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which is translated TVRIN, MASTER OF DOOM, SLAYER of the dragon GLAVRVNG


which are translated the WRONGED, the DREAD HELM, BLOODSTAINED son of ILL-FATE, the SECRET, MAN-ElF, and the BLACK SWORD

My name is Turin. I write campaigns and do pixel art. I am currently retired from the forums and mainline Wesnoth development; I still work on the World of Orbivm. I also have a somewhat-Wesnoth-related blog, Turin Speaks, which you may or may not find interesting.

World of Wesnoth works

I have written three campaigns set in the World of Wesnoth; two of them are now mainline.

Why Orbivm is no longer part of the World of Wesnoth

There are a number of reasons why the Imperial Era was transplanted (and renamed Orbivm in the process - Imperial Era now refers to a specific time period in the history of Orbivm). Foremost among them was, I grew frustrated with the World of Wesnoth. It wasn't just the presence of the Drakes (though that did greatly irritate me). The whole world was just a hodgepodge of random STUFF. I tried fixing it up for a while (two years), but in the end, it just didn't seem to work. This makes sense; after all, it was originally created just to have somewhere to have the game take place in. The WoW simply didn't age well.

The second reason was that the WoW seemed to be growing crowded to me. Even if it was a perfectly decent fantasy world (which it wasn't), there were all of these new factions wanting to get added to it. There were three eras located on it (default, the IE, the EoM), and a bunch more wanting a piece of real estate. I decided that, instead of keeping the Imperial Era on it, and thus forcing myself to keep the WoW clean from infestation, I would transplant the IE, and let these new factions try to make it on their own, without me blocking them.

Finally, I wanted (and still want) to try my hand at writing good fantasy - to create my own universe. The WoW already existed, and I couldn't mold it into what I wanted. There was too much inertia. The best solution seemed to be to get a fresh start.

And so, I no longer work on the World of Wesnoth; I work on Orbivm. If you want to help me, just check out the World of Orbivm website.


My blog, Turin Speaks

The World of Orbivm

My forum account

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