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"Lots of potential"

"Now it's in development and its good, when it's done it'll be great. The team that work on this project (the coders, graphic artists, porters) are pretty passionate about this and that's part of what makes it so great, bugs are continually being worked out at a good pace and new features are implemented quickly, especially considering that they basically do this for free. Another reason why this is so great is that it's a free, open-source, multiplatform project."

"At it's current state a lot of things could be better, the graphics, the GUI, and the documentation, although I found it to be pretty stable. All things considered though, especially that it's still a beta, the entire BoW team should be commended."

-- Kishina about 0.7.8 at VersionTracker.com

"One to try!"

"The numerous changes have improved virtually every area of the game. It is maturing into an extremely fine game."

"This is definitely one to try."

-- BornAgain about 0.7.7 at VersionTracker.com

"what's up with the game telling me i need v. .72 to play multiplayer when v. .72 doesn't *exist* yet?? how does v. .71 of the game know v. .72's going to be able to play multiplayer??"

"these folks are windoze developers - that much is clear."

-- plaintiger about 0.7.2 at VersionTracker.com

"Maybe that is because..."

"...the Mac OS X version lags a bit behind the Windoze and Linux versions? BoW 0.72 is available for Win and Linux since April 8th"

-- haemophilus about 0.7.2 at VersionTracker.com

"Lots of improvements!"

"Hey, the Mac version just jumped to 0.7.3 Multiplayer.. was that really such a long wait? Give the developer(s) a little slack geesh! It takes time to develope multiplatform."

"With so many improvements it shoulda been v0.8"

-- Xapplimatic about 0.7.3 at VersionTracker.com

"it is easy to play. i have ADD and don't deal well with games that require me to think about 17,000,000 things at once; this game makes commanding a whole bunch of units spread out over a map much easier and less harrowing than some others i've tried. the graphics aren't exactly cutting-edge, but they're not primitive either - quite fine, i think...and the gameplay's simple - you basically just generate units, move, and fight. BFW doesn't make you think about a lot of extraneous stuff - it just lets you relax and play. i'm not really even into this kind of game any more; i just try one once in a while to make sure i won't like it - and i like BFW. not everybody's tastes are the same, and i can't really know what you like in a game, but i recommend downloading this one - start the d/l before you go to bed or something and just let it go for however long it takes - and checking it out. it's quite likeable"

-- AppleBeer about at VersionTracker.com

"open source Master of Monsters"

"There was a console game about 15 years ago called Master of Monsters. fantasy TBS. hex map with terrain tiles. You play a leader who summons critters (elves, wizards, trolls, etc) to fight for you. Critters gain experience and progress to stronger forms. If this sounds fun to you, Wesnoth does it quite well."

-- fuy about 0.7.1 at VersionTracker.com

"Great fun"

"The story is great and the depth involved with different units having certain strengths is admirable...i recomend it to anyone who can have fun without high polygon counts and eyecandy"

-- Mavent04 about 0.6.99 at VersionTracker.com

"It is quite nice"

"This is pretty impressive for a freeware game. It also runs without any problem in OSX 1.5. Any additional improvements from the author would only be icing on the cake"

-- hkim about 0.6.1 at VersionTracker.com

"Nice little game, can't beat the price"

"Cute turn-based tactical game in the tradition of Strategic Conquest, with quality comparable to FreeCiv"

-- fuy about 0.5.2CVS at VersionTracker.com

"Way to go"

"This fixes all the glitches that bugged me with the previous 0.5 version. The AI seems a bit tougher though, which isn't a bad thing. I love the unit experience level aspect. Keep up the good work, people"

-- pdot about 0.5.2CVS at VersionTracker.com

"A lot of potential"

"Some interface and performance issues aside, Wesnoth has the makings of a nice tactics game in the Ogre Battle genre. One of the better open source productions, with a nice-looking tileset and decent game dynamics already in place."

