Wesnoth Inc draft

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Wesnoth, Inc.

Mission Statement & Purpose

(Mission Statement text...)

Who we are


1. Denivarius

2. Vultraz

3. Jetrel

4. doofus-01 -

Standard Contract for Art & Music Commissions (draft Template)

1. Definition of Parties & Terms


B. CLIENT - Wesnoth, Inc.

2. Description of Project

       Description of what is asked for...

3. Payment terms

A. Amount

B. Payment Terms

 ARTIST shall be paid in full upon conclusion of contract. 

C. Dispute Terms

  In the event of a dispute at the conclusion of contract, CLIENT shall pay ARTIST, with the understanding that no future contract between CLIENT and ARTIST will be considered, and all open contracts shall be terminated without payment. 

4. Deadlines

A. Progress Report Schedule

B. Completion

5. Copyright

ARTIST agrees to transfer copyright to CLIENT, with the
understanding that CLIENT will adhere to CC BY-SA v.4 to the extent
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