WML for Complete Beginners: Conclusion

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Conclusion: Where to Go From Here

As long and involved as this tutorial was, it barely scratches the surface of WML. You can't call yourself a WML expert just yet, but the hardest part for you — finding a starting point — is now over. You now know how to create a simple campaign, and you know many of the features WML has to offer.

One of the best ways to learn more WML (and one of the only ways before this tutorial ;) ) is to study the WML code of other add-ons. You can also research any tags you're not familiar with on the WML Reference, which is a complete reference to pretty much every element of WML.

If you run into any problems that you can't solve by looking at other people's code or by studying the wiki, post a message in the WML Workshop forum. The resident WML gurus will be happy to help you out if you ask politely.

You've been given the tools and the materials. Now go out and build something amazing!

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