-- EricWong about 0.5 at VersionTracker.com

"Cool game"

"Ok, as for the game. For me - cool. Fast, stable, good entertainment. I was played it Yesterday and I like it. And its price - unbeatable :))) Keep up good work :)"

-- mroczny about 0.4.9CVS2 at VersionTracker.com

"It took a little getting used to the 10 year old graphics, but in terms of fun, it's pretty good. It reminds me of a mix between Warlords and Warcraft. There are speed issues with the game. For instance, waiting for the AI enemies to move and attack takes way too long. It's helpful to see what the computer is doing, but a speed-up in that area would make the game more enjoyable. There's also a problem with responsiveness of the mouse. I find myself clicking the same unit or option more than once. As for stability, it ran fine the 2 times I played the tutorial, but it's stalling right now in the first campaign scenario. I switched to Firebird to write this review while it is the computer's turn and it's stalling. I was surfing the net earlier while the game was running so I guess it's just a random glitch. I look forward to playing the next version"

-- pdot about 0.4.9CVS2 at VersionTracker.com

"Awesome game"

-- Nice about 0.7.7 at MacGameFiles.com

"Simple, easy to learn, yet plenty of room for tactics. Multiplayer is also fun and easy, provided you get a friend on the server at the same time as you."

-- Shadowdancer about 0.7.2 at MacGameFiles.com

"This bored the crap out of me. And there doesn't seem to be a way to move your units all at once. One at a time, one at a time. I mean, bravo for the open source effort, but, make it more fun... and make it with less fantasy dork-cheese (big punchline, "Elf: Humans are obviously less skilled." HAHAHAHA OH.. wait.. that's not funny.)"

-- citric about 0.7.2 at MacGamefiles.com

"How do you propose to "make it more fun", citric? Multiplayer is a blast and single-player is good, too... This is one of the best turn-based strategy games out there."

-- Ol'Sammy about 0.7.2 at MacGameFiles.com

"Great game. The pinnacle of open-source gaming."

-- Gafgarion about at MacGameFiles.com

"Absolutely love it. It had some visual glitches at first, but this version fixed them. Now that I can play in windowed mode, I find the game to be a great way to kill time, and the story so far has me wanting to see more."

-- Naman about at MacGameFiles.com

"It's a fantasy strategy game with rpg elements (units level and can be carried over into following missions (in campaigns)).. And it has elves! Bloody cool looking elves!"

"And it's available for a lot of platforms. Mac, Windows, Linux.. and there's a multiplayer feature, too!"

-- Na'enthos Telenin at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"Heh, not a bad game...reminds me of Ogre Tactics."

-- Marn Skullstomp at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"looks alittle low tech dont it?"

-- Larod at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"Yeah, but just because it's 2D and stuff doesn't mean it can't be fun."

-- Marn Skullstomp at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"I have been playing it the whole day and I really enjoy it. It is fun and really hard to beat. I am in the orcish campaign. "

-- Dharko at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"W3 wasn't all good of a RTS anyway. This game is better."

-- Gothic-Shadow at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"I will be soon enough. I'm still learning and playing through some of the campaign. Damn this game is fun."

-- Kazrak Heldenhammer at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"Fun game... although it sometimes gets pretty damn hard"

-- Kaeldorn at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"Fun game, but orcs are a bit overpowered."

-- Fenix Fireborn at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"Hey! I saw you on the wesnoth forums. How did you find this site? Let alone at the same time we were talking about wesnoth. Are you psychic?"

-- Kazrak Heldenhammer at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"We have eyes and ears reporting to us... we are everywhere =)"

-- Miyo at World of Warcraft Roleplaying Association forum

"the best game I have ever played"

"For a long time i've wanted to play a clever and original tactical game. Wesnoth is all of that... and it comes with a nice storyline too!! Well, what else can i say, i don't have time for this... i gotta play :-P"

-- Onnellinen at The Linux Game Tome

"Fabulous Game"

"Most fun I have every had playing a turn based strategy game."

