. The leader of the elves has been corrupted by the dark forces and Arne's company must defeat them before continuing after Bjarn's kidnappers. Arne captures one of the kidnappers who reveals where Bjarn is being held.

Guarded Castle

With a mixture of force and cunning, Arne's men break into the castle and rescue Bjarn.

Return to the Village

Upon returning to Maghre, the brothers discover than an opportunistic Orcish Warlord has attacked. The village's defenders were depleted by the departure of Arne's expedition and are barely holding. After subduing the Warlord, Bjarn is faced with leading his village through a time of rebuilding. It would be an arduous task, but Bjarn knew his brother would always respond to his call should the need arise once more.