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The Google performance tools are recommended for profiling Wesnoth's CPU and memory usage, especially on Linux.

These performance tools are now shipped with Debian GNU/Linux and many other Linux-based systems. Those which don't have it packages should be able to get them from here as sourcecode.

Wesnoth has been tested successfully using LD_PRELOAD to load the libraries in. Thus on Linux if you just want to profile a run of Wesnoth all you have to do is have the Google performance tools on your system and use something like this before running Wesnoth:

export LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/
export CPUPROFILE=./cpu-profile.dat

To profile the CPU, or,

export LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/
export HEAPPROFILE=./heap-profile.dat

To profile memory usage.

Then run Wesnoth, exit it cleanly, and you should have a cpu-profile.dat or heap-profile.dat file. The memory profile actually dumps out profile files periodically as it runs.

Then use,

pprof /path/to/wesnoth/binary ./cpu-profile.dat

To read a profile file. There are a number of commands you can run, but suggested is 'gv' to get graphical output.

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