-- lisap511 at The Linux Game Tome

"Good fun!!!!!!!"

"Very original and well done game. Excellent sound, graphics and gameplay. Hours of fun."

-- mdhowe at The Linux Game Tome

"Best free Linux game"

"Great work ! That is the best free Linux game I've ever played."

-- ScaChi at The Linux Game Tome

"Impressive work!"

"Awesome strategy game. A must-play for everyone who enjoys a turn-based challenge of exceptional quality! :)"

-- Cironir at The Linux Game Tome

"I am Impressed!!!!"

"After more the a Year reading the Linux game tome, i finnaly created a account to rate this Game. It ist great!!! 5 Stars from Austria for this masterpiece of Software. At last there are some Words that are not Translated to German. Do you need a Tranlater?"

-- xeniac at The Linux Game Tome

"Musics! Argh!"

"An awesome game, but I can't play it, because the musics break my ears and nerves. The theme music is great, and some other musics are good too, but eg. wesnoth-3 wesnoth-4 and wesnoth-6 are awful! Please recompose them."

-- Anonymous at The Linux Game Tome

"This is awesome"

-- Anonymous at The Linux Game Tome

"This game is a stupendous achievement!"

"This one is set to be your new favorite. I can't wait for some of the new campaign scenarios. Don't wait for the 1.0 release, do yourself a favor and download and compile this one ASAP. Holy cow this game is great!"

-- Dou9st3r at The Linux Game Tome

"Great game - what more is to be said?"

-- TomSauer at The Linux Game Tome

"Wesnoth is one of the best fantasy turn-based strategy games I've ever played. Can't wait for it to reach 1.0!"

-- jbmesserly at The Linux Game Tome

"Awesome Game!!! Provides Linux with what it lacks... Quality gaming"

-- z9484 at The Linux Game Tome


"Wesnoth battle is A great game! I hope the guys to continoue their good job!"

-- Anonymous at The Linux Game Tome

"just awesome and getting better :)"

-- lynx_lupo at The Linux Game Tome

"Best freeware game I've yet played"

"The "easy" level could be a bit easier, however :) But by no means is the "easy" level outragously difficult, as it is in freeciv."

-- mathandmetal at The Linux Game Tome

"Great gameplay"

"Simple rules, but many interesting tactics. Graphics are clear and pleasant and the game is very polished. This is my favorite hex-tactics game."

-- karlb at The Linux Game Tome

"Simple, but awesome"

"I love it :) Pretty graphics for a free game."

-- deline at The Linux Game Tome

"excellent game, i loved it. Reminds me of old classics like the first warcraft mixed with a little Myth+Magic.kinda. anyhoo, xcellent game, with no unreasonable dependencys, in fact modern distros will have them already in most cases, or will be able get them through rpm/rpmdrake or apt-get. Install was pleasant also. If i had time i would love to create level sets for it:-)"

-- rokknroll at The Linux Game Tome

"excellent game"

"Nice graphic and well developed scenarious. I love the game and played it to the end in two days. I like the level structure of the units. But it's a pity that there are max tree levels, five or seven will be O.K."

-- Anonymous at The Linux Game Tome

"Great game!!"

"Graphics are great and it is easy to get used to play. The interface can be translated to many languages. A must download game!"

-- Anonymous at The Linux Game Tome

"This game has great playability - I keep returning to it. And it runs fine on my old Pentium 1."

-- m487396 at The Linux Game Tome


"This game is exactly like I like games to be - rich, but still simply, lot of fun for beginners and advanced alike. The KISS principle makes this game almost perfect - and ideas, hard work etc. make it absolutely perfect :) Thank you."

-- Anonymous at The Linux Game Tome

"Great game"

"If you like this kind of game, it's a must-try."

-- Errabes at The Linux Game Tome

"I just can say that this is a great pice of work! Spent nights on playing the campaign!"

-- mschmitt at The Linux Game Tome

"Excellent, but need to improve"

"Very nice, I spent some hours on the campaign. I'll collect some suggestions and send them to the authors. This game is well-designed and implemented. It just suffers for its small life-time (version number seems correct). I'm sure that once at version 1.0 this game will be one of the best around!"

-- johnny at The Linux Game Tome


"Just download it and try it! Believe it: this game is the best of its class and its very very very much polished! Yes, it doesn't look like the average free software games! Excelent work guys!"

-- terrible at The Linux Game Tome


"Amazingly polished.... much better that your average open-source game. Looking foward to 1.0 , although it's already loads of fun! :D"

-- Anonymous at The Linux Game Tome

"Great game!!!"

"Great work!!! One of the nicest Games (commercial or not) I have ever played - getting better by the minute ;))) Cheers, afa"

-- afa at The Linux Game Tome


"This is a great game. Good strategy concept, good graphics and sound. And most important: very addictive and playable. Keep up the good work."

-- mbabuskov at The Linux Game Tome

"Excellent as Bexcellent"

"Keep up the good work! This game is truly appreciated. It is extremely qualatatious (meaning it is full of quality)."

-- Anonymous at The Linux Game Tome

"Really an excellent game - my choice for relax moment from work."

-- Polaris at The Linux Game Tome

"I need a game which could be played on my piii notebook. I need a game which could be played in Linux. And I found wesnoth. I like this game. Very Good."

-- zhangyuan at The Linux Game Tome


"This game has good graphics, excellent gameplay, nice single-player campaigns (which is a rarity for free games), the code and data infrastructure is great, and the community really pushes hard. This is the Next Big Thing, I'm pretty sure. Oh, and of course I'm addicted. Hey, this has something like 115 different units! And character development! And they're so damnably cute..."

-- therealmawa at The Linux Game Tome

"Very nice game"

"I like the campaing mode of the game very much. It's the first game where I've encountered a campaing mode in which the result in one level defines the chances for next one. Only downside is that it consumes too much free time. ;-)"

-- torangan at The Linux Game Tome

"Absolutely addictive"

"Installed it and played 10 hours straight, forgetting everything else around me."

-- basramm at The Linux Game Tome

"My whole family really enjoys this game, particularly the oldest three children, my 9yo boy, and 12 and 13yo girls. It fires up their imaginations -- my boy has started introducing Wesnoth characters into his sketches. Maybe some of his art will someday make it into the game. :)"

"It would be a stretch to call this game "educational", but I do appreciate any game that makes the kids think. At first, I didn't think my 9yo was really "getting it", as he was struggling with the first scenario in the campaign even on "easy" play level. But after giving him some tips, now he has made quite a bit of progress through the campaign, and I am encouraged to see that he is continuing to learn what to pay attention to as he plays."

"Also of particular benefit to our family is the multiplayer mode -- my 12yo lives in with her mom about an hour's drive away, and their cousins live too far away to visit, so we've been trying to get together to play whenever we can. We still have some issues here to work out (mostly with Windows, and likely OS-related, not problems with the game itself, as I know my brother in the US has an oldish version) but the developers have been quite responsive on the irc channel

  1. wesnoth at irc.freenode.net whenever we have encountered problems."

"I'm certainly going to include this in Debian Jr. now that I have seen that my kids love it."

"Kudos to the whole Wesnoth community for helping make this game a tremendous success, especially the Debian guys I work with who have polished up the package, helped provide and maintain a woody backport, and have kept up with upstream releases, often releasing on the same day the release is announced."

-- synrg at The Linux Game Tome

"I've been looking for a decent turn-based tactical-strategy game for ages, and the other day someone pointed me at this. Hoorah - it's a decent turn-based tactical-strategy game. Still not the Lords Of Chaos or Laser Squad game I'm

  • really* looking for, but it's excellent all the same."

-- RavenBlack at The Linux Game Tome

"This is bye far the best free turn based fantasy ame i ever played.. it almost brings tears to my eyes."

-- kerrigan at The Linux Game Tome

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